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Report: Fulham eye Chambers but balk at asking price

According to The Times (£), newly promoted Fulham are reportedly interested in signing Calum Chambers but Arsenal’s £22 million asking price could well scupper negotiations.

After impressing on loan with Middlesbrough in 2016/17, the England international nearly left the Emirates last summer with both Leicester City and Crystal Palace lodging bids in the region of £25 million. In the end, Arsene Wenger decided to keep the 23-year-old centre-back and he went on to pen a contract extension in October. 

Chambers, who was signed for £16 million from Southampton in 2014, made 24 appearances last season but will no doubt be wondering what the future holds under new coach Unai Emery.

The Gunners have already signed veteran right-back Stephan Lichtsteiner on a free and are understood to be close to signing Sokratis from Borussia Dortmund. We’ve also been linked with Turkey international Caglar Soyuncu, currently plying his trade with Bundesliga side Freiburg.

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Santi's Flip Flop

I wouldn’t sell him, not at the start of his new contract and no guarantees on the fitness of the new (old) boys that are coming in. At international youth level Calum is trusted more than Rob Holding; I’m not sure if this is an indicator of ability, but I’d rather keep Calum around than lose him.


I agree , doesn’t make sense to me. A very well-rounded young English CB who is good on the ball as well. I thought the kids did better than the senior CB’s last year.


I like him a lot too. But doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense to us. Ultimately it’s who the new coach decides to keep or sell that counts. Most fans have their picture of the arsenal team in their heads already and falsely believe it’s what the coach is going to stick with or worst of all believe it’s what he should do. So when we get linked with a player or sign one, you see comments like “I wonder how Emery will fit him in”. That’s fitting in your imaginary squad. Personally I believe it’s a new era,… Read more »

Big Cheese

Rob and Calum played almost the exact amount of minutes last season and performed on a similar level. Rob is the better defender, Calum is better (not by much) on the ball. Chambers had three good performances at the end of the season (one in a huge game) so people rate him a bit more then Rob at the moment. I’d keep Chambers and move Mustafi on, then bring in a second experienced CB, just a little younger then Sokratis. Three games isn’t enough to trust our enter season to a young defender.

A Different George

One of Chambers’ advantages over Holding is his ability to fill in as a right fullback, but the acquisition of Lichtsteiner makes that mostly irrelevant.


I know I’m going to receive the good ol’ thumbs down for this one, but I would like to keep Mustafi. He’s what, 25? He’s still young for a CB and I’d love to see what new coaching could do for him. I think he’s so close to being a good defender, he just needs some guidance to get the best out of him.

It would be neat-o to sit down with Unai and see what his candid thoughts are on Mustafi going forward and as a whole.


best to just send him to Fulham on loan. Or sell him to Fulham with a buy back clause.


Agreed, Chambers should stay and continue to develop with us. He was solid at the end of last season, has pace for a centreback, good on the tackle, strong in the air, and can play a very smart pass. He’s also good in the opposition’s box (love saying that!). I hope this talk of him leaving is just talk.

Jimbo Jones

To be honest I would start planning for life without Koscielny entirely. He’s going to be used sparingly when he returns so it’s the likes of chambers we need to build around. I’d really like the young Turkish CB to come in. I guess though there’s that we have a queue of young CB’s – chambers. Holding, mavrapnos, bielek and we won’t be able to develop them all


Yeah, Kos is done. He already had chronic problems n his achilles heel before, it won’t get better now. He was already on carefully planned minutes, so I don’t think there’s much to expect there.


yes, we should definitely not sell him, and even if we were considering it the price we quoted them is already too low. if they want him for less they should fuck right the fuck off.


Sorry Fulham but that’s a no from me


Why would we sell him for 22 million this year if we didn’t take 25 last year and he penned a new deal in the mean time? That would just be bad business.

Also think he is a good young center back – maybe not quite ready yet to take center stage for a top six club, but with enough potential to justify keeping him.


He only stayed because the Club couldn’t get in a CB. Wenger decided to keep him seeing we couldn’t get a decent CB.


Tbh is Jones and Smalling can cut out a decent career at Manure, I could play CB for a top six club!

Japes aside, I think one (if not both) of Chambers and Holding will have a big season next year. All we need is a better defensive set up and some better defensive coaching and these two could be awesome, both individually but also as a pair. Chambers in the Kos mould (just better on the ball) and Holding in the Per mould (just more aggressive).

I’m optimistic.



Gudang Bedil

Still think he can thrive at Arsenal with a better defensive coaching. We got some promising young defenders coming up in Mavro, Holding, and Chambers. Plus he’s English, we need the homegrown quota.


Still holding my breath for Bielek as well!


He’s good, and he’s best at DM, so I’d like him to get a chance next season, hopefully he’s over his shoulder injury and fully fit.


I do love a a ball. Ball away Fulham


‘Balk’ damn auto correct has completely ruined my day

Ya gooner

I prefer ball


Shame if we sell him – he was looking ok towards the back end of the season.

