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Report: Arsenal 4 – 2 Sp*rs (inc goals)

Result: Arsenal 4 – 2 Sp*rs
Competition: Premier League
Date: 2nd December 2018
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Sokratis, Holding, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Torreira, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang

Subs: Cech, Lichtsteiner, Maitland-Niles, Guendouzi, Elneny, Ramsey, Lacazette

Arsenal leapfrogged Spurs into a top 4 spot with a 4-2 win. Arsenal deservedly went forward thanks to an Aubameyang penalty but Spurs scored 2 debatable goals to end the half ahead.

The Gunners rallied back in the second half with 3 excellent goals to ensure that Emery’s first North London derby ended with a win for the new manager. That’s 19 games unbeaten in all competitions.

First Half

The match began at breakneck pace with Arsenal going all guns blazing – creating three chances within the first three minutes. Spurs struggled to complete their passes as Arsenal players snapped into tackles high up the pitch and took control of the game in the early stages.

The pressure got to Spurs on the 8th minute when Vertonghen handled the ball when defending a corner, earning him a yellow card and Arsenal their first penalty of the season. Aubameyang dispatched the penalty with ease to give Arsenal into a well deserved lead. 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Son pressed for an equaliser on the 11th minute with a dribble and a shot from the right side of the penalty box but his attempt was palmed away by Leno. Arsenal responded a minute later, with a dangerous low cross into the box by Kolasinac for Aubameyang who couldn’t get a clean connection with the ball within the six yard box.

Spurs were caught off guard by an excellent cross field free kick on the 17th minute by Xhaka, finding Kolasinac on the left wing who cut back for an onrushing Iwobi to strike right at Lloris in goal.

Despite the hectic start, Arsenal looked to slow down the pace from the 20th minute. The three defenders passed patiently across the back, not afraid to attempt back passes if it meant waiting for the right opportunity to make a line breaking pass.

Spurs took advantage of this by scoring an equalizer. Dier, who looked marginally offside, evaded the Arsenal defence at a free kick and nodded in the ball at the near post on the 30th minute. It was a soft goal to concede as Leno should have covered his angles better. The goal sparked a skirmish on the sidelines with Dier and the Arsenal substitutes as he antagonize the Emirates crowd with his celebrations. 1-1.

Things went from bad to worse almost immediately as Holding conceded a penalty by sliding in on Son who was bearing down on goal. Replays show that any touch on Son was minimal at best and that penalty should not have been given. Kane scored Spurs’ second goal and Arsenal needed to find a way to up the tempo again. 1-2.

Arsenal almost ended the half with an equalizer as Mustafi sent a looping header crashing against the cross bar in injury time. This meant that this season, Arsenal are yet to go into the second half  without being in the lead.

Second Half

Emery wasted no time to make his changes, bringing on Ramsey and Lacazette for Iwobi and Mkhitaryan at the start of the second half. Arsenal upped the aggression but seemed to give up unnecessary free kicks close to the penalty box. Leno had to palm away one such free kick by Kane on 49 minutes which was dipping dangerously towards the far corner.

Arsenal got back in it on the 55th minute with an exquisite and instinctive first touch finish by Aubameyang from outside the box. Shades of Henry, flatfooting Lloris with a curling thunderbolt into the net. 2-2, game on.

Mustafi almost made it three during a corner as he striked low and hard, only for Alli to deny him with a goal line clearance. The German then looked to have tweaked his leg when clearing a save from Leno after Bellerin made the mistake of passing the ball to Son who shoot on goal. Mustafi was moving gingerly after treatment which meant he was substituted for Guendouzi in the 70th minute.

On the 73rd minute, Ramsey dispossessed Foyth on the half way line and put Lacazette through on goal. The Frenchman decided to take the shot with his weaker left foot and the curler deflected off Dier’s shin to evade Lloris and sneak in for Arsenal’s third. 3-2.

Arsenal stuck the knife in with a goal almost immediately after the restart, this time by Torreira who slipped past Dier to slot in the ball into the far corner. Pandemonium ensued at the Emirates as the score turned to 4-2.

Things got worse for Spurs as Vertonghen got his marching orders with a second yellow after a studs up tackle on Lacazette on 85 minutes – sealing the result for the Gunners.

It was an absolutely committed display, personified by the likes of Kolasinac making a tackle on Moura deep in injury time. More of the same, boys.

