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Laca on his Auba bond: “We laugh, but we work as well”

We all know that Alex Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick are enjoying their burgeoning bromance both on and off the pitch. You can tell this because they’ve been spotted smiling together, joking together, frolicking in fields of wheat together and scoring goals together. They do lots of things together. They like each other’s company. And this is a good thing.

Of course, when you’re an elite athlete, it’s assumed that a competitive attitude underpins everything you do. From the outside, the fun gets reframed. Who has the more alluring smile, the funnier jokes, the more playful wheat frolicking technique…the most goals?

Alex insists that were he to be second best to Pierre in any of the above, he’d be fine with that, so long as Arsenal reap the benefits.

“Really, for me no,” said Lacazette when asked by Sky Sports about if there is competition between him and Auba.

“If Auba score 40 goals and we go to the Champions League and as well we win something, I will be happy because this season we just want to win something.

“There is no competition like who scores more goals on the weekend. Maybe in training, because it is better to improve, but not on the weekend.”

On their on-field connection, Lacazette added: “It is natural, we just have fun, we laugh, but we work as well.

“OK, people can see that we smile together, we are a good partnership. But when we have to work, we work. We know when we can work and when we can laugh and we just enjoy laugh[ing] and football together.

“It is more natural. We work together and I know him since France, he knows me as well, so I know how he plays and it is more natural.”

Ahead of Monday’s clash with Leicester, Unai Emery urged Lacazette, who has been in impressive form this season, to take his game to the next level. The Frenchman says his improvement, like the team’s, is the result of hard work on the training ground and he’s determined to keep pushing on that front.

“Since the coach took the team we work a lot tactically, offensively, defensively.” he said.

“We work on everything because we know we have to improve every part of our game. So we just work every day and this is the fruit of the work.

“We feel the fans are now happier, so we just want to make them happy. We play our football, we have the result and have scored many goals.

“I think everyone has pleasure in the team, so we need all the team and it is like the goal of Aaron. He came from the bench and he gave something else, something more in the team. So everyone wants to help the team to go as high as possible.”

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Arse City Blues

Awww the cuties… If only Bobby was still around. Too dreamy maybe?


I love them both so much

Theo Richards

I wish I was in their friendship group. Looks like the exact kind of atmosphere we want around the club! #COYG

Ya gooner

Do you recon they’ve seen Theresa May during their field frolicking expeditions.



Ya gooner

Naughty 😉


“The goal of Aaron”

A Different George

Just before the Golden Calf of Aaron.


My favourite atm.


This picture reminds me of Christian the lion and that guy he hugged.


To think one Chilean (what’s his name again? ?) only some months ago had the whole dressing room toxic. What a nice change, the mood is infectiously really good and it’s telling on the team’s performance. Long may this continue


Aye, he really was a spoilt cunt wasn’t he. I am loving how shite he is at Manure


The entire club has been lifted since Emery walked through the door. Confidence is high and we’re getting results. I don’t know whether or not Ozil is fit but for me he shouldn’t start tonight. The team that trounced Fulham should begin again against Leicester.

Apart from Spuds getting that lucky win the weekend results weren’t too bad for us. United and the Chavs dropping points puts us in an excellent position for top-four.

I reckon we’ll beat Leicester 3-1 tonight.

Clock-End Mike

Well, FG, you were right about the score, but totally wrong about Özil (what a surprise!). Man of the match, no question.


Not sure how the season will pan out. Top four would be an achievement this year.

But for the first time in ages, I am genuinely excited about tonight’s game. We played with such a swagger against Fulham and it was so fun to watch. And really, that has been missing for years

Man Manny

I don’t think the swagger “has been missing for years.” It was just the lack of consistency in the seasons past. We had a spattering of very lovely performances here and there. And speaking of this season, our game against Fulham was the best so far – especially the second half. Apart from the last 20 minutes of the first half against Chelsea, we have not really looked the part yet even though we are winning games. So I don’t think we should really get ahead of ourselves about the swagger. The most exciting thing for me is that we… Read more »


No not getting ahead of myself. Note the first line of the comment.

I am just excited about being an Arsenal fan again. 🙂


“the injury curse of the past is over” – I hope you were clutching a shamrock, touching wood and standing under a horse shoe when you wrote that !


You weren’t excited about Atletico semi or the FA cup finals??

Cliff Bastin

I can’t say I’ve seen them frolick in the field together.


Scroll up, and you can.

Lord Bendnter

I don’t mind re-signing Sanchez on a £90k per week contract…


£90k per week? Surely you don’t want him earning higher than Iwobi do you… ?


£90 per week, maybe.


Not even worth that.


There’s a good vibe around the team right now, do you really want to upset that? There is more to a team than just a good individual there must be a chemistry… Sanchez doesn’t have that team spirit in him at the moment… Imo

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