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Emery: We can improve first by spending money

Unai Emery says that although developing young players from the academy to the first team will be a key part of his remit at the club, he says that the first way we can make improvements is by spending money in the transfer market.

The head coach has made it clear that he’s seeking new players this summer, and has basically put it up to the owners to back him when the window opens again.

The Spaniard is heading towards the end of his first year at Arsenal, and now has a real understanding of his squad and what needs to be done to continue the progress we’ve made this season.

“I think we can improve first, by spending money to achieve players,” he said.

“In the past the club have done great work in watching players, finding and signing young players and developing our players in the academy.”

“I have big respect for our work, for our players in the academy. I want to develop the players here – giving them progress to achieve something at a big club like we are.

“We can also bring in some players who are in other teams, who can come here and give us this performance – like van Dijk with Liverpool.”

And the Spaniard has signalled his ambition, and what he’d like from the club in terms of financial backing, because he wants to win trophies.

“I am here for titles,” he said. “To be with the best teams in the world in the Champions League, have the best players in the world.

“This is what I have done in the past and I want to do the same in the future.

“I think we are in the right way with the club, with the owner, with Raul Sanllehi to find that.”

It’s nice to hear the manager talk in that way, and there’s no harm in putting it out there in public. A little pressure on KSE would be no bad thing at all.

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An actual new signing(s).
None of that LANS bullsh*t ?


Good to hear from Emery, him mentioning Van Dijk hopefully means he knows that a top defender should be our first priority.


A winger should be our top priority.
With Kos and Sok fit recently we seemed half decent in the back.

Cultured determination

Maybe he’s thinking of kaloubaly

Lucas Rakoto-Sam

I have eyes on Umtiti


Harry Maguire would be my first choice of the at least somewhat realistic options.


1. It’s Koulibaly
2. Umtiti’s injury prone


Some fans will spontaneously combust with happiness at this quote. It’s the complete opposite of the old “spending isnt the only way to improve” line we would hear from Sir Wenger over and over again.
Here’s to us splashing the cash in the near future!


Some people still don’t get how restricted Wenger had to be. The club came first with Wenger! He was forced to balance the books. He made certain statements to sugarcoat the truth, ie our lack of spending power.


Van Dijk? Phft, we have Mustafi.

Aaaaaanyway, good time to make his position strong – we are on a roll, before a hard serie of games.


He had good even great players at PSG.

Red Cannon

And he won the league (once) with them. He recognizes that you need many high quality players to be able to win the league (the Leicester anomaly aside).


an irrelevant point. but i see what you did there.


And he won titles and competed in the champions league with the best clubs…so what’s your point?

Naked cygan

Yes we must spend money and keep up with the other teams. But the key is to spend it on the right players, and the key areas we need strengthening. Fulham spent 100 million this season and they are going down. I can also see man utd panic buy this summer to keep up with city.

Red Cannon

Dios, I would love to watch ManU panic buy crappy players this summer. Let’s hope that comes to pass.

Down with the spuds

Let’s hope they come in for mustafi for 100m ?


True, but we don’t have the money to compete with City, Utd, or Chelsea or, possibly, Liverpool. For us, the best case scenario (basic kitty £40 million + CL money + player sales), probably raises up to £100 million or so in the Summer. How much will Kroenke allow to be spent on transfers though? He seems to be looking to cut costs pretty dramatically, which is why I guess Emery is applying “public” pressure now to try and get the maximum funding made available to him.

Bould's Eyeliner

If we get CL Money + New Kit Deal Money, there’s a high chance we could do good business with the sale of some players as well. He’s just keeping the budgeting part onus on the board because in the end, it’s partly his call who stays and who goes.


We have money to $pend. Don’t let the rumors of FA financial rules scare us. It’s not true. These numbers are so hidden & include players who are retired, loaned, leaving, etc… Our $pon$or$hip increases every year on things we know & a bunch that we don’t know.
Much Respect for Emery speaking up & in public asking for financial support.


What about the money for finnishing in top 4(5,6) I thought the money in Premier League for finnishing let’s say 4 overtakes Champions League money.
After all the relegated teams get £30M
Am I wrong?


