Sunday, June 16, 2024

Video: Wolves 3-1 Arsenal ‘on the whistle’

We lost 3-1 to Wolves. It was bad.

Here’s what James thought – and here are the player ratings.

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Called it on Papa scoring $$

Only positive I can take from that game

As soon as they scored, we never looked like we wanted to win it


Also played a whole bunch of Wolves players on side for the second and conceded free kicks in dangerous areas like Mustafi.

Leaking 3 goals in the first half would suggest we are no better or worse with or without global warming

Danger Mouse

Good analysis as always James but got distracted trying to work out what was on your jumper.


If memory is right we played exactly the line up you suggested on Arseblog. Nice to know Mr Emery is a listener.


James mate what can I say, we were woeful


We were insipid from top to bottom. We have players in our starting lineup that would not make the Wolves one. Our attacker looked isolated. We needed Mkhitaryan to stand up and have a good game tonight. I’m not sure how such a capricious and easily ruffled player is useful to us in the long term. He’s a player who I wouldn’t back to stand up to a hedgehog. Has Iwobi, with the best will in the world, really improved from last year? We saw an energized and proactive Iwobi early on but has he actually improved his game? He’s… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Arsenal needs to sell Mikhi Mouse. He has only repeated his bad form with Man U. Never tried to prove Mou wrong. He has been out of form for three years. That is called a bad player. He lacks character to the bone.


To think Mahrez was available but Mslintat had to rub the back of his fellow Dortmund contacts


Jota on the shopping list for the summer?


And Mahrez is simply not that good, nor the kind of player that gets going when the going gets tough.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Some fans here used to criticize Henry about what he was saying as a pundit. Henry wasn’t a people person but he set very high standard as a player. You give him bad passes and he gets mad at you. Lehman was doing same with defenders. That’s what we are missing now. By the way, what pundit Neville is saying about Man U players now? Compare with Henry.


Yeah but Henry spoke out of his arse without practical knowledge.

Easy to talk about tactics and motivating players but far harder when you actually have to do it.

At very least Neville and him have now put their money where their mouth was.

All the same, we lack leadership is always a refrain for any team when they hit a bad spot.

Who’s the leader today?

Sokratis? Torreria? Koscielny?


You and Andrew are right, it’s a team of crumblers. Everyone out there was a passenger today, content to let someone else try something instead of taking it on their shoulders. There was one moment in particular which said everything. Iwobi did well to get a cross in from the left and Laca was the only one inside the box with 4 wolves defenders towering over him. Mkhitaryan, Ozil and I think Xhaka were all standing flat footed on edge of the box ball watching. Where is the accountability where is the desire??


…errr looks like there is more global warming than just Mustafi.


Nailed it. We are like a former dynasty team that won several titles in a row, rewarded all our stars with huge wages to keep the dynasty together only to end up stuck with them as they declined over time due to their high wage packets. Unfortunately for us though, only part of that is true with Arsenal. We have the aging, declining, overpaid players but without the titles. We can’t sell these players to even get new stars unless we go very young and that is very risky. Of course, buying middle of the road players will get you… Read more »


Amazing gulf in class. Some deluded individuals on (of course) AFTV think we need to change the whole team when we can’t even afford any more than a panic loan this Jan (thank you Raul and Mslintat) City bring on Sane. We bring on Nkeitiah. Just saying. The way (forget City) Wolves break, the efficiency, they are 2 or 3 touches with 4 players breaking against our 3. We take slightly longer to ‘build’ from the back. Slow in transition. Not sharp or hungry enough for final application. Over complication. …next thing you know we are under duress at the… Read more »


It is hard to believe this disfunctional and ineffective collection of players earn ten times what the early 2000s side did.

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