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Emery reacts to Wolves defeat using words

Unai Emery has said some words after Arsenal lost 3-1 to Wolves.

The words are not that interesting. We’re guessing he’d probably have rather not have said anything at all, which is sort of what he’s attempted to do…but using words.

Anyway, some lad from the BBC asked him some questions and this was his reply.

“We knew before the match that it was going to be difficult because all season Wolverhampton are feeling strong, defensively they are a good team and offensively they have very fast players. Their organisation was very good and to break this was going to be difficult.

“In the first 25 minutes we started very well, controlled the possession but did not have many chances to score.

“We spoke in the dressing room at half-time and we tried to see it as a new match and in the second half we changed our performance and scored a goal. We can be frustrated but the Premier League is about being consistent over 38 matches.

“Today we’re disappointed but we need to remember how we were three months ago. We can be optimistic and recover for the top four.”

So there we go. Some words. About Arsenal. From the coach. After a defeat. Another defeat. Another terrible defeat away from home.

On to the next one.

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Yeah, but if a tree falls in the woods…


Weak, weak manager. Don’t let his Europa escapades fool you. He’s alright for a Leicester or an Everton

But we are slowly becoming like those clubs aren’t we? Perfect for us then.

The similarities between Wenger and Emery are obvious- lackadaisical approach to defending, half arsed pressing in away games, bottling every game against powerful opponents.

He has some redeeming qualities, but I stand by what I’ve always said- Emery is not the person we should have got if we wanted to follow a Monaco 16/17 approach, or an Atletico from 2011 approach. He’s just not that guy.

Me So Hornsey

Bottling every game against powerful opponents? He hasn’t though has he?


I’m not sure what you were expecting this season? But we’re doing “slightly” better than I’d thought-we’d do. Pep took over a much better squad of players, spent a lot more money in his first season and still only finished 4th. Emery needs time to mould his squad, starting Mkhitaryan+Ozil together is a risk, particularly away from home, But Emery really doesn’t have many other available options. This squad needs investment, I don’t think any manager in the world would get anymore than a top4 challenge out of this lot, we have generally an honest bunch, just some of them… Read more »

Elliott Wave

This guy is the one that somehow was able to miss a CL classification after winning the first leg by 4 to nil.A real bottler.Perfect for us.


He’s statistically the strongest manager we’ve ever had, season for season comparing their first ever seasons at the helm. What did Arsene do in his first year? Or George? He may or may not be what we need and is certainly getting some stuff wrong. Tonight was a fuck up. But let’s see if things improve next year and how he does in the summer. Plus you know we ARE in a semi final… I blame the squad we have more than the manager, in terms of tonight… not a full bottle between them. Eddie was possibly our brightest player… Read more »

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Agreed. Tonight’s fuck up wasn’t down to him. That’s a decent XI on paper before you factor in possible fatigue in some cases, some niggling injuries and possible lack of fight from others. The board have to be able to see that we have a squad where the replacement players just aren’t up to scratch or aren’t there yet cos they’re still young, developing players. We need investment if we want to get back into the top 4. A summer at least as good as last year, if not better, in terms of recruitment is needed.

Tony Adams Nose

I have to give this guy a chance to build “his team” and not make use of what he was left which he has done okay with it has to be said. I hated every minute of tonight’s game. I dreaded it before it started and from the tippy happy start we made to the too little too late finish it was awful. You can’t say “okay lets look at the second half as a new game” if you are three nil down mate! I read it takes on average three season to put a decent side together if you… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

Perhaps, but it’s already pretty clear we’re not going to be changing the youth model–he already stated he wants Mavropanos to step up a little bit more. And no matter how many top players you get, sometimes a striker gets an edge like that in football. More players is not the answer.

Emery knowing his squad in and out is the answer. Three fixtures, including securing a game into a dead rubber in Italy, is a tricky feat for any manager in the EPL.

Bould's Eyeliner

in other words, if that was Wenger, we’d be all moaning “ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GO” and xyz player would be touted as the ‘answer’ in the headlines. In the press, he would probably have said something angrily about not forgetting the two great results we had earlier this week… “Look, tonight was a disappointment, yes, but we had a strong victory in Napoli earlier this week, and we had no choice but to rotate our players.” Emery already said so earlier beforehand, and now he can’t say anything at all. Different styles have different ripples. The Wenger bemoaners… Read more »


Let’s not cut anybody any slack until we’re truly competitive again … we’re in fifth place, on the wrong end of the top six, and not showing any of the control, discipline, passion, or protagonist football Emery touts. He needs time to do his work, yes, but he needs to do it better.


They will blame the gaffer since the much vaunted partnership of Koscielny and Sokratis in a back 4 that some have been baying for…well slipped to let in 3 goals in the first half.



Unai’s fault?



Arsène won the league in his first full season in charge. He was appointed in September ’96 and won the ’97/’98 league.

Make Arsenal Great Again

“He’s statistically the strongest manager we’ve ever had, season for season comparing their first ever seasons at the helm” That is just a very lazy analysis. Arsenal finished with 68 points in Wenger’s first year. He took over in October with over a quarter of the season gone. So, you’re not comparing apples to apples. Plus Arsenal finished 3rd that year, which is the only statistics that matter. If you truly want an apples to apples comparison, you look at Wenger’s first full year at Arsenal and Emery’s first full year. One won the league, the other is struggling to… Read more »

A Different George

Well, actually Wenger won the double in his first season. Ferguson, on the other hand, went years before his first title. Neither of which proves fuck all.


