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Arsenal and Sp*rs charged by FA

Arsenal and Sp*rs have both been charged by the FA for the touchline hustle and bustle that followed Eric Dier’s equalising goal on Sunday.

In response to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s celebration in front of the Sp*rs fans following his goal from the penalty spot, the fat-necked midfielder stoked passions on the terraces by putting his finger to his mouth in front of the Block 6 regulars after his equaliser.

Doing so in front of the psychotic Stephan Lichtsteiner didn’t play out quite how Dier might have liked and within seconds everybody from Matteo Guendouzi to Mauricio Pochettino were charging down the touchline to get involved. Just to add to the drama, a few beers were chucked from the stands. Dier subsequently got a booking.

It was all a bit unseemly…but at the same time, great fun. Who doesn’t want to see a derby game boil over (a little bit)?

Anyway, the spoilsport suits at Wembley have decided that we deserve a slap on the wrists and there’s a fairly high chance that Raul and Vinai may have to get the chequebook out to pay a fine.

In the words of the FA, both clubs are charged with failing to “ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion”. We have until 6pm on Thursday to respond.

I hope we do so with a picture of Lichtsteiner flicking the finger.

On a more serious note, Unai Emery has condemned the Sp*rs fan who reacted to Aubameyang’s first goal by throwing a banana skin on the Emirates turf.

Sky Sports report that police have charged a man with ‘throwing a missile’, but it’s the despicable racial undertones of the act that are particularly appalling.

“I don’t accept this behaviour, and nobody accepts it,” said Emery. “I think the police are doing their work.”

In total there were seven arrests at the game for various public order offences.

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One of Spu*s fan got arrested for throwing banana peel towards Auba.
It is disgusting. I don’t understand how anyone can be so racists when they have so many player of colors in their own team? It is 2018 but still people are living in 1918.

The boy in the rose tinted glasses

I’d be interested to hear the person in questions response to that. As you say plenty of people of colour in their side, and I kinda feel such things are not quite such a big deal these days. I’m just about young enough (or maybe insulated enough) to have to Google why a banana skin is a big deal. As article says there were beers and everything else being thrown, it could be a simple case of a health conscious football fan throwing whatever happened to be in their hands when the goal went in, without considering the context or… Read more »


He has responded and said he just grabbed the nearest thing he found and didn’t consider the racial implications, I believe him to be fair.


Sound’s like the police agree that it wasn’t racial. Probably it was as he says just something that happened in the moment with no thought to wider connotations. Of course folks have every right to feel sensitive over these things but probably nobody would have noticed if the media didn’t make a fuss.


Seems like Spudz didn’t think so either if they’ve banned him already.

Reality check

I dont believe only white people are racist and having said that – the whole world knows what a banana signifies in relation to racism. Most racists don’t just lash out on people all day. These things usually come out during confrontations especially when intoxicated. The anger brings out the real them, it is a reason but not good enough an excuse.

Harish Hirani

Considering Spurs have black players of their own, the fan who did this does appear to be a bit dim.


…well they also believe they are better than us.

Been listening to those useless pundits giving Ponch a blow job even if he has won absolute F all thus far.


What, a spud?

Ordnance Dave

Not just Sp*rs players, but their fans must of given that clown a good going over. What an idiot.


Did they manage to catch that sniper who kept shooting Son when no one was touching him?
he looked in some pain, glad he wasn’t killed…. the cunt.

Faisal Narrage

I’m actually quite interested in the individual that downvoted this. I hope blogs can see the people that up/down votes, and just keep in mind whoever it was.


When do people realize that football rivalries are all about banter and not abusing each other. This is just disgraceful behaviour.


Exactly mate, things can get heated in the moment and something physical can pop off, but what sort of cunt chucks banana skins?

Trixie P

Spot on Bob!


A chance for the FA to get some cash. I think there was passion there, as with Klopp running on the pitch. No-one harmed in either case so not sure what the fuss is.

The banana is bad though.


Genuinely being at the game on Sunday was unreal. Hands down one of the best atmospheres I have ever had the privilege of being a part of, and I was there for both the previous 5 -2’s, the Barcelona game, even when Cesc scored that wonder goal all on his own. But honestly, I think that atmosphere edged it as the best I have ever experienced at the stadium. Every fan in that ground was giving it everything they had, and I think it was a huge factor in how the team managed to get back in the game from… Read more »


Just listened to the podcast and seen this. Has to be the greatest photo of the lot.
An epic conquest.




Kolasinac was the tank in the war.

5 key passes.

Created more chances on the day than everyone-else.


Do you think the guy who set off the flares will get a stadium ban? I’m asking coz I have no idea how seriously these things are taken by Arsenal or FA, and it would be really harsh if he did! The red smoke really gave me goosebumps man, wish we’d see more of that in the future, and full respect to whoever took the risk of setting them off. 😛


Not just me then ? felt like a Turkish, Greek, Polish or Latin American Derby with palpable tension, flares and a whole lot of drama.

Loved it!


I loved that, let’s make our home intimidating, especially when those scummers come visit!


I get your point, it’s nice to see passion at the Emirates again. But, personally, I wouldn’t want the flare/crowd violence stuff to escalate. The Copa Libertadores – between Boca & River – was ruined by exactly that kind of emotional excess. Now they are having to play it in Madrid rather than Buenos Aires! In other words, that kind of stuff can quickly get out of hand.