Speaking of Fulham, wouldn’t mind a little £25m bid on Sessegnon. He was awesome in the Championship and although he’s done very little this year he’s been in a truly woeful team. Still got very good control, good crosser, left footed and absolutely rapid pace. Think he could fit nicely into this team.


We should have taken sessegnon a couple of seasons ago


Could be cheaper now I suppose


Here’s hoping we get some business done early so I don’t pull whats left of my hair out over the summer


Yeah I’m a bit confused by this – why is it that Wolves can announce the signing of Raul Jimenez in April or Barca announce the signing of Frenkie De Jong in March? What’s the point of the transfer window if some clubs can do this.

Or is it just that Arsenal and other clubs follow the rules *too* strictly, because we almost never do these mid-seasons deals?

historical truth

Well we announced Ramsey to Juventus mid-season, didn’t we?


Right, but with free transfers it’s a little different because players can sign pre-contracts 6 months before the end of their current deals.

I’m just saying in theory there’s nothing stopping Arsenal from doing early business.

Gooners & Roses

thanks for the laugh mate.

Donald's Trump

They can announce it whenever they want. The transfer window is when the actual transfer goes through. Didn’t think it was that hard to understand. It’s not like Frankie De Jong is suddenly playing for Barcelona


Well Jimenez was a loan with an option to buy, so all they’ve done is declare that they’ll exercise the option on the existing deal.


Gotcha, that makes sense!


We can buy anytime but registration has to be completed within the windows so little point

Gudang Pelor

Yes, you can begin negotiation and pre-contraft, any time of the season. But the actual moving of the player has to be inside the transfer window.


Liverpool announced Nkeitah or whatevs his name is a season before. It’s just clubs doing buisness in advance. The move is going to happen in a transfer window otherwise will be chaos

Monkey Nuts

Raul is on loan at Wolves with an option to buy. They took that option.


Interesting. It’s generally accepted that he’ll have a basic kitty of around £40 million in the Summer. That will be increased if we qualify for the CL, and also through any player transfers. Adding all three income streams together, Emery would probably have up to £100 million in a best case scenario. That could translate into one “big” signing – the van Dijk type as he’s mentioned that – and a couple of smaller-value signings. He is clearly trying to apply some pressure to use the maximum funds that may become available. A question is how much Kroenke will agree… Read more »


This season my pressure is not as it used to be, there is an improvement. Give this guy money

Down with the spuds

Yes! Someone Give that man a billion pounds and bring in some real class??


Ball in KSE court now to (finally) help deliver some good signings this summer. And boy do I hope we pull off a great summer window.

Make Arsenal Great Again

This is going to be interesting. Nowhere to hide for the board and KSE. Wenger is not here to take the blame for the lack of investment. It’s put up or shut up time

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nowhere to hide from who? Arsenal is their company now. Fans are merely customers, and no business cares about specific customers they simply aim to generate a demand from a certain type of person. There are always new customers to be found. KSE make or extract profits from Arsenal however they want. They don’t need to do any more than spend enough to keep us in the Premier League and they will be able to turn a profit as long as they don’t let us spend too much. Kroenke doesn’t care about success on the pitch any more than he… Read more »


See this is what I don’t get. In a extremely competitive battle of getting future generations of fans especially in the new rising markets across the world, how can it be good sustainable business to reduce your team to an awarage mid table “product” without profiles (not saying we are that now, but we will be eventually if we don’t invest in the same way as our competitors). I get that KSE is not in it for anything else than the profit but if you are in the entertainment industry you need to be able to engage your audience. And… Read more »


Unfortunately there is no pressure on them, because they do not care what people think


I agree Unai. May I suggest one of these three (in order of preference): Koulibaly, Manolas, Harry Maguire.


We don’t need another error prone centre half. Maguire is certainly not the answer


Ok dude you’re not exactly Sven Mislintat


KSE are tone deaf….
Emery knows exactly what he wants, and what he doesn’t…
But without Mislintat’s replacement…. who’s going to be identifying players to fill those roles? I’m pretty sure he’s going to be left disappointed, particularly with a reported budget of £40million.
Even if you doubled the budget, we already need replacements for Rambo, Lichtstiner, Cech, And possibly Koscielny+Monreal.

