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Emery: Pepe’s impact is very good

Unai Emery says fielding record signing Nicolas Pepe for 45 minutes in the 2-1 win against Burnley was ‘perfect’ as the Ivorian continues to work his way to full fitness following a stunted pre-season.

While the 24-year-old may not have got on the scoresheet like teammates Alex Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, he did dovetail well with his attacking cohorts in a livewire second half cameo that bodes for the rest of the season.

His manager thinks there’s more to come, but for now, the Spaniard is happy.

“The structure of playing in their game plan is very strong and we needed to adapt to that,” Emery told his post-game press conference.

“Afterwards we needed to impose our capacity, our quality, our skills, our structure also offensively and defensively.

“I think we did that. But for example today, if we can take off the result, I think we can do better.

“After, the goals of Lacazette and Aubameyang is amazing. And Pepe’s impact is very good.

“Forty-five minutes today, he has been with us only two weeks and he needs to fit more. I spoke with him yesterday about how he is feeling every day with us, how he is feeling before the match, and he is feeling progressively better, but he needs more.

“Today, I think 45 minutes was perfect for him.”

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Ordnance Dave

That nutmegging Ben Mee out of existence is meme worthy.

Paul Roberts

Keown said “Mee needed to buy another ticket to get back in the stadium” 🙂

Paul Roberts
Dispossesed by Torreira

Thank you!


Thanks, that’s elite elite dribbling.
Cantbwait until he is fully fit.


Be amazed if that isn’t on Soccer AM next week! Mee wasn’t clever & didn’t keep them together ?


Nicolas Pepe: Soul Reaper


I think the expectation on him should be be so high… He needs time to be back to sharpness and adapt to a new team and environment. Let’s be more patient on him rather than focusing on his price tag which some arsenal fans always do.


Why am I finding it difficult to contain my excitement this season?

Note to Self:
” Remember thou art still an Arsenal fan… “?


Nah, balls to that brother. Football can be a cruel and brutal mistress. We know that better than anyone. So you’ve got to take the good stuff when it comes. Enjoy the vibes! COYG!


That would be why.

Never getting excited when things go well, because you know the team will definately fuck it all up, is diagnostic of being a Sp*rs supporter.


Liverpool’s next. That will help us all contain our excitement for a while.


In due time Pepe will be fully match fit, and we’re going to tear up opposing defenses. Get in!

Evans nyundo

I take this time to thank unai emery is good start this season he has brought good players like Dani ceballos he is like Santo kazola we have got it.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Agree, Avano Noryunda.


Yes, it’s a maximum 6 out of 6 points – but remember that we almost always beat Newcastle and Burnley. A much better test is coming soon, against Liverpool and then Spu*s.


Looks a real handful. Tricky, quick, unorthodox and slyly powerful. If he can get on top of his end product, like he did in Ligue 1, he could be a sensation.


also, can someone ask van persie to shut up…no one cares for his stories!


BT have really cornered the market on obnoxious pundits.



Dion dublin hammered under my home

I think sky like to mind quad arsenal fans with evil pundits. Graham Susan and Jose moring glory last week. Now van parcel force this week. I thought we did offer him a contract and he still went to Manchester to work on the tramline? 125 thousand a week if i remember rightly.

Corona X

Either you’re drunk – or your autocorrect is!
No such thing as ‘Jose morning glory’.

Dave Cee

I know it is unpopular around here but I will always like van Persie, he carried our team along with Cesc for at least 2 seasons. If he.d had better players and a stronger manager around him he would have won the title for us rather than just ensuring we made the top 4

Yellow Ribbon

For how many years did he carry just one. What was doing before that:Being injured.
You can keep your unpopular opinion to yourself.


I think Pepe is exactly the kind of player we need for games like Liverpool away next week where we’ll be playing a lot on the counter. Playing our big front three in front of a three man midfield that’s willing to work hard and put in a defensive shift like yesterday could really hurt teams away from home. Feel more confident about picking up points on our travels for the first time in a while


He’ll probably be in against Liverpool so we’ll see how he does against top opposition – going for their 12th straight league win apparently.

Evans nyundo

One thing unai emery he supposed to do is when is players are playing he is not supposed to sit down instead I will like him motivate them like yesterday. David Luis to stick for his number the story for to overlapping to front it cost us much.


You watch our games, right?

olatunde aderoju

The guy is absolutely super. I believe he will contribute immensely to our hunt for glory this term.

Paul Roberts

A question please? If Ozil got into yesterday’s second half team who would he replace?


Hopefully, Ozil may be on his way if reports from the US are to be believed (although we shouldn’t count too many chickens yet). If he does go then will he be missed? Yes, but only when’s he’s playing on top form – how often does that happen now? Overall, the saving of £350,000 a week is more tempting – especially as we’re likely to have to use a fair portion of that to sweeten the contract extensions being offered to Lacazette and Aubameyang!

Paul Roberts

But who does he replace if he comes in Goonereality?


That’s a decision Emery will have to make next week at Liverpool; Ozil or Willock. I would pick Ozil; he just has that touch of world class needed to unlock any defence in the world. I’d also expect Pepe will start ahead of Nelson. Those are the only 2 changes I would make from yesterday.

Paul Roberts

So it’s Ozil vs Willock?Thanks


I would swap torreira for Willock. Ozil does not get into the team unfortunately.


Presumably Ozil would have to play 10 with two others behind, unless we stick him in the front 3.

Emery said Ceballos was an 8 or a 10 so I guess we could stick him further back with one other.

Paul Roberts


Maitland Niles Luiz Sokratis Monreal

Guendouzi Torriera

Pepe Ceballos Aubameyang



Yes but as a 433 not 4231


After watching Zaha earlier today,am glad we dint sign him!!!! Pepé is a Much better player and value for Money,plus has a higher ceiling for improvement and sell on value…. Good job by Don Raul and Edu….upwards onwards…COYG!!!!


More to come. Its important he doesn’t have to carry the weight of expectations with his price tag. Flashes of good stuff from him including that nutmeg and the great through ball to Auba, a couple of very quick and direct breakaways. We’ve been crying out for solution on the rwing for many seasons now even when Alexis was with us. The balance of our threat tended to be heavily weighted to left side which made us predictable to contain. With Pepe finally and Bellerin or AMN, we now have plenty of threat down the right. ironically we then curtail… Read more »


Just throwing this out there, but how’s “French ALPs” as a nickname for the front three of Auba, Laca, and Pepe? Apologies if I’ve missed this being used elsewhere, but still a bit giddy about our Francophone trio of destruction.


You know what I’m salivating most right now ? Pepe vs Danny Rose in 2 weeks time.

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