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Reports: Ramsey saga hits stalemate as contract offer rescinded

According to a number of reports from journalists on the Arsenal beat, Aaron Ramsey looks likely to leave the club in the summer as there are now no new terms on offer for him to sign.

The Mirror and the Mail, not always the most reliable sources in fairness, say that the Welshman is keen to stay but without a concrete contract on which he can put pen to paper, his ten year stay in North London looks set to end.

The Welsh international, like Danny Welbeck and Petr Cech, is into the final year of his contract and despite months of negotiations has found no agreement with the club about his future.

The Mirror say we turned down a £50m bid in the summer and Arseblog News understands that Manchester United were the English club with the greatest interest in his signature during the last transfer window.

However, Arsenal did offer substantially increased terms to Ramsey which would have seen him achieve parity with the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, both of whom earn close to £200,000 a week.

It’s still far less than the £350,000 that Mesut Ozil takes home, but in terms of what he currently earns, it was a big improvement.

It wasn’t enough for Ramsey to commit though, and this is a story that, considering it was picked up by more than one source, appears to have been deliberately leaked. Whether it’s from the club’s side or the player’s side isn’t exactly clear, but you’d feel it’s more likely the latter than the former.

Either way, the longer it goes on, the more likely his departure is and perhaps it’s setting the groundwork for a January sale so Arsenal can at least recoup some of Ramsey’s value rather than let him go for free in the summer.

It’s a difficult first test for new Head of Football Raul Sanllehi, and we hope that one of his key tasks will be to ensure this habit of letting players get to the final year of their contracts is put to bed once and for all.

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50 Million?? whoosh.


I personally feel like Ramsey’s services could’ve been replaced if we’ve spent 50 mill.


Most overrated player in premiership. Can not operate at highest level. Some use Wales as evidence of him being great player. It’s a championship team mainly playing other championship equivalent teams. Someone commented on here last week that he was prolific goal scoring midfielder and used Phil Pinocchio Thompson as back up for his case. He has has averaged 4 goals a season in last 4 years.

Tristian Beale

Isn’t he the highest goalscoring midfielder in arsenals history? He’s also scored the winner in two fa Cup finals I’d say that was a pretty high level who hasn’t he scored against? The lads been at the club ten years. And I’ll remember him fondly when he leaves.


Liked his style and scoring abilities (still remember that goal at Galatasary!) but currently he – and Ozil – are almost invisible in the current format, even if he somehow got 2 assist credits last weekend.

We really need someone to drive through midfield with the ball to create alternative approach and that’s not Ramsey. Iwobi could do it if he didn’t run into cul de sacs, Sanchez used to do it but too often.

We won’t get £50m in January.


He’s scored 31 goals in last 4 seasons which is not bad for a midfielder. Don’t know where you got your figures from

Sheffield Goon

Should have let him go to Utd for that price, so he can shine along with Sanchez. He’s very replaceable.


Manchester evening news – suggested a swap deal ramsey for bailey, the centre back the other week. Or swap ramsey for martial, juan mata,

Am happy if ramsey signs the deal also


Bailey or Martial

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Bailey AND Martial… AND Pogba! Ramsey going the other way and send £100m with him, or just a straight swap for Ramsey and er, erm… Carl Jenkinson!

This negotiation malarkey is a doddle ?

Dave Crawford


Ya gooner

Obviously trash we would have sold for 50m amd no fan would have minded.


Totally agree. No way the club refuses 50m so soon after the Alexis saga. Its not logical. Not unless we don’t learn


Dunno about that. Selling a 2nd first team player to United in as many transfer windows would have riled some.
I also feel that Emery had identified Ramsey as one of his key guys. I still feel that given the choice he would have stuck with Ramsey and sold Ozil. Probably now a level of realism about contract situation coming through.


He was offered a good deal. If he wants more he can go in January or the summer. I think we can find a better replacement in the market.


Perhaps but for how much and being paid how much? Someone like Fekir might be a good fit but wont be cheap and surely he’ll look at Ozil’s wages and fancy some of that?


Agreed. I think he’s a better player than the Ox, Walcott, Wilshere etc. whom we have barely missed after they left – but he’s no Van Persie or Alexis. We’ll be fine, especially if we replace him with someone who can play on the wing.


I think we’d have missed him more if Wenger were still manager because Ramsey was so crucial to the way he played often. I feel we’d miss him less with Emery’s system.


I for one believe Unai and team has called out his shit in this case. Probably we wanted to tie him down to a new deal before the season started, but now that Unai has had a close look at Ramsey , he has understood the limited skill set on offer. He may have asked the contract negotiation team to withdraw offer simply because it’s not worth it, and possibly has had a word with Sven regarding getting someone better in jan/summer.


