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Xhaka: 2024 contract proves Emery appreciates me

Granit Xhaka says his new contract at Arsenal underlines his importance to the club and also proves that new coach Unai Emery rates him.

The Swiss international, who signed for the Gunners from Borussia Moenchengladbach two years ago for £35 million, has penned a three-year extension that keeps him at the Emirates until 2024.

“On the one hand it shows the importance that I have acquired at Arsenal,” he told the official website of the Swiss Football Association.

“On the other I also feel the appreciation the new coach.”

He added “It [the extension] gives me a lot of planning security, London remains my centre of life for years.

“I have shown that I can withstand the enormous pressure [of the Premier League] and now the next step has to follow.”

Xhaka was speaking from Russia where he’s preparing for Switzerland’s opening World Cup clash with Brazil.

Alongside him will be Arsenal new boy Stephan Lichtsteiner, who with countless trophies to his name, is the perfect mentor for Xhaka at both domestic and international level.

The 34-year-old says he’s looking forward to helping his compatriot develop in the coming years.

“I’ve known Granit now for more than six or seven years, so he’s just an amazing player,” he told Arsenal Player.

“He’s very good and he’s still young. It’s not easy for him to be the direct leader at 23 or 24 years old, so I hope I can help him to become bigger and bigger.

“He had a very good season and I hope next year he will do even better.

“Off the pitch he is just a great person, a great character, very calm, he knows when he can joke and he knows when to concentrate. A top professional player on the pitch, great passing and just a great player.”

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Another clue to the direction things are heading under Emery. Interesting times.

One of them is lying!

No complaints with the extension but he was already on a long term contract. Can we extend contracts of the ones that really needs it, please? Or is it that Ramsey and Wellbeck are not part of the plans next year? Dont think it’s that difficult…AMN now Xhaka…
So Wilshire is definitely gone and question marks over Welbeck and Ramsey


With the squad a bit old, I’m glad we are sorting contracts constantly.

In-between losing Dein and gaining the new contracts guy (huss fahmy?) We had a really really poor record with contracts. Which really affected the two seasons prior to Wenger’s final season.

Seems everyone must be on the same page in the FIRS team right now.

Hope the long awaited good work off the pitch brings results on the pitch.

Faisal Narrage

You think they’re not trying with Ramsey? Or should they force via a gun to his head?

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

Oh, you mean that gun in bank accounts ?


don’t give a toss about wellbeck, but its a MUST that we keep ramsey and wilshere

Pepe Nero

If I were Wilshere and the choice was between a Serie A club and the rumoured West Ham or Palace (or any club come to that) in the Premiership, going to Italy would seem a no-brainer. It would develop his game, and the lower intensity over a full season would help him stay injury-free.


Wilshere seems like Theo in that they’d both rather go to a mid table meh club in England than try something new in a different country. It’s a very English thing.


Xhaka gets a raw deal. People expect him to be something he’s not. With the defensive midfielder everyone’s been hoping for, he could be a big asset, especially with his metronomic passing, ability to switch flanks and pick out a pass from the deep, and piledrivers from outside the box. He could become a better player, and maybe emery thinks he can do it as well.

Dave M

Yeah well said. I’ve been saying the same thing the whole time too. Wenger tried to make him a DM, project failed. He is a CM, he still needs to work on his concentration at times, but it was square peg in a round hole that never worked. Really looking forward to seeing Granit alongside Torreira (hopefully). Torreira looks like the perfect engine, workhorse, pest and also ball controller to free up granit a little more creatively. The Granit DM decision from Wenger really summed up Wenger’s latter years, it was a decision that didn’t work and he really refused… Read more »

Robert Pires : Director of football @ Arsenal

I have one question for you? Do you think xhaka-coq partnership would have made xhaka a better player? Why? Or why not?


I’m glad to have someone of his age and ability.

Coincidence that head scout was sacked after we paid money for players which didn’t fit into Wenger’s plans.

Not sure if Dhaka was one of those. But it is strange that we signed him as a DM. Even Wenger said that he was a box to box player.