I agree and I was there…smoke is allowed on the continent but not in the UK…they should give the “culprits” free STs imo


Could potentially kill someone with bad asthma though. It’s fun but thoughtless and there’s no reason we should need flares to make our presence felt. Roaring and howling should be enough, it was good to hear yesterday but has been lacking over the years

My first thought when they panned the crowd was, wow this is big, there’s flares! And my second was, someone is going to be in deep shit for that one. Been to games in Germany, and have to agree that it brings an unnecessary edginess to the situation.


Asking as an ignorant American…Is it actually dangerous when these things are set off in the crowd? Obviously it’s not cool to have flares thrown at the players or anything, but damn that atmosphere was amazing to watch and listen to even across the Atlantic in my little upstate New York town!


Honestly it depends on what flare is used. To be accurate I’m fairly sure that the ones that were used on the weekend were just a smoke bombs, not like a proper flares that produces a large bright flames, as used in an emergency to attack attention. Well at least I didn’t see a bright flame. Just lots of red smoke, and those ones are literally harmless. Actual flares, like the super bright ones you see in Germany and in Italy, Turkey.. they are fairly lethal if you’re a daft cunt with them because they’re obviously a huge flame which… Read more »


The only serious problem with smoke flares is that the coloured smoke is a dye. Once it settles on the surroundings it’s a bitch to get off.
One rag week in the eighties, some bunch set one off in the Imperial College SU office. Imperial had to repaint it and replace the furniture.


I’m not sure if he got a ban? I know he definitely got fucked out the stadium by the stewards as I saw him post on Twitter, but it didn’t say anything about getting banned – I presume no? However I could easily be wrong.


I guess he’d have mentioned on Twitter if he got banned…all cool then, I’m guessing!

Kos Forehead

Can anyone share the link to that video setting off the flares, please


No, but there were actually two flares: first at North Bank (not the usual corner), second at Clock End (definitely not the normal active area)

SB Still

I hope more of the same on Wednesday, win that one we could end the top 4 ambitions of one of the challenges quite early in the season.

They are nicking a few results off late in Fergi time, so it will be put them in their place – mid-table.


If we tear them a new one, we may do them a favour and hand the Special case his P45 for the day.

…that would be rich.


Is there a chance that someone can throw a banana skin in frustration? Without there being any racist motivation? Seems much more likely to me.
Maybe I’m being naive? But I don’t consider this a racist country.

Faisal Narrage

You are utterly naïve and as a black man, who has been racially abused, physically attacked by a group who got out of cars with wrenches to attack me and 2 friends of mine, and also been spat at by a passing van, I find it offensive to allude that there is no racism. Is the country by and large racist? Probably not (though Brexit and the reasons most people voted for it begs to differ), but to downplay what is clearly a racist action because you want to stick your head under the sand pretend everything is okay is… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Can’t wait to be charged again for the reverse fixture ?

Trixie P

We haven’t been charged for being naughty for ages!! ???

Faisal Narrage

I remember in the last few years there’s been games where one of our players would get surrounded and bullied and no one would do anything. I think it happened to Xhaka 2 years ago, and I recall it to maybe Ramsey, and a few others. The rest of the team just let it slide.

Loved our response. Reminded me of the Invincibles days, where we didn’t accept shit from anybody.

Irrational Gunner

Since we are playing ManU, it reminds me when most of the defense and Viera surrounded that cheat Van Nistelrooy, and gave him a little “work out”! Ah, a loving moment in Arsenal history!


Take the fine and celebrate the reaction – all our best teams down the years have fought for each other, right back to the post-match fight at Lazio in 1970.

Del Boy

I’m still buzzing! What a game!


There weren’t any fist or choke holds.

Just handbags.

…surely you’d expect this of derby day passion. If anything FA should reward it for bringing in the audience.

Charge the monkey in the lillywhites who chuck his banana (they’re a despicable/delusional lot the Spurts) maybe but all the posturing otherwise on field was part of the day really.


Almost impossible for the FA to ignore those incidents – both the flares and the banana skin – for different reasons that have to be stamped out. Hopefully, they be consistent and fine Klop for his little little burst of theatrics too.


What about Sissoko headbutting an Arsenal player during the scrum?


Fully expect Arsenal to be punished more than that mob. Just like the original Old Trafford handbags.


I recall the tee shirts that season – “You can stick your f***ing 2 points up your a**e” – as we won the league.

Billy Bob

Spurs started it so I think we should appeal, get let off with a warning, whilst spuds get fined enough money to not be able to sort the electrics at their new ground!!!


Can I see the spur fan that threw that peel? I will send him to where his progenitors are.


Got to be honest, after watching the Ian Wright documentary “Out of their Skin” it took me back to a time that was simply appalling where it was hatred for black players regardless if they were in your team or not. Now I understand dislike bordering on hatred of other clubs players but there is absolutely no excuse to reduce it to race, gender, colour, creed or orientation. I grew up in the sticks where I didn’t see a black man until I was 14 years of age but at no point did I ever dislike that man. I abhor… Read more »


And by the way, I would feel the same if any of our fans ever did such an abhorrent thing to any black player from ANY other team.

Big Dave

It’s not like any punches were thrown FFS…. Handbags at best. Just charge Dier, Alli and Son for being complete c***s.


Did someone got arrested when someone threw banana at bale back then?

Faisal Narrage

What are you trying to imply?


It might not have been racist


Now this is NLD. F off FA.


Paying for 100 such brawls that riles up our players and wins us the game vs Paying Scudamore 250k as a retirement package. I know what I want.


Whatever the fine is, it’s worth every penny.

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