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Lacazette apologises for red card as Emery says he must control his frustrations

Alexandre Lacazette has apologised for his red card in last night’s 1-0 defeat to BATE Borisov, as Unai Emery called the dismissal ‘bad news’ ahead of next week’s second leg in London.

The French international lashed out in the 85th minute, earning himself a straight red, and with the team in desperate need of a goal it didn’t help our cause any.

Afterwards, he apologised via his Twitter account, saying:

Letting the team down like that is the worst feeling.. I should have stayed calm but it’s not always easy.. Sorry ? There are still 90 minutes to play and I believe that my teammates will make it to the next round.

Unai Emery was asked for his reaction in the post-game press conference, and said, “I didn’t see the action but we spoke and frustration needs controlling.

“It’s bad news with the red card. Next week we aren’t going to play with him but now we are going to think with the players that are okay for next week.”

The defeat leaves us with a bit of a hill, rather than a mountain, to climb next Thursday, and with no game this weekend Emery has plenty of time to consider his approach.

For more on the game, check out the brand new Arsecast recorded just after the final whistle last night

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Play Ozil in his place and see what happens! Hell he might be able to create a chance or two then nobody would be frustrated. Its worth a try isn’t it?


Mesut Ozil isn’t the answer to our problems…. People seem to have very short memories, the same people who berated Wenger for picking players based on reputation, are the same ones who are ripping Emery for dropping the extremely inconsistent and frustrating Ozil. We gone done in Koln last season, drew with Red Star, got beaten by Ostersund, smashed 4-2 by Forest, and we’re generally shit away all season, taking a spanking at Anfield and well and truely outclassed by City. At the start of the season it was excepted Emery would need at least 2 seasons to sort this… Read more »


I think its worth a try playing Ozil in the number 10 role. We need creativity and hes our best option at the moment. Not saying he will solve our defensive issues, but you cant let one of the best 10s in the world sit on your bench then moan the team as no creativity other than our left back. Try it, if it works…great if it dosent…then who cares!


Ozil has had enough chances, he had a good run of form leading up to the ink drying on his new deal, and before that his last run of consistent games was the first half of the 2015/16 season. The club is clearly trying to freeze Ozil out, we made a huge mistake giving into his demands. Ozil was given the captancy, the No10 shirt, he’s been given chances this season… but just like last season he’s simply been not good enough. I certainly don’t buy into the idea Emery is cutting off his nose to spite his face, Ozil… Read more »


This is premiership football – you don’t “get two seasons” So much is at stake…. And you don’t deserve it. You either hit the ground running or you fall flat on your face. Emery has certainly fallen on his face. He is not good enough – everything points to the fact that he is not up to the job. I would hope that he is gone by the summer – preferably walking away. I have seen no improvement at all – absolutely nothing to suggest he is capable of managing Arsenal. Sooner he goes the better for everyone… Jesus if… Read more »


Well said Leon. The faster we see the back of this clown the better.


I’m quite glad decisions in football aren’t made on this basis… Realistically, the main objective this season is to get back into the Champions League, and that is by no means a given all things considered. As it stands, we’re 1 point off 4th – hardly a disaster – meaning qualification through the league is within reach. Yes we’ve suffered a loss we should never have suffered, but we have an opportunity to put it right. If results like this never happened, football would be rather boring. Has this season been an unqualified success? Not at all. Has it been… Read more »


The extremely inconsistent Özil is the best creative player of the PL since 2013. And proved his worth agin and again with every teams he played for including the German national team. Now we don’t need parrots repeating the pundits blablabla.

Mesut O'Neill

Lol. You are fucking deluded. The guy has had 1 good game this SEASON!!

He has NEVER played well in a game against top opposition in an ARSENAL shirt.

The people who state he is world class are the PARROTS because he had good games before putting on an ARSENAL shirt.


Ozil needs quality finishers around him. Besides Alexis he’s had no one.

Arsene biggest problem was not building the attack around his skill sets. Ozil isn’t Messi. He just likes to make key passes or create chances.


@Rich — It is one thing to drop a player for a game or two to send a message, it is another to freeze him out of the team, especially when that is your star player. Last season was considered an abysmal low for Arsenal, which is why Emery is being held to the same standards, and fans are especially frustrated because the football we are seeing is uninspiring and does not seem to hold much imagination or promise. The bailout clause that this squad is not good enough is itself not good enough; a coach has a job to… Read more »


Under this ownership we’re simply not going to starting splashing the cash, and even the most ardent Ozil fans would struggle to suggest we’re getting anywhere near £17,000,000 a season value out of him, he’s inconsistent and constantly goes missing, sometimes literally…. We also don’t know the true extent of these sickies and back injuries? If they’re legit? Then he’s certainly been given a fair crack of the whip by Emery. I think trying to get shot of Ozil is the right choice both medium+long term. Emery has got problems, Bellerin was one of our best attacking outlets, he doesn’t… Read more »

A Different George

At Huddersfield, we played like the 16th best team in the league. We have entered the realm of joyless football recently vacated by Man United.


