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Report: Danny Welbeck told he can leave Arsenal

According to a report by James Olley in the Evening Standard, Arsenal have told Danny Welbeck he can leave the club during what’s left of this transfer window.

The England international only returned to action today after his extended break following the World Cup, and although there’s interest from abroad, the 27 year old would prefer to stay in England.

That leave a little over three days to sort out a transfer as the window for domestic deals closes this Thursday at 5pm.

The report suggests that Everton, Bournemouth and Southampton could all be interested in doing a deal for the forward who, like Aaron Ramsey, is into the final 12 months of his contract.

There appears to be offer of new terms from Arsenal, so the choice is to sell him now or keep him and see him walk away for free next summer.

Welbeck would be considered third choice for striker behind Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, but has often played out wide in his time at the club.

With Lucas Perez apparently on the way out too, it might well be a case that Unai Emery is making room in his squad for promising young talent like Eddie Nektiah and Reiss Nelson – although the latter has still yet to put pen to paper on a new contract and could also leave on a free at the end of the season.

Today’s Arsecast Extra on our outgoing transfer business and much more

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Jason Walker

Did not realize that Nelson is also free to leave in twelve months. It would be a shame to see him go.


I would guess that one of the factors here is that Nelson would be far more likely to re-sign if he thinks he’ll get some game time.


I don’t think it is wise to let Danny Welbeck go. He has been a very faithful and respectful player; and
a very good player too. Just as I was hurt when
Theo Walcott was let go, so will I be offended if the
same treatment is dealt to Danny Welbeck. I will
definitely withdraw my support for Arsenal if that


If so, go away already.


That’s what I’m already doing because of such an
Ungrateful and intolerant supporter like you!

Maxin In The Shade

No offence, but how strong was your support to begin with, if you’re willing to stop just because they get rid of a player for purely professional reasons?

Ronaldo left RM with barely a thank you for being arguably their greatest ever player. Just saying.


I have said it several times.
The club belongs to loyal fans no matter who is in charge.
As a player or a manager no matter how good you are, you can be too old for the club but there’s never too old for Fans… Its Our Club and our pride…


From the number of thumbs down I think we can safely say it’s not just John.


Wouldn’t be happy about him leaving, but definitely not stop supporting Arsenal. That’s quite drastic.


Loads of players are ‘faithful and respectful’ – we can’t judge him on that. I think many would disagree that they are very good. It’s a good comparison to make though. They are both likeable with one or two key attributes missing. Neither are at the level required to make us better but both gave us unique options going forward. Nelson and Nketiah are extremely promising with skill sets that match how we play. Why would we block the path of real potential just to retain a player we simply wouldn’t buy if he was available on the transfer market?… Read more »

Kop Killa

Just like Danny, you’ve missed the target. I like him too, but you want him retained cos he’s faithful and respectful?

That’s like keeping a cow, cos it produces fresh urine!


On the basis that we are selling Welbeck and Perez to fund a move for a winger (Bailey or Martial?) then I am fine with this. Relying on Eddie Nektiah and Reiss Nelson for the season is a gamble, you can certainly blood them in the Europa but an injury to Auba or Laca and we could be short. I’ve always liked Welbeck but he’s always been a bit part player, selling ahead of the close of the window makes sense. If Ramsey & Chambers were also to go then I think that would leave us needing a centre back,… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Any young player is a gamble, it’s not like they’re first or even second choice. If the fear of gambling on youth is so much, we might as well become a Jose-type team.
Eddie as third choice is fine, imo. If Reis definitely has the talent, then we need to give him that. We have enough options already (though I wouldn’t mind a direct dribbler. But in the face of not getting one, Nelson is the only clear one with that attribute).

Although Nelson not signing a contract should be a bigger deal than it is.


I’m not denying their talent, my point is that if we sell Welbeck & Perez and do not bring in anyone it represents some what of a risk. You are effectively hoping that Auba & Laca can get through 38 games (not even counting Europa) with no injuries, suspensions or loss of form.

Would you be happy for Eddie & Nelson to play against Chelsea if something happened to either Auba or Laca against City?

Faisal Narrage

But which other club has a 3rd choice striker that’s top class and willing to ride bench?
I don’t even know who City’s third choice CF is, or Chelsea’s or Liverpool (Ings?), let alone Spurs or United.

I agree about Nelson if he’s 2nd choice winger, but Eddie as 3rd choice is completely fine imo.


