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Martinelli reveals Aubameyang encounter and Luiz assistance

After scoring his first goals for Arsenal in the 5-0 win over Nottingham Forest last night, Gabriel Martinelli spoke to Brazilian media about his time at the club so far.

The 18 year old arrived this summer very much a rookie, but spoke about how down to earth his new teammates are – not least Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Revealing a training ground encounter, the young forward said, “I arrived for lunch on the first day, I’m eating there, Aubameyang arrives and sits next to me, speaking Portuguese with me, “Alright?”, Trying to communicate.

“You see, the guy so good, humble people. I was: ‘Damn it! Dude, it’s Aubameyang, who I saw on TV, came to talk to me! I have to thank everyone at the club.

“They are very nice people.”

He also paid tribute to fellow Brazilian David Luiz who arrived on deadline day from Chelsea and who has been giving him advice and guidance on his new life in England.

It was exceptional for me that David Luiz arrived because he is Brazilian and helps me in everything,” he said.

“In communication with fitness coach, something I have to do. If I have questions I ask him how he talks. 

“Sometimes I ask how to say something, for me to be learning too, and he does help me.”

As for getting off the mark in terms of goalscoring, he said he knew his chance would come in the cups, and he’s been training hard to make the most of his chances.

“It’s a unique feeling,” said the 18 year old.

“I have been constantly on the bench for the Premier League and knew that the chance to play could appear in the cups.

“I train very hard, with a lot of dedication and commitment so when chances appear, I can grab them with all my strength and know how to take advantage.”

It’s a very promising start to his Arsenal career, and let’s hope he can continue to make progress.

Also, can we get #AubaForCaptain trending? What a man.

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SB Still


Forest gooner

Fuck yeah!

John Hall

How about player/manager?




I like the spirit and sentiment, but he doesn’t deserve such punishment!

Dave M

He’s a unifying personality, something completely lacking in politics.


This is very true.


That Job is for twats..

And as a non Englishman and EU citizen I think it’s ok for me to say you already have one of the biggest twats in the position.

DB10s Air Miles

I think most British people agree to be fair.


aye, all the non-twats do


I would say the biggest

David the Gooner

Maybe we didn’t buy Luiz for his defending skills (obviously) but because he could speak Portuguese to Martinelli and make him feel at home. Stroke of genius if you ask me…


And to lure top young Brazilian talent by his Brazilian-Ness..

Three Steps Sideways

Isn’t that we had Edu already ? I think so.

Lucas Sam

Two better than one

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

Or another Gilberto. I’ll be ‘avin that!



Roberto Holdinho

Please don’t do that… I want Aubameyang to stay.
All our captains leave.


fingers crossed xhaka doesn’t break the tradition!


#MustafiForCaptain then?


Please stop picking on our players ??

Yellow Ribbon

Ok Sachin, please go play cricket now. Just joking?


Don’t worry Martinelli, that’s just how life goes. Future stars and fans will also be starstrucked when they see you in flesh someday. Keep working hard, you will shine very bright soon.

Arsenala Vista Baby

I am so glad Auba is his idol, not Neymar.


In fairness I think in his interview he mentioned CR7 which isn’t bad cos he’ll take the good stuff and add to Auba’s general awesomeness then he’d be a certain legend! I hope he inherits the no 14 shirt eventually and go on to be an absolute beast for us

#AubaForCaptain please!

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Say what you want about cr7, but the guy is committed and professional all the way


Are you talking about why he did in Vegas or his football?

Naked Cygan

I wish Abu was 22!!
Martinelli looks like a hanfull for defenders. Hopefully he gets to play all cup/Europa group games, so we can keep Abu and Laca fresh.

Arsenala Vista Baby

I thought Abou Diaby left Arsenal already?


One of my favourite


Much like Hotel California, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave….


Of course we need to keep Abu fresh lest some fell scheme befalls him on his next exploit with Aladdin and the gang.


Arsenal has a full team of youngsters ready for prime time.
Auba 16 out 16 is perfection.
Ozil is football porn. He should stick out around and teach Nelson. Osaka. Willock etc.
I am chafed.


Chafing often comes hand in hand with porn


Osaka? The team we signed Junichi Inamoto from on loan? Japanese porn.


Now that we have Osaka, we should also buy Arturo Nadal and Roger Bendtner and then ask Kroenke to buy a club and name us after them, Wimbledon AFC.


I forgot Martinelli is only 18. And Tierney is only 22. The future is bright.


I’m happy but don’t forget it was just a forest


Bellerin 24 if I’m not mistaken. Add Wilock, Holding, Nelson, Saka, ESR, AMN, Guendouzi, Torreira, Chambers… even Leno and Martinez are fairly young in goalkeeping years. Future is bright indeed.