The article is about alex . La suspended for next match , fuck thoughts of mid long term. For later. If ozil sets up pea, Ramsey , miki, iwobi, etc up with chances next Thursday they will score goals . Simple


You know, I don’t give a fuck about the money right now, and I also don’t give a fuck about the random opinions on illnesses and injuries. And finally I have zero fucks to give at all about the long term decision. It matters not to me at all what his paycheck is. He’s here, says he wants to fight for his spot. He’s getting that paycheck no matter how anyone feels about it until the end of this season at bare minimum, and possibly a few more if he decides the club is treating him like shit, he doesn’t… Read more »


Well said Rich, well said.


I really cannot fathom this obsession with this player. Even in Madrid he was not world class. He was decent player once but that’s it. I’m looking at hiring Ozil’s PR Team they’re doing a hell of a job selling a dream.


Ozil was German player of the year on 5 separate occasions and a World Cup winner. For 5 years the most creative player in the Premier League and helped us win 3 FA Cups. Yes he was one of the best players in the world.


Tell this to Platini, Zidane, Mourinho, Wenger, Löw, Griezman, Ronaldo, Kaka… they’d surely agree with you.


Oh, you can ask also Torreira.


Is that three games in Europe like domestic does anyone know? I’m not too worried about BATE (no disrespect) but if we were to go through and draw Inter would be a shame to not have Laca.


It is precisely because of that lack of respect we lost last night.
Bate looked a better side than Arsenal.
All they need to do is score a goal and with the idiots we have in defence you would fancy their chances.
Emery is a clown of a manager – the laziest, cheapest and worst option this club could have made and now we are paying a heavy price for it…
He is indecisive and know little about his players….
A very average manager – exactly what we don’t need at Arsenal…


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with assuming a team with a £110m strike partnership should be capable of beating the Belarusian champions. I’m sure they’d say the same, it’s not disrespectful it’s just common sense.


A team with £110m strike partnership coming into the crunch time in their season vs the Belarusian champs in their preseason.

Honestly it should have been 6-1


Not when that strike partnership was playing as the midfield because there were eight defensive players behind them and they were having to come back to get the ball. This manager described himself as shit-scared as a player and he’s shit-scared and arrogant as a manager. It took about two months to see that he’s a fraud and the only way I’d get behind him is to push him through the exit door.


He does need to control his frustration but he seems to fouled a lot with no free kicks being given

David C

Not sure how the guy hugging him for 5 seconds before the elbow doesn’t at least get a yellow…


What was the point of sacking Wenger again?


Losing our identity probably.


My guess is that kse wanted Wenger out of the way so they had a less inluential man to deal with- the season’s results were just an excuse.
I’m not saying we didn’t need to change managers, but the way we went about it seemed a bit… political in nature. Emery is a much less forceful personality (his lack of fluency in english hurts him here as well) than Wenger is, and he will be easier to remove if results don’t improve as he is less entrenched at the club.


Maybe this was the plan. Bring in somebody who on the cheap who will bring defensive minded tactics. Opposite of wenger. It’s a lot less buying defensive minded players than attack minded players lol this is the new arsenal. Small budget for transfers and no investment

Does anyone know if the kse ownership bought the club on a loan payed through arsenal revenues? If so than does that mean we are going through another phase of lean years since we will basically have another stadium debt to pay off?


How did Arsenal lose to Bate Borisov?? They’ve not played for two months… This is getting embarrassing. Emery is a very frustrating manager, not being upfront with the Ozil situation.

Why pay Ramsey and Ozil half a million pounds a week to only play Iwobi. I’d get rid of Emery in the summer if things don’t turn around.

Get in Eddie Howe asap.

Crash Fistfight

You spoiled it with the last sentence.

A Different George

Well, Dennis Bergkamp at home and Howe away.

Peter Story Teller

You can understand his frustration but that’s not excusing him. Gallic blood I guess! We have a couple ok good strikers here but they are not getting the service they need to do their job which is made more imperative by leaking goals at the other end. How does a team score a training ground goal against us like that? There were 5 red shirts between the goal and the scorer so he should not have even been able to get his head on the ball never mind have the time to compose himself and pick the spot that Petr… Read more »


Is it just me or does Emery have Mourinhoism in him with being pragmatic against weaker opposition? I bet if he had let out all his guns for an onslaught from the first whistle we would have whipped this BATE team. This is not a team to use a back three for heaven’s sake, despite our defensive shortcomings!


How would we do that without Ramsey or Ozil to connect the play? We really have no chance to look good consistency in attack without at least one of them on the pitch

Emery with what he’s said in the media has no choice but not to play Ozil. Imagine to the horror if they actually looked good with him on the pitch it would make him look even a bigger idiot.

