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Wenger: I see a bright future for my successor

Arsene Wenger’s final game in charge as Arsenal manager ended with a 1-0 win over Huddersfield Town.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored the decisive goal, but the focus wasn’t on the result or the players, it was all about saying farewell to the Frenchman.

After the game the boss faced the Sky Sports cameras and took a moment to thank his staff and to wish his successor all the best.

On his emotions after the win…

It was very emotional. After 1,235 games for the same club it’s special. To be a happy day we had to win it [the game], because above all what keeps me going is to win football games. In the end, the boys wanted to deliver a win and we got it. It was a nice day, for Huddersfield as well, they could celebrate staying up in the Premier League. It was a great day. [Herbert] Chapman came from here, he was a great manager at our club, so it was good for me to come here.

On whether he’s relieved it’s all over…

Relief? No. I’m sad. When you don’t project yourself in the future with the team, it has to end. I wish everybody well, thank everybody. The fans have been great until the end, I’m very grateful for that. I wish all the best to the club for the future.

On having to adjust to his new circumstances…

Yeah, of course [it will be hard]. I have to deal with that. I’ve faced many difficult situations on the football front, I think I will do that again. I just want to wish this group of players well and the staff coming in. As I said many, many times, I will remain an Arsenal fan above all. That’s the most important thing for me.

On what he’ll miss…

Everything. The team. The staff. Being every day together and thinking what you can improve. Football is fantastic because you have an exam every three days. You can be desperate, but as well super happy. You have always the result of your work very quickly. You know if you do well or not. That is something that is absolutely amazing, it’s a fantastic education for people.

On his legacy…

I would say I have had an impact on the club as a whole. The club today is in a strong position. We have a new stadium, a new training ground, they are all paid, basically. On the results…we played 49 games unbeaten, that’s one and a half years. It’s difficult to imagine what that represents. I’m very proud as well about winning seven FA Cups and seven Charity Shields. Overall, I don’t know…people will choose!

On a bright future for his successor…

Yes, I see a bright future for my successor because the team has a good attitude and has quality. We need two or three additions, but after that I believe the club will compete for the Premier League.

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Can Wenger come back on loan?






Great Person, A legend for Arsenal, we know the faults, but still served with humility and class.
Merci Arsene

Belfast Gooner

Was going to up vote but noticed it was on 49!

Sànde Class

Word! Will most people here be willing to take back Arsene as manager again……in another 4/5 years time?

Bobby Falck

I wonder if the 2-3 additions is a joke from wengers side ??

A Different George

I think he said it a little bit with the handbrake on.

Evang. Simon

I love Arsene…. Wish you the best in your endeavours… You are not selfish neither were you greedy….. You always have the future in mind in every of your plan which makes you outstanding….

Now what does the future holds for Arsenal Football Club?

Mike Stride

Farewell Arsene. Now for the new era! COYG


A fitting send off for a great man.

A 1-0 win away from home…. the irony is unreal.

Farewell Arsene, as you will always be an arsenal fan, I’m sure many of us will always be a fan of yours.

Good luck in all your future endeavours. ?

Hairy Bottle

He’s sad……I’m sad too. Thank you Arsene for being with me for this 22 years. I wish you nothing but the very best. Merci Arsene


We relied on him too much. With more David Dein like support we would have done even better, even against the doped up oppo.

Hope he has a great successor, whoever it is will need to be. Tough gig.


“We need two or three additions”
I’m still cutting onions here but I’ll bloody miss this comment. One Arsene Wenger.

Ooga booga booga

Hope he takes up the reins for the french national team next… impossible to imagine Wenger at another club


No PSG will suit him well. And he gets financial backing. Plus I get a reason to watch next season’s UCL.
He deserves that tbh

A Different George

Managing a national team, where you get to work with your players a couple of days every couple of months, is almost the exact opposite of the sort of driven routine that he is accustomed to; I don’t think it would suit him, and I think he knows it.

I also cannot imagine him agreeing to manage a different Prem club. My guess: a good Italian side other than Juve or a good Bundesliga side other than Bayern–maybe Monchengladbach, the team he supported in childhood and as a young adult.


I can see Arsene taking on a youth team role next. He will be able to do what he loves with the young players and offer them guidance and support and still be on the field in training every day.

Robert Pires : Director of football @ Arsenal

That comment came out wrong??


Depends who the board bring in. I fear if they bring in a manager they feel they can control, we will see more signings made with expediency of the director of football’s contact list rather than for the benefit of team balance. Again today, lack of width. Mhkitrayn largely anonymous (like Ozil I suppose) We could have benefited from a Mahrez signing in January and instead we replicate Ramsey and Ozil with the Armenian. Also lack Giroud’s ability in the air, particularly for these sorts of combative away games. He would have been better able to hold the ball for… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

I can’t imagine what you are like in real life santori, your conversation must be exhausting. Most people comment on the article in question. It’s just manners. Constantly saying what you want to say – regardless of what other people are discussing – is just ignorant


In a sense, this slump sort of suits the incoming manager as the expectations won’t be set as high as say United with Fergie’s departure. But if we get the sort of unproven management in Viera or Arteta simply for populist reason and someone for the board to exert more control over (with regards transfers), I expect we will be setting ourselves up for more failures ahead despite the resources in hand. What we need IMO is not an Unai Emery who delivers on runaway resource in a team totally dominant financially over the rest of its league. Laurent Blanc… Read more »


Every season “two or three signings to challenge”

SB Still

Wenger legacy would have included one highly romantic league title, which was broken along with Eduardo’ s leg by the thuggery of this league!

I hope he comes back to the club in another capacity soon.


Shambolic refereeing by Michael Oliver today. Nothing about refereeing has changed.

Andy Mack

Yes, if Eduardo hadn’t got injured so badly we’d certainly have had another PL title. Similarly, if Diaby hadn’t been butchered and had actually reached his potential, then we’d have had some different years. Add in the long term injuries of both TR7s and Cazorlas, and things could have been much different in other years as well.
Then there’s guys like Cesc, Cashley and Hleb having their heads turned buy other clubs…
It could have been a very different last 10+ years but….
Life goes on.

Sànde Class

Wasn’t the usual slogan “1-0” to the Arsenal before Monsieur philosopher Prof Wenger joined Arsenal? How fitting that it ended the same way. ?

Monkey knees

Hate to be one of those “in the know” types, but apparently, Allegri has all but signed. 99% done. Which is a good thing!


That Bladerunner video montage at the end of the blog post by Blogs was, in my humble opinion, moving and really well done.

Au revoir, Arsene Wenger. Gonna miss ya. And good luck.

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