John C

I’d be prepared to give all our current centre backs, and possibly goalkeepers, another chance and see if they fit in to the new defensive structure the new manager will introduce.

With better organisation and protection from the players in front of them it’s possible we already have what we need.

It’s the non-performers in midfield and attack that need to be replaced in my opinion.


We need to sell either him or Holding as we have Sokratis and MAYBE Caglar Soyuncu/Pavard coming in. He did well at the end of last season and is probably our best ball playing CB. Problem is he’s a bit slow and suspect one on one (to be fair he has improved on that.) I like him but can’t see how we can keep him, Holding, Mavropanos, Mustafi, Kos, Sokratis AND Soyuncu on the team…too many CBs. I’d take 20m for him in an instant. If there’s a way to keep him, then fine. I do think he is better… Read more »


We can’t ditch all our homegrown players or we will end up having to overpay for the likes of danny drinkwater

Big Cheese

Wish people would realize how much better Pavard is then Soyuncu. Just go look at his defensive stats for Stuttgart. He can play across the entire back line and is also a good defensive midfielder. He’s going to be a huge star after playing in this world cup for France. Pavard has assisted twice for France off the bench in their past two friendlies. He played mainly as a centerback last season and Stuttgart had the second best defense (behind Bayern) in the Bundesliga. Soyuncu has a huge ceiling but he isn’t half as composed as Pavard is right now,… Read more »

A Different George

I don’t think I have ever seen him play centre half, but he looks very impressive as a right fullback for France (a position we obviously have pretty well under control). He looked much better than Sidibe last friendly.


Yep. I personally think we should’ve gone for Benatia and Pavard instead of Sokratis and Soyuncu. Pavard is going to be elite no doubt about it. Soyuncu is great but Pavard has a higher ceiling without a doubt. Plus he could push Hector if we got him


no, we should keep chambers and sell mustafi, who is self-destructive and already at his peak.

kos is injured until well into the season so it would really only be chambers, holding, mavropanos, sokratis plus anyone new we buy.


Be interesting to see who our two starting centre backs are at the start of the season.


Don’t think either of our young centre-halves is going anywhere, unless it’s for crazy money. Think a season-long loan in the premier league would do holding a lot of good.

Big Cheese

I wonder if Dyche still wants him, or if he just wanted him because all his guys got injured last season? Rob would learn the proper basics of solid defending from Sean Dyche, then he could apply them at Arsenal when he returns.


Keep him for sure I say! Excited by our new and potential signings but would be good to keep an English core of players also.

Wenger free Arsenal.

Pay the money or don’t get the player. He’s young, English and handsome!( for marketing purposes). They must pay a premium. I’m tired of selling players to other clubs under their value.


Of the younger centre backs around the first team i would be more inclined to keep Chambers in the squad – he is more versatile and has more premier league experience (has played more games for Arsenal and has played regularly for Southampton and Middlesborough) – I feel that Holding and Mavraponos would benefit more from a Premier League loan to get more experience. And I wouldn’t sell any of them except for stupid money. Clubs would need to pay the young English player premium – lets not forget he had 3 england caps. 4 years ago before Alexander-Arnold was… Read more »

Big Cheese

Holding yes, Mavropanos no. If we loaned out Mavropanos it would have to be to a good Bundesliga side, not a championship side where they would ruin him. He’d play a lot and the Bundesliga is tier 1.

Faisal Narrage

Not that I disagreed entirely (rather send one of Holding or Mav on loan and keep Chambers), but how is Chambers more versatile?

Please don’t say “he can play as a Right Back”.


he can play as a Right Back


You’re a rebel without a cause, poly.


it doesn,t make sense


Remind me again. How much did Citeh pay for Stones?

There’s yer answer, right there.


And was it 50 mil for Karl Walker?


With all these defenders coming in, people like Chambers, Holding and Mustafi might be up for sale (for the right price). I like all of them, but we probably have to sell a couple of players. Rather these than Bellerin.


No. Keep him. We need English players in and arpund tbe squad, fact. Id like to see arsenal be a bit more tougher on player sales. No cheap giveaways anymore. Mustafi should leave. get 25-30mil and keep holding, chambers and mavropanos. Sokratis and Lichsteiner in. possibly Soyuncu and Leno as well. Defence will be sorted.


Use your loaf, new recruitment team, use him as leverage in swap deal involving Ryan Sessignon!


No problem if Fulham agrees to give us Ryan Sessegnnon in a straight swap. That’s our left back situation sorted for the next decade.


If u want sell someone, sell Holding, Mustafi, Elneny, Xhaka(no top) Bellerin (disappointing for 2 years now and has a high market value) and Ozil (50M and 70M of salary save)


Why don’t we just sell the whole team while we’re at it.


