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Sokratis relished physical battle, and predicted Aubameyang brace

Sokratis and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang spoke to Sky Sports after the 3-1 win over Burnley at the Emirates today.

The Greek defender revealed he told his former Borussia Dortmund teammate he’d score two goals, and also spoke about the physical battle with Ashley Barnes.

Here’s what they had to say.

Was it a tough physical battle?

Auba: Yeah, a tough physical battle. It was really hard, but this man [Sokratis] loves games like this!

When was the last time you played in a game that feisty?

Auba: Wow, never. I think never. It was really, really hard. The team fought and we did a great game.

Is he right? Do you love games like that?

Sokratis: Yeah, of course. It was a difficult game today, it was important for us to win. Three points and now we have to look forward to the next game.

Before the game, what did I say to you?

Auba: Yeah, I will score two, it’s true!

How did you know?

I know Auba, six or seven years. These are games he does all the time, two, three goals.

How was the battle with Ashley Barnes? Do you enjoy that one on one?

Sokratis: Of course I enjoy it. It’s football.

Does it ever get too much?

Sokratis: Ok, maybe it was too much but it’s football, it can happen, it’s the game.

Aubameyang explains the two goals.

Auba: The first one I tried to be faster than the defender, tried to shoot on goal. The second one we worked on this yesterday [in training] in front of goal, and it was like this. The first touch is important and the second you shoot and try to score.

Are you aware that your now top scorer?

Yeah, I think it’s cool! The season is still long.

Sokratis then predicts he’ll score 30 goals this season. The two men embrace fondly.

Fade to black.

Roll credits.

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Tough guy and a great finisher. Happy to have both on our side.


Sokratis: MOTM

Pat Rice and Beans


Keep that fighting spirit, it’ll be needed against Liverpool.

High gooner

im being a pedant but the greek freak is Giannis Antetokounmpo..


We in Nigeria wish he is our freak! But u trained him and gave him the belief


May our mighty Greek’s prophecies continue to come true

Never Happen

Showed great fight today.
Ref lost control and bottled it so
we had to.


fucking the the Greek, we have been crying out for a nutcase hardpan for a long long time, haha I love watching him #oldskooldefending


*love for christ sake on his nearly birthday!!!!


hardman not hardpan, why do I bother? FML, COYG. merry christmas all 🙂

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

Barnes was Papa’d


Still a better love story than Twilight


Did Torreira get booked today? Don’t want him going into the Brighton game worried about missing Liverpool

Giuseppe Hovno

Don’t think he did. Can we not play him against Brighton please?

Eboué’s stepovers.

He was excellent today Sokratis. Times when he gets too tight and can be rolled, but he’s a relentless defender and was the only player who actually got the crowd going with his play.

David C

Sokratis and Kola, we’ve got a couple of beasts!!! Play physical with us if you dare, haha.

Billy Bob

Sokratis is a fighter that’s for sure but that numpty he had a tussle with could/should have been sent of three times over (so I hope we don’t hear any complaints from their manager although I suspect we will). I reckon if they had that donk sent off we’d have won by four or five goals to nil, so somewhat frustrated with the muppet ref!!!

Billy Bob

Oh donkey dyche reckons three of our players dived!!! Care to explain Barnes wrestling sokratis to the floor and savaging guendozi? That cretin should have been sent off so shut your cakehole dyche!!!


He was excellent today. Kind of a player you love when he´s on your team and hate when he´s on the other side. Gotta partner him up with someone of similar (or even higher) quality as soon as in January! Also, this game reminded me of when we faced them at home last time (Arsene´s last home game, won 5:0) & what a solid defensive display it was by the Chambers + Mavropanos CB duo. Really looking forward when Mavropanos is back plus I´m eager to see if Chambers eventually makes it – was very surprised when he was loaned… Read more »


Sokratis, Torreira, Lichtsteiner, Kolasinac, Xhaka the bastard core. We need to sign another physical bastard like Sokratis and a nippy bastard like Torreira and we are good to go.
Haters will keep hating but, Ozil is a legend at Arsenal. Also, credit to Ramsey for showing top class professionalism. Hope we manage to extend or arrange a swap.


Iwobi goal, Papa’s smile and a physical match that we came out on top. Weird day.


Sokratis is a proper bastard haha. Have to say, the recruitment team did very well this summer. Has anyone been a flop? Maybe Lichtsteiner has disappointed on occasion at right back but he’s still proven useful and a good presence in the squad

Giuseppe Hovno

Just imagine how ropey our defence would be without lichsteiner now. He’s getting a job done and I’m glad we have him around. Plenty of experience.


We got Lichtsteiner on a free and a one year contract. He is doing a very decent job as a squad player. I don’t know how its a disappointment!

Teryima Adi

Braun Strowman wouldn’t want to mess with our Papa. Lol

Jason daniels

Eleneny was really poor today. Ramsey should have played if torreira was protected. Auba and sockra were brilliant. All we need is reus to replace ozil and gotze to replace ramsey 🙂

Swiss Arsenal Fan



Elneny is never brilliant, but that was not poor by any stretch. I think, today, he was better than Guendo.


I think you’ve had too much of your brother Jack.

Jason daniels

By the way u English are a bunch of wankers. Ul don’t really live the club coz uls cheers are lame and when we down ul pathetic. Spoilt brats. Unai working hard. Im sure ul can sing for 90min. Bunch of tossers . I still love ull though

Parisian Weetabix

Top analysis mate, one of the best crass generalisations I’ve seen in a while.


I’ll reserve judgment until i someone provides me with a translation


Translation: Incidentally, all of you reading, whom I believe to be English, are onanists. You view football for the abstract phenomenon it is and refuse to act like belligerent apes when watching. I am more worthy than any of you. Unai is multiplying force vs distance high on the mohs scale. I am of the firm belief that all of you are capable of singing for the duration of a game. A group of autoeroticists. I continue to favour Hull Tigers FC. Translation ends. Conclusions clear


Thanks Jason


So, Sokratis knew Auba was going to score but he didn’t tell anyone I.e. FPL managers?


Best arsenal 11:
Leno…musta sokratis Nacho….bellerin torreira xaka Kolas….ozil lakaz auba



The Greek Oracle has thus spoken and it shall come to pass. That said, he needs to remember he’s not engaged in prankrantion. Several times, we may have conceded something worse with the cretin Barnes. It had to take Unai to calm Sokratis down or has he forgotten he just came off 5 yellow card suspension and we are short on Cbacks at the moment. There was also an instance early on first half when he attacked and missed the ball high up which could have left us punished but for poor finishing on their part. Again had this been… Read more »


On another day with another ref, we’d have quite rightly finished the match playing against nine men.


Get more no B.S. Greek defenders in.

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