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Sevilla president says Monchi ‘receptive’ to offer from his former club

Having left Roma earlier this month, it was widely believed that Monchi would become the next Technical Director of Arsenal, perhaps taking up his position as early as the start of April.

However, from Spain come reports that Sevilla, his former club, have made an offer to which he is apparently ‘receptive’.

This follows the sacking of manager Pablo Machin and the news that their Sporting Director, Joaquin Caparros, would be in charge on a caretaker basis until the end of the current campaign.

That’s according to their President, Pepe Castro, who told a press conference today, “Sevilla are already working on the incorporation of a sports director, the best option is Monchi.

“We have contacted him, we will work to reach an agreement. We want a project with Monchi, both parties are optimistic.

Monchi knows the club, the staff too, the talks have been receptive, we’ve talked about everything with him but he has to decide to join.”

While Caparros backed the idea, saying, “Monchi’s return would be important, he is a reference in the club, he knows the philosophy and the people perfectly.

“I am happy and I think it would be a great success to incorporate him.”

So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens here. Maybe he’ll fancy the challenge in London, or favour a return home which would leave Arsenal still in the market for the man to replace Sven Mislintat.

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Hope we have a strong list drawn up, for Arsenal with a small budget this is arguably one of the most important roles in the club. Not worth penny pinching if it means we lose out on someone really good, whoever that may be.


.The list-
100000.Erm..the tea lady can do a job if all the other options fail.Surely that won’t happen.


I’d like to believe between Unai and Raul there’s a longer contact list than Edu Overmars and Monchi.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Monchi is also wanted by PSG said unreliable french sport press.


Guessing he’d get a bigger salary at Arsenal, what with the TV and sponsorship money coming in.

Salary, sunshine?…. Salary, sunshine?…. ???


If sunshine’s the issue, with the salary he’d be getting at Arsenal, I’m sure he could afford the odd week in Torremolinos.


That’s a good point

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Or The Tanning Shop ?

Floppy Gloves

Not to mention probably less pressure at Sevilla. But maybe he is the kind that likes being on the hotseat, which in all honesty, should be a requirement for whomever we appoint.


Those sunglasses won’t wear themselves!


Someone should apologize to Sven and bring him back!

Anne Noyd

Completely agree. There’s a strong argument to say that Auba, Torriera, Guendouzi and Leno have been this season’s best players. All his signings. Hmm..

Kwame Ampadu Down

That just can’t be true Anne. Didn’t you read santori telling us (a zillion times) telling us how poor our signings last summer were ?


Yeah, Mhkitarian, Socratis, Auba, all terrible according to Santori. He also used to carry on about how Klopp is overrated…

Parisian Weetabix

Only signing that would have made santori happy last summer was if we’d sold Mustafi just so we could buy him again

Faisal Narrage

And sending Elneny into the Phantom Zone.


You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Quite a lot of it is written by ignorant trolls.


Lacazzette has been excellent this season.

Granit arguably stronger than Torreira.

Kolasinac has been superb as has Iwobi.



Torreira not that great.

Gave away the ball at BHA, Soton away, Liverpool and West Ham…all led to goals against.

Arguably 8 points dropped at least.

Guendouzi is good for a young player but best this season…you’re having a laugh.

Reality check.

Faisal Narrage

Your 7 downvotes are all from Santori.


That would mean bringing arsenal down to their kneels just for one man… If he is not patient enough to remain with us then he should go… You don’t get a job you are promised doesn’t mean you should give up on the club.. That’s pure greed…the club brought you in to pick up talents and be the head of recruitment…just stick to it.. But instead you want the big prize .