I wouldn’t disagree with Eddie playing in the Europa or being a third choice (at a push), but if we play Laca & Auba in the same team we are effectively promoting Eddie as first choice backup. If we were to buy a winger would that mean one of Laca or Auba rotate up front? On third choices, look at our rivals options (at the moment) City – Jesus, Aguero, Sterling United – Lukakau, Sanchez, Rashford, Lingard, Martial, Wilson Liverpool – Sane, Firminho, Ings, Sturridge, Salah Chelsea – Morata, Giroud, Batshuyai, Abrahams Spurs – Kane, Llorente, Son Much better depth… Read more »


Wait a second. Arsenal – Auba, Lacazette, Perez/Welbz/Nketiah When was the last time that donkey llorente scored a Premier league goal? Or Ings. And who is “wilson”?? So no, I cannot agree that all those teams have much better depth than Arsenal. I’d take Perez and/or Eddie over any of the third stringers in your list apart from Sterling and maybe Rashford/Lingard. And we’re uncertain how Emery is going to line us up, so Laca and Auba may not be on the pitch together every match. Still a lot that we don’t know at this point. I like Welbz, he’s… Read more »


Liverpool signed Sane?


If you were to include Abrahams into your list, then i think its fine that we include Nelson, Eddie, Emile Smith in our list too.
It doesnt matter that Abrahams is older than our few mentioned. They share the same fact that most havent play much for their club yet, bar Nelson who probably is the most experienced of the lot. Hope he will sign dat thing soon


City’s third choice striker is Sterling, and they’d probably play KdB there in a pinch too. Chelsea’s will probably be Tammy Abraham as I can’t see Batsuayi staying, though Hazard has played there as well. United’s would be either Rashford or more likely Martial (if he stays), with Sanchez being able to fill in as well. Liverpool I’m not sure, probably Solanke or Brewster.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I predicted Unai would remove Welbeck from the team like he did to Ben Arfa at PSG and nobody here seemed to believe me.


He’s a handy chap to have about. I’d like to keep him as an option if possible, but a deal with Zaha coming our way would take the sting out of losing him.


See ya Danny boy aka Wele. Wishing you the best in all your ways.


The end of this window is going to be really interesting. I can understand letting Welbeck and Perez go as neither is more than a squad player. I know a lot will disagree with this, but I also can see the logic in Chambers. He’s looked better but he’s also slow and its possible that Emery has decided he doesn’t have the potential of the other young CB’s. The one I really can’t figure out what we’re going to do with him is Ramsey. Given how long the contract has been on offer without him signing, one really has to… Read more »


Barca wanting another CM was pre Vidal or post Vidal?


They said post Vidal they want one more


No surprise. But it’s probably too late to get a deal over the line before the window shuts.

Shame for Danny: he’s wasted 4 years of his career going nowhere at Arsenal. His problem was always that he was never a top-four player: he belongs at Southampton or Everton like his mate Walnutt. Only Inspector Clueless thought that he was Arsenal material.

BTW: we still need that winger before the window shuts.


And Dr Dumbo at Man Utd before him? I can’t understand how 2 of the greatest managers ever, be so wrong on the same player? Hmm.. interesting.

JJ's Bender

I mean yeah a guess they were great managers in their time but are they comment section, keyboard warrior fat gooner great?

I think not.

A Different George

Don’t you mean Sir Fatgooner?


Still was an excellent England player scoring 16 times and has been excellent for us when fit. Intelligent running off the ball, speedy and intelligent. Personally will be sorry to see him go


managers can be wrong to




cant argue with that comment


Nothing to do with the two serious knee injuries he had when he was here?


About time.. Hes not Arsenal quality. Good ridance


Perhaps not but your comment was mean.

Faisal Narrage

Sadly, his comment typifies why it’s almost pointless for players to show loyalty to clubs and their fans.

Fans are way too quick to turn on players if they’re not deemed good enough, so why bother showing any loyalty?


Players getting paid by the millions have Very little regard to what fans want. And that is not because of fan posts in blogs.


Not a single one of us here is in the position to know one bit about what is important to each individual player.

Be careful not to get to used to assuming you know things you really don’t.

Faisal Narrage

Are you one of those people who think because players get played millions, they’re not affected by trivial human traits, such as wanting to be loved, supported, etc?


