Monday, July 15, 2024

Huddersfield 0-1 Arsenal – Sort of player ratings

Arsenal finished the Premier League season and the Arsene Wenger era with a 1-0 win over Huddersfield today.

Read the report and see the goal here.

Here’s how the players rated (sort of).

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i love you Arseblog


Bit harsh on Ramsey, thought he deserved a higher mark.

High gunner

I know this is a blog about arsenal, but it would be really wonderful if you could continue to provide us with interesting Wenger stories/news etc in the future… I think we’ve all seen just how much this man means to all of us, so I hope this request doesnt sound that weird..

Maxin In The Shade

Just had a Simpsons ‘Lionel Hutz/David Crosby’ flashback

Sànde Class

😀 😀 😀

Hope my facetious laugh at this comment is taken in the right spirit. ?


Ramsey didn’t deserve that much! 3541 should be good. Completely agree with Park Chu Young assessment, he is TOP class.

Viva la prof

Wenger in


Not quite sure what I just read but thoroughly enjoyed it all the same. Merci Prof!


One Arsene Wenger. Class personified. Legend. We’ll always be grateful.

Arse City Blues

Fuck. It’s real. Tomorrow is going to be weird.


It’s next season that will be really wierd

Arse City Blues

Mhki was limp, but Aaron rammed them while Rob was holding on, Shkodran must’ve been fired up and Alex used force like Kenobi, Pierre banged one in and Nacho’s cameo – unreal, Hector barely ran, Alexandre was like a set of wild badgers, Danny stayed well back and Steve was pulling out his hair, all the while, Wenger was Arsenal.

Sànde Class

Daaaym. Eventhough I not necessary, Mr Andrew should reeeaaally employ your services in doing the player ratings writeup yo. ?

Arse City Blues

Not my finest work.. Mixed reviews were to be expected.

Maxin In The Shade

The season didn’t go as planned position/results wise, but we couldn’t have hoped for a better sending off than the one Wenger has received these last few weeks.

Thanks for everything boss. You will be missed.


I mean besides the Europe league…


Bye Bye Arsene. ?

Mach to be you

Emojis for an emotional day. I’ll miss you Boss, bye bye and all the best. #MerciArsene


The reality is sinking in. The fact that I’ll wake up one day and see an announcement of the new manager. And then the only constant in my 20-year life will change.

There’s been a year in my eye since that bow. I so terribly feel like penning down everything he means to me. I will always love you and respect you for everything you have done for the wonderful club and all the people associated with it. And I hope that you visit India soon, just as you promised. Because I sure am waiting.

Merci, Arsene. Merci.


There’s been a tear*. Cannot edit :/


Here we go again: 1) Ospina – Decent, kept us in it with some good reaction saves. As I have mentioned, where Cech is better commanding the box, Ospina is an excellent reaction keeper. 2) Bellerin – He has to go forward to provide width for us. Which means a long trip back to defend the space behind. 3) Mustafi – I thought he was solid today with some excellent clearances. What the problem is is the midfield do not track back enough. But some people like to highlight his one mistake where they will gloss over Monreal and Holding.… Read more »

Sànde Class

Too professional on an emotional day Santman. ?


give this guy jianwen own blog already


Ramsey never stops moving but he achieves so little. Done nothing with the ball but made some great runs..Tryed his hardest to score even went up front several times, playing ahead of Auba and Laca. Mhki probably had his worst game.
Ospina is a goddamn fairy. Saying all that it must have been their hardest game


An assist is not nothing

The Question

we need to maximize Ramsey’s strengths, meaning we play an anchorman to provide security and give him freedom to bomb forward and into the box. i like the idea of Fabled DM- Ramsey- Elneny / Auba Laca Micky

Frank Bascombe

Of course Ramsey tried to score. He always tries to score. He’s an ego-maniac with zero sense of team The fact that he does one good thing per game doesn’t make up for continuously and needlessly losing possession. He takes too long to play the only pass that (was) on and by that time he realises there’s no Hollywood pass – the initial one’s no longer so open- but he plays it anyway and puts his teammate under pressure. Apart from that… he’s wondrous.


It’s illegal to criticize Ramsey around here. He runs around.


Any team he joins I support from that day.
Merci Arsène

Scott P

Well these ratings are going to screw up the season averages. 😉

Merlin's Panini

So glad we scraped a win. Would have been awful for Arsene to say goodbye with anything less. Despite the frustrating times I have never had so much enjoyment from one guy. I was an Arsenal fan pre-Wenger and to have experienced some of the absolutely outrageous football we have has been an absolute pleasure more often than not. We’ve won 17 trophies (if you count the community shield) in 22 years, which when you look at it that way, is a pretty good return. Yes, we didn’t get the ones we wanted more recently but the football landscape has… Read more »

Canuck Gunner

A bit jarsh on Ramsey. I think he deserved at least one extra point (74001) for the assist.
I started supporting the gunners in the 90s shortly after Wenger took over. I think he stayed a couple seasons too long, but is a true legend and gentleman. Will be weird seeing a different manager, but excited about the future.
Merci Arsene!

confused squillaci

I’ll miss you, Arsène. Thanks for everything!

On an unrelated note:
When they were walking into the tunnel after the game Matt Macey looked like a fucking giant. I’m assuming he’s actually close to average height for a keeper and it was just because Ospina is so short?

Merci Arsene (GoonerestGooner)

Nothing to do with Ospina’s size, Macey is literally a fucking giant. Rumor has it he’s great great great grandfather once smelt the blood of an english man and his great uncle once had a fight against someone called Dave.

Dave won.


-51/10 to the wob brigade with their ‘television channel’ who are behaving like they weren’t asshats for the last three plus years on social media (or even in the stands).
It’s time for that lot to retire.


To be honest i used to hate those guys but seeing how the season went were they ultimately wrong..Take the two most prominent ones DT and Troopz what exactly have they said you have not agreed with,,You may not like how they speak or present what they want to say but are there facts wrong. We have not truly competed since 2007/8 season…and the season we finished 2nd by behind Leicester was even more embarrasing. More of their anger is directed at the board and the fact that Wenger takes all the Flak for all things that go wrong at… Read more »

Always arsenal

Still beats me how the going to Wembley and winning the FA cup doesn’t mean anything anymore. Oh, unless of course someone other than Arsenal wins it.

Monkey knees

These next 90 days are horrid without football, but even horribler without ratings like these to chuckle at when stumbling around the kitchen, a tad A.U.I (adulting under the influence). My 8 year old is tutting at me. Never grow up, people. You’ll only get children titting at you.

Matt P

There’s the NBA and World Cup to keep
me sane


It’s almost worth putting up with all the mistakes and remonstrating on field about his mistakes just for the Hank Scorpio jokes. Thanks Blogs.

P.S. You ever see a guy throw away a perfectly good pair of moccasins?

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