Scott P

I mean, that’s true, but imagine if you were hired at a company to be a middle manager. Then, after 8 months of you busting your butt and doing a great job, they tell you that you are getting promoted to a VP position. You’re probably feeling pretty good about yourself. But you don’t hear anything further about it for several weeks and when you really get after people to tell you what’s going on, they finally tell you that you aren’t getting it. You’ll probably be pretty pissed! Much of human behavior is based on expectations. Once something is… Read more »


I understand where you are coming from but personally i think the man thinks too highly of himself just because of the hype giving to him…if he doesn’t change his ways he might continue to drop a sour taste in ever club he goes to

Faisal Narrage

Well he’s been offered a Technical Director role to Bayern, so clearly what you think of him isn’t hurting his career prospects.

And end of the day, the simple fact is almost all his recrtuiments for us; Auba, Mikhi, Douzi, Torreira, Sokratis, Leno, etc. have all seemingly worked out for us.

The proof is in his pudding.


Yeah it’s proof he’s a very good Head of Recruitment.

The Technical Director role is a far bigger job than just overseeing scouting though.

Faisal Narrage

Feel free to tell us what it entails, then.


Exactly. Imagine apologising to someone we rescued from a bad situation at Dortmund and promoted twice in less than a year? It’s like we have no self-respect at this club.

No wonder Tuchel hated the guy so much if this is how he operates.


This guy had much more success in his job than tuchel. It’s not like tuchel is some genius.


It’s not about Tuchel, it’s about loyalty.

Our legendary manager just left the club after 20+ years. He had many, many chances to leave too. Steve Rowley, our former Chief Scout, was at Arsenal even longer than Wenger. He stepped down when Sven was appointed.

Why should Arsenal apologise to the new guy who couldn’t hack 2 years with us? If he can’t deal with some internal problems, why should he deserve a huge position like Technical Director?

Faisal Narrage

It was widely reported Sven took the Arsenal job on the condition of being made Technical Director during the restructuring post-Wenger.

If I was promised a job by my boss, then he leaves, that job is offered to others I can argue have achieved less than me, and suddenly feel marginalised after being such an important Cog (under the old structure, Sven was arguably more influential than Raul, as he carried more weight on recruitment to Ivan), then year I’d wanna leave.


That’s true mate, but Ornstein also reported that Sven said if he had the chance to start again he’d do things differently. Apologies to Sven but it’s correct to prioritise a Technical Director who has a club connection and/or proper experience in the role like Overmars or Edu. And Sven had the option of just getting on with it and continuing his good work as Head of Recruitment. It’s not like his work wasn’t valued. I mean, we signed 6-7 of “his” players. If the coach or another exec wants to sign 1 or 2 players you don’t quit your… Read more »


Monch adieu about nothing!


Hit and Mslintat.

Poor buys last Jan.

Should have got Mahrez, laid us vulnerable to United and Raiolla. Mhkitaryan not the player we need.

Did not address cback issue in summer. Sokratis a stop gap at best.

No strategic thought to our buys. Instead low hanging fruit convenient to his old contacts.

Not convincing.

Faisal Narrage

You’re still doing this? Really?


Santori ????…..i guess you just have to kidnap Mahrez


David dein

Lucas Sam

Dreaing here but if Overmars comes in with De Ligt i’d take that anyday


I’d be De Ligted.


I would also love de ligt…..but i would still love to have a scout that has alot of South American connection….talents will forever be there

Mesut O'Neill

What exactly would a Technical Director do? Would he be dealing with recruitment? I actually have no idea & would like someone to tell me.


He directs the technical stuff. I think that includes recruitment, contracts and other wage issues.


so what does raul do then?


Exactly lol what does Raul do? If the technical director does all that stuff and the other recently promoted guy from the business side takes care of commercial stuff?

I guess represent arsenal when non commercial issues come up?

No wonder AW was confused lol

Olivije Žirod

I think Mislintat was meant to be a tehnical director but at the end when Gazidis left that changed. I reckon we are now looking for a sporting director.


Looking forward to the inevitable “monch ado about nothing” when he doesn’t join or no offer materializes…

Bai Blagoi

Seems Sanllehi will fail again.


Oh come on Raul, suck it up and bring back Sven!

Rostock Gooner

So it’s true… Sevilla officially confirms that Monchi re-joins them…

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