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Ozil talks retirement, his season so far and Emery’s impact

Given Mesut Ozil’s status as Arsenal’s most high-profile player, he does, compared to his team-mates, relatively few interviews with the club’s official website.

Indeed, aside from the odd post-match comment, we’ve barely heard from the midfielder this season. It may well be that he’s trying to keep his head down after the way things panned out with Germany. And honestly, that’s just fine.

Of course, being anonymous isn’t ideal if you’ve just teamed up with Mathieu Flamini to launch a range of sustainable grooming products. When that happens, you have to stick your head above the parapet and chat to the media; the hope being you flog a few bottles of shampoo along the way.

Unsurprisingly, sports journalists aren’t overly interested in talking about the finite details of moisturiser, so questions at launch events tend to turn to more mainstream matters.

Here’s a round-up of what Ozil’s had to say at yesterday’s launch of ‘Unity’.

On when he might retire…

“I am still young, I am 30. In football, everything is possible but I am really happy to play for a big club like Arsenal. I just enjoy it and I can imagine finishing my career at Arsenal. Maybe aged 38! No, really, I always think if I feel well, I could go on until I am 35 or 36, I don’t know. If everything is good, we’ll see.”

On Emery’s impact…

“Of course, the first two games were difficult for us [they suffered defeats to Manchester City and Chelsea] because everything was new after Wenger. But now you can see that we are going forward step by step. We are in a good way and want to continue that under him. He is a really good coach, he wants to understand the players, the club and we want to show him on the pitch what we can do.”

On being attuned to life outside football…

“I think footballers are more socially aware nowadays. Outside of football, I think footballers do a lot of social work. I’m aware I have a huge fanbase in the world and that a lot of people look at what I do, they follow me. So I know maybe I can affect a little bit how they see things from their side. I think it’s important if you have the opportunity to do it, you should. If we believe in it, then why not try and bring the message to others and the world.”

On his relationship with Flamini…

“I always looked up to Mathieu, he has more experience than me. When I arrived in Arsenal he helped me settle in London, he was like an older brother to me. And he always talking about sustainability, saving the planet.”

On dealing with criticism…

“I know there are people out there that like me, there are also people who don’t like me,’ Ozil says. This is a fact of life. But, for me, what is important is what the people in my inner circle tell me. I don’t care what people say outside of that. It doesn’t affect me. If the coach, or people in my circle, tell me: “Mesut you have to do this, or have to do that” then I listen. I’ll take that and work on it. But I don’t look at what someone else is saying. It really doesn’t affect me.”

On his season so far…

“Personally, things are going well but that doesn’t mean I stop working but the most important thing is that the team is going well at the moment. But it’s a process — every coach has a different strategy or philosophy and we can feel it. It’s a tactical thing with the new coach. We are learning from him, we are trying to give our best on the pitch every day and every hour. But we have to keep being hungry, and keep progressing. It’s not like we are done now (because we have gone 14 games unbeaten). It’s like we are just starting. We are doing well for now, but that doesn’t mean we stop.


Quotes were sourced from interviews by James Olley of the Evening Standard and Sami Mokbel of the Daily Mail…we can’t link to the latter article, because the latter article comes from the latter publication. 

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Thierry Walcott

We’ve got Ozil, and he wants to retire here! I love this guy


Good attitude at the end, no complacency there at all. Plus enough sense to ignore the haters.

He is usually pretty quiet but I’m impressed with his intelligence when he does speak.


Boring, anodyne article. All words and no substance. Worthy of an official match-day programme.

I just hope he turns up tonight. A win and we can relax and focus on the Premier League for the next few weeks.

A Different George

But, Fatgooner, how do you really feel about Ozil?


Don’t worry bro, he will turn up tonight. Coz it’s a home game against a smaller opposition.

Harsh reality..


I don’t fucking care what slim wanker or his haters think about him.He came to us when our star players were leaving every season.I still remember the day we got him.Yes he picks his game to show up sometimes but I guess we have totally got 42million worth from him and he has being an excellent servant.