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Fantastic match, proud to be a Gooner. Would have loved a 5pur2 but not complaining! Great result, proud of the players and manager.


Torreira, where were you all this while.
Arsenal are truly devastating in the second half.


Torreira roamed like a tiger. The whole team was magnificent. The spirit they showed after being wronged not once, but twice – I will not forget this match for a long long time. My throat is hurting after so much shouting.


Nothing better than knowing I can go to work tomorrow and just smile at the spud fans! A cheeky thumbs up aswell just to rub it in. Silence is golden

twisted cuntloks

As per my post several weeks back after the Liverpool match, we are now starting to show a great mentality and real mental strength. So pleased to see how tough these lads are. they don’t know when they are beaten.
The old days are gone.


I loved how he celebrated his goal like he scored the winning goal at the World Cup!


So much passion. Seemed like he was almost in tears. What a man.
Has their ever been a new signing who has warmed the fans hearts so quickly? Build a statue! It won’t cost much, he’s not very tall!


Me too !! I got discharged from the hostpital this morning for a jaw surgery I had two days ago ! Still recovering but I’ll been having some mouth bleeds since Lacazette and torreira scored ??❤️

twisted cuntloks

Absolutely Pedant, we now have a team/squad that is moving in the right direction with a very, very good manager. It’s an outstanding result against one of the best spuds team for a generation.
I love progress.


“one of the best spuds team for a generation.”
Sounds good, until you realise that’s on a par with being the most pleasant turd in the septic tank.


And Mike Dean as ref, who would have believed we would win…


+ this “and the curler deflected off Dier’s shin to evade Lloris and sneak in for Arsenal’s third. 3-2.

Arsenal stuck the knife in with a goal almost immediately after the restart, this time by Torreira who slipped past Dier to slot in the ball into the far corner.”

Karma = Dier

David C

won the last 4 NLDs with Mike Dean actually


Fuck off Mike Dean !!
North London is Red !!!!!


Best match for a very long time
So happy!


Combined 11 hahahahaha


“i think tottenham have better players”. -Souness


All the usual powershift bollocks before the game just makes it all the sweeter eh mate! Those combined XI comments in the build up particularly laughable!!


What a way to win a NLD. Make them happy with the half time lead, and Dier provocative goal celebration. And we blew them away with our very own signature second half awakening!

Jean Ralphio

We haven’t seen this spirit since the 5 2. Well done to the players and club!


Spu*s’ best start in Premier League history you say?

David C

amazing to think we had all our subs used before the 70th min. Usually under Wenger we wouldn’t make a change until the 70th minute or when it was too late.

Loving life under Emery!!!

Son – the new Neymar Jr, such a bloody diver!

Anthony Haak

Lets not shit on Wenger just because we won. The 5-2 wasn’t long ago. Wenger beat Spurs many times.

David C

not insulting Wenger, just noting how different it is.


Arsenal 4 – 2 Cheating Scum

Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!


Oh, the sheer fight and determination!


Olé Olé Olé


I was feeding my 6 months old daughter (; during the second half of the match and could not scream when we scored. After the 4th goal, tears just started rolling down my cheeks: she stopped eating and was just staring at me like…. wtf is happening to this dude.
Thank you Emery

Liam Bergkamp

“After the 4th goal, tears just started rolling down my cheeks: she stopped eating and was just staring at me like…. wtf is happening to this dude.”
That really made me laugh


Everything’s that’s worth saying from today’s match has been said already. I just want to add that Ramsey’s time is over at the club maybe, but he could go on a high on the back of today’s performance + that old fella Lichsteiner bossing from the sidelines and celebrating every time we scored with the on field players really made me that much happier!


Now that was tasty!


Torreira = legend


North London is red

C.B. a link that you can send to Sp*rs rs fans.

Lord Bendnter

For me, the best player today was our manager Unai Emery!!


Agreed your lordship. I must admit the starting line up didn’t inspire me in fact it scared me. That said his half time substitutes spoke volumes of his annoyance at the all round display.

On another note I fucking love Lucas Torreira, the style of player we have been crying out for over the last decade.


Ramsey deserves credit for helping it turn around with two decisive assists. A real shame we won’t see him at the Emirates next season.

Paul Roberts

Fair play to him he always does it in the big games.


Agreed it smells like he has already moved on sadly, loved his passion in the melee too.