With Saliba and Nketiah to join the gang next summer.

Dave M

Pepe is only 24


Let’s just keep him as long as we can because, if he really is as good as his peers in Brazil say then expect Barca and Real Madrid to come knocking in the near future. Did Edu not have some input into the youngsters signing?


You feel Arsenal could put out an all British team in the cups. Imagine, a back four who could actually communicate.




Who’s going to translate for Tierney?

Dave M

William Wallis


He might struggle to understand Hector’s cockney rhyming slang


The most underrated comment.


With a joke.


Since when have Britain even ever had a football team? But okay I’ll play; Macey; Swanson, Chambers, Holding, Tierney; Smith Rowe, Willock, Burton; Nelson, Balogun, Saka. So from yesterday that leaves out Martinez, Mustafi, Ozil, Martinelli. And AMN suspended. I’m not sure that this all British team would have beat Forest, well maybe 1-0.


The Olympics, no?


He’s only 18, but already looks like he has bags of potential. Hopefully he can realise that here with us.

But it seems like there’s a fresh new Arsenal team starting to emerge this season. Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Pepe are all 24. Torreira 23, Tierney and AMN are 22. Guendouzi, Reiss Nelson, Willock, Smith-Rowe, Saka, and Saliba (when he joins) are all under 20 too!

Fingers crossed the senior squad members can help them all fulfill their promise.


What a lovely man Auba. I hope he gets his on-field grin back soon.


I recon once we have a more solid back 4 with someone mopping up in midfield properly he probably will. KT3, HB2, and Holding coming back should go some way to shoring up the defense.


Auba has to be our captain. The man’s a different type of leader, but a leader nonetheless.

Dave M

“The man’s a different type of leader” yeah a good one…something that has been missing at Arsenal for quite some time

Cultured Determination

very good to have him in the team. make sure we bring eddie back next season and make him part of the group too. dont forget young eddie!

The Spoon

I’m sure he’ll be one of the 5 captains we apperantly need. If we had a manager with a clue we would only need the one. Not a fan of forwards being captains but I think he’d do OK. I saw Merse say Luiz should be captain, I wouldn’t entirely object to that. He’s the only one in the current group with a decent medal collection and solid experience. Him and Edu could work together.

Thierry Bergkamp

Merson! Yeah that same twat who was saying Luiz shouldn’t have been signed in the first place, as he’s a disaster waiting to happen (which he was right about btw).


Warms the cockles of your heart.


I’m gonna play devils advocate, I think Lacazette would be a better captain then Aubameyang; he’s more willing to get stuck in, chase back, give the ref a bit of stick, and talks more on the pitch.

Thierry Bergkamp

I’m with you on that


No devil’s advocate here. I’m a big fan of Auba and I support Laca for captain. But you’re forgetting that when Laca is captain it goes without saying that Auba is too.




Captain Emericka.


Love it

Auba: “Tudo bem?” (Alright?)

Martinelli: “Puxa vida é Auba!” (Blimey it’s Auba!)


Right after Auba joined I was sitting on a plane next to a Dortmund fan. He talked about what a bad attitude Auba had and how it spread to the team. I later learned of personality differences he had there but not only does he not cause trouble here, he is a super positive influence. Strange

Teryima Adi

People change @ DLDC, and that is the only permanence in life: change.

DB10s Air Miles

Well who knows what the dynamic in their dressing room was? None of us know what was going on there behind closed doors so impossible to pass judgement. What we do know is that he’s been nothing but a positive influence here, on and off the pitch. COYG


Auba the Good One

Malaysian gunner

Where would Arsenal be without Abu’s goals? He shd be capt.As for Martineeli,his chances would surely come. Emery must play a settled defence other wise there
will be no coordination among the defenders .

Malaysian gunner

Well spoken and shows his humble trait.Hopefully he will get his epl outing
asap andshow fans what Arsenal have got.


I like this guy 🙂


More in response to today’s blogpost but also relevant to this article. Agree there are very strong arguments for Auba’s nomination as team captain (or Captain amongst captains?). However, my concern is that his effectiveness on the pitch is largely down to his sense of being unencumbered by formal responsibilities beyond banging in goals. If he suddenly has to start ‘managing’ Xhaka, Maitlamd-Niles, Luiz, etc. on the pitch in matches, I worry that he might be less effective at doing what he does best. Hands up, don’t have a convincing alternative (Leno? Bellerin?), but I’d suggest letting Auba be what… Read more »


Best reply on this issue


awesome! Thank you! Keep it coming!

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