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Juventus: It’s our duty to track Ramsey

Juventus are the first of Aaron Ramsey’s many suitors to confirm their interest in signing the 28-year-old now that he’s available to sign a pre-contract agreement with a non-English club.

After 10 years of service at the Emirates, the Wales international will become a free agent next summer and is said to be weighing up offers from the Serie A champions, along with Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

At one point it looked as though the midfielder, the Gunners’ longest-serving player, might extend his stay in N5 only for the club to withdraw the offer of a new contract for football and financial reasons.

“Ramsey is a very good player who has been playing at a high level for many years and who plays for an important club. For now, that’s it,” Juve sporting director Fabio Paratici told Sky Italia. 

“He is a player whose contract is going to end and we always pay great attention to the situations offered by the transfer market because it is our duty, so we also pay attention to Ramsey.”

Asked if Ramsey will be a Juventus player next summer, he added: “This is yet to be decided. Now, he is still an Arsenal player and we certainly are not the only ones who pay attention to transfers. This is already a very complete answer.”

Juve have developed a reputation for picking up experienced, well-decorated stars without paying a transfer fee.

The likes of Emre Can, Dani Alves and Sami Khedira have moved for free from Liverpool, Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively in the last couple of years, while Andrea Pirlo famously joined from AC Milan in 2011.

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Faisal Narrage

“The likes of Emre Can, Dani Alves and Sami Khedira have moved for free from Liverpool, Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively in the last couple of years, while Andrea Pirlo famously joined from AC Milan in 2011.” Let’s not forget Pogba for peanuts. Oh and a certain goalkeeper on the cheap (for all those getting mad at the Ospina sale price, let’s just remember for a second that Wenger chose to convince Ospina to stay and loaned Chensey for him to devalue then sold him on the cheap). Juve have done things the smart way. Though didn’t they get Mavdidi… Read more »


Wenger allowed Szczesny to leave because he wasn’t appreciated enough by fans and English media and the negative atmosphere around him was building too much for the person and the club to take.

Wenger was the one who believed in Szczesny from day 1 and gave him chances. Without these stupid moaners and short term thinkers we would probably still have a great goalkeeper coming through our own ranks being a real gooner.


Wenger to Fabianski – “Well, Lukasz, I want you to stay, but, you can go”.

A Different George

You are seriously criticising Wenger for allowing Fabianski to leave to become a starter at much weaker clubs rather than staying and being a perpetual back-up at Arsenal? I must have missed the supporters’ constant demand that Fabianski start; perhaps I was confused by everyone calling him Flapianski.

Bould's Eyeliner

No, he’s pointing out that Wenger was behind all of his signings, no matter how atrocious or awesome they were on the pitch, and so it’s a moot point to say he was ‘behind’ Szczesny. He supported Denilson, Fabianski, Djourou, etc. all equally, which is what made him both a frustrating and endearing boss for us all. In the end, if anything, the only reason why Szczesny isn’t with us is that he smoked a cigarette in the showers. As far as it shows, the relationship between Wenger and Szczizzle-kicks seemingly did break down behind the scenes. It wasn’t the… Read more »


This is a funny comment on a quite disappointing news.

Faisal Narrage

LOL, yeah because Wenger’s always made his footballing decisions based on the whims of the fans. /rolleyes


I think most fans were very sorry to see Szczesny let go and for a song. It was just a gross error.

Olivije Žirod

Completely agree with you. People already forgot who wanted Szczesny out – the fans. They were all over him and criticized him for the goals he couldn’t do anything. Was criticized because he got goals from the first shot at the game. It didn’t matter that those shots were unsavable. They criticized him because he was playing with his feet but today they worship Leno… The only bad game he had that season was against Southampton and the fans turned their backs to him. Also THE fans were screaming for Ospina. Now the same fans are blaming Wenger for selling… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Weird to position it as Wenger saving his career. If anything, Wenger’s reluctance to let go of our goalkeeping coach at the time, of it which it was known within the coaching circle, was a terrible coach, was the real damage to our keepers, as both keepers left to improve under new coaching personnel.


