Iwobi: Emery has given me more confidence


Alex Iwobi says Unai Emery has told him to compartmentalise his disappointment when he makes mistakes during matches and that the advice is giving him the confidence to be more impactful with the ball.

The Nigeria international came off the bench to great effect on Saturday playing a pivotal role in both of Arsenal’s late goals as they overcame Watford 2-0 at the Emirates.

The midfielder, who has two goals and an assist in 328 minutes this season, also revealed that he’s feeling sharper thanks to the intensive pre-season training regime put in place by the Spaniard.

“I’m more positive and more confident with the ball,” Iwobi said. “The boss has basically told me that if something doesn’t work, just keep going and don’t dwell on it.

“He’s told me to stop being so critical and to just keep trying no matter what happens, no matter if things don’t go as I want them to.

“That’s given me a lot more confidence to try a few more things, like beat a player, to shoot more. I’m always ready to get on the ball a bit more, so I guess it’s helped in that sense.

“I’ve lost a bit of weight because of the intense training and I think it’s made me a bit sharper.”

It’s interesting to hear Iwobi talk about being less critical of himself, it’s something that really took a toll on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain during his time at Arsenal and something he said Jurgen Klopp was eager to rectify when he moved to Anfield.

As we’ve all seen, Emery, like Klopp, is a very animated figure on the touchline and his willingness to applaud and encourage his players during the game has proved a marked difference from the milder-in-game-mannerisms of Arsene Wenger. It seems to be working for young Iwobi who has been impressive this season but still has room for further improvement.

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Hes been pretty impressive so far, hopefully he can score a few more goals too


I think he needs to work on his power, he is very deft on the ball but alot of shots that he takes seem to be weaker than the intent he seems to put in.

That’s a long term goal though, for now he just needs to keep doing what he is doing, being dropped for the starting Nigeria squad could have had a devastating affect on him, I’m glad it didn’t.


It seemed like he made an improvement on the power front when shooting last season, so I’m hoping he can keep that going. However, the real difference maker for us would be a winger that can dribble and take people on. Oxlade chamberlain and Walcott did it more with pace than trickery and with fullback being exceptionally fit and fast in the pl since the last 10 years, we didn’t really see them shine. We could use someone like a richarlison/zaha. Is thauvin a dribbler too? I’ve never really seen him play but noticed on transfermarkt that he’s just 25.


A few more impressive cup appearances (starting with Qarabag) and one of our underperforming mega stars may have to make way for this lad.
Let’s not let a few ugly wins make us believe that a player like an in-form Iwobi isn’t exactly what our team needs.


Yeah right, Emery this, Emery THAT… Wenger gave you so much too.




Well of course Arsene Wenger didn’t leave a complete shit-show a la Mourinho / Ferguson. I’m sure Iwobi is very grateful to Wenger, he did give him his chance in the team after all. But he is just being honest about how things have changed for him since Emery came along.. why not give both men their due?


Spot on. ‘sir alex’ left his club in an absolute fucking state, with an ancient squad, no youth players and david moyes. Incredibly selfish and cuntish behaviour, but you wouldn’t expect anything less would you.


They were only Premier League champions, finishing more than 10 points ahead of 2nd place Man City. Is that what you call an ‘absolute fucking state’?

Old bacon face had his flaws but leaving a league winning squad isn’t ‘selfish and cuntish behaviour’.


Are you serious? van Persie single handedly won him that league.
His final squad of Lindegaard, Valencia, Evans, Jones, Büttner, Anderson, Carrick, Cleverley, Kagawa, van Persie, Hernández.
De Gea, Patrice Evra, Ferdinand, Giggs, Vidic, Scholes, Januzaj – was either mediocre or way past its best. Not what I would call a succession plan. Moyes was completely left out to dry.


Oh no, make no mistake, Red Nose spent all the house money and left them in a shambles. Not that I’m complaining!


Can’t you just stop talking about Wenger? New time, new manager, 7 wins in a row. Wenger is a legend but now his time for us is over and you should give his successor a real chance. Be happy if your players develop under our new coach.


