Saturday, February 24, 2024

Transfer deadline day – live blog

It’s an unusual deadline day, because it only applies to English clubs. Nevertheless, there may well be some action today, and we’ll document it all for you here.

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I definitely don’t see Vida in Arsenal. That’s why we’ll probably buy him.

Volting gunner

Dude is overhyped.. the premier league will be too fast for him..

Gus Caesar

Phil Babb

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

CB is still a concern, so too are our wide options but I’m fairly happy to let the energetic youngsters get game time there – though I think in Bernard and Martins there were two wallet-friendly options that we should have been more ruthless with. Zouma on loan shouldn’t be ruled out, nor should nipping ahead of Leicester for Soyuncu especially as Freiburg now seem happy to sell for £20m. Vida just seems like another potential CB let down, despite his great WC. And, although LB will be fine after the international break (just three games away) if we really… Read more »

Gus Caesar

There’s more chance of me signing than Rose!

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I know it seems crazy unlikely, but I must admit one of my favourite memories in the last 30years was when Sol upgraded his London abode. If Schalke aren’t offering a loan fee, we could as Sp*rs need the cash big time. But I think CB and the wings are the only areas needing focus today really, in a month LB will be fine.

Gus Caesar

Big difference between Big Sol and Rose. I actually think we need a new long-term LB – Monreal is knocking on for a full-back and I’m not taken by Kolasinac (I think he’s fine in a 5 but very vulnerable in a 4). I wished we’d have gone for Rodriguez rather than Kolasinac but unsurprisingly we took the cheap option. But there is absolutely zero chance of Sp*rs dealing with us, they wouldn’t sell us their dinner lady and she made their lasagne.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Haha I wasn’t actually comparing them! Yeah like I initially said LB isn’t too big a concern this season and dealing with Sp*rs would be too much hassle. And I don’t actually think Rose would happen, but rather that his style, experience and dynamism would fit nicely. I’d love to see Sessegnon come in as our long-term plan (I agree it’s a position that needs foresight), but by the time the transfer window reopens he’ll be out of our defensive budget, and possibly permanently regarded as a winger (though that could help in two ways!). I do think we could… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Rose is shite. Why do people rate him so highly?

I also don’t see what people see in Rodriguez. It used to be that his fantastic set piece delivery made him look super-creative, but nowadays he barely seems to be able to cross the ball. Not quick, not strong and doesn’t seem that agile, either. Plus, he looks like Quasimodo when he runs.

A Different George

On the other hand, Alderweireld is apparently out of contract; when fit I think he has been one of the three best centre halves in the Prem (maybe not quite as good as Kompany, and a little ahead of Koscielny).

Per Q

Rather not have a guy that twice during the WC celebrated Ukrainian Nazis and used their slogans.


Any chance of someone a bit better than Vida joining? Like a Boateng?


Boateng will probably join a champions league club. Vida or his like are more realistic considering where we are.

Liverpool had to do with the Ragners of this world till they got into the CL.
Unlike us, once they got there they started buying quality to stay there.
We took things for granted while it lasted and invested in Park, Sanogo, Welbeck, Jenkinson etc.

No chance of landing Boateng pal.


Good points, but we did land Auba.


There’s a reason Bayern are pushing him out the door. He’s not the player he used to be


Fair enough.


You can get anyone in the world if you pay over the odds, in wages and fees and convince them of your so-called project. How did Man City get to where they are today. We live within our means however, so that won’t happen.


Boateng didn’t want to join United as they won’t win the CL, we may have a chance of signing him in ten years time…

Crash Fistfight

Bayern have no chance of winning the CL, so no change there, then.

A Different George

The story is that he doesn’t want to play for Mourinho; my respect for him, already pretty high, has gone way up.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Players who supposedly demanded to sign for a side who can win the CL end up signing for a chinese side that offers big money.

A Different George

This is silly; we were in the Champions League for 20 years, so we must not have taken it for granted for most of that time. As for people like Sanogo, we also got Alexis and Ozil.

Thierry bergkamp

How about Danny Rose?


wash your mouth out, anyway rose is crap


fuck signing a player tottenham are actively trying to sell

Heavenly Chapecoense

Please be nice to Danny Rose, you’re using him for a quick joke. Aren’t you?



Da Boss

strap yourselves in


I honestly have no idea what to expect. Could be absolutely nothing, could be a total turnover of the team if Ramsey goes and we make another high profile signing (or two) with the funds.


maybe one, but not two


This end of the transfer season has made it feel like the Arsenal of the old. After a bright start, it’s become underwhelming.

Da Boss

I think that’s a bit harsh – I feel like we could have signed may be one more player, but bringing in 4/5 players for the first team is a lot. I accept that most aren’t exactly exciting, but they are a sign of where we are at the moment. I think Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi will be solid, long term buys. Sokratis and Lichtsteiner are the needed bit of steel and maturity at the back. I really don’t think we could have expected much more with a, comparable to other teams, limited transfer budget.

