Monday, July 4, 2022

Arsenal transfer round-up: Izzo, Szoboszlai, Saliba

Here’s the latest Arsenal transfer news round-up, as we continue a summer in which we’ve made a grand total of no transfers so far.

Let’s start with:

Armando Izzo

The Italian central defender has been linked with us previously, and today TutoMercatoWeb say that his agent, Paolo Palermo, is in London.

Don’t get too excited though, because they go on to say, “There could even be a meeting in the day to evaluate the possibility of starting a negotiation.”

So, to sum up: there could be a meeting during which they might discuss the possibility of starting a negotiation.

Also, they handily tell us that it would be up to Torino to decide if they wanted to sell the player or not. This kind of insight into how the transfer market works is amazing! The player’s club can choose to sell or not? WOW!

We give this one a runny 9.

Dominik Szoboszlai

He is an 18 year old midfielder playing for Red Bull Salzburg.

The link to him comes via a website called Football Insider, which is run by former Goal hack Wayne Veysey.

We give this one Infinity Poos.

William Saliba

Le10 say the transfer of the 18 year old could go through in the next few days, describing it as ‘A big blow for the ASSE’.

The things our executives have to do to complete a deal, eh? They also say that while personal terms have been agreed, we’ll attempt to ‘negotiate downwards’ with Saint-Etienne who want €30m and the player on loan for a year.

That really doesn’t sound like the kind of deal we’d agree to, but maybe there’s a compromise that would suit all parties. Hopefully one which means a player we actually buy this summer is available to us next season.

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Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I’d argue more effort went into covering the Infinity War poster in carefully placed poos than time spent writing this article.

And I bloody love it!

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Though I have since spotted two missed poopportunities on said pooster. Like a sort of bizarro ‘Where’s Wally?’, where you look for poopless faces and not a lanky chap dressed in bloody toilet paper.


Groot and falcon?
I’d say that’s time we’ll spent

It Is What It Is

+ Nebula


I am poop?


Maybe it was with purpoose?

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

All poo has purpose, doubting that is blasfeces!

Leno me, I’ll be your friend



Getting myself cryogenically frozen… please wake me up on the first weekend when the Premier League kicks off.



So… we’re just buying kids then? Is that the remit? Because that is fucking risky business. Throwing kids into an already flawed squad seems to be a bad move for both the youngsters and the team as a whole.

A few hungry teenagers is fine but we need players with calibre too. Be ruthless, sell the chaff and buy some 25 year olds. We can’t expect kids to heal gaping holes. It’s just not fair on them.

They’re rumours dude
Don’t get why people get their panties in such a twist about Transfer gossip time.


True but these names keep coming up. As much as rumours are exactly that, every transfer begins as a rumour.

I’m just a little concerned we aren’t hearing any rumours about, say, established defenders in their mid to late twenties. The clock is ticking.


I think that’s the only way to deal with a 40 mil budget.

If they do want to sign proven players with fair price, they could have signed Pablo Fornal for just 24 mil. I think when Arsenal crashed in the Europa League final , Sanllehi knew that he had no money to spend this summer. Just pray one day Kroenke will get bored when Arsenal slips to mid table and sell the club to someone else.


Frankly I will be surprised if we actually buy anyone. I think unless we sell a player or two, we wont be bringing any new players in.

Everyone should fully brace themselves for no new arrivals before the start of the new season.


stability ftw


There is a chance you do may not want to wakeup, Newxieland.


That’s a lot of poo.

Just sign Tierney and the Sampdoria duo (I really like the look of that Anderson fellow, him and Holding could be a great young CB partnership – big, mobile ball players), get rid of some of the chaff. Promote Bielik and move on to pre-season. AND TRAIN FUCKING HARD.

Get it done now please.

(Not you Blogs obvs ;))


Let’s all go and:

– get drunk and/or
– go to the beach and/or
– meet up with friends and/or
– read a book and/or
– learn something new etc etc

Got to be a better use of time than spending any time on highly unlikely transfer rumours that have almost zero chance of happening.

Okechukwu Jude

Oh! I remember the good old days when I looked at the transfer window with much hope and anticipation to see what we would do. How sweet were the last minute deals for Arteta,Yossi benayoun, the deals for Ozil, Sanchez, unearthing d gem called Eduardo or signing a needed Lasagna Diarra and even the less successful pursuit of Louis Suarez. Days of nostalgic feelings. oh! Where have those days gone???. Hmm, now I look at our team and d work we need to do and instead of optimism, I feel fear, disappointment, sadness. Hmm, wake me up at the start… Read more »

Maul Person

Lasagna! ???

parlours perm

i prefer canneloni


it would’ve been worse if it had also autocorrected the second word


It would have said Lasagna Dinner ?


That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind


So you are not happy with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Torreira and Leno?

Maybe you shouldn’t get too excited about transfers in the first place; they are a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

Case in point, all those players you listed; how many either disappointed or left.

John C

Heaven help you if you think they were the good old days as for many of us that was the start of our decline as a top club.

Not one of those players would have got in our starting eleven in the early 2000’s.