Ya gooner

Emery seems thoroughly professional. Very Arsenalesque I’m beginning to like him more every time I hear him talk.


Yeah really professional. Was asked to play a position he isn’t familiar with and just soldiered on without complaint or excuse, even when the fans abuse him.

To be fair he can tackle but some stupid referee decisions got him sent off twice.

Maybe slide tackles on the turn aren’t the best idea in the premier league but those two incidents really were referee issue.


If Man City make it a habit of bringing down players to prevent counter attacks and not carded, why are other teams punished?

Even some YouTube channels explain Man City as using this to enable their ultra attacking formation.


I like this move. I really haven’t been that impressed with Xhaka during his time here, but he’s one that I think can be most helped by more structure. I’m looking forward to see what he can become going forward.


Leno…bella mustafi sokratis kolas….torreira xaka ramsey….mikhi lakaz auba

A nice team indeed. We only need another CB to replace mustafi and a quality winger…we’ll be ready for next season…


No Ozil?


i think ozil has to work a lot more harder defensively to get in to this team. i hope he does, he is an absolutely brilliant player. but without defending for the team at times he was a liability. and it’d be a shame if ozil dont play under emery


ozils a playmaker
not a water carrier, with the right talent around him he can be a genius.
We need to build around him and make full use of his talents,
Germany prove that


No one cry foul because Kante or Casemiro don’t score enough goals. Everyone has a job; Ozil is so good as his that excellent players like Mats Hummels speak about the Germany no. 10 in hushed tone: http://www.kickoff.com/news/86700/germanys-mats-hummels-exclaims-leroy-san


Who needs Emery after all?


A new way of doing things. l like it.

M for Money

Just great


6 year contract, that’s a massive vote of confidence from the club.
Certainly points to a three man midfield? with Ozil being shifted wide right? Or on his bike?

Xhaka Rambo

That looks like it’ll give us a bit more security


Ramsey cannot play consistently. He is an injury risk and so he will be more of a super sub, goal scoring utility player whenever we need one.

Maul Person

So that’s why Emery is keen to keep Ramsey… for him to be a super sub. Got it.

Lord Bendnter

On a scale of 9 to 10, how pissed off would you be if at the end of the transfer window these were our only signings:

(Wilshere doesn’t sign a contract)


Not sure about pissed off…. but I certainly don’t think anyone would be in the least bit surprised.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

A scale of 9 to 10 isn’t much of a scale.

Monkey knees

Good good. Huge fan of Xhaka!


Good deal. Xhaka passing is world class and what we need against deep blocks. Yes he’ll never be the most mobile guy around, but I feel he can and will improve defensively. With Torreria coming in, one thing is for certain – we won’t be able to start both Lacazette and Aubamayeng. Assuming Emery plays with a 4-2-3-1 with Ramsey as AM and Ozil out wide – we’ll need an additional creative presence that can get goals. Auba will be first choice and Mkhitaryan is obviously the best bet to take that position. I think we need another wide player… Read more »


If we get our money back for Lacazette? I think we’ll let him go.
Not sure we’re in a position to have a £50million striker on the bench earning £200k p/w when there’s plenty of areas in our first team that could do with significant upgrades


Same here. I mean I love that we have 2 very good 20 plus goals a season strikers, but I just think we could do with a bit more creativity and guile out wide.

Faisal Narrage

A winger that’s also a striker AND a Centre Mid?
What else? Might as well through GK into the list too. 😛


A winger that CAN either play as a CM OR A STRIKER. I know you’re much smarter than this

Faisal Narrage

My point is those are very wide skill sets between a striker and a Centre Midfielder, let alone their default position as a “Winger”.

Quite simply, you’re asking for too much.


Forsberg of RB Lepzig plays out wide but can play as a 10 and as a CM
Martial/Guedes/Rashford can play out wide and as a striker.
See?? My point is we need one of these types.


