Arsenal take 21 man squad to Valencia for Europa League second-leg

arsenal 3-1 valencia 2019

Arsenal taken a 21 man travelling squad to Spain for tomorrow night’s Europa League semi-final second leg with Valencia.

3-1 up from the first leg, the Gunners are hoping to complete the job and book a place in the final which takes place in Baku on May 29th.

The full squad is:


Petr Cech, Bernd Leno, Deyan Iliev


Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Stephan Lichtsteiner, Shkodran Mustafi, Sokratis, Laurent Koscielny, Nacho Monreal, Sead Kolasinac


Lucas Torreira, Granit Xhaka, Matteo Guendouzi, Mesut Ozil, Joe Willock, Mohamed Elneny, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Alex Iwobi


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, Eddie Nketiah

We’ll have more from Unai Emery later after he meets the press at the Mestalla this evening.

Champions League envy as Arsenal head into an uncertain summer

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Unleash nketia with p.e.a and lacca. That would keep Valencia pinned at the back. Stop the iwobi and mikhi madness for once. They don’t chase enough when we lose possession…

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Iwobi makes me remember Theo and Gervinho at their not so best. I hope he scores a hattrick tomorrow and shuts me up


That should do it….


Ozil starting is a no no


Disagree- Ozil could really use the space that valencia are going to leave as they push for goals

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

Use the space to walk ?

Paul Roberts

Sadly Ozil is our only option and last hope.


Ozil slows down our game. Him and Xhaka something needs to be done with both


It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but if you haven’t been watching, and you’re like some ppl who really dont understand the game and just go along with the narrative of other people who don’t understand the game, who talk negative about ozil, I’ll just point out one thing to you Ozil is our best creative midfielder and without him starting we won’t be able to create much, which means we’re going to spend a lot of time defending, and you should at least know we don’t do that too well, especially away from home.


He has made two assists this season. He is doing nothing with the ball, and barely anything without it – pointless to start him, we need to press high from early in the game and not invite pressure on. Maybe bring him on later if the game is opening up.


I agree with the lineup, but how many times have we said that this season?


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more..


Once more to the bench, dear friends

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

I am sure Liverpool will inspire Valencia to attempt kick free kicks and corners knowing how we defend.

Alistair Bingle

Yup our defence is terrible it’s sad to watch , I miss the old Arsenal !!!

Paul Roberts

Maybe Emery is following our instructions on here?? This could be the problem?? 🙂


He’s really not


Would play Miky than Ozil in this game

A Different George

Monreal, I player who I have always liked, has generally been awful in the recent past. I know few will agree, but I would start Mustafi and hope for the best–when he is good he is quite good. When he is bad, well, . . .


Let’s get this job done, secure CL football by beating Chelsea in the final and start planning for next season.


Team is so average just look at it smh


the way this week is going its a handy one for Valencia..

please god just get us over the line


Not looking forward to this game, as a fan I’m worried we’ll have another shithole collapse. I’ll be stressed, sweaty and probably cursing. Its another night watching from under the bed with gritted teeth and buttocks. But still…coyg

A Different George

Come out fast and try to score. Don’t try to sit back and play on the counter, when your your team’s strength are in attacking. Are you listening Valverde, I mean Emery?


Like what you did there. “Are you listening Valverde, I mean Emery?” Very cleaver. Ironic sigh…


We won’t. We’ll press them.


Exactly what I was saying yesterday.

David C

Valencia don’t score much so we should be able to survive if we get 1 away goal.


Paul Roberts

They haven’t played us much this season though! fs 🙂

Gabriel Field

I a agree


Tbh we want to give the performance with commitment and the passion over 90 minute, and for the players to play with big personality.


*in the moments

In Arsene's Emery

And with intensity, in every fucking “moment” please.


Best possible eleven please, we need to see this out


*mind blown*


Crazy idea right?

In Arsene's Emery

Maybe he’s referring to Leno being part of the best 11, which he will not be.


Are we allowed to use all of them at once? The way we’ve played lately we could do with a few extra bods on the pitch.

Christopher Wreh

God I hope we get through


What I wouldn’t give to have a proper central midfielder in there tomorrow night. Watching fabinho last night reminded me of gilberto Silva in his element sorting out midfield. Sadly we gave a very dopey granit xhaka to do the job. An early goal would be most welcome. A Europa league final after a typically arsenal season would be very nice.


Torreria ain’t too sharp either. Caught out several times against BHA, he’s also cost us in a run of games against Soton, BHA, West Ham. We dropped valiuable points then when he gave away the ball in critical areas or was robbed off the ball, 5 or 6 times 3 leading dierectly to goals against. The problem in midfield derives from our back 4. If we adopt a back 3, we instantly have the wingbacks closer to the midfielders plus the relation to the pressing higher up (Should we play two up top) becomes much more compact. Its not just… Read more »


I’ve seen literally the same post from you at every mention of torreira in the past 5 months, sort it out m8


At least his posts are getting shorter

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

For you, Torreira cost us many games but Mustafi’s blunders are fake news.

Don't boo Paul Davis

Have you mentioned this before?

Danger Mouse

He he.


I have decided to play football with my friends instead of watching the game, I will dodge the score until i get home…Like i did once before and came into the house and told my wife ”dont tell me the score I’m going to watch it!” to which she replied ”thats ok because there isn’t one” (aka 0-0) LOL beautiful. I expect us to destroy them!


