After picking up the man of the match award for his performance in yesterday’s 2-1 win over Burnley, Dani Ceballos says it was one of his highlights of his career so far.

The 23 year old had a storming game in midfield, leaving Stoke Burnley chasing shadows, and ending up with two assists to his name.

It was a cracking first start for the midfielder, and he was handed a standing ovation by the Arsenal fans when he made way for Lucas Torreira late on.

Speaking about the game afterwards, he said, “The truth is that for me it has been one of the most special days of my life.

“I think that starting at home by winning and with this passion at the end of the match, I think it will be hard to forget this day for me.

“I really want this year to truly demonstrate the football that I have inside. I have a lot of enthusiasm for this season & give a lot of joy to these people.

“The confidence they have in me, I want to return it to them with my performances.”

And on Instagram he also expressed his happiness at how the game went.

“The team worked perfectly in this tough match,” he said.

“I am very proud of my teammates! And most of all, Arsenal fans were spectacular. I have felt their support and love since the first ball contact.

“I dedicate this first MVP of the match to them! 3 more points! Now we have to keep up working! Let’s go!”

Well played that man.

For more on the 2-1 win over Burnley, check out today’s Arseblog

Arsenal 2-1 Burnley: Midfield drive the performance as the strikers win the points

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can we keep him? pls?

Jungu Beans

Sublime. His two-footed dribbling kind of reminds me of Santi, though their physiques are so different. But I have to say, it’s odd being so excited about a player that is just on loan with us. I would have been far more amped if he were permanently one of our own.

Julian Pan

Maybe he could extend his loan another year. Who knows

Reality check

He’ll never be loved at Real the way he’ll be loved here.. I hope he realises that and decides to stay for a few more years..

Dispossessed by Torreira

As much as I’ll love that, I think I need a reality check ?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Got the pun but was Dispossessed ala Torreira.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Reality check tells me he will improve at Arsenal and get ready to replace old Modric.

Ojobo Johnmike

No,if he keeps on playing this way all season,i want him bought at whatever amount the likes of Messi,Ronaldo,Hazard,Mpape,Neymar,etc could be bought or sold.

non flying dutchman

Why? He isn’t our asset Real will be the ones to profit from such a sale


I thought he was sublime but I wouldn’t say he was in the same league as Santi for being able to use both feet; seemed very right-footed yesterday.


Don’t say anything nice about him this season (regardless of how good he was yesterday and will be for the rest of the season) as it will only push up the chance of him going back to Real or will push the transfer price up.

On that basis (only) he was pretty poor yesterday…

A Different George

Assuming Zidane is coaching there next year, it will be his decision. Surely he is a logical long-term replacement for Modric, but that doesn’t mean that he is necessarily a player Zidane wants. So, unlikely that he’ll stay but not impossible.

Christopher Wreh-Kamp

Hopefully he falls in love with th club and decides he wants to stay. Even if that did happen, Real Madrid will make us pay a ridiculous amount for him.


Ive read somewhere that Kroenke went to RM and duschades the loan. He was then promised that RM would sell Ceballos to Arsenal once the loanspell was over. Rumours maby, but i remember reading it on several news outlets.

Mayor McCheese

Ah yes, Duschade. No wonder that ill-managed affair was eclipsed by Lucozade.


Sign him up!
If we can convince him that this is the place for him to be, our midfield will be set for the next many years. Loved the “ohhhh Dani Ceballos” chant to the same tune as the “ohhh Santi Cazorla” chant hahaha


I know it is early but he reminded me of Santi.
Yesterday night, I watched Grenada come from 2 down to get a 4 – 4 draw against Villareal and kept thinking about how we missed somebody like him last season.


He reminded me of a sexy Santi/Cesc hybrid.

Upamecano but downalego

Santi’s range and ability, with a young Diaby frame given the way he masks the ball – almost arching over it, and that Hleb style of movement where the ball appears glued to his feet and you think he’s about to stumble over it only for him to end up dancing past three opposition players and making a beautiful pass. Mesmerising ?

Dave M

Great name. I love the name upemecano. I was more thinking where lower mecano was, this is brilliant.

Upamecano but downalego

Haha thank you, the self-absorbed part of me has been waiting for someone to notice ? thanks!

Upamecano but downalego

If we never end up signing him, it’s all been for nothing though haha

DB’s first touch

Oh I’m sure many others noticed a long time ago but, like me, were too lazy to say anything even though I got a good chuckle out your name… up there with DB’s air miles for cleverness


Totally spot on mate ??