I don’t hate him. I enjoy watching him when he is in the mood. Just that I have no reason to love him either. The kind of admiration I have for Cesc, van persie or even Ramsey. These guys have won us some real big games and have made a difference for the club.

Ozil is also a big asset for the club but unfortunately his greatest value is as a marketing tool.


van p****e? that’s a joke, right?


Ozil has made a remarkable difference for this club. His signing alone projected us to new ambitions and excited the fanbase. The fact Wenger built a team around him shows how central he has been to the core of our playing style since he joined. Ozil is the sort of player the team must use, rather than someone who will visually excite on his own. This is why he is such a great team player, constantly finding space, providing link-up opportunities, retaining possession, maintaining team structure. He makes others look brilliant. Besides, just watching him control the ball and oggle… Read more »


That’s what. Marketing tool.


You lost all credibility by respecting RVP.


He was the catalyst for our FA Cup successes. People seem to forget that we went almost 10 years without a trophy, until he arrived.


All words and no substance…

So it’s just like you eh? All fat and no brain.

Lord Bendnter

Wait for the Unclassic Commentary

jim wall

Its not a suprise he wants to retire here. He is a exellant player when he turns it on. But thats not too often he is sure not worth his wages since when have we seen him play 5/6 great performance in a row. Sell him in the summer and invest transfer fee and his wages into the squad but who in hell will pay 350 grand a week to a player who only turns up every now and then maybe china


I was thinking Turkey? Or the States?
I don’t see anyone in Italy, Spain or Germany taking a very expensive punt on an inconsistent 30 Yr Old, with his wages I think the best we could hope for would be £15-20mill


So the most creative player in the Premier League in the 5 years he has been here isn’t worth the money we pay him?


Compare Sanchez and you have your answer


You’re just pissed he wanna retire with us fats…. ???


He’s not worth the money.


well said fats


Your bitterness is obvious, Afan.

Still crying yourself to sleep every night, clutching your Wilshere blanket?

Paul Roberts

You are one negative MF fats

Little Mozart's Requiem in Dm

And your predictable comments aren’t worth the time it takes me to scroll past them.


Hopefully Flamini saves the planet and buys the club.

Ozil just needs to apply more belief to his defensive side and the whole team reaps benefit. His attacking ability is in no doubt. From Liverpool match (and Leicester), he is showing signs of improvement. Sustaining it is of course key.

As for Unai, what an appointment by Gazidis. He has been a great choice. Attention to detail, tactically astute, and without sacrifice to the type of football Wenger deemed preferential.


I thought he’d already retired???
He’s shown up once this season, and yet people talk about him like he’s turned a corner.


Your comments are pretty childish and I’m sure you’re not a child…treat yourself with more respect!


I am pretty sure Rich is of adult age. Just a farking stupid cuntish adult.

Lord Goku

Offcourse… breaking all the records for his position in the pitch..but hes not worth it…ignorant people with absolute no football understanding! Özil the best #10 ever!!

Monkey Knees

The best number 10 on this ‘ere planet!


Fatgooner….. Francesc…..Rich….. MUPPETS !!!


Here’s a thought, maybe the reason he is seen as inconsistent is because his teammates’ finishing is inconsistent. I mean nobody on this planet can make an assist alone. You can tackle, make a save, intercept, block a shot, dribble, score a goal, but nobody can make an assist. It’s not up to him to turn the chances he creates into assists. Judge the man on his primary job please. Torreira will never be judged for not scoring goals or providing assists. All judgement of Ozil is subjective. There is no substance behind any of it. It’s just like saying… Read more »

A Different George

If your team is desperate for a goal at the end of a crucial match and Ozil practically puts it onto the forehead of a tall, powerful, teammate, a centre-half standing in front of goal for a free header, and the teammate completely fucks it, who do you blame? Here’s a clue: not Mats Hummel.

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