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Burnley 1-3 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal finished the Premier League season with a win, beating Burnley 3-1 at Turf Moor thanks to two goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and one from Eddie Nketiah.

It means we end up in 5th place, just a single point behind Sp*rs and two behind Chelsea. It’s hard not to feel the frustration of our poor run in the last few weeks, and no doubt we’ll cover that in more detail on the site over the coming days and weeks.

For today, let’s just focus on this game.

Read the Burnley 1-3 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Love the bonus rating. Well done Arsenal


Was he online on Psn during the match?

Not a fan of fortnite personally.

Runcorn Gooner

What is going on with Ozil ? Just don’t get why he is not in the squad. Is he tired,injured or can Emery just not be bothered to pick him again.

Our biggest earner is just not a main part of a very average squad. Defies belief.

Mesut O'Neill

Unfortunately we are lumbered with the petulant spoilt brat, I just wish a Chinese club would have come in for him.


He wasn’t chosen today so he’s a spoilt brat. Is it his fault that Emery rested him just as he did with Torreira and Sokratis. I think he has still plenty to offer Arsenal

Runcorn Gooner

So all the down voters think he is good for the team ethic after the way he has performed this season?


He has performed well in the latter part of the season and find the hatred of him quite sickening


Mate – if you think Ozil is the biggest issue with many of our players ‘ethic’, the you have a bigger problem that our back 3 or 5 or 4 (I forget which it is these days?)

Spanish Gooner

Didn’t want him getting injured before Madrid, Barcelona and PSG enter a bidding war for him this summer

Runcorn Gooner

Hope you are right but more chance of them bidding for Mustafi !

Arsene's Coat

Thought Guendouzi was excellent.. dominated the midfield today. A solid 8 or 9 for me


What is the point of Mesut Ozil? He should go out and buy himself a nice dressing gown, a pipe+slippers, and announce his retirement….

A Different George

How many more times are you going to post the identical ideas. At least your posts are shorter than Santori’s.


Why pick on Ozil. Neither Torreira or Sokratis were in the squad today.

Captain Khan

Because Ozil is the highest earner and has been poor this season, and tends to go missing (literally) in many of the away and physical games. We have every right to pick on Ozil.

Obama Young

MissIt Ozil doesn’t feel the need to travel up north for matches. He has more important things to do.


In a player ratings, you are talking about Ozil who did not play today. Why?

… And yes I wish he had a better season but that is true of most of the squad.

Gudang Pelor

What can you do. We slate him when he played badly, we slate him when he didn’t play, we slate him even when he played decently. I think you hate ozil rather than his football mate.


And you know this… how exactly?
Or are you just spewing out the same mindless hearsay as the Sun on a low news day?

Sigh. Good away win, but the previous 4 Orem games are such a wasted opportunity to finish in top 4. Btw, Ozil rested with a sore gooch, allegedly.

*prem games


Shows how much of a mental issue it is, I think. The pressure was off and we won fairly comfortably… reminds me of so many previous seasons when we fell short in the title race and once top 4 was secured our form returned


If only we won against Brighton, we would be in top 4 right now….can’t help but remember Xhaka’s school boy foul…..smh


True, but Spurs and Chelsea would probably have raised their level, knowing that UCL wasn’t guaranteed

Cool Papa Bellerin

If my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon


Technically, suspect that isn’t true…


I can remember many other things such as Aub’s missed penalty or Leno’s 2 errors against Wolves. Why must Xhaka always be the scapegoat


Because this is the Arsenal. Where we eat our own, remember?


I suspect it’s because they have generally been good all season while Xhaka keeps making the same mistakes. That being said, it’s not fair to blame one individual. There have been a number of players who haven’t performed to the expected level

David C

nice away win lads. Keep it going to Baku and beyond!

Samson’s Birthday winner

This is going to be very unpopular, but how many of those kind of chances has Auba missed this year? He seems to only bury the difficult chances and makes a mess of the easy ones.

Still great first full season in terms of goals, hope he carries this excellent form into the EL final.


I guarantee you Mo Salah and Kun Aguero miss more sitters than Auba. The only difference is we don’t create as many chances as a team than Liverpool or City.


Actually that’s a statistical fact. Salah had/has the most missed chances in the league…..not sure about sitters specifically tho.