That was indeed a breathtaking home debut. Long may it continue!


He’s gonna flip when he plays in the NLD.


Ruined it by saying MVP not MOTM

Gary Baldy

Harsh but I kind of agree, although not nearly enough for it to ruin my enjoyment of his performance or well deserved plaudit.

A Different George

How much English does he know?


Please dont go back to Spain. Pleasseeee

non flying dutchman

Think have to be clear of please force a move to Arsenal. His abilities wouldn’t have been lost on City and Chelski… Id sooner he ends up back in madrid then with either of them.


Three things. Ceballos is an Arsene Wenger style player. He’s a Unai Emery style player. And he’s currently an Arsenal player.

Let’s enjoy what he has to offer on the pitch, whilst he’s here.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Just to add that Denis Suarez was similar quality. He was playing for Celta Vigo yesterday and proved difficult to handle by Real Madrid. In the end, Modric got a red card because of him.

Giuseppe Hovno

Keep up the fan support for him and maybe he’ll be tempted to stay!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Then how would we fans manage to play big fees to his agent?


I love him


Wait, he even dedicated his first MOTM award to the fans?

I can’t even believe this interview is real, it’s almost too perfect. Where is the videotape? SHOW ME THE ACTUAL TAPE!

My goodness, what a f*cking baller.


I had (and still have) some reservations about the limited nature of the 1-year loan given the time it usually takes for players to adapt to the Premier League. But watching the game yesterday I am very pleased we have Ceballos and he adds so much to our squad.

It is even more satisfying that we got him ahead of the Spuds who were also in for him. They are desperately going to need a player like him when Eriksen disappears! Haha

Ojobo Johnmike

They will be biting their fingers and gnashing their teeth in pains watching him plays for us. He will get them disillusioned of their negative sentiments of him been just a loan player after all and nothing to be excited about.


I like that guy.


His first ever touch for Arsenal was a (failed) backheel pass at Newcastle. To have this audacity at this level shows character. I think we have someone special.

It Is What It Is

Remember myself thinking Ramsay in disguise. Didn’t curb his game either. Excellent like for like replacement.

Thought he deserved the chant. Gave me goosebumps, and I couldn’t think of a reason not to, considering he’s only *sniff* here *sniff sniff* for a year. Ooooh Da-ni….

Wonder what his engine is like, plays at a high intensity, lots of change of speed and direction. Young legs and lungs though, so room to grow.


We knew about his dribbling skills, but we had questions about his work rate and physicality. Yesterday he answered those questions.






Join the discussion… if he continued like this it will be great

Kroenke the Klown

Has anyone seen that movie Misery? Yeah that’s happening if he tries any “leaving-at-the-end-of-his-loan” bullshit


If we can’t have him, nobody will!! Kathy Bates will be flying over.


I love this guy, I want him to stay. I can’t remember many better debuts.

Bob Marley

I don’t care if Ceballos is only here on loan for a year; I’m buying the new home shirt and his name is going on the back.

I want this memory to last forever!

What a f**king baller!!!


Please fall in love with the club. i can see us falling in love with him!


Should probably just let real madrid know you want to stay here for good


Just ask put in a transfer request and I’ll handle the rest… Lol ?

Good going tbh. Definitely exciting fella to watch

Nasri’s missing chinbone

I am totally ok with us throwing 100% of whatever transfer budget we have next summer, at RM, so we can sign him permanently.

We’ve actually got defenders that can defend now. Holding, Bellerin to come back and Tierney also yet to play. Decent forward line.

We genuinely need this guy’s creativity. Can’t wait to see him befuddle that ogre Eric Dire with his twinkle toes, causing his troll head to explode.

Oooooooohhh Dani Ceballos!!


He gives the vibe of iniesta..


Good, let the good vibes continue, show the lad love, and let’s just make him fall in love with the Arsenal so he decides this is home for him and we can try and sign him!


He will certainly continue to need time to adjust to the variety of opponents and styles in the league, but what a great display in just his second game (and first starting). His energy reminds me of Ramsey, but definitely seems to have more technical ability. Definitely think he is going to give Ozil a run for his money for that starting #10 spot, especially in away matches. Just wish he was not a loanee and full-time squad member.


Top drawer


Xhaka who? That’s how much difference a solid high quality player can make, and unfortunately Xhaka hasn’t lived up to his expectations.

matt t.