I’d prefer him to stay over Mhiki and even Ozil. He suits this new high-energy style down to a T.


He was immense even before his introduction when he stood up to Alli. Proper Arsenal man.
Great game from him too!

Lord Bendnter

Yes, Ramsey was brilliant. We lacked a creative player in the first half, and the formation didn’t help. Mikitikitaryan was supposed to provide us that creative edge, as he used to do at Dortmund. But we didn’t have that. Still tho, he did track back and cover well so I won’t complain. But at half time it came down to throw on a creative player such as Ramsey, or don’t score. And of course replace Iwobi with a more lethal force up front. Brilliant game to watch. Many were calling it beforehand that it would be the best derby in… Read more »


Got everything right today


F*** Tim Sherwood. Eat that S***


Fuck T*m Sh**w**d. Eat that shit.


Make Arsenal Great Again

There is a reason Tim Sherwood was a shit manager


Can someone get on Sherwood’s twitter and ask how many Arsenal players he’d put in his team now? It’s a team game!

I think Merse is just there to motivate Arsenal, just like he did for Scouser’s game.


Well chuffed. The only negative is that Xhaka will miss the United game but we’ve already got three points more than most pundits expected from the two games


I think Guendouzi will do an admirable job in his stead. Be poetic to put the final nail in Morons coffin!!


I agree he will, it’s options off the bench after that that we look a little lighter

Reality check

Can’t ignore the job Xhaka is doing as captain atm.. his game is also improving since he’s started to wear the armband..


That was a proper derby. United should be worried.

DTL Presents

One of the best games of football I’ve seen in such a long time. I LOVE the energy emery brings to the sidelines and the pure passion to win at all costs. COYG


Sell ozil, he’s a surplus unneeded luxury player and a complete waste of money.

The most overrated player in Arsenal’s history. Literally a flop who plays well once in a blue moon.


Last season Arsenal – Spurs 2-0, Özil man of the match.


Fuck Mike Dean. Fuck Sp*rs. COYG!!!!!!!


Loved Bellerin going over to Vertonghen to say ‘serves you right’ as he got the red card !!


Loved the anger and aggression that we haven’t been showing for years.


Vertongen has always been a dirty cheat. Today he actually got called out.

Irrational Gunner

Right! As long as Vertonghen plays for the knuckleheads, we will always have a chance to win!


I loved that from Hector!


Hector was so fired up in that game. He got into it a couple of times.

Viva la Prof

Haha wankers

Naija Gunner

We beat those homeless goblins ??????


What a game ! The Arsenal is back !


I am so pumped up. My 2 years old daughter is very scared coz of my jumping and shouting. Love you Arsenal and love you all

SB Still

Soon she’ll be jumping with you, like my 5 yr old does now 🙂


At 2.5, they start jumping seeing you jumping 😀


My 3yr old is completely ecstatic as I am after the fourth goal


Yeah my 3 year old shouted and screamed along with me and promptly fell asleep at the final whistle (quite a lovely impression of the Cannon Blown Spuds)


watched the match with my 6-year old son. nothing in the world better than seeing your kid go ape-poo during the nld.


If i am not wrong xhaka will miss the man Utd game cause of 5 yellow cards


You are not wrong


Did anyone celebrate more for Torreira’s goal than they did for Laca’s? I don’t think I’ve ever gone so mad


Totally agreed….



Tony Adams Nose

Legend in the making


First game my 2 little ones were really into. 5 and 3. They both celebrated by taking off their shirts as well.
So proud today.

David C

nice! My 7, 5, and 3 year old all ran to their rooms to put on something red before the game. Not going to lie, I got a little choked up 🙂


Roof raised, what a guy.


I whipped my shirt off too. His joy made it.


Nail in the coffin in the North London Derby. THAT was a legendary way to get his first mark for the club. And he deserved nothing less on the day with his performance.


I did. He deserved it, put the game away and he hit it with such authority!

Nikhil Agarwal

Homeless Goblins. Hahaha


What a game! What a team! My throat is killing me!!!


Amazing…. great effort and superb result


The Gunners blew those cocks right off their basketball today. Thank you and good night.

Kwame Ampadu Down

All Hail King Emery.


We have a king already… I suggest Emperor Emery.


Wow. What a game. Best I’ve heard the emirates in, ever? Fuck spurs. COYG


*Arsenal are yet to go into the second half being in the lead
.. guess that’s what you meant?

