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Arsenal’s 2019/20 Premier League fixtures – analysis

Provisional dates for next season’s Premier League fixtures were released this morning and we’ve been poring over the timing of some of the more noteworthy showdowns.

For starters, Arsenal (in our brand new Adidas kit) will travel to Newcastle on the Sunday of the opening weekend (broadcast on Sky Sports) and we conclude the season with a derby at home against Watford.

In between…well, it’s going to be tough work. Here’s our review.

When are the North London derbies?

(H) 31 August 2019
(A) 25 April 2020

When do we first play the new boys?

(H) Aston Villa, 21 September 2019
(A) Sheffield United, 19 October 2019
(A) Norwich, 30 November 2019

Big 6 showdowns

  • We face Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester United before the end of September.
  • Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United are opponents in the space of two weeks over Christmas.
  • If we get our sh*t together, we could win the league at White Hart Lane on April 25 – the same day as Arsene’s Invincibles. That would be followed by a guard of honour from the Scousers. Wishful thinking…

When is the worst run?

Honestly, it looks like we have a tough start, a tough middle and a tough end.

  • Newcastle, Burnley, Liverpool and Sp*rs for the first four games isn’t particularly appealing.
  • Someone has a sense of humour pitting us against Crystal Palace, Wolves and Leicester in succession again – this time in November.
  • Our festive season run includes games against Manchester City, Everton, Chelsea and Manchester United – the last is currently scheduled for New Year’s Day at the Emirates.
  • Wolves, Leicester, Liverpool and Sp*rs in the run in also looks daunting.

What happens after our Europa League games?

Our continued participation in the Europa League means we can be sure of lots of Thursday and Sunday fixtures. Here’s who we face after each of our group games.

EL Matchday 1 – 19 September 2019
(H) Aston Villa

EL Matchday 2 – 3 October 2019
(H) Bournemouth

EL Matchday 3 – 24 October 2019
(H) Crystal Palace

EL Matchday 4 – 7 November 2019
(A) Leicester

EL Matchday 5 – 28 November 2019
(A) Norwich

EL Matchday 6 – 12 December 2019
(H) Manchester City

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Good chance of winning the league at the toilet bowl…


The solution is simple: just win them all, and we win the premiership!


Some of these fixtures look tough though.

There’s 38 that I’m not 100% about.

Danger Mouse

He he. ? You’d think someone would have thought of that cunning plan by now!…..As someone who’s been an eternal optimist at the start of a season every year I’m finding this year particularly difficult to be optimistic about. Unless the soulless moustachioed leech on the other side of the Atlantic starts giving a fuck I fear poor old Emery will be made a fall guy mid season as we flounder around in mid table. Naturally I hope I’m completely wrong.


Tough opening month!

David Hillier's luggage

The post EL games look ok, you would hope we would have qualified before the last game so City after isn’t the worst thing, and as away games go Leicester & Norwich could be much worse. I’m a tad worried about Sky/BT shifting the games before the EL ties though, moving Man Utd or Sheffield Utd away to a Monday night before a Europa game won’t be fun.

A Different George

And, truthfully, having an extra disadvantage when we play City is not likely to matter much; that is not a fixture I expect much from no matter when it is played.


Yes. Right now we are that person convincing themselves that beauty is only skin deep. The reason we think Newcastle, Burnley, Liverpool and Spurs is a tough start is because we’ve dropped a level or two. Any fixture that didn’t include the 3 newly promoted teams( not that they are shit) in the opening four fixtures would be scary. The teams with Bendtner, Arshavin, Ox and Gervinho would be expected to put Burnley, Newcastle to the sword. Favourites against spurs and go toe to toe with pool. The more we fall, realistically we are a typical Europa league team now,… Read more »


couldnt agree more pathetic end to the season- leading on to pathetic attempt at recruitment this summer= bottom half of the table at end of august. we have paid our stadium off pretty much, spuds still in debt-pool and chelski still pipe dreaming theirs so why cant we splash the cash on top quality internationals , even if it were just 2 players a transfer window we would be different animal by the end of the season. need to get kronenke out-hes just a businessman with no affiliation-usmanov would have spent . when i hear people talking about holding being… Read more »


I don’t know about that… Joey Barton would probably get me sent off and we’d draw 0-0 to Newcastle.


To be fair, the teams with Bendtner & co faced Flanagan, N’gog, Skrtel & co..

Sir Aladdin

Even with a magic lamp and a Genie,we are gonna finish 7th.


EL <<< CL, so post EL games don't matter, cause one can happily rotate all 11 players in EL and still get a result.


I honestly look at this and think “which games are we actually going to win?”

They all look easy-to-lose.


Emery to be sacked after that run of games in November


So we’ll need to beat Watford at home to finish fourth?


Can we skip the Europa League


If we’ll get in when Boris becomes dictator, me and my friends can now start planning our excursions to London, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Sheffield United 19 October looks promising. And Norwich City 4 April. We don’t want anybody good. (I normally watch a cup match as well. And maybe a top six, but then alone, worried on the ledges).

Otherwise, it will be tv. But tv is good.

Henry Brooklyn

Arsenal tend to deliver more when they are written off and when expectations are really low. I honestly think this will be an exceptional season for Arsenal especially with our strikers having more understanding. We still have Bellerin


Exactly, don’t understand all this negativity about the fixtures. It is an acceptance of mediocrity if we’re worried about playing all these teams. The only fixtures that would really worry me are Liverpool, Chelsea and City away. If we pick up our away form, things will get so much better.

A Different George

I think that if things go well, we have an excellent chance of finishing in the top four. But I don’t think there is any chance whatsoever, this season or for the foreseeable future, of mounting a title challenge. What was considered a disappointment and a source of anger in Wenger’s last years is now our realistically best possible outcome.


exactly and rather than being crybabies about our situation, let’s show some cojonesss (Simeone Voice)

Jean Ralphio

Blood the youngsters in the Europa.


Hey Arseblog, please dont make the fixtures announcement sound like such a negative thing yeah. Tough start, tough in the middle and tough end. Easy guys, this is the PL. We’ll be fine.


This looks like a decent time for a winning streak!!!


05/10/2019 – Arsenal v A.F.C. Bournemouth

19/10/2019 – Sheffield United v Arsenal

26/10/2019 – Arsenal v Crystal Palace


02/11/2019 – Arsenal v Wolverhampton

09/11/2019 – Leicester City v Arsenal

23/11/2019 – Arsenal v Southampton

30/11/2019 – Norwich City v Arsenal


03/12/2019 – Arsenal v Brighton

07/12/2019 – West Ham United v Arsenal

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