Well it should’ve been settled at worst in the summer. And while 50mil is no good, it will only get worse in the winter. Unless ‘Pool decide to pull an Ox and pay us handsomely without a reason that.


Should have taken the £50m. Wonder why not?


Because we are incompetent in dealing with such things.ozil 350 k a week because we couldn’t afford to lose 2 big names along with Sanchez . Theo on 120k because we didn’t have a replacement after tho and so on. I have never rated Ramsey but if we were offered 50 mil and refused it knowing he he was in his last year then this would top the lot. Great legacy that we have been left with by Wenger and gazizdis. His talent is easy enough to replace in my opinion but will we spend the money to do so… Read more »


Wenger was off in the summer. Gazidis was the CEO then so should have been on top of stuff like this. £50m is a big amount of cash for Arsenal or any business.


That’s why I don’t believe the 50m bid rejected by us to be true

Canon Fodder

The Ozil issue and what he is being paid is becoming quite tiresome. This is a player who has won both World cup and the UEFA Euro Cups with Germany has been nominated for the Balon d’or. He won Germany’s player of the year five times in a row and since he has come to Arsenal has won FA Cups. Playing for Real Madrid is no mean treat either. He had a traumatic World Cup and is being played out of position my Emery but he still has still scored to goals this season Sanchez on the other hand down… Read more »


I don’t give a toss if he had won the Nobel peace prize. His performances does not merit 350k a week and his display against Everton was shocking. Just strolled about with the game going on around him. For that sort of wage I expect a player to at least look like he’s give a monkey’s

Nameless gunner

Past tense..

He leveraged the poor situation we were at that time to score a hefty final payday..


It’s a big shame but if he goes, and it has to be odds on he goes now, it will work out for both parties in the short term. On a free Ramsey gets a fresh start and a move to a top European side and we no longer have to solve the issue of fitting him and Ozil into a 4-2-3-1. But in the long term the picture looks murkier. How long until Lacazette and Aubameyang want a piece of that 350k pie? Which top players will come here knowing that Ozil is on substantially more? For all his… Read more »


Laca and Auba will be in their 30s when they reach their last year in their contracts.

The Blerch

A great player but if we sell him, build the midfield and forwards around Ozil and buy a tricky winger who can press & track back, we’ll have a team that contend


Down vote for great player comment. Would upvote the second comment to build attack around Ozil in his number 10 role. Why emery is playing Ramsey there I guess I will never know.

Tristian Beale

Why isn’t he a great player?

Nameless gunner

How long are we going to talk abt building a team around Ozil.. screw this

Teryima Adi

Ramsey is expendable. He is really an average player. You could score him 50 out of 100. My take.


Swap deal for Pogba?


No thanks.. ?


I’m sorry, but he wants more than 200k a week? Sorry Aaron, I want you to stay, but no chance.


It’s crazy to think less than a decade ago 100,000 was this glass ceiling that we would never breach until Theo, now in record time were 3.5x that with some players and others have the gall to turn down 200,000. A WEEK!

I always liked Ramsey and am thankful for the cup final winning goals but I think he’s a bad fit for us now and it’s time.


350k a week to ozil is going to fuck us for a long time. Ramsey has done far more for this football club than ozil has


Ozil has more assists and chances created than any other player so cannot agree with your comment. I still like Ramsey but he’s not in the same class

Nameless gunner

Exactly.. and Ramsey can go too


Not taking the £200,000 that was on offer and then playing such mediocre football should be enough reason to let him go. If it’s true that such a decision has been made already, then it’s good news. We should really get out of the habit of extending these sagas any more than it’s needed. Farewell Ramsey, thanks for the memories. Hopefully we get a price for him in Jan, and are able to reinvest it.
For the moment, if this news is true, we have the chance to play one more player in their preferred position.


Or two, with Özil occupying the no. 10 and Iwobi in the wing.


The concern for me is (if true) we offered 200 grand a week to a decent but clearly not good enough footballer to wear the Arsenal shirt.


If Ramsey is not good enough for you to wear the Arsenal shirt, then good luck, because you will spend the rest of your life with 20+ players out of the 25-strong squad being not good enough for the Arsenal shirt.

Just for the sake of the joke, can you tell me which players you would like to get replaced in the current full squad and who do you think we should get? I promise I will not bother you by asking how on Earth we are supposed to get those players.

Faisal Narrage

Eva Banega?


Okay do we make clubs aware ozil is available? 350k a week and he’s done next to nothing since

No would will touch hon with a barge pole which just shows how stupid a deal we have lumbered ourselves with


Please don’t go to Chelsea or United.
You’re an Arsenal hero.
2 FA cup winning goals!


