Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Video: Unai Emery speaks to Copa90 about his first season at Arsenal

Unai Emery sat down with Copa90 and answered questions about his first season in English football, the challenges he’s facing as manager of Arsenal, and much more.

via the Copa90 YouTube channel.

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I didn’t finish it all. Should have interviewed him in Spanish if they wanted articulated answers.


Hard to find words for someone who clearly wants to attract attention to themselves by being constantly negative and missing the whole point of this interview.


it’s not negative to think it would be a more interesting interview if done in his mother tongue. Have you read his interview with sky, on creating “friction”. It was much more enjoyable and insightful.
This is what you call a valid point. Now piss off!


Red-Sky you are certainly in the prime position for being Arsenal’s most negative supporter

Danger Mouse

Now that Fatgooner’s all happy.


Why do people have such a massive problem with people whose English isn’t perfect? I honestly don’t get it. What do you want from him, to be here less than a year and sound like Ian Mckellen? I find that the people who deride non-native speakers poor English are typically quite fucking stupid themselves.


If only my Spanish was anywhere as good as his English.


having two or more sections connected by a flexible joint?


That seems a little harsh but I agree in the sense that I’d like to hear what he says without the language barrier. I just came down to the comments because I wanted to say how brave he is to do an interview like this. It’s a much bigger challenge than the average press interview and he deserves a lot of respect for bothering to try in English, when he could just not bother.


Wow his English has improved something serious.
Absolutely love his mentality, no individuals, everyone is playing for the team.

On the other side, I would rather if it was you, Blogs, interviewing Unai, I found these guys really irritating.
You’ve got a big enough fan base now, if we could help out organising that somehow, it would be fantastic!


Those guys are really quite irritating


You have to look past that….but I kind of get what you mean.


I’m glad I’m not the only one put off by the interviewers. Not to be brown nosing, but the Arseblog team are quite simply the best Arsenal content providers around.

Between Blogs and Andrew Allen and James and Tim and Jorge and not 7amkickoff anymore, there’s nothing Arsenal that isn’t covered and covered well. Not just covered for the sake of it.

I couldn’t help but think while watching the Unai interview with that lot, just how much better it would have been if Arseblog had done this.


7amkickoff was never good. He tended toward hiss own agenda and was not tolerant of other views. The people on that sight were sycophantic. He is obsessed by stats. Tim Allen I’m not sure he is as astute with due respects. Arseblog I disagree with assessment of Mustafi and some other minor things but this site (not to be brownnosing either) is top. Don’t get me started on AFTV. Robbie does a fantastic job don’t get me wrong and its pure entertainment but the noisy people interviewed (Mo and Chris and Graham aside) you know what they say about empty… Read more »


I have to say, aside from the arsecast extra, which I really look forward to every week – my (other) favourite is Clive’s contribution on the vision podcast. I think his inputs are genuinely fascinating. I also really like Tim’s inputs. Really cool. I can’t remember which arsecast extra it was – I think we’d had a significant loss (might’ve been Liverpool away?), but the following episode was absolutely brilliant. The analysis was really interesting, and the scrutiny by both Andrew and James was another level. I think I was driving to Scotland and ended up listening to it twice?!… Read more »


Emery certainly looked a tad embarrassed by the approach of his interviewers. His English is improving – still work in progress of course – but not at all bad as far as a new language is concerned. Nothing earth-shattering in the interview. Some people have been making a big thing of his “revelation” that he hasn’t had conversations with Wenger. I’d have been quite surprised if he had. Emery is the current (and, hopefully, future) of Arsenal and clearly wants to do things his way, with his staff and the team. I think we can be confident on the evidence… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Emery was picked as Arsenal manager because his approach was the closest to Wenger’s.


He certainly seems to have kept the ethos. He was clever not to try and reinvent everything. Had it been Arteta, he would have rocked the boat too early and I highly doubt he would have been as successful. Arteta needs to be his own man and manage somewhere-else first before he takes a big gig. People (pundits like Henry and Neville) tend to pontificate and think its easy managing until they have to eat humble pie. The latter now chastened appropriately the former I don’t know. But it isn’t widgets and simply tactics alone. Man management is the soft… Read more »


No, sorry that’s not correct. The financial position is the driver at Arsenal. Kroenke, since taking full control, wants costs cut. For example, Arsenal’s wage bill is around £100 million a year more than Spurs! The reason Emery was chosen was he had shown he could get success on limited resources at Sevilla. Unlike other candidates for the Arsenal job, Emery agreed – up front – to work within a very restricted financial situation so (1) no massive transfer expenditure, and (2) trimming the squad of several high earners. That’s been shown clearly by activity in January and the much… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Exactly, you’ve just listed all the things Wenger was good at.


Er… no. You’re missing the point – there’s been a change in direction financially at the club, so it can’t be “business as usual”, can it? The club wanted someone who’d do it differently. Who do you think was in charge when the wage bill I mentioned earlier ballooned? Who sanctioned, for example, £18 million a year to Ozil? Who maintained a high average salary for players at the club, even for some very average players, which is the reason we’re having problems selling some of them now? I’ll give you a clue: the person’s surname begins with “W”!


oh don’t point out the obvious. You’ll be branded “negative”.


I also don’t get the big deal about Emery and Wenger not speaking much. At a certain level, Emery needed to make sure he saw the squad with fresh eyes and not unduly influenced by his predecessor. Maybe they can do lunch in the summer or something, but I feel its not big deal right now.


I think he doesn’t want to have his opinion on players coloured potentially by talking to Wenger.

Makes sense. He was going to give everyone a chance (even Jenkinson)

Probably they will speak in the summer when the first season can be taken into account.

There’s nothing he could learn from Wenger that he could not observe for himself independently.


Yes, quite right – and fairly obvious when anyone thinks about it.


Hmmm…I get that people are put off by the guys interviewing Unai, but two of them are Arsenal fans like us and whilst they are almost giggling like school girls in his presence you have to be a bit hard hearted to not be able to look past that. Everything Unai said in this interview is why I have had faith in him since he came. I read the book by Romain Molina about Emery so was aware of his philosophy and how he approaches team management. It was still nice to see him explain how he has approached coaching… Read more »


That was too funny, he has a great sense of humour and comes across very well. The interviewers were perfectly fine, polite and forwarded questions from fans. I don’t want to hear this nonsense about how irritating copa90 were, I and found it funny gained insight into Emery’s way of thinking.

Love Emery even more now.

Santori A very good interview. Luis Campos the man who bought the Monaco title winning team…Mbappe, Lemar etc (Ironically at Emery’s expense). He will know Campos very well. Now doing great work at Lille who are second in league with likes of Nicolas Pepe. Interesting how he mentions : 1) Over reliance on data. Confirms you need to be able to “notice” talent which is intangible beyond the raw statistics some prefer to obsess over (American in particular) 2) How English teams over emphasis strikers over defense. I’d try and get him. Never mind he was under tutelage of the… Read more »

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