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Good news on Ramsey as Emery says he’s happy with Ozil

Earlier today the Arsenal medical team announced that Aaron Ramsey was being assessed with a groin problem ahead of Sunday’s game against Everton.

The good news from this afternoon’s press conference is that the Welshman is in full training, and all going well available for selection for the trip to Goodison Park.

We’re still somewhat in the dark over Granit Xhaka and Laurent Koscielny though, with Unai Emery saying, “We are waiting for tomorrow’s training, because some players – Xhaka, Koscielny – didn’t train with us today. They are working alone with the physio.

“Aaron Ramsey started training normally today and the other players are well.”

Ramsey’s resurgence in recent times has been mirrored by that of Mesut Ozil who has been selected for four consecutive games for the first time this season, and was handed the man of the match award for his performance in the 2-0 win over Newcastle on Monday night.

The relationship between the coach and the player seems more solid than it has at any other time of the campaign, and the Spaniard is pleased with the way the number 10 is playing.

“He’s working very well, playing very well, he’s helping us,” he said.

“I’m very happy with him. I think the team has a good atmosphere, good spirit with each player helping us with their qualities and good behaviour.

“That’s the spirit I want, they are doing that, and Mesut is like the others.”

Sunday’s team selection will be interesting. Where Emery has had doubts about Ozil in the past are away games, so we’ll wait and see if he keeps faith with him for this one, or decides to go another way.

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Its whoever we have must step up time. We are facing tricky but thoroughly winnable games in the run in. Everton won’t roll over easy for us so if Guendouzi and Ramsey hold in midfield again, we leverage on their good points. BOTH players bring plenty of energy in the press. I didn’t think they were as water tight as many would prefer to fantasize. Too many give aways still. BUT the pressing was relentless. Hopefully Granit can return when ready and provide better control. He switches focus of attack from flank to flank very quickly for us. BUT BOTH… Read more »


Agree. I don’t think we’ll win all our remaining games, but it’s time for everyone in the squad (and we’re probably going to need a lot of them from now on) to step up. It’s a shame that Ramsey is leaving. In other circumstances, I’m sure that he would have been offered a new contract and pay rise (to what level is another question). However, the wage bill is too high and Kroenke is on an economy drive. I suspect he’s trying to pull our bill roughly into line with that of the Spuds which is towards £100 million less.… Read more »


Ozil is the reason Ramsey had to go. Give me Ramsey any day of the week. But the perennial under performer has made sure of his riches at the expense of the club and the fans.


Ramsey, you mean?


Good to hear Mesut is working well, we need his good self. And Aaron is fit.

Tough matches coming up, Everton, Watford, Wolves and Leicester, most importantly away.

Let’s hope we do well.


And burnley. If they are in the relegation fight on the last day of the season, that is going to be very tough.

Habtay Kidane Haile

Burnley will be done by then

Cliff Bastin

Habtay remember that year when hilariously an already relegated Newcastle beat sp*rs on the last day causing them to bend the fabric of nature by finishing 3rd in a two horse race?


I’m hoping the away form is not so much of a problem now that our form in general has become great?


I hope so too, but we’ve seen Utd come unstuck in an “easier” away game – on paper anyway – recently and, as we know, five of our remaining seven are away. It’s very doubtful we’ll win all seven games left. The key will be how we do in relation to the results of the Spuds, Utd and Chelsea. If so, the teams in the top four places could change almost every week depending on how things go. Let’s hope we’re there when it counts – after the final whistle of the last game!


Just watching Liverpool playing away…not good.


Was hoping they’d lose


We all did Sue ?


Yes, but they win a good deal more away games than we do. Some say that the sign of a good team is winning when they’re playing poorly. That’s something that on the whole, we don’t do – when we’re playing badly we almost always don’t get the result.


As well as lining himself up for a stellar end to the season, I’m glad to hear that Mesut is behaving himself.


We’ll certainly see him on his back side a few more times with “cramp” or “a problem” during the run in. Our longest-serving, busiest, most industrious player is also our most injury-prone. Arrivederci, Aaron.


Been really impressed with Ramsey, has given everything even though he’s leaving at the end of the season. He hasn’t downed tools like others in the past have. Also glad he won our goal of the month ?
I’m a big Ozil fan, so glad he’s back in the team…I hope he starts on Sunday & scores another beauty like he did at GP last season!
Only thing that worries me is that green kit… oh and I don’t fancy Sokratis getting booked ?


Would love to see Ozil get another start. Everton are such an unpredictable team. We could get a dire game or it could be a shootout. If it’s a shootout having Ozil pulling the strings would be a big advantage.


I have hope that if we play our best players, in a system that gets the most out of them and motivate them to perform at their best, we can compete with the top two. Quality wise, I don’t think Liverpool are better, they are just further in their process than us. Man City are the best team in the league, even if they don’t win the title, they have been the best by far. The rest of the league isn’t as convincing with their quality, at least when put against ours. We complain about many of our players, but… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

You’re the new santori. What looks like long, rambling posts but in reality is just a virtual copy & paste of the same things you have said already dozens of times….so dull.

Thierry Bergkamp

Ouch! That was mean.

We are not out of it yet

I hope Koscielny is back to fitness as Mustafi has been making so many errors lately and must aware of so much negative criticism and that cannot help him. I am sure he does not do it on purpose and he can be a decent defender. I would prefer to see Mavropanos back as he can be a solution, but we have to find out if he can be. And if he can’t be, then we kind of need to know that too, don’t we? And maybe a better option than playing a player low in confidence and not respected… Read more »

Patrik Ljungberg

Whatever. I just need to say I love the Arsenal Gentleman. Sold out Sp*rs game. My arse…


Got a hell of a laugh out of that line, especially after Spurms opened their overpriced refurbished shithole that has a capacity of 62,000 this week, and the official attendance was 59,215. Brand new stadium and those cunts still can’t sell it out!


Yes, but there were massive delays and congestion in the area as apparently nobody did much research on crowd movement into and out of their new ground (unlike we did). Also, don’t forget ticket sales and bums on seats are two different things – as we at The Emirates know only too well. In the fag end of Wenger’s era, the ground was far from full as fans stayed away in protest, but almost all tickets had been sold!

A Different George

Mustafi has been making so many errors lately that he was WhoScored’s highest rated player, in either side, in the Newcastle match. As I’ve said before, that doesn’t mean I agree he was better than Lacazette or Ozil–their rating system may not agree with how I (or you) evaluate players. But it does mean he just could not possibly have been so bad as people say. (Just as a check, their best 11 for the Prem for this season includes Sterling, Hazard, Salah, Aguero, Pogba, Fernadinho, and Van Dijk.)


I really don’t understand fans who seem to think Mustafi is really good. Unlike many of them I suspect, I’ve seem Mustafi live on many occasions and he’s simply not up to the job in the EPL – particularly as he cost £35 million. He’s shown no improvement overall (unlike other players under Emery) and he should go in the Summer. Sad, but true.


Agreed. If anything Mustafi’s issue is he tries a little too hard.

Laca gave him a big hug at the final whistle against Newcastle and Mustafi looked so relieved. When a player has a few dodgy moments that affect his confidence, it’s so important for his teammates to show him a little love.

The ‘good atmosphere’ Emery and the players talk about is real!


Aaron Ramsey, we want you to stay. Actually started to love him these past few months again, not that I didn’t before but he’s stepped up in a big way recently which I didn’t expect, , lfinally ooks like a leader and I’ll be sad to see him go.

Imagine they are literally paying £80m for him


Steady, mate. We’ll be fine without him.

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