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We’re working normally with Sven Mislintat, says Emery

Unai Emery says that despite rumours about Sven Mislintat’s uncertain future at the club, the pair are working together normally during this transfer window.

The German is widely believed to be leaving the club after just 14 months due to differences between himself and Raul Sanllehi in particular, regarding transfer policy and the former Borussia Dortmund man’s influence over the recruitment strategy in general.

However, until he departs he’s continuing to work with the head coach at a time the Spaniard describes as difficult when it comes to signing new players, with Emery unsure what the future holds.

“I was working with him the last two weeks,” he said at his pre-Chelsea press conference today.

“In the last two weeks, we had two or three meetings together and we are working normally. I don’t know another different issue to him.

“When I spoke with him it was all normal. My relationship with him for transfers in the last two or three weeks, we are speaking about that.”

A simple “I don’t know”, when asked if he knew if Mislintat was leaving was as much insight as we got into that, but as links to Ajax Director of Football Marc Overmars grow, it seems that a parting of the ways is almost inevitable.

Bayern Munich are reportedly keen to bring him back to Germany, in what must surely be a very tempting move.

Emery also touched on the Mesut Ozil situation after reports that he’d told the German it would be best if he left the club.

Read what he had say about that here.

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Unai and Sven in the past 2 weeks:

Unai: Please tell me you’ve got Banega ‘s contract ready to be signed.
Sven: No, we shouldn’t invest in 30 year old players.
Unai: Please tell me Denis Suarez deal is done.
Sven: No, he’s not the kind of talent we need, and he has not shown enough promise.
Unai: Please leave my club and take Ozil with you. And this is normal.

Lucas Sam

you are like Sauron aren’t you? How could you possibly know everything that is happening behind the scenes? From the British media? Please they’d eat their won shit just to get some clicks. Until players leave or get in, try not to get drawn to the media bullshit linking us all over the world and leeching on our bleeding heart.


Maybe Banega and Suarez are the signings we need until Willock and Nelson takeover ?


That’s stupid.


…you forgot to add Sven “Player must be from Dortmund”

Crash Fistfight

You mean like how Torreira, Guendouzi, Lichtsteiner, Mavropanos and Leno were?

Lord Bendnter

Does Sven look a little bit like David Mitchell? Is it just me?


It’s just you


More like a budget Boris Becker when he has blond hair.


I was thinking a well fed Thom Yorke myself.

Anne Noyd




He’s the one who negotiated the Ozil extension and loaded up our wage bill with older players.

Are you a groupie or something lacking in critical thinking?


I didn’t think that Aubameyang, Guendouzi, Torreira, Leno, Mavropanos and Mkhitaryan are exactly older players. Also he had nothing to do with the Ozil contract

Faisal Narrage

So the man not responsible for player contracts is the one that negotiated Ozil’s contract extension?

What new lies have you got for us today, Santori? Maybe Elneny is a grave robber? Emery is part of the secret lizard people?

I’m interested in your fables. Just keep it within a paragraph please.

Fiers d'être Bleus

For the last time, man.. Sven had nothing to do with the Ozil extension! He had only joined the club in December, he propably didn’t have a say at all on that matter. And before you get started, neither did Raul.
Most likely it was between Wenger, Ivan and Huss Fahmy.

And stop being so damn condescending towards your fellow Gooners!

The Far Post

He’s still with us, until he’s gone. That’s how it works.


I have got to say I don’t give a toss if he leaves.
Very underwhelming to say the least….


You sir, are either trolling or an complete, utter, clueless moron.

Signings since ’14 before Sven arrived: Ospina, Debuchy, Gabriel, Welbeck, Chambers, Sanchez, Elneny, Cech, Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez

Sigings since Sven has arrived: Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan, Mavropanos, Torreira, Leno, Sokratis, Guendouzi

I take it you prefer 6th place and away games in Belarus. As that’s the level we were shopping before he arrived.


Are you alright mate?

He said “underwhelming” and you’re acting like he insulted a female member of your family.

Crash Fistfight

Lacazette is in the wrong list, to be fair.


How the hell can you not give a toss?


I don’t give a toss either. How’s that?

He isn’t the mythical genius some prefer to purport him to be.

There are other teams that have done very well in transfer market like Monaco and Athletico not to mention Ajax.


Maybe because we don’t know enough about why he might be leaving, and he hasn’t been here long enough for most of us to judge him or his work?

Most Gooners are passionate about the game and we want to have an opinion on every single thing going at the club, but it’s also true that Arsenal are too big a club for us to over-react to the possible departure of a talent scout. Even one as good as Sven.

Paul Roberts

No toss given here until facts are forthcoming.


Simple as that.

For all we know we’re actually pushing the boat out to keep Mislintat (he’s been promoted twice already hasn’t he?) but Bayern are just offering more money and prestige.

Or maybe for family reasons he can’t adapt to living in London. There’s still too much we don’t know.


What part of Lucas Torreira and Matteo Guendouzi is underwhelming then? I’m finding it hard to name two more promising young 1st team signings we’ve made even in the last decade.
If that’s not good enough for a man who’s only been in the job a year I don’t know what is. You only need to read the above comment to see how our recruitment has gone up a level since his arrival.