Hopefully we’ll be able to keep hold of Emery, seems he enjoys working to improve players, and it doesn’t sound like he enjoyed managing a squad full of superstars very much.



yea mon

if it don’t make dollas it don’t make sense

Billy Bob

If Emery gets about £100m then that is over £30m on three players – very do-able but it is just about getting quality players at the right price!!!


The Wenger shield is gone. Let’s see how the board reacts.


The more I think about it the more uncomfortable I get about the monumental task ahead of our transfer team this summer. We potentially lose one or both of Monreal and Koscielny, we do our utmost to recoup anything close to half of the £35 mill we got conned out of for Mustafi. That leaves us with Sokratis, Holding, Chambers and Mavropanos as CBs, Kola at LB, Bellerin at RB. Unless Maitland-Niles is being fully converted that leaves us needing a rotation quality LB, a Koscielny quality CB and a RB who could potentially replace Bellerin (who should not be… Read more »


Monreal had his contract extended by a year and I’m sure Kos is around next season too. Some very athletic defenders wouldn’t be an eyesore though that’s for sure.

Dat guy

What do you guys think of rakatic. He’s most likely on his way out and is silky smooth on the ball. He also is older and probably won’t be that expensive either. I personally would love to have him as a replacement for elneny who doesn’t look like he is in emery’s plans. Rabiot would be nice too but he seems like a personality we don’t need in the dressing room.


Age, high wages, low resale value potential = nope.


Rakatic would be a big signing, even if he just plays Champions league. He would be great for Guedo to learn from. Plus he shouldn’t be expensive


Hes not wanted by Barca for many reasons, Pace being one of them. We can’t operate with slow weak players the game is marching on.


Will we be wearing that gross green kit tomorrow?


I win all my FIFA games in that green kit; nothing wrong with it


If only Arsenal won all their games in it

Mesut O'Neill

Good luck getting that money out of Kroenke, Unai!!


Sanchez? Ozil? Aubameyang? It’s not that hard. Just because the purse isn’t always open doesn’t mean it never is.


All were bought before 100% ownership.


I assume he means short term rather than first. We sadly aren’t going to spend big this summer but if we can match last summers success then I’ll be pretty confident of an improvement across the board


Fwd: Stan_kroenke, Josh_kroenke


Love it.

Faisal Narrage

This is why I’m gonna miss having Sven.
All his buys bar Litch have all worked out in the end.

I still don’t think we can buy the a bonafide WC player, but there’s a difference in buying VVD the Liverpool way and VVD the Southampton way.

Guys like Jonathan Tah I Hope are being looked at, and a legitimate wide player with dribbling and goals in him, maybe Malcom again?

Then I’d still like to see opportunities for our youth; Eddie, Saka, Smith-Rowe, a returning Nelson in particular.


He is not Goin to dit and wait, clear targets, clear prerequistites. If we claim that CL spot he deserves Finance backning and has Evert tight to Demand it. The fact he goes public may well be to put pressure on our beloved owner, telling him to not spend Arsenal CL money on his cousins yacht

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Our beloved owner doesn’t follow Arsenal. He is not into sports as sport. He buys successful sports “franchises” because “sport” is always popular and new “sports customers” are always ready to spend their money when old ones stop spending. He doesn’t make sports clubs great. There is no pressure on him.


Not at all sure that Denis Suarez was the best of starts. We have pissed away the best part of £3m for nothing


Should have spent money on Mahrez last January. We lack the ability to create without resorting to passing around players. Particularly on the Rwing, we have been missing a player to stretch the game without committing the fullbacks/Wingbacks (with consequences further behind) Instead we got Mhkitaryan. OK player but not what we needed with Ozil and Rambo already providing similar. These are mainly pass and play players. On the other flank we have Iwobi but right side has been neglected for a long time now (even when we had Alexis everything predictably came from the left) As much as we… Read more »


We could not get mahrez jan’18

Mahrez cost 60m while we swapped for Sanchez and mhiki. We weren’t going to get any monetary value at that point for Sanchez to replace him in the market.

Only reason we had the cash to get auba was the fees we got for Walcott and giroud. If we convinced Leicester to take less than what city was offering we would have had no striker for 8 weeks since laca was either hurt or got hurt around the same time.


Can’t believe el nanny has spent over four years in arsenal, championship level player.


Wenger’s mess left.

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