Once Wenger got his hands on him, he started going to pot. The same could be said of countless players in the latter half of Wenger’s reign.

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

Wenger gave him birth in football. He wasn’t the best talent in academy but Wenger saw something in him many coaches wouldn’t have seen.


i dont think there is any reason to bring Wenger into this. Unless some deluded ones are thinking they can actually attack his tenure and record by comparing it to a 2 month old manager, who has got us in 5th spot in the table.


Definitely has taken a big step forward towards being in the first team regularly, physically and mentally. Getting older helps.

Good that he can ignore the past and concentrate on the present moment in matches. You can’t change the past.


and it shows al, good on ya, I never doubted you, I always knew you was a good player, keep it up big fella


I think he can be a great player. In some ways he might already be our most effective #10 when he gets those few chances there.

Teryima Adi

Iwobi is a man on fire. Long may this form continue.

Nic Bell

Might help if they fans were less critical of our young players too. Iwobi and Bellerin were both highly praised when they broke into the squad but the moment they dipped a little in form part of our fan based treated them terribly.


Very true, we need to get behind our young players, they get way too much stick.


Loving the change in this young mans confidence……well done to all.

As against the laughable man management at Scum Trafford……..where apparently, you give players confidence by castigating them in public…….Clever little ruse by the Not so Special one, who faces the ENDGAME.


I think that twat might really be the specialist in failure. ???

Irrational Gunner

Am expecting Jose’s head to do a complete 360 any day now.

Evang. Simon

Happy Independence Day to Nigeria

Iwobi need to work on his dribbling ability…

The strength is there…. Just watch d clips of Captain Viera and learn one or two thing….

U av a huge talent that us yet to be unlocked


I said this start of season, with Nelson on loan, he is the next best thing to an option out wide for us. And I have been saying this for a while, this team lacks ‘instigators’, players like Alexis who were able to take on opponents be it with pace or technical dribbling skills or both. We have not addressed this shortfall. Instead last January we fell into a trap and bought Mhkitaryan (quality nonetheless)when we should have sold Alexis for lower to City (negating their need for Mahrez) and brought in the Algrerian for our right flank. Instead we… Read more »


The fact that Sanchez is not doing well for ManUtd is good news for us. I had a feeling Sanchez would had done well at ManCity.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Perhaps, when he was regularly losing the ball for us, our midfield/defence were doing a better job of cleaning up his mess than that sad, unhappy United team are doing now. He’s always been a bit 1/4th “Brilliant” but 3/4ths “Fuck!!”.


Deserves a start now. Ramsey has been completely ineffective so far.

Ozil in the middle with Iwobi out wide.


good lad…he is learning….praise the new boss….and get into the starting slots……. look at guendozi…..got more minutes than iwobi ….


Speaking of Ramsey, if we should sell him and be in market for a wide player (hopefully but no guarantees), what do people think of Deulofeo? Its a bit of a left field option but he was snapped up by Watford just this summer for 13m. I think he is yet to feature. He’s a bit mercurial and has been unsettled but certainly does have talent and at 24yrs has good years ahead. A loan deal perhaps (trial period for us)? Maybe his compatriot Emery can coach something out of him. Certainly he is a right sided wide player with… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

He hasn’t started for Watford because he’s bog-average. I hope that answers your question.


It’s not just confidence…

He has always had technical skill and the strength to protect the ball.

BUT he is now maturing with experience and he is picking the timing of his passes, exercising options much better.


Looks like we are looking at Nicholas Pepe at Lille (rumours of course)

Left footed inverted rightwinger. 6ft 23yrs. Could be interesting OK skills some decent pace.

Trouble is off loading Ramsey in Jan will be tricky.

Rumours abound but United are in a bit of chop and Pogba isn’t entirely settled at the moment either. You’d think he would be top pick although Rambo certainly a cheaper option for most.

Naija Gunner

Come on you gunners ?


Get him in the side on the right and move Ozil central. Ramsey’s departure might just be a blessing in finding a more balanced front four.