Every high scorer fluffs their lines a couple of times per game. Remember when we played Cavani and PSG in the CL a few years back?

Spanish Gooner

I’ve criticised Auba too, however it should be considered that since last season: Aguero missed a penalty vs Spurs that would have knocked them out the CL, Salah missed two “big chances” vs Everton that would have won Liverpool the league, Kane missed a 1v1 that would have taken England to the World Cup final, Mbappe missed chances vs United that lead to PSG getting knocked out the CL. All strikers miss chances. The best ones get up again, and score the next three to send their team to European cup finals


31 goals in a season. And if you look at his goals per minute ratio, only Aguero is ahead of him. World class.


And Augero is the beneficiary of a team that absolutely dominates matches and creates bags of chances.

If only Auba would run around and get stuck in a bit more.
Yes, I’m joking.


City are a completely different animal. Pep has really constructed a superb outfit able to outlast the attention of even Liverpool this season. BUT it comes at cost we probably can’t match. Still their short passing and the ability of the players on the ball to dribble and find space is simply outstanding. When face with similar issue in BHA encamped en mass inside their box, City have the players to pick their way through and engage opponents in the dribble or quick passes. At times it looks like they were taking the other side apart with a game of… Read more »


Oh look chaps – Santa’s improving: he managed to bang the Mahrez, Iwobi AND Mustuffup drums all in one (shortish!) post!

Tony Adams Nose

Anthony Taylor stopped us from finishing 4th not Xhaka. It was never a foul, he got played and that idiot Taylor fell for it.
Got to say, would have been happy with the season if I was offered it at the start, but because they over achieved I ended up with a feeling of what could have been. (4th above the spuds).
Still we have a cup final to go so if he does manage to win that, it will have been a very successful first season for Emery.
Now or the clear out.


Our penalty in that game, was way more dubious.

Spanish Gooner

If that wasn’t a foul, then the penalty we scored that game wasn’t a foul either. Let’s not blame referees for how the league went this year


Our penalty WAS soft too.

Taylor was looking to make up for a (typical) error in judgement.

BUT we needed to be more savvy that this would happen.

The call on Granit was very soft but he should have known better that the ref may use ANYTHING as an excuse to address his own poor decision prior.

The other annoying thing is our players (Many guilty) looking for offside decisions during passage of play.

I feel these sort of psychological lack of focus need addressing. Not a difficult fix but these players need to be far more mature.

John Lavery

Steve Bould can address that last issue that you raised, is that what he is there for?


What about the red card to Niles?


THAT was a crime.

President Eckener

If there’s one thing today’s game confirmed for me, it’s the thought that if we’re not going to get massive investment from Kroenke over the summer, then I want to see many of our older players sitting on the sidelines next year as subs and more academy potential out on the field.


Willock and Nketia showed tons of potential. Can’t wait to see what Reece Nelson can do with the off and pre season


Potential indeed but we cannot rely on that next season. I’d rather Willock than Elneny but the Egyptian is still the stronger player. Even so, we need more than just diligence from the bench at this point of time. Elneny does not add anything going forward. We lack a player comfortable with ball at feet that can carry the ball up the spine much like Diaby, Viera or Santi could. Also even with Nelson and Eddie we will do ourselves little favour not to reinforce. Wing position only has Iwobi who can pull players out of position on the dribble.… Read more »


Heh. The bonus rating. Never disappoints


Iwobi really shone for me in the 2nd half, but had a really rough start.
Guendouzi same.
Mikhitaryan, GTFO of our club.

Auba, he is a rockstar, just such a gift to us.
He and Laca are the foundation for us to get back in the the mix for CL success and beyond.

Ozil unsurprisingly ghosting us. Just fucking leave.


Ozil: Doesn’t get picked for a game
N10: Critisises him for not picking himself…

Dude, we have a manager for that. Same manager who didn’t start Sokratis, Torriera and Kos.
Probably because, gee I don’t know, Emery doesn’t want them injured for our FUCKING EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL.
Ffs for all the things to get annoyed at Ozil for, not picking himself is not one!


Enable wing play and the result is there. Also that made us lively. Who knows what our performances might be if we have two proper wingers.
Onto the next one.


Hard to believe 2-3 seasons ago people were complaining we had too many wingers…..So the logical response was to sell all of our wingers in the same window.

