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Arsenal face difficult decision over Smith Rowe

The first half of the campaign went extremely well for Emile Smith Rowe, as, after catching the eye in pre-season, he made a significant impact in the first-team.

Although it was evident that some aspects of his game, especially his defending, require fine-tuning, the overall feeling regarding Smith Rowe was very positive, with the prospect having adapted extremely well to being in a first-team environment.

The second half of the season, though, didn’t exactly go to plan, with Smith Rowe spending a lengthy period on the sidelines.

Smith Rowe was sent out on loan to RB Leipzig but, largely owing to his injury, didn’t really receive a sustained opportunity to demonstrate his credentials for the German club.

Now Arsenal face a significant decision over Smith Rowe’s future as they must decide whether to send him out on loan again or provide him with further opportunities in the first-team.

RB Leipzig have admitted that they are interested in securing the services of the England youth international on a temporary basis for another season but if he does go on loan again then Arsenal must ensure that Smith Rowe receives regular playing time.

The alternative is to promote him to the first-team squad and give him chances to make an impact for Unai Emery’s side.

Smith Rowe has already shown that he can adapt to playing with senior players and given that he is capable of performing effectively out wide or as a central midfielder, he would represent a useful option for Arsenal.

Perhaps the best solution would be for Smith Rowe to remain with Arsenal for the first half of the season and use him as an impact player in Premier League games and as a starter in cup fixtures.

A decision could then be made midway through the campaign, but the most important thing is that Smith Rowe remains injury free and gets as much playing time as possible.

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I kinda figured a 2nd year at Leipzig was a done deal, otherwise it seems a bit odd that he went for a loan while carrying a significant injury. Only seemed sensible if the plan was to allow him to settle in a bit there so he could have a good run from the start of next season.


Could be the best thing for him

Senor Few

keep him around…


Without putting too much pressure on him, his playing style reminds me to a certain extent of Ramsey. How great it would be if he could one day take his role.

VAR will solve the problem

I would play him before I play Ozil or Mikhi …kid’s got class, if he can find the tenacity, he can b better than Ozil or Rambo…if we are gonna play mid table opponnenets with the so called “world class” attacking midfield (at least in terms of salary or fees) and lose…might as well play the kids and lose! Much better investements in terms of developing players. Also give Sakha a chance, please!


Yes, start a guy who has never started a PL game. It’s ok to hate Özil, but late, keep your brain on though.

VAR will solve the problem

No one’s hating Ozil here. I still like him but considering that he is proving to be an obstacle for us getting any decent transfers or the reason behind why we have not been able to renew Ramsey’s contract or providing only handful of assists or goals this season, there should b no reason we should not try our best to move him on and give the kids a chance…i would rather go the Ajax way and be bold…less frustration in losing with kids, is all I am saying. Find the next f ing Delights or Zyech or Nicolas Pepe… Read more »


Don’t forget that Ozil is responsible for Brexit and climate change…


We all want to give youth a chance, until we become impatient over growing pains. Evidence is how much abuse and cries of “sell him” Iwobi gets!


Spot on mate, I vividly recall my Nigeria getting at me for not wanting to give Iwobi a chance; he needs to be loaned out again. We need players that can really give City and Liverpool a run for their money and also compete to Champions League if we qualify on Wednesday.


Ramsey took a few years to become defensively capable, in a box to box role. Rather than make him defend we just taught him the timing and sense to go into attack or defense, rather than teach him specific tactical roles.

Won’t be easy to continue the offensive output as teams target him more and then use that in transition. He will have a steep learning curve, ideally done in the fast pace of a Premier League team on loan.


I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t bring him back. He isn’t going to benefit us, by sitting around in Leipzig. If we had money to burn with plenty of options in the TM, then fine. But we haven’t ; and money is tight. And we need players – badly. He looked good enough to crack the first team squad, with something to spare last time. They should concentrate on getting him fit for pre-season and give him a squad number. After that it’s down to him.


Cycle into first team for me.

If Mhkitaryan is sold (and even if not), he will be back up/competition to Ozil in that playmaker role just behind the strikers.

Ben Eagerbeaver

I say bring him back wthout hesitation. Dude’s always been ready to break into the first team.


I like this kid. I have a feeling he might be being lined up as a cost effective Ramsey replacement.


He can in the near future, but it will be unwise to bear unnecessary pressure on him (like this one). Let him grow at his own pace. Another seasonal loan at that club will really help him fully mature, so long he’s injury free and they are playing him regularly. He will come back the season after, a much better and mature player and ready to challenge the status quo.


Kid can carry the ball, always ready for a pass, and shows up in those same places as Ramsey does for goal opportunities.

Bring him back and give him a run in the squad. Earn a place in the XI maybe. The club have a chance to develop one who could prove to be special in the right environment.

Either ESR is all that– or not. Rather we find out– him playing with our team.


This is the reason I’m not so keen on signing the Brazilian lad and the French lad, unless we’re convinced they’re an upgrade…

We seem well stocked for youngster in the attacking third in the youth department, Smith-Rowe, Nelson, Saka, Nketiah, Amaechi, Willock.


A well planned loan would be good I think. He’s not going to be a replacement for Ramsay next season so give him time and experience elsewhere


Best bet would be another year out on loan. Firstly it will depend on the summer signings. Beyond that, if Willock, Nketiah and Nelson are kept with the first team at least until jan. , there will be a definite backlog for substitute mins in the front line. Maybe Willock can also join him on a yearlong loan.