Are we all gonna act like we know who Chensey is?


I agree with you about Szczesny. Arguably one of Wenger’s biggest mistake.


Its a damn shame he’s leaving on a free smh


Gazidis messed us up.

Faisal Narrage

Wenger too.
It’s possible to criticise the man without being a hater. Love him forever, but he said so himself; no football decision happened without him.

All the contracts running down to 1-year were mainly due to Wenger (like him turning down the 60M offer for Sanchez even though the board wanted it, and was willing to let him walk for free).


Don’t do it, Nigel! Don’t dare criticise Wenger’s pathetic management in the second half of his long tenure at Arsenal. Le Prof’s ego costing the club at least £30 million quid on the Sanchez deal; massively overpaying mediocrities such as Almunia and Bendtner; wasting 17 million quid on Lucas Perez; allowing the likes of Ramsey, Welbeck and Wilshere to run down their contracts and, worst of all, the ridiculous £350k-a-week deal for the “injury-prone” Ozil – none of those things are allowed to be discussed. You’ll get trashed on this website for doing so. Hilariously now, the club have recently… Read more »


fats u be spittin fax.

Northern Gooner

“none of those things are allowed to be discussed”

And yet here you are discussing them week in week out.

Give it a rest man, Wenger’s gone.

Thierry Walcott

Yes, Fats, there’s a whole lot that can be blamed on Wenger for his “management in the second half of his long tenure” but not everything was in his power. First example, Lucas Perez was not Wenger’s man and you know it. He never played him because that’s not the striker he wanted that year, he was brought in after we failed (thankfully) to bring in Vardy. Ozil’s very expensive contract was also not Wenger’s doing, in fact all of Jan 2018’s business had nil to do with Wenger as the club was ‘preparing’ (while in panic mode too) for… Read more »


Its all ramsey’s agent .No way he goes to Juve.Would be lucky to manage Newcastle.


how them sour grapes?


I mean that’s the opinion I usually get from here “Ramsey is SHITE,Good Riidance!”.Thought this comment will bang.wonder what happened.People can’t be THAT fickle..

A Different George

Yeah, it’s all Ramsey’s agent except for the statement from Juventus.


yes ,juve ,psg want him but he isnt good enough for us and should be playing for midtable team in the PL according to some fan
thats how much some our fan know about football..
ramsey isnt world class, he has his weakness,but lot of team would want a goalscoring midfield in their team, and guess what many better team than us will take him for fucking free while some our fan has been on his back and quickly forget what he has done for us


Juve transfer team: “Ramsey is a very good player who has been playing at a high level for many years and whose contract is going to end. It is our duty to pay great attention to this situation – this could be another nice free transfer”. Arsenal transfer team: “Ramsey is a very good player who has been playing at a high level for many years and whose contract is going to end. It is our duty to let him run his contract down, make a massive fucking bollix of negotiating a new deal since we can’t decide whether or… Read more »


Which is why Juve are who they are and we are who we are..currently.

Northern Gooner



I wanted us to renew Rambo’s deal, but I’m now at peace with him leaving, if we can get £15~£20mill this window? Then so be it….
Banega apparently has a €20mill release clause? If we can get a player Emery wants? And get shot of 1 he doesn’t? Then the sooner the better.

Faisal Narrage

I’d really like to understand your rationale for believing we could get £20M for a player due to be free in 6 months time?

A Different George

Especially when Ramsey can simply refuse to go until his contract is up, and have his new club pay him a large signing-on fee from the money they have saved by paying no transfer fee.


If a club really wanted him so much then £20 million would be for half a season


This club is not as poorly run as leeds or portsmouth, but how we can allow such incompetence at such a high level is beyond me. Also, Ramsey’s team should have seen this (Arsenal’s financial position)coming and signed during the last year of the Wenger era. Ozil got 350k per week during that mad time! Mihki got 200k! I can’t help but feel they played a huge part in dragging this to the point where some semblance of financial sense dawned on the club and they withdrew the contract offer. So, his agent can do 1. Bye Ramsey, thank you… Read more »


Spot on mate!