It has to be with Raul and kse blessing with this strategy. Hopefully it completely backfired and gets them both fired

Cracked Lunar

We need an extra striker for Europa League fixtures. Could Nketiah supply us with more shots ?


The strikers first need a chance to shoot, but you can already see where this is going…


Clearly we should also get a third wing back on the pitch…

Crash Fistfight

They could play central wing-back, behind the striker.


If calling it that convinces Emery, I’m all for it.

Francis M Siyauya

I believe Arsenal will make us proud on the encounter at home. We need sharp shooter on attacking front not emotionallysoft strikers, that’s absolute poor, look at Man City attacking front, those guys are forever hungry to score unlike gunners front.


Yes those guys have Silva , sterling, same, kdb etc etc begins them feeding them passes


I think serious questions need to be asked on the managerial process we had after Wenger was told he’s sacked.

How did Emery jump the line? Out of all managers how did we think he was the one?


Got ridiculed on here when I stated my disappointment with the fact that we seemed to think Arteta would be the best choice but then backed down under the protest of fans and media and appointed an experienced manager instead. When I see how much Pep speaks to Mikel during games you can’t help but think there’s some tactical masterclass in there. Of course it would have been a risk but it was one worth taking for the sake of our identity on and off the field. Not in the Emery out team yet but I don’t think it would… Read more »


Emery is known to be bland. If you don’t want to believe me, someone who’s followed his career for years due to being half Spanish and having roots in Andalusia (and being quite fond of Sevilla), just look at where Sevilla finished in the league whilst he was there. Forget the Europa wins, a LOT of luck was involved in them, but look at the tables. In 2 of the 3 full seasons he had there, Sevilla shipped 50 or more goals in the league alone. They went a whole season without winning away from home. He had extremely gifted… Read more »


His best season at Sevilla was probably 14/15, but even then he couldn’t get into the top 4 but was saved by winning the Europa and thus getting into the 15/16 CL.

Even then, he couldn’t get out of the group stage, and as we know, ended up winning the Europa again that season. The point is, he’s not an elite manager and he’s not at the age where you can say he’s ever going to be an elite manager.


I stopped reading at ” Forget the Europa wins, a LOT of luck was involved in them”

What a load of nonesense.


That’s fine. I think the penalty shootouts I watched during those wins proves my point right, but sure


Arteta would have been a risk for sure, but why was Emery not considered a risk? At least we’d have had Pep-like football perhaps with Arteta, did nobody do any research on Emery and his style? Shambolic decision making by Gazidis and the board

Peter Story Teller

Arteta would have hit the ground running. He knew the players and set up well as he had been a part of it until recently. He is unproven but everyone has to start somewhere and we may have unearthed the next great …….. You can fill in your own preferred name here! Like our transfer business we have given away to a rival what may have been a worthy asset in Arteta. At least he may have got the midfield organised so that they get the ball to our strikers once in a while even if he could not sort… Read more »


This is arsenal

Assistant manager wants to become more than that or caretaker he needs to get out of his comfort zone and go to championship or league 1 or 2 and show what he has.

If he wants to go to another league mid table club and prove it.

Jardim, nagglesman(sp), tedesco(sp), even Eddie Howe has shown potential

How many assistants get the top job at a big club without any experience?


Zidane, Klinsmann, Guardiola, Klopp etc. there are loads of examples of young coaches who got a chance at a club straight after their playing career.


I wanted Arteta, he understands the club and the playing style, he is also extremely well thought of as a person and coach. We missed out on a potential world-beater for a second rate fraud who’s trying to “teach” our players how to play like Southampton or Burnley.


Do you think pep could do what he’s doing at a club who doesn’t spend like city? Pyramid like Bayern? Brand like Barcelona? I wouldn’t think so. He needs Combination of high IQ, technical and athletically good players and. Those are expensive We would have gotten pep lite with no experience and nothing close to the budget he needs for that type of success Before Sven left, having Sven here was the key to the new arsenal model. It would have been good to get a manager who has already gotten his feet wet. Arteta you just never know what… Read more »


Arteta and emery shouldn’t been the cihoice from the beginning or end.

There are soo many managers that are young and proving themselves as managers that should have been ahead of a assistant manager as number one choice.

There are better big club failures out there to choose from other than emery. They could have just picked his predecessor at least he won almost everything domestically.


I mean he was as per usual trying very hard.

I can’t fault him for that.

But others have enjoyed unfair criticism for similar issues.

Depends who happens to be favorite scapegoat

Rayk 47

He can elbow who he likes. I still fucking laca-love Lacazette


This makes it complicated second leg.

Lacazette generally is the more robust of options between him and Auba.

But Auba gets into great positions just much less competitive one on one or holding up the ball.

We will probably have to throw a bit of caution to the wind though and go four at the back,have one more asset from midfield higher up ‘assisting’ Auba by ghosting into the box.

Either of Ozil or Ramsey will be useful.

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