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Arsenal unaware of Ivan Gazidis/AC Milan link

Over the past couple of days reports from Italy have suggested that Ivan Gazidis is set to be appointed managing director of AC Milan.

The Italian giants are enduring something of a financial crisis, excluded from next season’s Europa League having fallen foul of Financial Fair Play rules, and the Chinese owner has lost control of the club to a US based hedge fund called Elliot Management.

Clearly a restructuring is on the cards, and it’s been mooted that Gazidis, who has been at Arsenal since 2009 in the role of chief executive, is on the list of candidates to restore the club to its former glory.

However, Arseblog News has been told by an Arsenal spokesperson that they have no knowledge of any potential deal. *

It would be a big shock if the 53 year old were to jump ship at this point. Gazidis has been front and centre of the rebuilding project that has gone on over the last 12 months, and has been responsible for a raft of appointments such as Darren Burgess as Head of High Performance, Sven Mislintat as Head of Recruitment, and Raul Sanllehi has Definitely Not Director of Football.

He also eventually championed the new head coach Unai Emery despite coming very close to handing the job of replacing Arsene Wenger to former captain Mikel Arteta.

With optimism high and fan sentiment as warm as it has been for many years, it would be an odd time for him to depart, unless he felt like he could leave on a high after putting in place new structures.

That would potentially leave Josh Kroenke to fill that gap, but while football can always take you by surprise, we’d be quite taken aback if this went down. Given his recent proclivity for media appearances, maybe we’ll find out from the man himself sooner rather than later.

* Post edited at 20.43 to provide clarity

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I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest.


We should loan them Josh Kronke.

Lucas Sam

And charge 3m for advisory fees.

Thierry Walcott

That headline is very misleading.

D ceee

I.d be shicked and horrified. Ivan In

D ceee

Pls read shocked


Gazidis + Wenger @Milan

Jimbo Jones

That’s proper banter

Make Arsenal Great Again

Yes, he has implemented new infrastructure to manage the club. We don’t know if any of this will work. I wouldn’t consider this “a high”. Winning the leauge and the champions Leauge will be a high


Unless we win the League or get back into the Champions League this season this will definitely be a high. The sense of good nature around the club is as high as it’s been in years, would definitely be leaving on a high if he goes now. The man has placed himself front and center around everything since since Wenger has left. Hell, he was even at the training ground and made sure there was video of him greeting players there, you definitely never saw that when Wenger was taking all the slings and arrows the last few seasons (whether… Read more »


Managed a historic change at the club, and mood has turned positive- for a CEO, that’s called a high point. The fact that we don’t know if it will work might be all the more reason for him to cash in before we find out.

That said, I’d be surprised too, as he’s weathered some rough waters many times. But then I’m about as far from ITK as one can get.


His job is to make the club profitable. IN that he has been fairly successful.

He’s made sensible steps to replace what gaps Wenger would have left behind on departure but I’m not sure Mslintat appointment has been the best.

Still substituting the market acumen and buying ability of Wenger is a tough ask.

On the whole, Gazidis has kept the club stable. Whether he has risked his neck to push Wenger a little more (Particularly in market) last 4 seasons is of course questionable.


Is the club being profitable down to him or a combination of Wenger being tight with his spending (mostly) and the influx of TV money? I think a better indication of his work is our commercial money and in that we are sorely lacking. Not saying he is a bad CEO and maybe he did the best he could but we trail even Liverpool in our commercial deals and that’s pretty damning IMHO. As far as I am concerned the verdict on IG isnt in yet.

Faisal Narrage

So the fact that it may not work is why he’ll cash in his goodwill to go to….AC Milan because…..whatever plans there will definitely work? With a club with less resources, more turmoil and more angry fans than we do?

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. What could possibly go wrong?


Oh come on now, read into it a little more than that. In the world of CEOs there are some that are Lean Times or Fixer CEOs. Called in by companies for the express purpose of working through lean times or engineering change. Pretty much the very definition of his job here to date. It’s quite common for many of them to move on to the next project once they’ve gotten just to the level of being perceived as having turned the corner well. His goodwill is at a high right now, maybe of all his time at Arsenal, because… Read more »


all that said, this milan connection is more than likely utter nonsense of course.