The “but he’s only on loan” comments/debate after every single game he plays are going to get very tiresome, very quickly. I say live in the moment and just enjoy him while he’s here. If he helps us get back into the Champions League, fantastic. And who knows what the situation will be like next summer with Real Madrid? His boyhood hero was Jose Antonio Reyes, who would love to be watching Dani in an Arsenal shirt. Carpe Diem!

Gary Baldy

Ceballos is a Gooner, Ceballos is a Gooner, Na-na-na-na ! Na-na-na-na ! Ceballos is a Gooner, Ceballos is a Gooner, Na-na-na-na ! Na-na-na-na ! Ceballos is a Gooner, Ceballos is a Gooner, Na-na-na-na ! Na-na-na-na ! . . . and so on and on and on . . . I know it’s a bit of wishful thinking but come the end of the season maybe he’ll love London and Arsenal too much to leave, sure in the knowledge he will start every game and be playing in the Champions League . . . I mean, You gotta have a dream,… Read more »


Possibly – the only drawback to that scenario is that a)Real Madrid will want him back in Spain a few hours after he’s played his last game for us, or b) they will agree to sell him for a price which we will not be able to afford (but others probably will be). Basically, if we want a chance to keep him after the loan (there’s no option to buy in the loan agreement) we want him to play well, but not too well … but that means he won’t be contributing as much as he can to the team.… Read more »


best case scenario is RM win the CL, and ceballos falls in love with london and the arsenal fanbase.

quite the possibility, zz has already shown he hasnt the room or time for DC.
and dani and the fans already have a hearty relationship and we’ve only played 180 mintues of football this season


A slightly negative observation, but did anyone notice how no-one immediately celebrated with him after either goal, despite his assists?

It was most noticeable with Auba’s goal. He celebrated with subs and Nacho because our other forwards were all celebrating together near the byline instead of the corner flag, where he was. Hopefully we should not read anything into this


I was at the game and you’re probably right although I wasn’t really concentrating on that aspect, post the goals.

We shouldn’t read anything into it yet I think. It’s highly unlikely Ceballos has fallen out with everyone after such a short time, unless he’s been making “It’s not like this at Real Madrid” remarks to all and sundry! Assuming he keeps on as he’s started, he’ll almost certainly be in a similar position before too long so we’ll have to keep an eye out.


He was celebrating like mad because his hard work reaped rewards. And the players were celebrating with Auba the goalscorer, as is customary. What is there to read about besides the fact that Ceballos is clearly a passionate footballer?


I am not complaining but it looked a bit cliquey, that is all. He was punching the air and expecting others to join.

Of course he has not fallen out with everyone, and of course it is great to see him so passionate, but maybe the camaraderie is not all there yet, plus our other forwards are generally French-speaking and have known each other longer.

It was just an observation


yep just cliquey as its early in his arsenal carreer, he clearly has spent alot of time with natcho as the only spanish nationals in the starting first team (bellerin trains seperately atm)

but also, he ran to the corner flag as soon as the goal went in, wheras auba was mobbed.

i also dont blame him for not piling in after catching a forearm last week haha

Sagebrush Farm

Guy was a beauty, check Pepe out as well, quick turns, smart. We are gunning for glory.


What a performance from Ceballos indeed. That sharp turns and change of pace in midfield was lacking in this team last year. For proper implementation of passing football you need such players. The fact that he has joined us in loan being team in Europa league it really nicely sits in our proposition. If we play UCL next year we can easily add such quality player to the team and pay fees and wages accordingly. Again, since real are searching for pogba and van der beek type midfielder it seems as though they are searching for typical complete midfielders who… Read more »


hope he can keep it up against the scousers

Stephen Fowler

Hard fought victory over a tough side who will turn over points at home and away. I enjoy the term Stoke Burnley but have to ask why? I don’t find Burnley play in the style of the ugly, boring, negative Stoke. Is it because they are always difficult?

Look forward to watching Ceballos improve and think he may be the player to lift Ozil’s game … would, at least, like to see the duo given an opportunity or two together.


He found both his feet very quickly. He’snot Santi but a mix between the quick Spanish feet and the energy and adventure of Ramsey. The only down side is we don’t seem to have an option to buy (hope there is) If he shows consistency in effort, its unlikely RM will sell to us (and his price will climb considerably). So its a stop gap at best. Certainly adds a lot of energy into the team. BUT also technical ability. As I mentioned for some time now, I don’t buy into the media generated red herring that we lack bottle.… Read more »