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Emery happy with attacking options, backs Auba revival

Unai Emery says Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s goal-scoring performance against Vorskla shows the striker is growing in confidence.

The Gabon international was charged with leading the Gunners attack on Thursday and took his tally for the season to three with a brace against the Ukrainians in the 4-2 win Europa League win. 

“We have started playing with our style with Aubameyang,” said Emery ahead of Sunday’s game with Everton.

“He needs also confidence, but he needs to continue finding his best performance.

“I also have a lot of confidence in Lacazette, but also Welbeck and Nketiah. They are our strikers.

“I am going to work with them and give them my confidence and our work is to do one collective work to give them the best possibilities in the attacking moments to score.

“The players played like we want [against Vorskla] and we take more minutes and Sunday, I think, we have a big range of options to choose the best first 11. I think we also have players to help them after the start of the match.

“I am very happy to have these strikers for us.”

It’s likely that Alex Lacazette, rested on Thursday, will return to the starting lineup this weekend with Danny Welbeck and Eddie Nketiah fighting for starting positions when the Gunners take on Brentford in the Carabao Cup next Wednesday.

Last night, the latter bagged himself a brace as Freddie Ljungberg’s under-23s beat Liverpool 4-0 to go top of Premier League 2.

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I liked the effort put in by Welbz on the high press game which will endear him to the boss. It will be good to see Eddie up against senior opposition too.

Main question is, can we get best out of Auba and Lacca up front together?


I was reading a Metro article over someone’s shoulder on Thursday morning, with a picture of Kane and a headline about Poch needing more mobile strikers in order to play out from the back.

My immediate thought was “isn’t our new style to play out from the back, and aren’t Aubameyang and Lacazette somewhat mobile strikers?”


But they have Ozil behind them,No way we will get top 4 with a mediocre player like him.If you are being naive enough o believe all the stat bullshit by staunch Ozil lickspittles,here are some home truths from talksport: “Mesut Ozil has finally found his level playing in the loser’s Cup.” “He’s one of the reasons Arsenal have done NOTHING since he’s been there.” Adrian Durham & Jason Cundy had a frank and brilliant discussion about Ozil.I’ll urge every gunner fan to have a listen.Durham has always seen through what Ozil really is and finally it looks like people are… Read more »


Your an idiot. Durham does this on purpose to get angered fans to call in, that is the whole idea behind Talksports business model. Durham is a clueless prick and everything that is wrong with football media coverage


It’s called opinion.And he is a pundit.His opinion weighs way more than what you guys think.He has no agenda.He wants to see us flourish.He also knows it can’t be done with Ozil in the team.A liability.Wenger’s fate was sealed the day he signed him.He destroyed Arsenal,Almost tore up his own country.In medieval days he would have been branded a traitor for what he is.


You are a John Terry …


That’s a bit strong


”Wenger’s fate was sealed the day he signed him. He destroyed Arsenal, Almost tore up his own country. In medieval days he would have been branded a traitor for what he is.”
Sorry … since surviving a heart attack last week I’ve decided to not suffer abject fools lightly. Ozil is one of 11 on the pitch. It’s a team game isn’t it? Fucking clueless comment.


In medieval days?
You are right though… Not much assists in jousting..

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I can appreciate both sides of the Ozil debate, but no Arsenal fan should back Durham, he’s anti-football integrity. Your appetite for sensationalistic stories (pretty sure you’re the same chap that claimed “most of the papers carried articles on how Wenger was a dictator just like Mugabe” and how you felt they were spot on in their assessment) is unhealthy, too naive and unrealistic. I think it’s highly plausible that you’re a troll, either from another teams’ fanbase or just one of the regulars on here being ‘funny’, or you’re one of those over-patriotic shout-before-thought Tommy Robinson loons that will… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Or you’re from Talksport, on a desperate recruitment rally, thinking a few contentious comments on blogs will rile up the fans enough to have them join the Talksport ‘debate’.

Kwame Ampadu Down

This whole Ozil debate kinda sums up the world in general these days. Similar to debating Arsene in his last few seasons. The extremists have taken over at both ends. Anyone trying to have a reasonable debate is wasting their time. It’s utterly depressing.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Sadly we’re living in a time where population outweighs sense tenfold. Everybody is clambering over one another desperate to be heard but few realise that to have something significant to say you must first read, hear or witness something worth telling. Freedom of speech is abused so much it needs it’s own helpline.


Very true

David Hillier's luggage

Durham’s a broadcaster, not a pundit. His opinion carries as much weight as Jake Humphries’, Jeff Stelling’s or Matthew Lorenzo’s. In fact it probably holds less than theirs as inflammatory remarks to boost caller numbers and raise controversy isn’t part of their professional remit.


Are you really that naive? Or how many of Durham’s balls have you been kissing? I’d love to think he’s got just one. ?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“Durham has always seen through what Ozil really is and finally it looks like people are realising his point.”

Only the idiots mate, only the idiots


he must be right and everybody else wrong


no, he is just telling the truth


Clearly a troll. Anyone quoting Adrian Durham on an Arsenal fan site is clearly doing it on a wind up.

Don’t feed it.


It’s called opinion mate.welcome to the 21st century.


Opinions are like arseholes


Replies to this post is like



Id like to think Ram is being sarcastic

David Hillier's luggage

“Adrian Durham & Jason Cundy had a frank and brilliant discussion about Ozil” – a sensationalist shit stirrer who works on a radio station who business model is based on attempting to cause controversy and mediocre former player who who achieved absolutely nothing in the game.

Sure, both have opinions, neither’s should really be held in high regard though. It’s like saying a lab technician should be deemed the foremost expert on Einstein.


No wonder! Your name is RAM!


Yeah, with Özil we have won NOTHING so far! Still nostalgic of the Nasri/Fabregas days where we had all trophies in. And yes, stats are b****. Özil, the so called best assists man, breaking all PL records, bu*****!


al, stop living in the past, what has he done in the last couple of seasons


Despite the 3 FA cups? Yeh, we were inundated with succes before him


you are so right ram, but we are stuck with him until his contract runs out

Jean Ralphio

I might have missed it, but does anyone know what our possession stats are like? Is our average higher with Unai than it was with Arsenal in our first few games?

jim wall

Team v everton

Bell. Holding… Sok… Monreal

Torr…. Xak…..

Iwobi………… Miki……….. Auba..

Jean Ralphio



ha, I wouldn,t call it a revival, lets just wait and see


I had a dream today of Arsenal beating Bournemouth most probably, and away too, by a scoreline of 6-1. It was a stunning victory, with an Auba hattrick, and his last goal was just sublime, curling it in from the edge of the box (and it seemed to be curling forever) after some some slick dribbling. And Laca scored a brilliant one too – it had similarities to his goal against Cardiff. Now that I think of it, even Auba’s goal had similarities with his Cardiff goal. 😐 But in any case, they were in fact even better version of… Read more »


This is the best set of strikers we’ve had for a long time. We have real depth too.


Thought he’d start against the Ukrainians. He simply needed some confidence back.

That said, we are playing against a different level with Everton.

One thing that must be said is to me, BOTH Auba and me look best up top on apex.

Think there is a case to start Iwobi on left side both to give protection to Monreal against Walcott but also to balance the squad out a bit. He’s the closest thing to a winger for us.

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