SB Still

The transition is complete. Emery is the perfect successor to Wenger.

Torreira was all over the pitch like a tiger (not a mad dog). The whole team played well. Check even the ref wasn’t his usual and actually gave us a penalty before giving them one!

Now the controversial bit, I think we should keep Ramsey and sell Ozil, as we seem to be getting more from the former than the latter, with all the injuries. It would be a much reduced wage bill + easier contract negotiations in the future with all others.


Yep, it’s going to be an interesting January


Easier said than done, shifting ozil isn’t going to be easy

Mesut O'Neill

Every Chinese club could take him in a heartbeat


Trade war is not friendly to every Chinese


We could move him, but we probably wouldn’t save a dime doing so. But I’m going off the map and speculating I think there’s an underlying injury or health condition causing real problems. Consider for a moment he really might have a real back issue. He goes in to get it fixed the recovery could drastically shorten or end his career. Nursing it along for as many years as he can could mean having to play with more care. Folks can say what they want about what he’s paid. That valuation was agreed upon, and financially with marketing, identity, and… Read more »


Great comment Mpls!
Feel the same as you.
I love Özil (as a player), joy to watch mostly, and believe he also midssed a couple of international games for Germany due to his reacurring back problems.
If there really is a physical issue I would like to have it explained though because it always feels like an excuse somehow


if you dont take a transfer fee, you would have a dozen clubs lining up to take ozil.


Sadly I think Ramsey is already gone. Emery’s gamble paid off today, it is up to Ozil how he responds. I hope on a huge positive because his ability is something special and this team will do all the hard yards around him.


Beginning of the season everyone said the opposite would be better. It’s not all black and white…

SB Still

I suppose you are right. However if Ozil is not even in the squad, how much longer before his salary sticks out like a giant sore thumb. Hopefully the situation is resolved. Club above any single player for me. He’ll even Wenger had a sell by date, who was a father figure for many in & outside the club.

However, back to main point – I’m thoroughly enjoying the evening and can’t wait for Wednesday to kick Media Darling No.2 and Deva No.1 – Mourinho.


Whoever (Wenger, Gazidis etc) gave him (Ozil) that new contract should hang there heads in shame.


In at 3-4-3 , Ozil and Ramsey are really good options for the front 3. Iwobi, Mkhi, Welbeck, Auba are the other options, and in a #10 role, we only have ozil who can play that properly. I would maybe look at offloading Welbeck, Mkhi before I got around to Ozil.


I kinda thought Mkihi and Iwobi were worn out towards the end of 1st half, but I could be wrong. Need Iwobi ready for Wednesday, he is the wild card on this squad.

Saed was great today.

I am #notmissingmesut. But I want Ramsey doing tricky & clever stuff on Wednesday. Could we see a Ramsey/Torriera midfield then?



Based on what does Ozil get all this flack? I’m thrilled that we can do the job without him — it shows character and depth. But there aren’t many players who can do what Ozil can do, and we’re overall a poorer team without him. I’d like to know what the issue between Emery and him actually is.

Mesut O'Neill

I think the issue is Mesut is an arrogant knob jockey that thinks he is above our team & manager

Teryima Adi

He is a luxury player, that is the issue they have between them@ Neil.


Under the new manager, If we don’t need him against Bournemouth and against a very good sp*rs team, then when do we need him? He’s beginning to look like a luxury player on 350k a week.

Pat Rice and Beans

Great match, massive victory!

F*ck cheating scums, f*ck Dier, f*ck Winks, and last but not least f*ck Dele Alli.
Ah, f*ck Mike Dean too, spuds-supporter undercovered as referee.


Almost forgot ?


Dele Alli is the cuntiest of cunts. His attitude reflects so poorly on him.


Winner winner chicken dinner.


Fantastic match!
Congats to everyone!

Ramsey is a class!
Whatever happens in the future – every gunners should value and respect him for his contributions over the years!


I don’t care what he’s done in the past. The man-up to Alli on the sideline makes him an automatic legend in my book.


Great game but just shows how mad we are to let Ramsey go. “drooling gleet-hound” ?


Woohooo!!!! So please tell me – where are these people pissing on Ramsey and packing his bags for the past five months? Professional player, professional attitude and a splendid representative of The Arsenal Football Club. Sure, he’ll probably go, but whilst he wears our strip, we give him 100% as he does for our club.