Wow, where did I write that?
The point is: The overwhelming majority of players don’t make career decisions based on fans sentiments.
we at Arsenal should know better.

many people

Hmm… overwhelming majority? I assume you conducted a study among football players because if not that’s some serious conjecture that might defy the normal human psychology. Don’t tell me you haven’t met people who let go of big money opportunities because of family, friends and even girlfriends/boyfriends; I have met a lot. Money plays a role, mate, but the importance of love and social status and respect on the irrational mind of humans is so damn understated in today’s capitalistic world. And fanbase can be equated with them all in so many ways. Also, haven’t you ever heard the term… Read more »


It does not take much effort to reach my conclusion! We’re talking about common sense and not special cases. We are talking about a sports career that lasts a duration of 15-20 years max in most cases, a player has a 10 year period of peak athletic performance. This is about football players in top flight leagues taking career decisions, not life decisions as in “girlfriends/boyfriends” situations when a man excepts a lesser stance for sentimental reasons . The adventurous mentality and leaving the “comfort zone” are an essential part of being a professional footballer. So again, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY… Read more »


It may be conjecture but I’d be willing to bet he’s right. Even a successful football career doesn’t last long, it seems naive to think a player would not listen to the professional advice and let fan sentiment be the deciding factor. Speaking as a sentimental fan, I wouldn’t expect them to.

Charles Azu

Thank God…jeez this lad should never have been signed. Still dont know how he he is playing in England’s top division. Good dude but terrible footballer


Still played consistently well for England scoring 16 goals in 40 matches and has been a fine player for us too.


Terrible? Welbeck would walk into most teams in the PL. We talk about his finishing because at the top level the margins are tighter. Every chance matters at every level but there are teams outside the top 6 that would love his commitment, his ability to stretch teams, even his touches around the box. His scoring record for England shows that he would benefit from a more direct system. We play beautiful football but it doesn’t always play to his strengths. Giroud didn’t make it at Arsenal not because he wasn’t good enough but because we weren’t set up to… Read more »


Great observation! Welbeck indeed is an excellent player. It is utterly shameful to let him go.


Things are starting to happen. So excited

No Longer Laughing Stock

Personally I’d be gutted to see Danny go, if you could get him fit he’s more than adequate as a third stroker. But going for top 4 and the Europa league with 2 senior strikers is suicide imo. I just hope they’ve got something up their sleeve with a striker or winger. Let’s face it, the majority of games will see Auba and Lacazette playing together, doesn’t leave much opportunity to rest either.


I’m not thrilled with the idea of telling a player he can leave without ever seeing him in training.

No Longer Laughing Stock

Sven has been here since before Christmas, so I’m sure he’s seen him train?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I thought Emery wanted to see and judge how all of our players reacted and handled his lovely new training regime and met his expectations as regards their work ethic. What has he seen of Welbeck? A quick glance across the training ground car park as he arrived this morning? He has never seen Welbeck train at his training sessions, so how does he decide to write him off so quickly?

Jimbo Jones

I don’t think you can’t discount the contract situation. I think the question is more, do we offer the guy a new contract? I think Emery, the scruffbag Mislintat, and Raul must know enough already that it’s a no so therefore it’s better to sell now than lose him for free. Also I think this points to Emery leaning towards Auba and Laca rotating and not starting together


Perhaps Welbs reporting in this layte was indicator enouh for Emery about his motivation


I’ve felt that quite oftenRamsey’s final ball, final touch,final pass (all the last moment things) are not the level required at aesenal
I won’t be overly worried if he left us if we sign nzonzi

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, his involvement and final touch for the best goal Arsenal have scored in the last decade were well short of the level required at Arsenal.

You’re a football genius.


What’s that’s got to do with consistency
And why there isn’t a queue to sign him


By the looks of things the queue includes Barca, Chelsea and Liverpool…


Rumour says that Pogba is off to Barca,Liverpool is well packed there I believe,that leaves Chelsea,where is going to play,unless kante leaves
Which player is he capable of replacing in the first eleven???


Pogba will be Barca’s first choice but will be a much harder deal to do so they might turn to Ramsey. True about Liverpool but they are without Ox for most of the season. And Chelsea, I could definitely see him starting over Fabregas now.


Two FA Cup winners. And a bag full of highlight reel goals. Yup, Ramsey is definitely shit.

Honestly, where do people come from these days….


He’s not shit. Don’t think anyone is claiming that. I think we either believe in the system we have or the players we have. Ramsey is a good player but we could have better ones in the formations we are adopting. Ozil starts every game so Ramsey has to be part of a midfield 2. Probably with Torreira. Does he have enough and do enough to consistently execute that role? I think it’s the reason the club made such a big deal about AMN and how highly the new manager thought of him. And why we should be excited about… Read more »


This exactly is the problem,the player you’re claiming to be world class has just 2 FA cups,that’s not we want at Arsenal,do we,??

And just because you think Ramsey is phenomenal doesnt automatically qualify ppl who think otherwise ,ignorant

I always would have say cazorla in my team instead of Ramsey .I think the Spaniard was a player at the level I expect to play for my beloved team.Rsmsey lacks the finesse,slows the game down pass when shoot and vice versa etc….I still maintain he’s a good player,but not great


not sure about nelson a t m, he looked a shadow of his former self against lazio


Former self makes him sound like an experienced players who didn’t fulfil their potential.

