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Former Arsenal keeper on Javi Garcia, the reported new goalkeeping coach

If the stories from RMC are correct, then Javi Garcia will become Arsenal’s new goalkeeping coach, working with Unai Emery again after spells with him at Sevilla and PSG.

There’s a vacancy at the moment because long-time coach Gerry Peyton was let go when Arsene Wenger left the club earlier this month, and it’s an area that has needed attention for some time anyway.

The Spaniard also has Premier League experience, having worked for a time at Swansea City, and there’s also a vague Arsenal connection because one of the players he coached there was former Gunner Lukasz Fabianski.

In 2014, as he prepared for his first full season with the club, the Polish international said, “I must say I’m really enjoying the work I’m doing with Javier.

“He is very organised and prepared, and his sessions are interesting and exciting – every day has something new.

“It is very important for us goalkeepers, especially at Swansea, to play well with our feet and start things from the back.

“So everything we have been doing in training with Javier is helping us improve on that area.”

Garcia spent 12 months with Swansea before returning to Spain, and he was replaced there by former Arsenal goalkeeping coach Tony Roberts whose YouTube/Twitter are well worth a follow as he often posts very interesting videos of his sessions.

Hat tip to @Joetenderloin

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Petit's Handbag

Having seen how Fabianski cut out the mistakes that were all too common here this can be seen as a real positive. Hopefully if we can bring in a young keeper we can work him in this season similarly to Chesney at Juventus this season.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Letting Wojciech leave for only 10-12m on this market, knowing that we needed a keeper in 1 year made absolutely no sense. He’s good enough for replacing Bufon but not good for us?

Eric Blair

Truly crazy. Can only assume he had burnt his bridges with Wenger after the smoking incident.

Faisal Narrage

It’s so bizarre.
If indeed he had burnt bridges due to the smoking (odd, considering how much other players have gotten away with at Arsenal), then Wenger’s decision to loan him out for TWO YEARS and dwindle down his contract with no intention of keeping him (even though he wanted to stay and was Serie A Golden Glove winner) to then just sell him when he had no intention of ever bringing him back, has to go down as one of Wenger’s worst transfer decision in recent years.


definitely a terrible move by us. someone should have overruled that decision. quality keepers in their prime are super expensive these days. juve got a real bargain. i keep hoping we have a special clause that would allow us to get him back on the cheap?

at same time, i would not be averse to re-signing fabianski. he has done wonders at swansea in a very poor side and is much more mature now that when he was with us.


Re: Fab, the dude Marek Kwiatkowski from statsbomb really likes him and has numbers to back it up. It was in a really good presentation:


I’d be happy bringing Fab back too actually. Alot of the mistakes he made early in his career have been corrected. He’s matured into a decent, more aggressive GK than he was when he left.


I’d not realised that they’d worked together. From what I understand Fabianski had a decent season all things considered. How would people feel if he was re-signed? Could be in our budget.


He’s improved a great deal but I think we can do a great deal better. Wonder what happened about the interest in German international Bernd Leno


I think Leno would be a good choice too. What was Cech? 10m? I just don’t see them spending much more than that on a GK, which would probably put Leno out of consideration. Hopefully they put a little more into the pot for a decent one, though.


and Fabianski went out of his way to get former Arsenal keeper coach Tony Roberts the job at Swansea


Hey Blog, thanks for working on the like/dislike button. Cheers.


Now bring back Rumbling Pete.



I assume you’re referring to Rambling Pete.


I doubt he is coming back. I understand that he got employed in the USA and is put up in some sort of achromatic house.


Yeah. But considering English is my 7th language. Wouldn’t get caught off guard in Swahili though

Asante sana ndugu


You would be caught for forgetting punctuation.

Swahili mufti muhimu kaka. ?


Karibu tena kaka yangu!


Wonder if Lehman fits into the keeper coaching structure.

Also as far as assistants are concern, there’s always been more than one. Even with Bould or Rice, Primorac was also in the framework.

So even with likely Emery’s second coming in from PSG, we should have potentially room for maybe one of our ex-players to get involved.

Me thinks Pires could be useful. He speaks French (as Unai will) and Spanish from his time in Villareal so he can translate but also bring some of the ethos and standards from the old Invincibles to inspire the current generation.


I’d kinda prefer it if he improved our keepers with their hands though.


Getting a keeper with longer arms would be a decent first step…


I hear courtois isn’t signing a new deal with them…..


he look short for a goalkeeper, or maybe i should just shutup

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