Last yr we were in semi final too and i hope emery proves me wrong but i also believe we’ll finish 6th in PL just like last year.


Do we have an approach at the moment? Unless we have one, it is difficult to say if Emery is the wrong manager, no? He inherited a team of above average players with no depth on the bench. I think Emery has done well. In fact, I think he is overachieving at the moment.

The Head

We lose a game or two and then go straight for the throat of the manager. Give him a chance to fix things, if you’re right in a year or two then we’ll recommend you for a place on the board, but blaming Emery now is daft. This is clearly the mess left by others. On top of that we have some exhausted players trying to carry the load, whether it’s physical or mental fatigue. We have serious rebuilding work to do and although he would have known a lot of our players when he arrived, we knew the squad… Read more »

Make Arsenal Great Again

“This is clearly the mess left by others. On top of that we have some exhausted players trying to carry the load, whether it’s physical or mental fatigue.” I’m not here to always defend the old guard but they are not to blame here. They made do with what they had. The problem is not the manager just like the problem with the team the past several years was not the manager. The problem with Arsenal is the lack of available investment to compete. If a manager needs to upgrade the CB position and only has 35M to spend, he… Read more »


What a great headline!!! I love this website, able to deliver smiles even during this!

David C

Sorry but we choke like a little baby learning how to eat for the first time. It’s as though no team wants the top 4.

Jack gunner

Greater possession doesn’t translate into a win since Wenger.
Emery is playing Wenger style and that’s why the gunners are
perfect for the swift counter. 3/4 passes and the ball is in the net.
The gunners lengthy passing can be stopped easily


Its tepid sterile possession. Been mentioning all season we have issues higher up that translate to problems at the back. We are not sharp or efficient enough with chances (let alone providing the last ball) And when we do not control the game psychologically by translating effort each time we go forward into goals or at least goal scoring opportunity, it emboldens the belief in the other side. Regardless of whether Mustafi is playing or not, we are then punished. Mustafi was not playing when we slipped 11 points to BHA, Soton away, West Ham, United. It is blinkered to… Read more »


I think what’s even more concerning is what a tall task we have next year to even maintain our strength. Kos, Monreal, Sokratis, Ramsey won’t be around!

When you think of a transfer list, it’s so long! We need 1-2 CBs (and that’s counting Chambers), a LB, a CM and a winger who can actually beat people 1v1.

Tall, tall order. 🙁


Still baffles me how a team that had 3/4 of the game’s possessions can lost 3-1… Arsenal’s defence is utter rubbish!! How i missed the likes of Bacary Sagna, Campbell, Adams and Cole at the back 4. World class defenders.


Maybe us and Wolves can swap jerseys for the last few matches.


Take a look at Wolves results this month – we already have!


May as well have used Mustafi. We leaked 3 goals today first half. What an improvement. Same offside failure (by Sokratis this time) for the second goal. Same systemic issue with Torreira providing just enough room above his head for the first goal from a free kick. I mentioned last match it was an issue that Torreira had to defend the first ball in from the corner against Palace leading to the goal (never mind Mustafi) Why the shortest chap is in the wall is beyond me. Maybe stand him on the line at least. And same concession of free… Read more »


Manager can only do so much. There is a fundamental lack of capability in the team. Some imagine certain players to be worse than they really are and certain players are lauded to be better than they really are. Case in point Torreira. He’s tigerish enough and a decent player but he isn’t the sort of player that Viera, Santi (even Diaby in the limited time he had on pitch) were in control on the ball and ability to bring it forward. Unai tried to bring in young Guendouzi to make the difference bringing the war forward in through the… Read more »


Vieira = one of the best midfielders pl has ever seen, kinda hard to replace him. Santi = very few players in the world who has the same technical ability, also hard to replace. Blaming the club for not being able to find that type of talent is not really fair. Also, while Nelson has decent enough scoring, he has still found it hard to get game time, in a somewhat average Hoffenheim side. So kind of a stretch to assume he would have made a big difference for us (especially considering pl teams, dont play with the high lines,… Read more »

Busy summer man

It’s clear we’re lacking pace at the back. Jeeze, we need an un-Arsenal like summer in the transfer window.
If we really manage to offload 7 players and bring in another 5 or so that we are happy with then I will eat my hat and then I’ll eat all of your hats! I’ll then poo out an enormous hat and in that giant new toilet that was built up the road from us. What I’ll do with that hat I don’t know?…

Tim Ness

He sure loves to use the word consistent…


Losing like this is making me feel like the Wenger days all over again! Sick in my stomach and upset for a few days. Fuck sakes!! How can Wolves afford to find players like they have and we end up with the likes of the cunts that we have?
I would only keep a handful and get rid of the rest.

John Banda

All of you are missing a point here, the blame goes to a coach prio. a coach is sacked coz of the bad philosophy used. Didn’t he watch the videos of Wolves before to determine the philosophy to use?. I can give you an example, Leicester won the league with players that were not knows coz a coach was employing the right philosophy depending on the game he was playing against. Our coach doesnt have any philosophy what he does is just to make each player happy by playing him eg a game against Everton why bringing in Jenkison, Eleney… Read more »

A Different George

We won 2-5 at Leicester in their title season when Ranieri tried to play a more open style against us. To his credit, he didn’t try that again the rest of the season. But, the idea that Ranieri understands football in a way that Wenger and Emery don’t is belied by the records of all three managers.

Paul Roberts

It’s a great shame Chelsea got a point the other day as I was hoping we could lose all our remaining matches and still get top 4! Oh we’ll plan B required…?


We get it, you don’t like Emery

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