Volting gunner

I think SMEG have done absolutely well..the only place I’m not so satisfied with, will be the center back.. I don’t think sokratis will be up to pace with teams like manshitty and kidneypool.. and then I think we really need a winger to play the perfect Unaiball


Underwhelming in terms of quality not quantity. Arguably torriera/leno are the only signings of any real quality so far. Instead of buying 2 average cbs and loaning chambers by one really good quality cbs for the same amount and keep chambers. Also our lack of impetus to take a gamble on martens on a free when we’re in need of a winger says it all.


“A bright start” … to what, exactly?
Bright start to the transfer window? Who the fuck cares, short of the agents and the meedja.

5 players in. Exactly where needed (keeper, defender, def midfielder (who looks a beast) and central midfielder for when Ramsay inevitably gets crocked). And Auba showing like he’s gonna be amazing, and he hasn’t had a full season yet. Laca looking amazing and he was out what, 3 months last season? And the Hairy French kid looks like a player.

WTF with all the whinging?

May I recommend less twitter/meedja following and more Arsenal supporing.

Feargal Hickey

I hope you’ve walked the hound, Blogs, it’s gonna be a long day .And when the window closes yourself and Muttly can have another outing,it helps clear the head after Jim & Natalie day, The one good thing iS that the nonsense is over before the season starts,I hope GOYG.


By the way, is Ramsey back in full training yet?

Gus Caesar

Light training two days ago, according to Jeorge Bird. No hope of playing Sunday I would imagine.


I still don’t understand how we can be so concerned about the defence and yet we’ve loaned out Chambers.


Yesssssss! It’s here! Thanks, Blogs. Your remarkable commitment is highly appreciated.

Sadly, I expect it is going to drag, but we’re all in it together.


Leicester might be signing that kid we were linked to, Soyuncu.

soulja boi

which is a bigger priority, a winger or a centre half (not that I have my hopes up for either)?


It’s Genny Savastano! Blogs, you really are cool 🙂


Flash back to Wenger 2016 – “Of course yes we have two new signings coming in – we have Mustafi and of course Perez…Lucas Perez..”

Volting gunner

And Ramsey will be coming back from the injury break, so he’d be like a new signing??


On the bright side look at Moaninio. Like a turkey before Xmas. Here comes the stuffing!


“Besiktas have agreed personal terms with David Ospina. However, they want a loan move and Arsenal want to sell, so…”

How can you agree personal terms with a player if you only want a loan move? That makes absolutely no sense. clicks, clicks, clicks

Unless they would still be open to buy him, so they agreed that in case Arsenal are ready to let him go for a ridiculously low price.


You always agree personal terms first.

Get it out of the way so if for any reason the club changes tack, it can be done quickly.

The two are separate.


wow, a hundred mil for dembele, I didn,t think much of him in the world cup


HAHAHHA. One less than infinity

Marvin Wanjala

Dembele again. This is why I don’t like being idle on #TDD I’d rather just wake up to what is or isn’t


Some spanish reporting saying Arsenal bid 100m for Dembele


*reporter.. lol


Please, we can’t even get a Cback.


That’s a good looking dog you got there, Blogs.

Coquelin's 3rd leg

This. More dogs please.


If we sign someone like Vida, its basically Emery admitting that Sokratis wasnt a move he would have necessarily wanted. Surely 1 higher caliber CB would be preferred to 2 old mid level ones, especially given the backup depth we have with the 3 young fellas.




We don’t sign because money has already been spent and we haven’t taken back in enough.

BUT somewhat of a risk to throw Calum out on loan bc none of the young hopefuls looked anymore convincing. I would have kept him at least till January when Koscielny (hopefully) returns.


Looks like nought. 1) Cback – Mysterious to send the (slightly) better of the 3 young hopefuls out on loan. Still obvious issues there with all partnerships attempted in pre-season. I suppose Emery will live with it and give it a go till Jan. Mina transferred for 27m so if we had to bid over against Everton, it would have been in region of 30m+ so damage already sustained by spending 16m early on with Sokratis. 2) No wide player. We will risk it this season with Iwobi and Nelson providing pace and width for us. Not sure if loans… Read more »


The Tiny Legs doodle is a work of creative subtle excellence ha ha Bloggs. You could sell them as Christmas cards.


So no loans after deadline day.

As expected.

Dembele sounds FAR FETCH. Unless they brought in say Pogba or Greizzman, could not see Barca even thinking about it.


Defense – Cback pairing probably somewhere between Mustafi and Sokratis or Holding (who made more mistakes then Chambers pre-season but has one asset height)

Mavropanos is a big lad too. We did not see as much of him in pre-season. Young players have just been given a massive vote of confidence to step up so lets hope they perform up to par.


‘Soyuncu’ Wasn’t that the Freiburg lad we were linked with, gone to Leicester for 19 mill BBC says. We ended up with the old Greek & no proper cover , well experienced that is!

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