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Emery on Guardiola – Guardiola on Emery

Arsenal’s opening game of the season pits us against champions Man City and Unai Emery’s first game in charge of the Gunners will see him lock horns with an old rival, Pep Guardiola.

The two know each other well from their time in La Liga, and it adds another little dimension to what is already an exciting, interesting fixture.

Emery was asked about their relationship at his first pre-game press conference earlier today, and he enjoys the challenge of facing the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss.

“I am 46 and he is 47,” he said. “His career as a player is bigger than mine and his career as a coach is also bigger than mine, but we started at the same moment, our career as coaches.

“His coaches, with statistics and data, is better than me also. But I like to play more against him because it’s demanding for your preparation, to try to win against his teams.

“When we were in Spain, for me, each match against Barcelona with Almeria and then with Valencia for four years, was very exciting and demanding.

“It’s for that reason that Sunday is the same for me here. A new experience, but with one work with a lot of ambition for me. I want to show and to give our players also this ambition.”

Meanwhile, on Sky Sports the Man City manager praised the prepartion skills of his opposite number, something which may well prove very useful on Sunday.

“Unai is a work ethic guy,” said Guardiola. “He knows absolutely everything about the opponents.

“He achieved something unique in the Europe, three Europa Leagues in a row. He is a top, top manager.

“It will be tough, and for me to challenge him again in England will be a good challenge for me.”

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Ya gooner

Emery has never beaten pep. Let’s change that Sunday!


Just imagine what a lift beating them would be.


Especially if they play their full strength side, which it sounds like they will more or less. Would be a great statement for Emery.


for some reason this made me remember arsene vs moanriho .


This has respect. Mourinho doesn’t respect Mourinho.


Emery’s class fits right in to the club.


Nobody respects Moronho

Shwooooz Caprooooooz

I dunno if others have noticed this or not, even though Emery has never beaten Pep, Pep has never won against Emery at home either, when Emery was managing in Spain.. And let’s not forget, Pep’s Barcelona were something else altogether and Emery managed to always draw against them..

So even if we get a draw against Man City, it will already be an incredibly good start.. #COYG


emerys record in la liga is not that good but his results against top teams wheerever he was managing has been consistently good. with limited squad he managed to play toe to toe against madrid and barca. even with psg they had some very good results against much bigger teams like barca and bayern if you ignore the 7-1 against barca. he beat barca 4 in the first leg and destroyed bayern last season leading to managers dismissal.


I don’t worry much about his record against Guardiola. Guardiola had all-conquering sides at Barcelona. We might not be able to keep a clean sheet on Sunday, but we definitely have the ability to score more goals than city. Let’s hope the fans come to the grove with verve and enthusiasm and vocal support. Can’t wait for Sunday!


err….they have ability to score more goals than us too…like Sane, Sterling, Mahrez, Aguero, De Bruyne.


We have Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang, Lacazette who are just as capable


Maybe, but we also have the ability to create more chances and be more clinical. It is all about who takes their chances on the day.

Lord Bendnter

“A top top manager”

Wenger, plz let go of the mic, what the heck are you doing here anyways??

Bould's Eyeliner

Wenguardiola sounds terrifying


Poor Unai.

He’ has never had the same sort of resource to compete against Pep.

Never beaten him is not surprising.

Same issue in the PL. They are buying at a different level.

But its what you do on the pitch and there’s a first time for everything.


Let’s imagine we’re City supporters – would we feel optimistic ahead of the match? Well, it looks like we’re gonna have a really strong starting 11, certainly at least as good as the opponent. Bellerin, Mustafi, Sokratis and Maitland-Niles in defence? That’s a party for our forwards and attacking midfielders. They might have a new coach with new ideas and work ethic – but he’s new to the league, the team is still getting used to his ideas and he seemed like he didn’t really know which system suits his team best. On the other hand, we’re Champions, by far… Read more »


@Red-Wing… it took you that long to state the obvious? Sure is foggy in here. Seriously, I tip my hat to Emery’s work ethic – he has clearly worked hard to improve his English skills and he articulates himself better every time he speaks. Respect.


No, it didn’t, unless you’re new on here, then it might look like it did. Reading the comments and forums online, it doesn’t seem that obvious to the majority of fans, does it? Also, where were you before to post a comment like that? But hey, I guess it’s easier to just say “let’s beat them”, because that’s football fans do – post shallow, meaningless comments with no arguments and value at all. Also, his English is poor, which in now way can help the players. Is it improving? It is, which is good, but listening to his press conference… Read more »


It’s called minimalism, pal. You lost me at ‘which in now way.’ Turn that frown upside down!


U sure write a whole lot just to explain basic stuff…n i guess fan support is a new experience for u!

Bould's Eyeliner

We like new people, Red Wing. Do a barrel roll.


Wouldn’t have thumbed you down for that, despite how easily you can turn into a City fan! No lies here at all. City going forward last year were devastating. I think we’ll be playing better all around football this season but it won’t instantly be there tomorrow. And our back 4 is a mid table defence. An apparently organised, well drilled, average group of 5. Liverpool spent 3 years reinventing themselves with an excellent coach and some great investment. Even if we are managed as well and spend as much, we have to be just as patient before we have… Read more »



Being able to look on a situation brutally objectively doesn’t make anyone any less of a fan. I hate City just as much as everyone else, and I won’t be any less happy if we win – contrary, I will probably be even happier because I know how hard it is to beat a team like them.


I don’t hate city, just “Spurs” “manure” n “Maureen ho”


I really enjoy Unai’s straightforward, informative, no bullshit press conferences. City may be very good, but we can certainly let them know we’re no pushover at the very least. COYG!


Pep knows Emery’s weakness in central defence. I hope Mustafi doesn’t crumble.


Fellow Gooners, let us just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this headline was not “Rodgers on Guardiola — Guardiola on Rodgers”.

Bould's Eyeliner

You missed a sentence blogs: “We will be 46 and 47, until we are 47 and 48, respectively, because that’s how it works.”

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