Angry Arsenal Nerd



Why didn’t we bring him on v Brighton instead of Guendouzi?


Two thoughts after this game … other than the usual “what might have been” if we’d shown up against either Palace or Brighton.

It’s obvious Özil will be traded this summer – if a half-way decent offer materializes. At this point, I no longer care. He’s been so mediocre since signing his new contract it’s obvious he’s never going to put in the effort we need from him.

Barnes is an absolute shithead. He played like a thug today and deserves to get called out for it. Should have walked in my opinion.

A Different George

One more time: A club cannot “trade” or sell a football player under contract if he does not want to go. And he must be paid whether he plays or not.


Well aware of all of that. Perhaps switch to read mode, rather than remain on repeat?

I don’t care what his agent says now. if Özil receives a decent offer he will take it. Another season like this one (at Arsenal) would be a death knell for his career (& legacy).


but how sweet was it when our new BFG flattened him from behind, without dropping the ball!


I loved that nketiah scored our last goal in the premier league this season! Kinda feels like he deserved to play more this season based on what he did last season.
Hope he scores many more in the future!

It’s me



6 for Lichtsteiner and Mkhi is a bit harsh IMO. I’m far from their biggest fans but thought both were very respectable 7’s today.


Blogs – thanks again for these ratings for yet another season. Just wondering though – any chance of going back to the simple page format where your player ratings and comments load by default? I know it speaks poorly of my impatience since it’s just a few seconds’ wait till the switch appears – but I am reminded of my fat thumbs every time I have to repeatedly flick the switch. Do the majority of users just want to look at your ratings and comments (like me), or is there a large number that actually rate the players themselves before… Read more »


I like the chance to rate myself….but it is a bit slow. Ratings for manager? Ratings for ref? Ratings for crowd at home games? Would all be fun


I rate before looking. Like to go in unbiased and learn the hard way if a fair point is made that I might have missed.

But I do have difficulty getting the correct number of stars on tablet /phone. Probably need a dialing wand.

Crash Fistfight

Should just change it to a drop-down list.


We did well considering we played two teenagers in the midfield.. controlled it better than the recent games.. Willock looks good, calm and composed! A loan spell perhaps?

Guendouzi has an iron heart, was clattered throughout still picked himself up and ran the show pretty well ?

I hate the Burnley ba****** especially Barnes.

Merlin's Panini

you can say “bastards” on here you know.
You can also say “cunt”, as in “John Terry is a cunt”.


I would throw Willock in the squad. For example, he is way way better then Elneny and Xhaka. So why not keep him and give him a run of games. Same goes for Eddie, Nelson, Saka. Niles is already growing. I think those 5 youngsters are part of the internal solutions for our problems. I mean, put them aside and on the other Elneny, Lichsteiner, Xhaka, Mkhitarian. Who will you choose?


In my view, Willock does not need a loan spell. He just needs to be given the same opportunities that Unai
has given regularly this season to Guendouzi.


Can’t agree more!


Nah not good enough still.

We need better.

All more of the same next season.


Willock is still light weight. Not even Elneny at this point.

And Elneny is no where near Granit.

Its the same rubbish about Mavropanos. Again today several naive moments. These players have potential but need to go out on STRONG Loan.

Certainly they should not be relied upon to rotate. We need better if we are going to get close to the teams above us.

Otherwise expect the same rubbish next season.


Don’t be naive, Santori. You seem to be pretty reasonable man but do you realise that we will not buy more then 2-3 new players and it seems like Emery will pull some of the youngsters (cause plenty are leaving). So the “strong” loan for Willock for example is with us. Take for example Chambers and Nelson. If they remained with us I think we would have a bigger use of them. For me Chambers is still a better option then Mavropanos and Mustafi. Nelson is better then anyone played on the right wing this season. So Mavropanos was a… Read more »


Let’s sell Xhaka & Ozil please

Hank Scoprio

I doubt Ozil will leave. Certainly wouldn’t be averse to selling Xhaka and Elneny to fund a quality Rambo replacement.


But then we would need a Xhaka replacement so that makes no sense


Makers no sense but these people don’t operate on logic.

If anything today served to illustrate the importance of Granit.