I hope Elneny is still in the mix as well. Think he should be a key player. Still fairly young, all effort…etc…

Maul Person

The same Elneny who recently signed a 5 year contract and was just handed the No.4 shirt? Yeah, those are two key indicators he’s out the door…


Before we even decide to off load Granit …we should get rid of Elneny. Average player. You’d just as much find him at West Brom or a Stoke. He’s only plus point is he is willing to come off the bench. Granit.s quick release long range passes is crucial to us. He has not been fully exploited as we are unable to transition quicker because we lack a fast and tricky winger to complement the forwards. I’ve said this many times before, Granit is a critical player to the squad. Ditto Mustafi. Before we off load Mustafi, note neither Holding… Read more »


Torreira (or say an Ndombele), a younger midfielder with a bit of technical skill to hold in tight space and carry up the vertical will complement Granit nicely. I feel Iwobi and AMN should also be in the mix (particularly if should Jack move on) Higher up we have Ozil or Ramsey behind the striker (presumably Auba or Laca) Which means wide we need additional assets. Nelson will continue to feature (or go on strong loan) but we lack creativity married with pace and skill. The options are really the limited welbeck (IMO better up top) or Auba (also better… Read more »


Again its idiotic for Mslintat to be confirming too many signings before the gaffer has had a chance to weigh in on assets current.

He will have to assess the squad (beyond videos) and then acertain what he needs.

These spurious rumours on certain players are likely just that. Some may be kept in back pocket in case better options do not materialise. I am hoiping Papastduedatepopolous is such. He is fat and slow.

Maul Person

It seems the only idiotic thing so far would be your run of contributions (on this post)…


I think this extension says bye to Jack. I can see Wilshere out the door now.


I think Jack left the building a while ago…


This reinforces it. Jack said on his IG a few days ago that it’s time to close the book instead of turning the page.

Fireman Sam

Yeah but he just went for a smoke with Shez

Ooh ahhh Ray Parlour

Reminds me a bit of the situation with Dani Parejo at Valencia. Some hit and miss seasons with a lot of criticism and often rightly so, but then a new manager comes in and puts the right player next to him and suddenly all that potential comes to the fore. Let’s get Rambo signed up now.


Xhaka should and will be the next captain. With the right player next to him and structure around him he will be world class deep lying playmaker. Emery should build the team around him. Everyone keeps going on about Ramsey. He is a good player but the guy is overrated and If there was one player that they should cash in and raise money for other critical areas then its him. You will get 30m for him. Shifting Ozil out wide to accomodate him is just dumb. He is not a better playmaker that than Ozil and let alone Mikhi.… Read more »


Finally someone with some brain in their skull. I just hope Emery susses out Ramsey in time before much damage is done. Ramsey is way overrated and Arsene kept shoving him down all our throats until people just accepted him one way or the other. He kills counters dead in it’s tracks with his lingering on the ball and indecision. Him over Ozil in the playmaker position is a big joke. Open ur eyes Emery, don’t even consider it.

Czech mate

Ah 4-2-3-2 my fave no gk formation. Shall we just play rush?


Xhaka defense is the only thing that makes him look trash. If he polishes that up he will be a top player. Fans also need to stop changing shoot, it will only aid the opposition.


“Not being mobile or quick enough” is a bit overplayed in my opinion. Matic is neither mobile nor quick. He counters this weakness with clever positioning. Even though his defensive awareness improved second half of the season, the bigger issue for me with Xhaka is his complete lack of composure when faced with the high press you so often face against the better Prem teams. I really hope Emery incorporates a system which supports him a bit more as Wenger’s clearly hasn’t thus far. It will b really interesting to see how he fairsxas this new team I feel is… Read more »


I really don’t mind giving him a chance under the new manager, but giving him a contract till 2023 seems a bit too much for him…

Del Boy

Stand up, if you hate tottenham!


I don’t give a shit about tottenham, and I really don’t understand why some of our fans are so fucking obsessed with them that they have to bring them into every Arsenal conversation. It’s weird, get over it. Perhaps try singing about our own team instead of obsessing about somebody else’s.


I wouldn,t say its because emery likes him , more a case of we cant afford to buy anyone else, so we have to give him a contract

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