Video: Man City 3-1 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


James gives us his thoughts on today’s 3-1 defeat to Man City at the Etihad this afternoon.

Defeat is no surprise, but do fans need to step back a bit and give Unai Emery time to implement his ideas?

Also, check out the player ratings.

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Couldn’t agree more James – every word spot on. We aren’t anywhere near Man City and Emery needs time to get this project shaped in his vision. He needs more backing from the owners in the summer – these aren’t his tools, he is using someone else’s.


I completely get what your saying………give it time.

My point is simply, why play a right back who has proved already he’s out of his depth………I’m not saying we don’t have injuries, or indeed have obvious other players, but why keep playing Lichtsteiner , when he is a known major reason for undoing all the great work the manager and other players are producing this season?


Because that’s pretty much all we have. Do people really think that playing Jenkinson today would have made any difference? Lichtsteiner is well past it, but I can still certainly see the reason for choosing a 7 time scudetto winner ovet Carl. It’s not that Emery chose lichtsteiner over a really good RB, it’s that we don’t have a good RB. Anyways, the game wasn’t lost because of our right back. And it wasn’t lost because of Iwobi, or that Özil didn’t play (although the Özil situation is crazy, I agree with that). The game was lost because man city… Read more »


Why did the people on 9 / 11 jump from the burning buildings?


1. Bellerin is injured 2. Mainland Nile’s is injured 3. That leaves Jenkinson or Lichtsteiner Lichtstiner is what you end up with when your transfer budget for right back competition to Bellerin is £0 Bellerin+Lichtsteiner cost £0 for both Walker+Danilo cost £76,500,000 Pep took over the most expensively assembled squad in history, spend some more and finished 4th, and is hailed as a genius, even though he had to spend heavily again to win his first title. And yet Emery who no one fancied to get Arsenal into the top 4, is considered a flop and not good enough, when… Read more »


Tremendous post.
Really, really well said.

James nailed this one here.

SB Still

Last season the main players in Wenger’s team were Ozil and Ramsey. Emery for different reasons is not willing to use them, let alone use them as the main men. They are big players that no manager can expect to manage without and still achieve the season’s objectives. Till we find a solution (in Ramsey’s case a replacement), we are not going to see what this squad or Emery is capable of. There is plenty of comparison to Klopp and Pep, for one Emery is not proven at the same level I.e winning a league against genuine competition. Hopefully he… Read more »


We’ve acquired more points at this stage of the season than last season, and we’ve done it using Ozil and Ramsey sparingly.
Wenger failed miserably last season and failed in his objective the season before whilst playing Ozil+ Ramsey at every opportunity.
Your rubbish argument doesn’t stack up

SB Still

You’ve missed my point.

I’m not comparing this season’s to last season’s performance/results.

I’m saying till Emery manages to get his main players (Ozil, Ramsey, their replacements), the team will not be able to produce the results that they are capable of.

Even by some miracle if we manage to finish in the top four this season, we would have done better if Emery was able to use to more key players.

Segun Goonereris

I find it hard to understand why Emery is freezing Ozil out of the team; that, in itself, can affect team spirit as most of the players know how important he can be in the big games. He has to find a way to reconcile his differences with the player before it consumes him in the process. I feel the club will spend in the summer; we should have overcome any FA wages restrictions and will have a tranche of the Adidas sponsorship money in; plus, if we make top 4, the confidence of knowing we will be in the… Read more »

petr cech' s helmet

I think people are fed up with year upon year of not signing player’s when we quite plainly need them. That’s why I’m exasperated anyway. I’ve seen this team play with people out of position countless times, teams botched up with players who quite plainly shouldn’t be in the team. We always lack 2 or three players of a good enough quality to carry this team forward. This why key players leave . They get. Pissed off. RVP. Fabrigas. Sanchez. We do it to ourselves every tranfer window. Obvious gaping holes left unfilled. Thats why fans are fucked off. Well… Read more »

1971 supporter

I’ll go against the grain here and say that I thought we had a decent first half. Following a disastrous start, we worked our way back into the game and for my money I thought we looked likely to get a second goal. That second goal was always going to be a game changer and after they took the lead again late in the first half goal we were done. A slightly better defence and maybe we could have earned a draw. Sign a couple of top defenders and get players like Bellerin/Holding/etc. back and maybe we can compete on… Read more »


The problem of claiming that we must give UE time is that 1) the club hasn’t given him much time and 2) the season had started so well…
Another point 3) we’ve already got very good players: they showed it during the 22 unbeaten run. After it, the coach changed it all…

Dave Cee

Do u really think we alreadu have very good players? I don.t


Dave, Auba, Laca, Bellerin, Leno, Torriera, Guendozi, Kos, Ozil, Monreal, Holding …. Yeah, objectively it looks like Arsenal have a lot of really good players. (I exclude Ramsey and Suarez for obvious reasons. I’m still on the fence abut Mkty (sp?) b/c I’ve not seen enough of him, but he’s by no means bad.) Looks about whole team of them, in fact. And a bunch of raw talent with potential: AMN, Nelson, Mavrap., Chambers, ESR, Eddie, and a few others who’s names I’m blanking on. In response to Alex: not following your argument. James was speaking mainly to the supporters.… Read more »