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Arsenal confirm ‘significant’ injury for Welbeck, update on Lichtsteiner

Arsenal have confirmed that Danny Welbeck suffered a ‘significant’ ankle injury in last night’s 0-0 draw with Sporting in the Europa League.

The 27 year old remains in hospital as the full extent of the injury is examined, and the club say a further update will be given in the next 72 hours. Last night Unai Emery suggested something had broken in the ankle, and if that’s the case there’s also the possibility of ligament damage too.

Arsenal players been sending messages of love and goodwill via their social media accounts, which is probably another sign as to the seriousness of the problem – but until there’s official confirmation we can keep fingers crossed. It does look as if he’s going to be out of action for some time though, which is a real shame.

The Gunners also lost Stephan Lichtsteiner to a hamstring strain on Thursday night, he’s being assessed ahead of Sunday’s Premier League encounter with Wolves, as is Nacho Monreal as he makes his way back from a hamstring problem.

With Sead Kolasinac in the last two squads, and an Interlull coming up to give the Spanish international a longer break, Arsenal might well exercise caution to ensure that he comes back fully fit.

For more on Danny Welbeck, check out today’s Arsecast

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my name is bob

I really feel sorry for Welbeck… he has his technical limitations, but he’s always worked hard and he’s been really unlucky with the injuries. I hope the injury isn’t as bad as the images made it seem, and hopefully he can come back from this even stronger than before.
Best of luck Welbz!


The player was having a good game got a horrible injury, yet you felt this irrelevant, pointless dig – “he has his technical limitations,” – was necessary?

WTF is the matter with people.

my name is bob

It’s not a dig. He’s a good, solid player, however let’s not forget that for a couple of years his finishing was subpar at best. However, that doesn’t take away from the effort and heart he puts into every game, and nobody deserves to suffer the injuries that he’s had.


Welbz is extremely valuable to the team because he gives us options. His presence enables Emery to play Auba + Laca together as injury to one could be covered by Danny. From now on Unai will have to be way more cautious with his CF choices since our third striker is currently “just” a very talented with 0 minutes on his shirt this season. Also, we are lucky that Danny is so ok with his position in this team because he´s way to good to be 3rd striker for pretty much any club. Not to mention his versatility enabled us… Read more »


Very true. Welbeck affords us option to play Auba left side. Now with him out, we will have to be more careful and likely rotate Laca and Auba on apex more. Which means more than ever, we need options out wide on the wing. Iwobi alone as the one player who can engage the defense and pull them out of shape will not be enough should we want to sustain effort through course of campaign. Mhkitaryan like Ozil and Ramsey all better from behind the striker, Nelson is on loan which is good for him not so much of us… Read more »


Let me start off saying I’m not a doctor or anything close(I’m the guy who retrained as a welder) However I had an injury 2 years ago that is somewhat similar to Danny’s and the doctors at the time told me what would be worse case scenario for injuries of this ilk. From what I can see this is a prime example of that. I had a subtalar dislocation(my foot/ankle dislocated to the inside leg) Danny’s is backwards which means: At least 2 sheered or snapped ligaments. A shattered heel. Possible fractures of the rear bones above the ankle joint.… Read more »


do we have a Dr in the house by the way?

I’d love regular speculation on injuries from verified sources.
though I’m sure the club will make a statement in time.

Dan FM

Don’t forget Eduardo..! Oh, what could have been with him. And the way Man U basically physically kicked Reyes out of the Premier League.


Danny’s commitment levels are second to none. Wish him a speedy recovery. Just a few days back i was watching a highlight reel of Santi Cazorla playing for Villarreal. If Santi could comeback at that age then Welbeck certainly can.
Dat Guy is an Asset to any team.


Very sad for Danny.

This surely means the check book must come out in January.

David C

Maybe Nketiah gets more game time now or we bring Nelson back from loan. Personally, I’d leave Nelson where he is but needs must…

Sad for Danny, seems to be a great teammate. Hopefully it’s not career limiting for him.


I don’t think there’s any room in the wage budget for signings, we’re already pushing the rules pretty far

Lord Bendnter

I hope he gets well fast, and has a speedy recovery. Regardless of whether he stays with us next season or not. Such injuries should not occur to any player


Anyone has an idea if Danny would play again this season. He might be a squad player, but he’s effective. We’d need depth for the season.


I’d say 8-14 months out at least.
Hope I’m wrong and it’s a matter of a few months


He was really hurt and i feel much for him, injury is Danny last Enemy that he couldn’t help himself from getting hurt….Our prayer? is that you come back more Stronger? and continue bagging in goals⚽⚽⚽ as always in chances giving to you….we love you Danny❤


Really sorry for Danny that he’s picked up such a serious injury. I am wishing him well and godspeed.

Ya gooner

Unfortunate, I fancied him to play his way into a new contract.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Such bad luck for him. And bad luck for arsenal, in my opinion he is a very valuable squad player. It can mean a lot in a season if you have players of his quality fighting for a place and providing backup.


Lichsteiner’s injury prob exacerbated by age. Those injuries over the years will catch up. Which is why I wasn’t terribly over the top with both Sokratis and Lichsteiner. I thought we could do better in market with Sokratis and frankly felt we did not need Lichsteiner. Currently, AMN should be in the role at Rback. I said it last season that he needs to find a stable position and it makes perfect sense to switch him to his natural side having done decent at Lback. But there is also Pleggy to try out. He didn’t do half bad in his… Read more »


get Well soon mate! Love this player!!!


Darn November all over again. I thought under the new regime, the injury curse will give us at least one November free of injury… But no …


Our best performance of the season so far was with Welbeck in a 4-4-2

Fart Overjars

I think he will be a real loss. Not only his work rate speed and versatility but also has that aerial presence and strength that can make the difference in tight scrappy games.

lets hope the squad can endure through this bound to be c**tish winter.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Arseblog I’m a bit shocked at your ruthless lack of empathy. Just sacking him off as soon as he’s destroyed is ankle is the kind of thing Chelsea would do. We have more class and I’d like to think we’d pay him a wage during his rehabilitation as he got injured while playing for Arsenal. Are you personally paying his wages or what?!

Spanish Gooner

I’m sure he will continue to have access to the club’s medical facilities if he doesn’t find a new club due to injuries (we have done similar in the past) but we’ve been paying him 80k a week for the past 5 years so it’s not as if we’re leaving him out on his arse begging for food in the meantime

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