Northern Gooner

Are you talking about the same Matteo Guendouzi who a few days ago said Unai Emery had convinced him to join Arsenal?


Why are people confused about the responsibility of scouting team?


And from about halfway through last season, Torreira was already being called the best DM in Serie A. He wasn’t some “unknown” spotted exclusively by Mislintat.


His track record at Dortmund speaks for itself. I don’t see our scouting and transfer strategy improving once he goes, in fact I expect it will get far worse. Can you disagree with that?
Player recruitment is arguably the most important part of a modern club, especially with an owner who won’t invest and in a league where everyone can afford 40m players. The early signs were promising. That’s all.


After Leicester won the title, we poached one of their prized scouts Ben Wrigglesworth, the guy who “spotted” players like Mahrez. That guy’s already left the club!

And no-one gave a toss.

If Sven goes, a replacement comes in, and the club will move on.


Yes but it was Sven who spotted him


I suppose missing out on Torreira and Guendouzi would have been ok


Sorry forgot Aubameyang


The Transfer team has had a mixed batch since trying to replicate Wenger’s acumen in market. Remember, Wenger bought Santi Carzola for how much? And Koscielny. BOTH were coups for us. Even arguably Ozil ar 42.3m was a steal from Madrid. Ramsey whom some people like to go hysterical about with the notion that he will walk for free in the summer we paid ONLY 4.75m for from Cardiff. that cost has more than been recuperated. Mslintat and Sanheli have in recent year loaded onto the wage bill tremendously. Not only have they been adding too many 30yr old ex… Read more »

Fiers d'être Bleus

The Transfer Team has also had much less time compared to Wenger to unearth gems like Cazorla and Kos – yet they’ve still managed to pick up Torreira and Guendouzi at bargain prices. So if we give them time, they’ll surely do more of that sort of business. And you keep blaming Raul and Sven for negotiating big contracts to players you for some reason don’t rate (reducing Auba and Sokratis to 30 year old ex-Dortmund players is simply disrespectful – they’re two of the best players in the squad). Have you completely forgotten about Huss Fahmy?? You know, our… Read more »


At the moment the situation is that we need to find wage elasticity to accommodate Suarez and or Carrasco. The latter may be difficult bc he is on high wages in China. The former’s club also wants money up front which complicates things further. BOTH these players are the sort of technical/dribbling types that Emery needs. We lack players who can take on opponents one on one, engage and pull them out of position with Iwobi (on 30K a week) the only one able to do so. Which is why Emery is contemplating the sale of Ozil. At 350K a… Read more »

Fiers d'être Bleus

Why is it important to mention how much Iwobi earns? It just seems completely random in that sentence.


If Sven does leave us he’ll have the details of all our best youngsters in his little diamond eye black book. I’d rather he stayed, I’m not convinced by Raul.

Faisal Narrage

How is he gonna work with us if he’s planning to leave? Like, he’s not going to sign future WC players for us knowing he’s leaving. He’ll wait till he goes.

That’s what he did was Mavropanos.

SB Still

Just like we bought Dortmund players, he’ll probably buy the best youngsters from for Bayern!


What on earth is going on with our fans? All of a sudden Sven is the persecuted Messiah and our club will collapse without him and Ozil is our best player and is being maltreated by Emery who is not good enough for our club??? C’mon friends! Let’s get some perspective on all these things. Yes, there’s turmoil but that was inevitable given all the quick changes we’ve put in place and the compromises made to slowly squeeze Wenger out. A couple of years of rebuilding on and off the pitch will be needed but let’s support our people as… Read more »


“All of a sudden Sven is the persecuted Messiah and our club will collapse without him and Ozil is our best player and is being maltreated by Emery who is not good enough for our club???”

No, Sven is not the Messiah, he’s just a highly-regarded talent spotter with an excellent track record.

Yes, Ozil is our best player and is being poorly handled by Emery.


You obviously didn’t get his point.


Flew right over his head. To echo BuckNasty’s advice, ‘let’s get some perspective on all this stuff’.

Whether you back Emery or Ōzil, we don’t always have to demonise one party and make them the enemy.


I got his point.

I just thought it was odd to call for balance and perspective, whilst caricaturing other people’s views


Özil hasn’t played well since the international drama with Erdogan and Germany not qualifying. I think it’s a mental thing with him. Depression, anxiety, stress like issues which are messing with his head and ability to play football.

He went from being the most admired german player for years to being a scapegoat. All at the same time as his performaces on the pitch were spiraling downwards. Sad really. But also sad that he’s causing Arsenal more peoblems than solutions.


Now, you listen here! He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty boy!

Naked cygan

Sack anyone who wants to leave or cause a friction. Sack every bastard!! We need to go back to the basics and start winning games. Do this will he stay, will he go BS. Fking sack Emery too. I am pissed!

Drew Dewsall

This whole, “I’m not convinced by *insert Arsenal backroom staff member name here* is hilarious to me. Let’s be honest none of you know what they do at the club other than their job titles. None of us really know how hard they are working, what deals are in the pipeline, what their working relationships are like or whether they are doing good or bad things behind the scenes. I suggest we all just wait and see.

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