D ceee

It is so far from the definition of his job to date. He has been waiting for Arsene to go

Faisal Narrage

I agree there are CEOs for that, just as there are managers to “steady the ship”. But nothing about Gazidi’s activities have indicated he’s one of those, in fact it’s shown he’s very much the opposite; – His renovation of the academy system — His renovation of the medical system and facility (and he’s doing more now Wenger’s gone) – He specifically purchased StatDNA, a very unusual step by a football club, and stated what he wanted to see with them in the future. – In addition to the previous, he’s made it very clear that his ultimate vision is… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Also, I wouldn’t even say he’s at his highest stock now, not even close.
If we come 4th next season, his stock will be even higher.

Heck imagine if we won the damn thing? Now that’s high stock.


His highest stock *so far*. What if we don’t improve? Then his stock falls. That’s his gamble to make. But again, it’s all spec. He could totally want to be a Club man and this is all drivel.


So what you are saying is that Ivan could be the Fat Sam of CEOs…


Seems a solid and considered analysis to me sit idiot with a keyboard, but I’m just an idiot with a smartphone, so what do I know.


No Ivan , you don’t need to justify yourself. We understand, it’s just business.

Jimbo Jones

Classic Chief exec move… make lots of change promising the earth then move before anyone knows if the changes worked or not


All set for Wenger to take over as Chief Executive and be the one in charge, again. #HeHasDoneItAgain


Actually I would love that!

Sànde Class

You sire have broken the internet with your “mental sharpness”! _/\_


Buzz off muppet


Not sure about this sentiment. The man has his issues but his putting in place a structure at arsenal that I for one I’m excited about. Love him or hate him, his moving arsenal into the modern era and hopefully success follows.

Ordnance Dave

The irony


Get out while you still can Ivan



“Given his recent proclivity for media appearance“ – maybe he did that to show the world how good he is in order to receive such offers?


I can’t see it happening. He has spent almost a decade trying to hold the power at the club and now that he wields it I wouldn’t imagine he is going to give it up to move to Italy. He seems to be in everyone’s good books this summer after years of us all asking just what exactly it was that he did at the club.


Unai, what do you think of Ivan Gazidis?

I have know..knouwbnn Iban for a month. We flyy tohetherr..Atlanta to meet with the obwner of Arsenaaal. He is a reference for all..the awll Chief executives.
It’s not only Iban but Zvenn and Raul. Ammazing people. We Woooork as a team.

Jakob the Swede

Did you try to imitate Donald Trump?


I thought it was a decent attempt.

Faisal Narrage

Let’s see his attempt to speak Spanish infront of a Spanish audience.


I was just trying to move on from the era of Wenger-isms to Unai-isms. It wasn’t an attempt to deride our beloved manager.

About time we moved on from “we played a little bit with handbrakes on” to “tohetheer we wooourk bery hard”


Unai, what do you think of ramgooner?


Kwame Ampadu Down

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of hypocrite has just been changed to ‘ramgooner’.


I always get confused between him and Jeff Bezos


Jeff can probably own the whole EPL. He has 150B


Let’s not give him any ideas.

Sànde Class

😀 😀


As much as I dislike Ivan, he’s 1000% better than josh, who would be a disaster in that role- he pretty much destroyed the last KSE franchise he was in charge of as general manager.


Everyone is so negative. Just trust the club. With or without Gazidis, the club will find it’s way. It was Josh who pushed for Wenger to go. It was Josh who wanted more transparency between the club and the fans, hence a better insight into their pre season training. I understand you saying you’re not so sure that Josh would be better than Gazidis, but to already condemn him to being a disaster is just negative. I want this club and fans to be optimistic again. Nothing will ever be perfect but we can do our job and start supporting… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Hello, Josh.

David Hillier's luggage

I’m not Ivan’s biggest fan, but he came to Arsenal as a successful sports executive, integral to the growth of the MLS. Josh was given presidential roles at NBA & NHL franchises that his father owns, and has terrible track record with them. There’s was even a suggestion in Colorado that his teams do better (both on and off the field) when he’s not involved. Josh might do well, his track record doesn’t suggest as much though, which is one of the valid reasons there’s a belief that his appointment could have an negative impact on the club. To suggest… Read more »


This is what I was getting at: Josh is only in the position he is because of nepotism (much like the other positions he’s held at KSE franchises).
Both of the teams mentioned are local to me, so I see the local reporting on them, as well as having friends who are, or were, season ticket holders.


The NBA, MLS, and NHL franchises under the KSE banner are local to me, so I see a lot of the local reporting on their day to day operations. Josh has a track record of cashing in on players and not replacing them adequately. He also has a track record of sacking influential and charismatic managers. While it would be in his best interest to ensure the club do well (as its his inheritance), he seems more interested in stamping his authority on things than managing a side’s front office effectively. Please see the Denver Nuggets for evidence- they’ve yet… Read more »


AW didn’t resign.