Hahaha. That’s a great line. ”Thats ok because there isn’t one.”


One of the few things in our favour (and 3-1 is by no means a given) is that some of our best performances this season have been in the Europa Cup.

All we, as fans, can do is hope rather than expect.

In Arsene's Emery

Yes true, but at home.


So long as we play a back 3. We played back 4 half way through against Palace and Mustafi imploded. BUT we played back 4 again against Wolves with the much vaunted pairing of Koscielny-Sokratis and we were decimated taken apart. We then played back 4 yet again against Leicester and we were raped. Arsenal has a problem playing against teams not just away from home but also the ones who sit tight and deep, adept and efficient on the counter. Teams like above mentioned are successful bc they transition very quickly and they are economical with their chances knowing… Read more »


I’m sure the downvotes are from your reputation as mostly talking crap, but you’re right here


Shorten your posts, please

In Arsene's Emery

Now I wan’t you to take all that creative energy and start a new Fifa Career mode with a 2nd div team and get as many Arsenal players on loan as possible.


Who cares?
After watching Liverpool last night it puts this piss awful club right into perspective.
Arsenal are finished as a big club.
We ARE the new Everton.
That is until Kroenke and that clown we have for a manager leave.
Until then expect nothing…

Paul Roberts

Oh shit, I was getting excited about tomorrow….:-( 🙂

Don't boo Paul Davis

Liverpool felt like that when we were good.


The response to our legacy manager declining over the years was to hire a manager fit for Everton, and thus we nailed our position in as a club at that level. Fact remains, the board and owners haven’t done enough to help us aim higher than that, both in terms of getting in players and management, so we are pretty much getting what we paid for. Sad times… But doesn’t mean we can’t hope for different and for us to punch above our weight as best we can! 🙂

In Arsene's Emery

Blaming Emery is ridiculous, outside Auba and Laca name one player that gets in a first 11 in the top 6. Even those 2 would be rotated with another striker so yep. All the coaches fault. Well thought out.

In Arsene's Emery

What’s amazing is that we weren’t a mid-table club before Wenger left, because he had squads of similar quality for his last 3-4 seasons, both he and Emery are very good at bringing quality out of just above average talent. Respect where it’s due.

Billy Bob

Crumbs Tim Stillman’s article makes for pretty depressing reading!!! Let’s hope the Valencia manager didn’t have a butchers!!!


After seeing us give up our top four spot , seeing barcelona get destroyed by liverpool , our form and style of giving up games and collapsing, ima go pray from now


Will need all 21 on the field

Billy Bob

Even then we would struggle ?


We defo need 25 man squad next season to rotate through 3 major competitions (League, Europe, FA) GK – Leno; (Either of Martinez or Ospina Or new keeper), (3rd/Academy) CB – (New), Sokratis, Holding, Mustafi (and/or Chambers) RB – Bellerin, AMN LB – Kolasinac, Monreal CM – (New), Granit, Torreira, Guendouzi RW – Mhki, Nelson LW – (New), Iwobi AM – Ozil, Smith-Rowe CF – Laca, Auba, (New) That’s defo 3 in CB, CM, and Wing necessary. Keeper depends on Marintez and Ospina…CF we can risk a relative unknown younger player plus Nketiah. Should also have room in peripheral competitions… Read more »


Ajax have been superb this season. The pick of the bunch, Van De Bleek, De Ligt, De Jong will be beyond us. Either of Neres or Ziyech may be very useful for that wing role we need. Ziyech may have a bit more years and will be good to add in addition to Nelson and Iwobi next season out wide. Mhkitaryan we can sell if there’s a buyer. He cost us nothing. IF new striker coming in (Welbeck out) should be relatively young bc Auba is 30+ Laca not far off. Should look for a Guendouzi equivalent may carry some… Read more »


Will still leak goal(s)


IAM seing the Gunner’s winning that game tomorrow,Emery should not start lwobi.

Billy Bob

?My Documents
└?Liverpool FC
└?Premier League
└⚠This folder is empty


lol thats funny, soon they will have the UCL title BUT HELL AFTER ALL IF THIS CRAZY SHIT IN THE UCL TOTTENHAM MIGHT EVEN WIN!

Lord Bendnter

I hope some of those are playing for their careers with Arsenal tomorrow

Lord Bendnter

Who cares who we start, what player combinations we try. Every combination and permutation has let us down this year


Deyan Iliev
Maitland-Niles, Sokratis, Laurent Koscielny, Sead Kolasinac
Mesut Ozil, Joe Willock, Alex Iwobi, Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Alexandre Lacazette, Eddie Nketiah


Very glad you’re not the manager with that team


aye this is just for playing time for Iliev and willock


Guys you are all correct let just hope this don’t disappoint us. Gunner’s till I die.


After the most horrible shit that just’s gone down in Amsterdam, we better do the job tomorrow.


I admire the approach but think its a hell of a risk only taking one defender

Jason daniels

Its sad boys. Sours in the ucl final. I hope they motivated

George Teng'a

Am extreamly happy with the team and only hard work pays. Only Mustafi should not start my prayers.


WE HAVE TO BE CAREFUL! After this crazy shit in the champions league anything can happen now