Yeah, RamSAY for those phonetic wankers.

Mr Sweaty

Outfought, outhought, outplayed. Know your role Spurs, London belongs to Arsenal!!

my name is bob

I injured my foot last week playing football, but that didn’t stop me from jumping up and down when lacazettes goal went in.
I love this team.

Also, on a side note, does anyone other than Spurs fans actually like Alli or Died?

my name is bob

My phone autocorrected Dier to died… Mildly appropriate


+green for autocorrect appropriateness

Up North

Please Arsenal, put the Ramsey offer on the table again.


Fair play to Ramsey..Been very professional so faf and has had positive contributions last few games.


1-0 I love You Arsenal
1-1 I knew it
1-2 I hate you Mike Dean
2-2 I love you Arsenal
3-2 I love you Arsenal
4-2 This is why Im a Gooner
Throughout the mantch I hate you mike Deam he should NOT REF ANY ARSENAL GAMES IN THE FUTURE PERIOD.


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS, and fuck you Toto! What a fucking win! Too many good things to say about this team.

Mesut O'Neill

Personally I like Africa, favourite song of all time!!

Paul Roberts

We “beat them up” as well as being more skillful. I like the new Emery’s Arsenal Army!


Well done, boys! What an occasion for Torreira to score his first Arsenal goal! Take a bow. ?


They cheated for both of their goals, we should have scored at least 6. We were classes above them. 11/10 performance from everybody. Even Mkhitaryan and Iwobi who have been taken off at halftime have been as good as they’ve been this season. Absolutely fucking fantastic! Bring on that Portuguese bus driver.

Ben EagerBeaver

Lol @ Portuguese bus driver!


I broke my laptop when we scored the 3rd goal with chelski and United fans around me .. WORTH IT


Too much fun was had today. Amazing


Torreira, where have you been my whole life?!


Growing up last twenty years

Billy Bob

Ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole could/should have been 6-0 but the cheating scum got two goals!!! They really are a vile team and I really loath Harry drain, Eric I am diet and what does the grass taste like diving Son!!!

Billy Bob

I mean dier not diet lol although he is a lard arse

Mesut O'Neill

Eric Dire

George Wang

Six wins in a row?


Evang. Simon

They came,
We won them,
We beat them,
Gave them a red card,
And send them packing.

We are the Gunners!!!!!!!


Spurds will forever be behinds our shadow


That red card so they remember.. North London is red.


I love Emery. 100% game management from Emery. He is getting the best out of this squad. Don’t know what’s happened with Ozil but, i will give him the benefit of doubt. Even if he was fit leaving him out of the squad would have been the correct decision because with Monreal out injured Emery feels the best system is to go with 5 at the back. Why bench Ozil and invite useless media talk. The fact that Laca was benched shows it’s out and out tactics and game management. If we get 1 or 2 more exciting players we… Read more »


Momentarily the camera showed how excited laca and Guendouzi were when Auba came close to scoring. They were about to jump. The two strikers are doing a great job together with minimum of fuss and great togetherness!


“benefit of doubt”??!! It’s not the first time he’s got that kind of problem, but instead of wishing him a good recovery (even for him personally, as i don’t think he’s been disrespectful to anybody at one moment), you prefer following the delirium of the tabloids?

Kwame Ampadu Down

No comments on the 14 players who did play today Alex ? What a surprise.

89 was fine

Fantastic result and so good to see the fighting spirit and pure quality goals. Well done the gunners and fuck of you nasty cheating diving dirty scumbags.

Thierry bergkamp

We’re miles behind them, but dominated, scored 4 and ahead of them after 14 games.

Fuck Paul Merson


Still searching for the reason why Son had a penalty. Spurs are simply cheats


I didn’t see much contact from the replay angle but if you slide in in the box as holding did you’re asking for trouble. He’ll learn from it


The freekick after which they equalized was a dive, too. Same ol’ To**enham, always cheating.

The Far Post

Loved that the camera captured Sokratis pulling Son over after the game and telling him the same thing. As far as I could tell, the only response Son had was a “Who me?” and a sheepish grin. Of course, I cannot read lips. 😀

Irrational Gunner

Replays had to be shown three times before the pundits finally said, “See, here is the contact!” A touch to the toe, and the guy acts like he broke his femur!

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