Nelson isn’t Walcott yet.

You’d expect young players to go up and down. I think Mbappe is the only exception.

I know where you’re coming from, its easy for us to build up players in our heads but he’s showing enough to make me think he’ll come good.


I like Danny and I think he’s been a good player for us but maybe now is the right time for us to part ways. I’ll always remember him fondly and hope he does well wherever he may go. If he goes that is.


Sorry to see Welbz leave. If he stays he’ll just be making up the numbers imo. Good luck Danny boy.


Like him. Like his attitude. Like his work ethic.
But yes, sorry, but it is time to go.
Good luck, and thanks for scoring against ManU and pissing Moanino off!


A bit of a shame really but probably the right call. Seems like a nice guy, tracks back and has a lot of good attributes.

He just…..seems to forget the basics a little bit too often. With a year left and injury problems (and probably isn’t going to improve much). Fair enough really.


I would worry a little about height and power if Welbeck went. Nketiah has raw instinct but in some circumstances we may need the bullying power that Giroud once gave us. Welbeck I feel Wenger made a mistake playing out left. He is far better playing to strengths in the middle but his touch was erratic unlike Giroud although of course he had dat pace thing. Don’t know about this one. Feel we should keep him for at least half the season. There is something strange though about Welbeck taking so long to return from Wcup duty being that he… Read more »

Thierry bergkamp

He hasn’t really done much since he joined the club. Scored the odd important goal (Man U FA Cup; Leicester), but not done enough imo.

John C

I have to say that personally i’m surprised that we haven’t seen any movement of any of our regular starters from last season. It’s one thing getting rid of Perez or Welbeck, but one didn’t play at all, and the other very little, in a team that finished 37 points of the winners. That not one player who regularly started matches last season hasn’t been sold with only 3 days left of the transfer window is quite a mystery to me, and a worry. With the exception of Wilshere, who declined a new contract, you would have thought that, if… Read more »


You really had me thinking there until you said symbolically. We aren’t United. Or Real Madrid. We don’t make signings to appease the fans or get rid of players that supporters aren’t too keen on. I would expect more first team players to be moved on IF they weren’t good enough. Emery must think Mustafi, Kolasnic, Xhaka are good enough, at elastic for now. We can’t change a whole team in one window. But you don’t need to get rid of players to upgrade your team. Players we relied on last season are now just options. That isn’t to say… Read more »


At *least

John C

Symbolically not for the benefit of the fans but to send a message out to the players that they’re no longer untouchable and as for you thinking none of our players aren’t not good enough, i have to completely disagree, i think none of them are good enough.

With the exception of the players bought in the last 12 months, who i’m willing to give more time to, although i’m not 100% convinced with Mkhitaryan, i think you could sell any of them, the problem is finding buyers.


Despite being a mediocre player, if he had just remained fit, he would have been a steal at 16 mn, considering English players’ cost, but alas.
Never should have been bought, hope he leaves…


In my opinion, if Welbeck wanted to play for Emery he should have cut off his holidays and returned last week to show what he can do. He played less minutes of football than iwobi for crying out loud. Shows lack of ambition if you ask me


If he goes, it is most likely bc he can fetch the most return (Ramsey aside) If we can even creep up to 20-25m for Chuba, Perez, Campbell, Jenkinson combine, we still have to make at least 35-40m to come close to covering what we’ve spent thus far (60-70m) Bearing in mind of course there is also Ospina who should fetch maybe 15-25m, we need to sell at least one more at 25-30m to get close. That would be either Welbeck or Ramsey. And that’s not even taking into account we will again spend further on Cback if rumours are… Read more »


Being told he can leave the club must be tough enough, whenever I hear this type of story it reminds me of Rocky, they said in the documentary that he was in tears when Georgie told him he’d been sold to Leeds, it must feel great to play for your boyhood favourite team, and that they were winning trophies! And then he gets told like wellbeck “you can leave”. @blogs or anyone else know what was the real reason at the time behind selling him (I started supporting them a bit before then but can’t seem to remember hearing why… Read more »


He always scores vs Manure. Who will do that now????


Welbeck and Perez are good talents but not for Arsenal standard sorry! Pack and go boys!


have mixed feelings on this one, would love to see the two young players get a chance, but it’s a big risk if we have any major injuries (almost a given) and have to really rely on one or both for a long stretch. Plus Wellbeck is a proven player and brings a great work ethic to the squad and would be valuable in Emery’s pressing model. However, one or both of the young players could really blossom given more opportunities like Bellerin did and Iwobi did when given the chance a few years ago.

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