Merlin’s Panini

I love a Lasagna Diarra. With plenty of dolphin meat and parmesan on top.


Szoboszlai is a huge talent. We could buy him now or wait until next year, when we’ll have to sit by and watch an increasingly small number of nation or asset backed clubs scramble to pay his violently inflated valuation.

Papa Large, big shot in North London

Szoboszlai would be a great signing. £15m now and he’ll be worth three times that in a few years, or gone on a free to Barcelona going on the current form of the club. It won’t happen and will go down as another “remember when we almost signed Zlatan/Gareth Bale/Yaya Toure/Bitey Racist Guy”.

Injury Time

Did you run out of poo for WILLIAM SALIBA as all I see some advert about sorting my slow wifi…or is this a new constipation rating i.e. no movement?

Thankfully the Womens World Cup is suitably distracting from our lack of transfers, although not looking forwards to VAR if it’s as inconsistently applied in the EPL, they’ll be selling VAR blankets outside the ground so you can have a nap whilst they dick about.

Man Manny

We were told at that time that one of the major reasons Monchi opted for Sevilla was because our summer plan had already reached an advanced stage! The summer is here; where is the plan? Sadly, there is no evidence of any plan whatsoever. The summer is young you might say; but “a chick which will grow into a cock is determined the day it hatches.” Serious clubs are already making deal; all we have are rumours, speculations and consequent mounds of eye-popping poo! It’s a shame really that a club this size can degenerate to the level of becoming… Read more »


Just buy Saliba and give them Mavropanos on loan?


How long before autocorrect starts changing that to Saliva


Infinity poo – brilliant. “To infinity and beyond” as my dear friend Buzz Lightyear would put it.
Cant wait for this summer shitstorm to end

Maul Person

“…dear friend Buzz…”?

Woody, is that you?!

Injury Time

No, he’s just pleased to see you…


No, it’s Santori’s Mustafi boner.


Is Tierney gonna be any good, i like the sound of him, we all know that the Scottish prem is the equivalent to our championship not our premiership, I want players for now and the future, am I being greedy?

Maul Person

If you’re good enough, you’re good enough. Van Dijk played in that same league and look how much of a beast he is.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

He’s got that same work effort and professionalism the likes of van Dijk, Wanyama, Robertson and Dembele all showed. Sort of player a Leicester may buy now and then probably be able to flog him to a top 6 team for £50m in a summer or two, so would be wise to nip in now. If you’re still unconvinced watch some matches of him playing internationals or CL (if you can watch the Bayern game you’ll get a decent impression of whether he can rise to the challenge). He’s highly regarded and earmarked to be better than Robertson. Hope this… Read more »

Ko Aunglinn

Kronke out


Just saying.. back in 2014 Armando Izzo served a 6 month ban for match fixing.

Donald's Trump

I also am just saying H to the Izzo, V to the Izza. For shizzle my nozzle, something something in BA

Belfast Gooner

Wayne Veysey – Enough Said!!


Shit that poster….enuf said.:D

Belfast Gooner

Are you referring to me? If you have a problem with my posting tell me why.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I think he means the actual poster, mate. As in the Avengers Movie poster with loads of plops on, in the article, hence his word usage.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

… the universe is a funny place, I just defended santori. By this time next week I’ll be discussing economics with Nigel Farage and bumping uglies with Katie Hopkins…

Wait, that’s not funny at all! Somebody shoot me ASAP! I can’t let it reach that!

Make Arsenal Great Again

Poo this runny is not normal. This Wayne Veysey guy needs to see a doctor


Infinity poo

Paul Roberts

Loving the “Infinity Poos” well played!


Forget wasting money on Saliba.

Should strongly consider Bielik in deep midfield (cover for Cback). That way we can concentrate our meager resources on quality for a Cback and a winger.


Oh, we’ve got a poo poster here.
Looks like spu*s came out with a new dvd!


I don’t know if it has been said before, but could it be that Arsenal are holding back on announcing any transfers because of the new kit deal? If the Puma deal runs until say 1st July then Arsenal are not going to want to announce anybody before then, having them holding up a shirt that will no longer be used. They want new signings to hold up the new shirts.

When the Adidas deal kicks in I fully expect us to announce all 58 players we have been linked with so far this summer.

Merlin’s Panini

Infinity Poo. That tickled my immature side immensely.
Anyone seen this thing about Presnel Kimpembe? I wouldn’t mind having him in the squad at all. He kind of looks like he should be an Arsenal player to me. Just has the right face. I felt like that about Henry, Lacazette, Pires and Overmars before they joined and they didn’t turn out too bad. Still, it’s from the Express so probably bollocks.

Tony Adams Nose

How about we promote the 18-20 year olds we have (that are highly regarded) and save our money for a finished article?


Anyone else alarmed by the lack of transfer productivity thus far ?
We need a new CB+RB+LB, CM x 2 or 3, winger & back-up striker….
Whilst trying to flog Mustafi/Ozil/Mhk…
Pre-season starts in less than a month… WTF are they doing day-to-day ??

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