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Santi Cazorla to join Villarreal for pre-season

It’s being reported that Santi Cazorla will return to one of his former clubs to undergo pre-season training with them as he looks to play first team football again.

The 33 year old has been out of action since October 2016 with a well documented nightmare in terms of injury and infection, although he did recently step up his training at Arsenal.

However, he was not fit enough to play any part before the end of the season, and this summer he’ll do pre-season training with Villarreal to try and prove his fitness and perhaps get a contract with the La Liga side.

Cazorla played for them between 2003 and 2011, making 241 appearances, before going on to Malaga and then to Arsenal in the summer of 2012. His contract with us expires at the end of June.

Reports that he was going to be part of Mikel Arteta’s coaching staff were purely speculative, so there is no snub to his former teammate as is being suggested.

It’s a shame we didn’t get a chance to say a proper goodbye to a wonderful player and really great guy, but we wish him luck and it’d be fantastic to see him get properly fit and play again.

Gracias, Santi.

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Ryan Colaco

I don’t think my heart can take any more heartbreak for a year now. Wenger, and now Santi? My wife is going to find me bawling my eyes out in the bathroom often.


Since I can’t upvote you so ??


I can never forget how he scored that free kick during the fa cup final or the way he bossed the midfield in the game against city. Truly a treasure. I only wished we had him for more of the season.

Thank you Santi for all you have done! I know they say you’re right footed but you’ll always be my two footed magician.


Was awesome against city, we really miss performances like that – truly magnificent!

Thierry Bergkamp

And that little jig ?


Like Diaby at Anfield its a performance that will stand out for years to come. Santi destroyed City that day.
”Who is the best player at Arsenal”…No pause…Santi Cazorla. – Every player at the club.

Thierry Bergkamp

I missed that Liverpool game. Was that Diaby performance that good? Gonna look for some youtube clips now.

Matt Arsenal

It was that good. It was a glimpse of what could have been one of the most dominant midfielders in the game. Ever.

I would add that the first game against Chelsea in 2016/2017 was yet another performance when Santi’s sublime skillset were blindingly brilliant.


Here’s something to get you started. I saw that and was so excited for that season till injury destroyed him again.

Non Flying dutchman

I know others wont have it as there were deficiencies elsewhere across the pitch… but I still think if he lasted the campaign he would have been the difference that would have had us win the League over Leicester in 15/16

Arsene's Micki

Oh Santi Cazorla! ??


Best two fitted and jolly footballer I have seen.

Wish you best of luck.


Yet again another player who, if available more, could of made a amssive difference to the clubs fortunes.
A champion bloke. Champion player.


Could have*


The best midfielder to play for Arsenal since Fab left. He’s probably even more gifted than him


I know. I’m still gutted fabianski left us


So let’s go get him back

A Different George

Like Santi, Lukas is equally good with his left and right feet; I said equally good, not good. Okay, in fairness I feel a lot of affection for Fabianski–we won the FA Cup with him.


So sad we didn’t get to say a proper goodbye. As someone who is unfortunately just too young to properly remember the invincibles, Santi is my favourite player I’ve watched in an Arsenal shirt. Will always remember that goal against Hull, giving me the first trophy as an Arsenal fan post the age of 10.

Wish him all the best for the future and hope he gets back to first team action – a true ledgend of the Emirates era!


It is a shame we’ll not be seeing him again. Would be nice if one day he would get a testimonial type game at the Emirates.

Little Mozart

One of the most talented midfielders we’ve ever had. Best of luck to him.


Why does this feel so heartbreaking? Waaaaaah!!!

Maxin In The Shade

Played the game the way it’s supposed to be played – with skill, guts, determination and a smile on your face.

All the best Santi.

89 was fine

It’s a new start for him and I really hope he gets to play again. He’s fought so had to come back from an injury nightmare and deserves the chance to show his smile and skills again.