I like Arsène Wenger but transfers was not his specialty except at the beginning that we had more money than others and use it very intelligently. How many times this is last year, have we panicking less than a week before the transfer market closes. For me, being good at transfers, involves having some organization as well as anticipating needs and probable or desired departure. Ex: Leverkusen who has already found the place of Leno because it has a very good chance to leave! For a poor return on investment with random players or without passport (Joel Campbell, Carlos… Read more »

Chris Kiwomya

It will be exciting to see how these young players come on now they’ll be allowed to do proper defensive work under Emery. You can’t help but feel they’ve been exposed under Wenger.


Something has to give.
If we get decent offers for Chambers, Holding and Mustafi? I think we’ll shift all three.

Public Elneny

FFS why are we even considering selling him, he’s the best of our young centre backs


If u want learn more on Emery adjunct ( ” Active auto translation if u don t speak french ! ” ) ( ) Work breakdown under Emery: Unai Emery: Coach (N°1a) offensive phase, transition between offensive and defensive feats, pre-match preparation specialist (film or short session video of motivation) Juan Carlos Carcedo: Assistant coach (N°1b) defensive organization, laundry and recuperation, system tactic on free kick and corner specialist (ex: positioning of the angle of the body during a catch of ball to better protect it and thus be more effective “fast “) Pablo Villa: Assistant coach My… Read more »


22m for Chambers. Mad. I remember we signed Alexis for around 10m more than that.

Uba Ngenegbo

Not good enough. sell.


I’d be inclined to not sell any of our defensive players until they have had a season under Emery. Judging any defensive player under recent Wenger tudorship is just unfair.


I agree with your philosophy but you are nice. We have a limited budget this year. So, personally, I would sell Mustafi or Bellerin because they are players with some market value and with this transfer, we could save money to improve the team qualitatively and quantitatively.

Mustafi 30/35M = Abdou Diallo 20M + 50% Lucas Torreira

Bellerin 45/60M = Cancelo 30M + x M Save


Why would buy only half on Torreira? Is that even legit?


*would we
*only half of



I am of the opinion that no one below 25 should be sold until January , if indeed there are plans to sell them. We must inspect them under a new boss , with a new set of ethics and more importantly new tactics. The Europa league would provide everybody a fair crack at their positions. If after all this scrutiny , some players are found still below a certain threshold. By all means , sell them. But everyone should be given an opportunity to undertake this test.


The preparation is made for that according to me but we are a year of world cup so always special with a brilliant new staff who does not speak fluently English. That’s why, my biggest fear for 2018/2019 concern possible problem of communication with the players and their state of mind vis-a-vis methods of Emery who goes for on jostling more than one !! We will have big test matches this year and I do not think this is really a good thing. By the I hear of eventual risk of premature injury of pre-season or risk of blow to… Read more »


As I expected. Hopefully we sign someone better than Greek overweight defender from Dortmund ala Mslintat. BUT regadless if we bring one (experienced) Cback in, we will likely either send one of the younger Cbacks out on loan or recoup thru sales of Chambers. Mustafi will be kept bc frankly he is still one of our better defenders even with faults. IF we decide to keep Holding and Mavropanos to rotate with Mustafi and new Cback, then I can’t see the point of retaining Chambers. Unlike the (slightly) younger lads, he is of the age he needs to play regularly.… Read more »


As for Greek overweight defender from Dortmund, I think he is in the back pocket should we not find a better option which is why it is (rumoured) that he will be concluded in July (if it comes to that) Meanwhile Torreiro looks a solid buy for us. Lichsteiner I don’t think we need but I suppose as its free, it err on caution and stop gap. A keeper is an issue should Ospina leave and we SHOULD also be looking at a (tricky/pacy) winger. Should we sell Chambers say shy of 20m, we may also generate income from Campbell(hopefully… Read more »


We will sign Gelson Martins MOD (free now) but with a salary of 7M/Year probably. Lichsteiner come with Leader ability, experience, possitive mentality, very professional, hard worker and tactically mature. Sokratis come with experience, warrior mentality, very professional, hard worker and tactically mature. ( ) This two players could be use like tutor for Chambers, Mavropanos, Sheaf, Bielik Holding could be load for win more exprience during this time. Torreiro look like a bull similar player to Kante. If we could secure Reiss Nelson, Joshua Da silva & Joao Virginia with a new deal that was great because this… Read more »


Perez is a pretty good player, he create more chance than Messi this saison in liga !! Please come back home Asano is already load in Bundesliga, Akpom other profile of striker than Lacazette, Aubam, and Eddie (more like Giroud). Simulation buying sale with realistic price for fun: Campbell(free), Jenko(3-7M max), Özil(50M or + 70M salary save), Xhaka(30-35M), Shkodran Mustafi(30-35M), Hector Bellerin(50-70M), David Ospina(5-10M), Elneny(15-20M) 183 80 263 Emil Forsberg(40M), Riyad Mahrez(50-85M), James Maddison(30M), Golovin(25M), Rugani(30-35M), Torreiro (30M), Lichsteiner (free), Bernd Leno(22M clause libératoire), Sokratis(20M) 247 if we swith Riyad Mahrez for Gelson Martins u could keep Bellerin. Arsenal 2018/2019:… Read more »

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