Tony Hall

Should never have got to this stage, he is a very good player who deserves a place in the squad at the very least. And a damn site better than some players in the first 11 right now.


Why is the focus always on him being the longest serving player at the club? So what? He’s been injury prone and wildly inconsistent for us. Categorizing him as a well-decorated star is a bit much. He’s more Everton’s level than Galactico.

Maul Person

Longest serving means just that. He’s the player at the club who’s been there the longest. No mention of him being highly decorated or a legend… just the longest serving.

You’re reading something that’s not there, mate.


He’s very much referred to as a well-decorated star. Read the entire piece, mate. With respect, he’s overrated and we can do better. He thought he could name his price, and this regime informed him that that’s not the case. Let’s just move on.

Northern Gooner

He scored in 2 FA cup finals, don’t you know?

I completely agree with you btw…he’s been part of a team that has continually underachieved.

Maul Person

If your issue is the description of “we’ll decorated”, ask about that not that he’s the longest serving. One can be debated; the other not so much.


If kroenke can’t pay ramsey 200,000 per week its obvious he is not serious about investing in arsenal. He will slowly kill arsenal.


I don’t think Ramsey is demanding 200k, because that is reasonable and would have settled the matter. I also dpn’t think it’s for footballing reasons, because he shown he’s compatible with the new system. plus he is being very professional about his situation, helped us most times he played regardless of position or minutes played. All this makes me think its about his salary. An Ozil-high wage. Gazidis could have believed that this squad is good enough, hence we should keep the main ‘stars’ and meet their high demands. While the new regime thinks it needs more additions and for… Read more »

Maul Person

You don’t think it’s about his salary…

…but it’s about his salary?

A Different George

The story that was circulating was that Ramsey was demanding parity with Mkhitaryan, not Ozil. Not sure how much that is, but a lot less than Ozil and apparently a lot more than Arsenal were willing to pay,


It’S jUsT RAmSeY’s AGenT, bLaH bLaH bLaH…

Parlour's Paypacket

Calling Emre Can a star is generous!


Can’t believe they let him hang around all summer talking about a deal he would never sign. The. It became simply too expensive when Arsenal were desperate and had to let him go.

A serous club would still do all they can to shift the player now.


A club serious about getting into the top 4 this season may not try to shift, in Jan, one of the only 2 senior creative midfielders available to them. Apparently, Champions League participation brings in ‘tens of millions’. Shifting him now may bring only a few ‘ones of million’.


Ha, the reason Juve are masters of this kind of deal is because all of those players wanted or needed to move and Juve guarantee them a few more shiny objects to admire themselves with. I mean, it’s Seria A.

That, and they’re in Tuscany. That certainly doesn’t hurt.

Crash Fistfight

A. Juventus generally compete at the latter stages of the Champions League, and other Italian teams have shown that they’re quite good as well. Serie A isn’t the sub-standard league that seems to be the common opinion nowadays.
B. Turin isn’t in Tuscany, it’s in Piedmont.

Pretend-tackling like Iwobi

Here’s to hoping whomever we get can quickly adapt to the Premier League and can better the impact Ramsey provides in midfield. Players come and go – we just hope those that come in will be better players for the team.

La Defense

Has arseblog news become a mouthpiece for Ramsey’s agent? Real Madrid? You have got to be kidding.


Very much so. Tomorrow there will be a report on “interest” from [insert huge club here].


Yes. It would also look like Juve’s Sporting Director has become a mouthpiece of Ramsey’s agent. It also looks like it’s Arseblog’s job to report on all matters Arsenal. Funny how it works!


Could you please track Mustafi as well


As we have American owners , why hsve we not hone and signed. and could do with a winger , sign the Dortmund lad gone Chelsea for commercial reason in USA Aldo?

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