Faisal Narrage

Recently after that Vinai-Raul interview, I know they fully back Emery but I do wonder if they were in charge from the get-go, would they have chosen a manager with a clear remit of using and developing youth? I know Emery has leaned on the likes of Douzi and co, but by all accounts, it’s not his natural inclination, rather preferring experience over youth. It seems our Execs are keen on building on our academy, whereas it seems Emery was more chosen for the short-term ability of getting us into the CL. If things don’t work out with Emery, don’t… Read more »


I think Emery used the youngsters in the proper way for the most part. Against the likes of Vorskla and Qarabag and Brentford and Blackpool; a lot of youngsters got a run out and a chance to show what they could do in those circumstances. Going forward, as you rightly point out, Unai is going to be “encouraged” to integrate more youngsters into his team. Of course that may simply mean that young players are brought to the club and under the guise of being part of the academy (such as Guendouzi and Mav) they then get their chance to… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

I don’t listen to anything Ivan said; he spoke of youth whilst sanctioning crazy Ozil deals. I still feel there was room to give some more youth a chance, such as Eddie but in particular Saka. As a team we’ve lacked a direct, fast dribbling winger all throughout the season, I do feel there was scope to give the likes of Amaechi and Saka, but Ornstein indicates behind-the-scenes Emery was pushing for more older experienced heads, and in all honesty I was not happy with his clear desire to get Denis Suarez; a dud we didn’t need and I feel… Read more »


RB is too big a club for him to get regular time. Seems weird we ever sent him there in the first place to be honest. If he’s good enough to get a lot of playing time there he’s good enough to get a lot of playing time with us in which case why send him out?


Why did we even send him out on a half season loan with his injury problems if we didn’t plan on eventually making him do a full season ? it’d be the best thing for his development imo


The problem is can you trust these youngster to deliver?Its a gamble. If he delivers its ok. The problem will surface if these young guys flounder in the senior team. That’s why most big teams farm out these guys to get experience in other leagues. UEFA have threatened to ban MC in the cl. Better start next season. IF the Blues are allowed to compete and they were to win the cl,it will be very hard to ban defending champions. Btw,I hope the English FA start a rule making it compulsory for all epl teams to have at least 5/6… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

“Can you trust these youngsters to deliver? It’s gamble”
Do you trust the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi and even Litch to deliver? I don’t. Do you trust Miki and Ozil to deliver CONSISTENTLY? I doubt. Even out current squad is a gamble.

Yes they may not deliver, but there’s only one way to find out. That inhibition to truer youth has also led to us losing Gnabry because we “trusted” in the experience of Theo.

Cygans Parting

As I see it we have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain from giving the likes of Smith-Rowe, Saka, Nelson, Amaechi, Willock, Nketiah, Bielik, John-Jules and even Osi-Tutu places in next season’s squad. We apparently have limited funds. We clearly have several players who do not execute Unai’s ideas to his liking and need to be moved on. We need to reduce or re-distribute our wage bill. Surely giving these lads a chance would be a good solution. Wenger Inc said that you pay for giving youth a chance with points in the league. But we’re already… Read more »

Kartik Iyer

Keep him. He’s good enough for the first team as a backup option and I am 100 % sure this guy is gonna make it big.


If we are in CL, then send him on loan. Else, bring him back.


Ramsey took a few years to become defensively capable, in a box to box role. Rather than make him defend we just taught him the timing and sense to go into attack or defense, rather than teach him specific tactical roles. Won’t be easy to continue the offensive output as teams target him more and then use that in transition. He will have a steep learning curve, ideally done in the fast pace of a Premier League team on loan. Another good alternative is at Leeds under Bielsa, the master of the high press and a major influence of Pep… Read more »


I believe we should sell one of willock/nelson/smith Rowe in order to raise to fulfill our more pressing needs


*raise cash

Faisal Narrage

Piss right off.
What kind of logic is this? We should sell some out most talented youth for little money because of short terminism? But not look at the likes of Xhaka or Mustafi for sales?


Haha you look frustrated with you wife.. if you don’t get that selling wisely is important to be successful in the transfer market, then you seem like a petty football followet. Just look at Chelsea. And it only highlights the fact that your brain is smaller than that of even a rat, when you assume that when I propose the sale of these youngsters, I don’t want to sell the dimwit mustafi and the average Xhaka.

I won’t ask you to take a piss. Coz I think you must be doing that a lot anyway.


Selling wisely isn’t getting rid of the future for peanuts, and you seem to have anger management issues. You would see to be either a Chelsea troll or a bit unhinged.

Cygans Parting

Congratulations on your first attempt at stringing together a coherent sentence!
Keep trying, eventually you’ll get there buddy!


Full loan with recall clause?
If he starts doing amazing grab him back


I feel if our transfer budget is going to be tight we need to blood in some more youths from our academy. They are free and in a couple of years 1 or 2 might turn into real gems or leaders of our club. We already lost a potential leader in Ramsey, after kosceilny leaves I don’t know who can succeed the captain role.


I love Emile, I think they should give him a run in tbe FA Cup and league cups and help him progress. Groom the youngster, who knows he might be a great player.

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