Tuesday, June 25, 2024

VIDEO: Adidas x Arsenal ‘The Fabric of Football – This is home’

Everybody enjoyed Ian Wright, Idris Elba and a whole host of dodgy ‘Norf Laandan’ accents promoting the launch of Arsenal’s new adidas home shirt.

Now our kit manufacturers have released another video titled ‘Fabric of football: This is home’.

It’s 10 minutes long and features the likes of Per Mertesacker, Mesut Ozil, Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Vivianne Miedema, Matteo Guendouzi, Leah Williamson, Jordan Nobbs, super fan Maria Petri, academy prospect Malcolm Ebiowei and, of course, Wrighty talking about what it means to support and represent the Gunners.


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Joey Jojo Jr Shabadoo

Thought Per sounded slightly North London then =)

Super Joshi

A lot North London

Bern pero

COYG ❤️❤️


Such a sweet motivational promo , gets you hyped up for the season with hope.
Hopefully we win something on the back of this
( the men I mean , our women are arguably the best women’s team in the world right now.)

P.S ( The cynic in me feels that this video is targeted at Zaha ? )


Hype n hope are no substitute for the reality that we don’t “run North London” or qualify for the Champions League or win the Europa League.Its all very cosy for our absentee owner to let the kit sponsors indulge in cheap sentimentality to sell overpriced shirts while he sits back with his locked down bank account. Truly social media etc are the opium of the masses now,selling opium like dreams of glory until you wake up to the grim reality then a few hours later are craving another hit.Anything to avoid the Zaha “can we pay you over 5 years”… Read more »


Hope is an excellent substitute for reality; it’s what keeps the world turning.


I surely cant be the only one who is really struggling to get hyped for the new season? We’re 6 weeks away from the first game, there have been no major signings, we don’t seem to be very close to completing any potential deals either. Zaha and Tierney appear to be miles away. Things aren’t looking too promising. Even more so when you consider that once the first game kicks off that’s it, the window is closed. Its not open for lots of panic buys for those two weeks in August. Once its shut that’s us till Christmas. There’s so… Read more »

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Adidas and our new kit has pulled a shiny facade over the on-going management shit show.

It annoys me that buying the kit will contribute financially to our morally corrupt, indifferent owner.


Come on, it’s a game, sport, entertainment. If you can’t enjoy pulling on the shirt, you’ve lost something too important to lose along the way. Too many of us have let the hack papers and media merchants poison our passion for club, and it has jaded our perspective on the Arsenal. Now wer’e letting an absent, indifferent owner take control of our sensibilities and hope as well. Don’t let them steal your support and your joy.

Wilsheres Middle Finger

I completely agree with what you have said and I generally consider myself to have quite a positive outlook, but my levels of cynicism keep bubbling up and boiling over when I see these glossy media propaganda videos talking about values, history, community, what Arsenal means to people. If the people who run this club truly appreciated what it means to be Arsenal, they surely would be putting more effort into ensuring it is the best it can be, rather than standing by while we gradually decline into mediocrity. But as you have said, to deny my support and joy… Read more »


@Futsboller I hate the ownership so much that it’s almost impossible to enjoy anything Arsenal related now. All of the things that made Arsenal great; the players, the fans, the core values, the way we behaved as a Football Club, even the way that we were perceived as a Football Club by the wider footballing public. Just everything that made me fall in love with the club as a young boy just isn’t there anymore. It’s all completely gone. And things don’t look like they are ever coming back. The Emirates era has very nearly undone all of Arsenals great… Read more »


@IamaGoober — That is too bad, as it does sound like the ownership and management have taken something precious away from you. I don’t see things as negatively, and don’t think the club have lost their grip on the core values or the way we conduct ourselves in the broader sense — I wasn’t happy with how the end of the Wenger era went down, I’m not happy with our style of football right now, I’m not filled with confidence by the folks doing their suit-work behind the scenes, but I am hopeful that we’ll get back to being a… Read more »


@Futsboller As much as I want to believe that will be the case, I just can’t see it. I think it’s because I know too much. And I am not trying to put myself on a pedestal as some Twitter ITK, because I am not. I just have a few very close friends that work in extremely informed places in the Premier League and European Football, who are also Arsenal fans. And they know how incompetent all of our backroom staff actually are – hence we find ourselves in this financial crisis at the moment. The only person who I… Read more »


100% agree. You’ve articulated exactly what I feel and what the reality is and if anything, I found this video just crass manipulation. Ironically if we were enjoying the success and status that we all feel we should, then the exact same video would be brilliant!!


Misery loves company and you’ve articulated it all perfectly mate.

The board and owner, the rot starts at the top. How and why did they let this happen?

What LFC supporters did was save their club. They marched and protested for a very long time to snatch it back from those bumblers before they really tanked it for good. I don’t see us having the stomach for it. Willing to be pleasantly shocked.


Meanwhile Spurs have spent €60m on a central midfielder who by all accounts is exactly the type of player we could do with. What the fuck has happened in the last five years. This is my first ever negative post on here, but I’m with you, my optimism has finally run dry.


I try not to cry much…

The new kit is bonkers good. Riddance Puma.


Nicked me a tear or two. Now sign a couple of players with that Adidas money!

Simon Ratcliffe

It would be nice if our new sponsors knew it’s called a shirt and not a jersey.


Nice video… and then you remember that the owner doesn’t care about the club, just the money. Sad.