Evang. Simon

Too much power to give up at the moment….
I think we need him around base on his experience and his smartness…..

Am afraid Josh will turn things upside down


Always liked Gazidis, he’s been caught between a rock and a hard place, a manager who outranks him, and an owner who only cares about profits and couldn’t give a toss about team results.
You could argue that he could have walked away on principle? instead of being happy to collect his almost impossible to justify bonuses….?
But in reality…. How many of us would really have chosen to taken the moral high ground if the roles were reversed?
Fair play to you if you would have? But I’m not going to go around throwing stones in glass houses!


Always liked Gazidis? Sure m8


Wouldn’t it be funny if Arsene or David Dein comes back and be CEO?


Seems like you really don’t know the history there…
Go read on how Dein was kicked-out of the club by Kroenke and Hill-wood and co …

Faisal Narrage

Can’t see it.
Dude was close to leaving a few times in the past due to his lack of inability to implement his vision.

After 9 years of waiting he’s finally in a position to deliver everything he wants to do at a “sleeping giant” like Arsenal and he’s gonna jump ship to that mess that is Milan?

Nope. Not buying it.

Eric Blair

Maybe he’s angling for his own improved contract from Stan. Pay me what I’m worth or I’m outta here.


Be a bit of a mad man’s job replacing BOTH Wenger and Gazidis at this point.

OTOH…Kroenke out. Bring on Flamini…how IS Levonic acid doing?:D


Leave while you still can Ivan!

Boiled Coffee

This is an underappreciated comment.


Would it be that shocking though? These executives are not in it for the love of the game like players or managers. It’s just transactions and business dealings. I’m sure he feels some connection to Arsenal, but it’s not like he’s a dyed in the wool Gooner. Also, most executives get top level jobs precisely because they have an unwavering ambition for themselves. It takes a certain type, and those types are not typically sentimental.

Faisal Narrage

At that level, most Executives are motivation by a challenge and a vision. He has a particular vision, and I can’t see Milan having the resources, position, or league to do that. All the while the challenge is significantly greater.

Also very unlikely they can offer him more in terms of financial incentive, so what’s the motivation? Unless he really wants to live in Italy and speak Italian, which would be odd for an American living in London.


Please, not Kroenke to fill the gap. He would be a miserable general manager.


Cant see it at all. This is his time as the king maker. No way he’s going to leave this for the shit show in Milan.


No one man is irreplaceble. That said, transfer fakenews on a new high.


At most it’s maybe Ivan angling for a raise. He’d be mental to leave Arsenal for Milan right now, that club is a basket case, anyone who takes a job there is as likely to be out of it 6 months down the road as still in it.




It would be very odd to leave something you’ve just managed to build and move to somewhere in complete chaos.


Never liked him, just an opportunist hence his turning up to greet players at training. Only need to see Ramsey’s reaction to him to know the player sentiment. Hope he goes.

Oleg luzhny

He has more leverage now to get more money as he is important in this new phase now. I would do the same


probably just his agent trying to squeeze some more money out, and guarantee him minutes on Arsenal media


Do chief executives use agents?




Rami shaaban

Josh kroenke is hugely involved with the denver nuggets nba team and they are really trying to be contenders. If Ivan does leave I would bet a huge amount of money that Mr kroenke Jr would still not be involved with the club in anyway.

Maxin In The Shade

Off topic (apologies in advance) but here’s the transcript of Wenger’s recent interview. Some gems as always:


Staying for 22 years was indeed a big mistake.

Thierry Walcott

Class, eloquence, humour, love…


Did anyone else just not want to click on this? Yuck, maybe, whatever.


It depends on whether you think Gazidis is a change manager or a dynamic CEO.

Change managers see their job as done when the building blocks are in place.

Dynamic CEOs see the building blocks in place as the green light to surge ahead.

If Gazidis goes to Milan, he might just be a change manager.

Alternatively, this could presage a completely different kind of CEO wishing Arsenal to catch Barcelona by 2025-2030. And Kroenke Jnr having told Gazidis that he is not Da Man for that.


He is certainly going to leave. Why? Josh K. is taking his job. I’m guessing he does not want to leave, but there can only be one person in charge and Josh K. is the owner’s son so Gazidis has to go. Is he going to Milan? Who knows. Thank you Ivan; I actually think you did an exceptional job under the circumstance the last many years and set us up for the future well in the last 12 months. Good luck to you where ever you land.

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