It doesn’t matter to me where he goes anymore at this point if the offer is right he can go wherever he chooses to. After all Alexis is doing great in man u


Hero? He’s a average player trying to hold the club to ransom.fuck him off. 2 fa cup goals doesn’t make a great career or player.


Why are some of the comments highlighted in yellow


Maybe they’re taking the piss


New to the last time you looked at this section


Well, hopefully Emery will now set up his forward line with Ozil in his preferred position and drop Ramsey until Ozil needs a rest. No point in forcing Ramsey in the team if he’s going.

Tristian Beale

So long as he doesn’t rock up at any of the other top six teams I’ll manage to deal with it. I love the dude but there’s more reasons to sell then there are to keep him so bring on the inevitable!


He always said he wanted to play for a big European club someday. Considering the contract situation this is probably his last chance of doing that which is likely why he didn’t sign. I like Ramsey but if we have a proper look on the market and are willing to spend the money we can find either a winger or a midfielder that can do the same job equal or better. That would be a big if this though considering our history in the market and the CEO and Kronke mess we have right now.

Nameless gunner

Ya he could play for like Parma or Villarreal or something…

His agent is feeding him tales of RM interest.. haha funny


Ramsey has been a loyal and hard working player over the last 10 years for us. I for one will be sad to see he leave. Yes he is replaceable ( preferably for a winger and funds towards a new Centre half), however he is an Arsenal Hero ( not quite legend). For a young player to have had their leg broken in the manor in which he did, to then come back and score the winner in Cup finals years later says a lot about the player. Sell in Jan yes, but less of the animosity towards him. The… Read more »

Matty Cakes

Swap deal for Pogba?

In all seriousness, I think Welbeck may be the more important player to hang onto. Ramsey doesn’t seem to follow Emery instruction well, plus we have ESR and ANM waiting in the wings


Please, no on the pogba. Pogba and sanchez deserve each other. Martial on the other hand is a swap I’d love, even if we have to add a bit o cash to the deal


Pogba is a world class player playing for the wrong team. Mourinho plays a defensive style which doesn’t suit him. Personally would love to see him here but cannot believe it would happen

Nameless gunner

Not another self important player.. who gives away balls more than Ramsey.. Lol

Madrid Gooner

Ashley Niles-Maitland?


Ainsley Nateland-Miles to go before I sleep

Gus Caesar

This is just another move in the great chess game that is a contract negotiation. It’s all pretty standard and anyone who takes from this that he’s definitely going hasn’t paid much attention to the way things work. It wasn’t so long ago that the Mirror ran an article saying that Ozil was definitely going, Mourinho wanted him at Man Utd blah blah. This is what agents do. They’re trying to force a club’s hand and we just make it easier for them by feeding the frenzy. Just ignore it and judge if/when he signs a new deal or if/when… Read more »


We make it easier for him to go then, than allow them to rip off the club. What you said might be true, but whatever…


Players going into the final year of their contract is now a thing and is not exclusive to Arsenal. (looks like Man UTD have some real problems on that front)

Not sure why football fans have to twist themselves up with dream sequences of Wenger doing this and Gazdis doing that and Kroenke spoiling EVERYTHING EVER because he is rich so that automatically makes him a bad person intent on ruining our lives.

Corona X

The difference is that the majority of those Man Utd players, including all the “stars”, have a clause in their contract that can be invoked by the club: a 1-year extension. That’s why you don’t see more panic buttons being pressed in that camp (it’s enough with the shitshow around Pogba, Mourinho and Sánchez already, haha).
They still risk losing some players though, like Mata, Young, Valencia and Shaw.


Bye Rambo, was fun while it lasted. Sure you can see how well Alexis is doing. Can we splash some cash on Fekir please


Ramsey is a good player and a valuable member of the squad but £200k a week is more than he’s worth and he should be running into Raul’s office to sign the deal! Özil got lucky with his ridiculous offer and Ramsey would be wrong to use Mesut as a indicator of his own worth.

There will not be many teams that will be rushing to sign Ramsey on £200k a week.

It could of course be about more than just money.


No way Man Utd were interested in Ramsey…Chelsea on the other hand were rumoured to be interested and I could believe that a lot more, although Sarri specifically wanted Jorginho from his old club Napoli and he also had Kante and Cesc etc. Truth is no one is really interested in Ramsey unless they can get him on a free. I’ve seen rumours suggesting we are happy to let him go for free! I believe that as much as I believe the Man U rumours I.E. not at all. It’s kind of interesting that Raul officially becomes Head of Football… Read more »


In the summer I’d have been bothered by this but now I think we should be cashing in and looking at a wide man or someone more suited to Emery’s team at least

Bobby Dazzler

Decent player – always be a hero of mine for the way he came back after his leg break, and 2 cup winning goals.
However, if he wants away let him go. Can see him doing well in Spain, not sure he’d get into any of the top English sides on a week to week basis.