Poor set piece delivery from Mhkitaryan. We also lacked the quick release from deep, Mustafi the only one to provide something in this area (one very decent ball to Auba for a shot at goal from a ballout oof defense)


Errrm… and yet we won 3-1 away! (And yes, wait for it, one of our central defs was again caught ball-watching, wrong side of their striker for the goal). No names mentioned but his initials rhyme was Shkodran Mustafi


Yes, like we have an unlimited budget and there isn’t already Cech, Lichsteiner, Ramsey, Welbeck potentially Koscielny out plus Jenkinson and Elneny (should we even find buyers for their prodigious talents)

And we have requirements in CM additional to the 3 players (Granit, Gunedouzi and Torreira), Rwing and Cback.

They want us to have more requirements further diluting our efforts. Very clever thinking.

John Lavery

Santori, we should make an offer for Ake, BHA, and Carey, Plymouth Arg. They will be cheap and good. Fraser BHA will come cheap too. There should be more but those three will be a good start. what do we all think of that?


Yes let’s sell Xhaka who has one of the best passing range of any player in the country who has formed a great partnership with Torreira. I also think that Ozil has still plenty to offer as he has been playing well in the latter part of the season


The bigger surprise to these people would be why Emery starts Granit ahead of Torreira. There is VERY good reason but they will never figure it out.


Its not if Ozil will leave, but who will pay for him?

Who will pay for Mustafi?

We can;t even sell the even more useless Jenkinson (as yourself why Mustafi is preferred to him at Rback) and Elneny.

John Lavery

I don’t like to say that Corporal Jenks is useless, why say that he is not Arsenal class. The boy could play somewhere else and do well. I mean, look at the right back we sold to West Brom, he is doing great now.


We’ll never dominate the midfield with him

Merlin's Panini

never realised Willock’s number was 69 before. lol.




Blogs – do you keep your ratings on a table or database? It would be kinda interesting if you revealed your average rating of all the players over the season…

Never Happen

If memory serves, Blogs has shown
season averages before.
My guess would be Leno for the
best average.


Iwobi needs to score goals. People appreciate only goals.
Ozil is criticised a lot, because he is not a great goalscorer, while Ramsey gets away with a lot because he is a goalscorer.


Yet Ozil still has more goals in the league this season than Rambo. Love both players anyway


I would like to see Iwobi play more centrally; kind of Ozil / Rambo position. At least as a test. Am I mad?


Wenger tried him there occasionally and he really fitted in. Ultimately he will inherit Ozil’s position in the team.


While goals are good, its a team sport – various individuals bringing in their stuff to make the team better, why should goals alone define the player? If Hleb wasn’t judged by his goalscoring, if Barcelona’s Arthur isn’t judged by goalscoring and if some of the greatest midfielders aren’t judged by their goals tally alone, neither should he.


since xhaka joined, we havent been top4

Crash Fistfight

Since Aubameyang joined, we haven’t been top 4. See how pointless that is?

Not that I think Xhaka is good enough – he isn’t if we want to do better, because he is so lacking in athleticism – but he’s probably our most creative central midfielder due to his passing range.

Our central midfield was hopeless before he joined – we had to recall Coquelin from a loan deal and move Santi back there to even have a central midfield!


1) Leno – Loved the way he bundled over bloody Barnes. Bully the bully. Later held him off on a one on on outside the box. Also a good safe before they (well Barnes) scored. 2) Lichsteiner – He’s hardly been used which makes you wonder why we didn’t just retain Chambers (in his natural position at Rback cover + Cback + DM) instead of spending the 90K. The one thing you can say postitive about Lichsteiner is he’ll get back in the face of …well Barnes…but unfortunately, Mslintat plucked low hanging fruit on a player past his prime. 3)… Read more »

In Arsene's Emery

Personally thought Elneny was better than Guendouzi today, very calm in possession when under pressure. That’s all. Thanks for your time.

In Arsene's Emery

But there was more… Not hating Guendouzi, I thought the pair of them were pretty great today, which was quite the surprise, for Burnley to it seemed.


Hey, what do you guys think about, if we were to pick up a winter or tow either internally or thru the transfer market, about putting Iwobi into CM in the same role as Xhaka. He has the close quarters control and ability to beat people to start the break. Pair him with Torreria and let them have at it.


Well, wasn’t that just bitterfuckingsweet.

Good win all the same.

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