Merlin's Panini

I knew it was coming but still I’m gutted we’ll never see him in an Arsenal shirt again.
What a fantastic player. We were robbed of two years of his career, as was he.
I really hope he is able to play again to the dazzling standards he did before.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player so two footed and I’m so glad he had a legendary moment for us in that FA Cup free kick.
I need to decide on a new favourite player now.


Fuck. So much is changing at the club. Arsene is no more here. But the coaching staff is transformed. Mamagement is transformed. Ramsey is probably the only one who can be called as the ‘old guard’. Theo, Gibbs, Szcz, Giroud, Ox , howsoever maligned, had a feeling of belongingness to the club. Jack looks set to go. Kos too probably. Santi is also going now. Rest of the players are relatively new.. I hope I don’t stop identifying with the club.

Billy Bob

Hey is there something wrong with the website? I can’t vote comments up or down!!!

A Different George

No, I have NOT already voted for this comment. That would be voter fraud.


I remember the semis in 2006, every one was hyping up riquelme, but cazorla even at that age looked class, and caught my eye, honored to have him at the club, hope he can have a nice swansong at his Villarreal, then maybe come back here once his playing days are done.


It seems I am not allowed to vote for anybody’s comments


same here


Same here


It’s right for Cazorla to move on now: even if he wasn’t injured his best years are now well behind him. And we are no longer a charity for perennially injured players. He was a very good, but not great, player, but his time at Arsenal has come to an end. Dreadful FA Cup Final yesterday, wasn’t it? I just knew that Maureen would try to kill the game and get a 1-0. But once the Chavs scored the wheels came off his awful plan and Man United weren’t able to get back in the game. Quite rightly, Manure fans… Read more »


Hijacking a Santi thread to discuss Cup Final is unforgivable ? (especially without a congratulatory comment to OG on his 4th winners medal).

Lots of other threads to dicuss new manager too.


Man, I really wish the down votes were working. Not a great player! Are you serious? Just a double European Cup winner with 77 caps for the best Spain team ever.


Yea, Fats must be jumping at the chance when the voting system is down.


There was an article a while back about the guy in Spain who eventually figured out that Santi had a huge infection and could even lose his foot. Santi has been treated by him and trusts him implicitly, apparently, which makes sense to me. Perhaps Santi feels he wants to be with people he trusts. Wherever he ends up I just hope he’s healthy and happy, and it he’s not with us he will still always be a favourite. If he is actually leaving it would have been nice to be able to say a proper goodbye, maybe we see… Read more »

Hammed Adewale

it’s a very sad news to hear,Santi is a very good and talented player that deserve memorable farewell….Well I personally wish you best of luck little magician thanks for all this years.

Santi's Better Foot

Shame it has to end like this. Truly talented. Versatile and always played with a smile on his face.
So long Santi. You’ll be missed.

O Santi Cazorla!


All the best, Santi, and thank you.


I love this guy and forever will. I know whatever happens, happens for the best.. stay blessed Santi!!!


Sad he’s going but happy his recovery continues.

He’s got a couple years left in him yet.

Lone Star Gunner

Most importantly, I love Santi, will miss him, and wish him all the best.

Of secondary import, I guess this puts paid the rumors of a player coach contract for him. I wonder why that rumor did the rounds?


Damit, Keep him for just one more season. Come on. Look at his face, how can we let that face leave the club. He’s just too lovely!

He Who Shall Not Be Named

My heart hurts.

Non Flying dutchman

could he really not have featured in that Burnley game? Crowd did us proud singing his name on the walaround though


We’ve missed him in midfield so much. What could of been if he’d stayed fit…. We didn’t have anyone who was half as good to replace him. Good luck Santi 🙁


Santi was excellent for us, but his time is over now. All these excess moaning and melodrama is what is holding Arsenal down. Task this board or the next coach to buy his replacement. That’s the only way to fully respond to a player who has moved on.

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