I have a lot of respect for him too. He is a good lad, a fighter and a good player.

Bobby Dazzler

Decent player, always be a hero due to the way he came back from his leg break with dignity, and of course his two cup winning goals are in the history books.
However, he is replacable, good luck to him – humble enough, no dramas – can’t see him at one of the top sides in England, but Real Madrid with his big pal Bale looks like a fit.
Not a Brady moment, cheers Aaron.


There is a lot of player power evident in the premier league. But most of the championship contenders don’t let this happen.

They also aren’t run by accountants.


Oh yeah. Forgot to mention that their accountants can count.


This is funny. A few weeks ago I wrote a comment on a Ramsey post that he flatters to deceive more often than not and is definitely replaceable. Thumbs down everywhere I looked. Now, seems everyone has changed their tune, odd


Just sell abroad please… thanks for all the FA cup goals


Bye. Was OK while it lasted. I am more worried about the imbalance in the team with ozil not playing 10.
Mikhi and bellerin were on fire attack wise on d right at d start of d season with most of our dangerous moments coming from there.
If we are going to play laca and auba, then we need one of iwobi or mikhi on d wings for penetration and balance. Ramsey simply doesn’t fit in IMHO.
So bye and let Maitland Niles and smith and nielsen have a path to a consistent first team run.


Innit blood


Slightly unrelated, but is anyone else getting immense pleasure from the massive failure that Alexis Sanchez has become at MU. It really helps me sleep so much better at night.


So Ramsey’s off. The Orn has all but confirmed it. Well, that’s the end of the Ramsey-or-Ozil conundrum at least. This current squad is too top-heavy (unsustainably so given that many similar-aged top AMs and strikers). As Tim Stillman said a few months ago, it’s not the end of the world. Yes, Ramsey is an incredible player but it’s not as if we don’t already have world-class attacking midfielders in our squad, let alone a proliferation of really decent up-and-coming talent to keep the positions competitive. I actually think it will make life easier for Emery; balancing this many players… Read more »

David Hillier's luggage

More speaking out loud than having any evidence, but I assume Ramsey’s agent might be pushing for a move as much as the player is. He’s their biggest client by a country mile and at his peak value from an agent’s perspective. £200k is probably an acceptable increase for the player, the 20% from a £30m signing on fee sets up his agent for life though. I could see an agent telling him they could set up a move to Barca or Juve if he plays out his contract but ends up at Utd or Chelsea as there was probably… Read more »

Christopher Wreh

Does anyone else think him going would actually solve more problems than it will cause? I love Ramsey for what he has done for the club but we tend to have to warp the team to fit him in, especially Ozil.

Who could begrudge him a chance to go to Madrid or Barcelona, or Turin or wherever, he’s given us 10 years and he as a person probably won’t get another chance at that life experience.

I think it’s best for all parties if he moves on.


The 50 m must be fabricated. Emery would certainly have enjoyed an additional 50m in the transfer budget to shape the team he’s envisioning. If I can see that finding Ramsey’s proper position is difficult, Emery surely can. He flourishes as a big fish in a small pond (Wales) where he can go where he pleases, but when you have several other top players there are a lot of positional conflicts. Most noticeably when he and Ozil are on the pitch together. Did anyone else see when he almost derailed Lacazette’s goal in the cup match? He’s always getting into… Read more »


The BBC are reporting a 4-year deal was agreed before we decided we couldn’t progress with it.

Rectum Spectrum

He stalled on a 200k/week deal? Wow.

This just doesn’t feel like that big a loss to me at all. The team felt unstructured when he played the positions he wanted to play.


If we should have to sell him, we have Ozil and Mhki who can fill similar role.

Frankly though it would be better to keep him on account of his age. I’d sell Ozil first considering the wage he is on to output.

What we really need is a wide player (right side)

We needed this last January but Mslintat left us prey to Raiola and we were forced into a position then to take Mhkitaryan instead.

We should have sold to City for less and got ourselves Mahrez.

food for thought

and over in manchester, pogba is having a problem with mourinho. how about we do a straight swap like the last time?


My guess is both Ozil+Rambo will be gone by the start of next season, wouldn’t surprise me if we also let go of one of Aubameyang or Lacazette as well.

Our team lacks balance, and it’s no surprise our best attacking performance has come in the first half away at Chelsea with Ozil and Aubameyang on the bench.


Good. I want a nice shiny new midfielder anyway


I understand the discussions about players abilities and all that but a lot of the comments seem to be about how much Ramsey should be paid. Why do we care? Granted, if we are concerned with how many other players we can get then ok. But simply saying someone do not deserve this or that I mean, Arsenal is (soon) a privately owned company. A high salary only means less money for KSE. So what?

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