Amazing video. Reminds me why I love this club so much. Although we are long way from what we’ve been. I loved Maria, true, passionate fan, we can all learn from her. Must say, however, that Ozil looks out of place and unsettled, can’t find a better word. Almost like he will cry when the camera rotates around him. I know he’s apparently introvert but definitely things are wrong. You can do a promotional video, it’s all part of the game, but we know club is trying to sell him and Emery doesn’t want him, so that was not easy… Read more »


Exactly — and we are so lucky to have someone like Per, who speaks so well about life and football, in the setup (was it Wenger who put him in that role?). Can he be our manager someday? Wrighty is something else – wow, what a spokesperson for the club: he actually speaks Arsenal, and its a beautiful language. I love our team and this club, win or lose, and I hope good things happen on and off the pitch this year to bring the men’s team some of the pride that is flowing through the women’s team. I do… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Per was the player who managed to be kind of a friend of Wenger. He was a protégé and appointed by favouritism. One year of salary without playing waiting to become head of academy without experience.


Well, he’s one of my favourites.


Old lady Petri reminds us of what a true fan really is. Never abuse the team, encourage them when they do badly….. Terribly difficult when we get mustafi-level blunders. Guess we should all try to get a lil perspective most of the time. Ion understand German but Ozil’s tone sounds so cool and reassuring. I hope he picks up. Per sounds Really cool and calm too, wonder how many times he had to barf before the video.. Lol Loving the Men’s support for the women’s team, it’s not the first time the women have been saying this, so hearing that… Read more »


Sorry ozil, you won’t be hearing your song sung by us fans anymore! We only do it for players who give 100% on the pitch, then we give you 100% off it.


Yes, i was also surprised that this video talks about the best fans in the world.


31 thumbs down from Ozil fanboys… piss off….
Wrighty said it: supporters, punters, fans, we all just want you to give a shit. Keown said it perfectly last year when he called Ozil “not fit to wear the shirt”.
Guy is such a hypocrite saying how proud he is about the chants and yet he cannot be arsed to make a fucking tackle. Not even going to waste my breath anymore. GET GONE.


Maria Petri…❤

Olanrewaju Peters

We need this players, with the Adidas money or with their help we should be able to get this players *Harry Maguire, Zaha, James Maddison* with this players only few clubs will be able to outrun us and we will make history with them.


I am not crying, you are crying!


How about instead of doing wanky videos… actually focusing on not being a shitshow of a football club off the pitch…


Mertersacker ,the way he speaks looks like Wenger 2.0 in the making


Well said.


New Ozil jingle for next season:

We’ve got Ozil, Mesut Ozil

I still don’t really understand

He’s overpayed by Stan

He’s bumming out the stands

Please sell Mesut Ozil


Sounds great! Perfect to motivate our guys!


Thanks, I’m doing my part in hopes it motivates them right out the door! This one’s to the tune of Sanford and Sons.

Mesut Ozil!

It is time for you to go

Mesut Ozil!

You’re not welcome anymore,

Matter fact take Mhki and Musti with yaaaaa


A well produced Video – no questioning that. Ian and Maria really nailed it !


I really like this campaign. For a lot of people, the epitome of the Arsenal was always Arsene. Although he is a huge part of our history, there is so much more to the history and culture of the club. This campaign is trying to get the narrative back on track and remind some of us why are for the Arsenal. We lost a bit of that narrative at the end of Arsene’s time with the diminishing results. Many supporters only knew the club with Arsene, and thus were left feeling a bit rudderless when he finally left. These videos… Read more »

Eric Blair

I’d agree with that. I started supporting Arsenal towards the end of the Graham era but still really felt that the club lost its soul when Wenger left. Of course it was more than just Arsene, but he seemed the only one trying to maintain that traditional club culture. In my opinion we lost too many Arsenal people too quickly over the last 15 years and the new ones either don’t get it or just don’t care enough. Of course there’s the bigger football picture too, the inflated wages, unscrupulous agents, lack of respect for the fans, loss of the… Read more »


Genius – a beautiful video, left me feeling all warm and nice. Wrighty – true legend!


Brought a few tears to the eye that did. God, I love this club. It’s not always great, but at least we’re always so damn classy. Unique club.

Jamie Richards

That’s all well and good but…… Stan Kroncunt……. Makes it so bollocks really


Wow! how good was that. I’m an overseas fan and will probably never get to see my team live and in the flesh but that…THAT! is what has been missing from this club for far too long. I know its just an advertising campaign but f@#k it I loved it and it’s given me something positive for once. Communication Arsenal!! Take note it does wonders.


Never work for the club you love…..trust me!


Wrighty is a true legend

John Griffiths

On a different subject, I can’t believe how awful the official website has become. It used to be so good.

Harry Flowers


Ian Wright you beautiful gooner!!!

I just felt compelled to say…. I watched the Addidas video – the fabric of football & it made me so emotional. I know it’s a marketing campaign designed to stir up emotions of the fan base, but it did make me show me deep love for this club through thick and thin. We’re so damn lucky that we ever had such a fantastic player, a great man like Ian Wright and Per Mertesacker gets it too. I feel that there is hope & thank you Addidas for the memories and a wonderful new kit. This is a hard act… Read more »


Can Adidas buy Arsenal?


I fucking love Ian Wright.


Per’s pretty good to, huh?

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