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Report: Arsenal 5-0 Nottingham Forest (inc goals)

Arsenal XI: Martinez, Chambers, Holding, Mustafi, Tierney (77), Torreira, Willock, Nelson, Ozil (71), Smith-Rowe (45), Martinelli.

Subs: Macey, Bellerín (77), Bola, Burton, Ceballos (71), Saka (45), Balogun.

The debuts of Kieran Tierney and the returns of Hector Bellerin and Rob Holding boost a youthful Arsenal side to a comfortable 5-0 victory over Nottingham Forest in the 3rd Round of the EFL Cup.

Arsenal got their first attempt on goal in the 7th minute from a Reiss Nelson freekick that just nicked the outside of the right post. The set piece was won on the edge of the box by Gabriel Martinelli who held the ball up well after receiving a fizzed pass from Calum Chambers who had just finished off intercepting a Forest pass.

Martinelli then pounced on a loose ball in the box just a minute later, dribbling wide and having his shot blocked by a defender for a corner.

In the 12th minute a good Calum Chambers cross that was cleared landed at the feet of Lucas Torreira who blasted it over the crossbar.

A minute later, some great skill on the edge of the box by Martinelli opened up some space towards the byline for Joe Willock who crossed it to a waiting Calum Chambers who couldnt get the right angle and shanked the shot into the video boards.

In the 15th minute Martinelli takes advantage from a loose touch from Forest’s Chema and led a break that looked promising but ultimately led to nothing as Martinelli looked to miss an open Reiss Nelson to his left as he opted for Mesut Ozil to his right.

A 17th minute corner almost provided a moment of sure madness as a Shkodran Mustafi back-heel flick just glides over the top corner of the goal.

Calum Chambers dribbles past his marker in the 24th minute and puts in a dangerous cross that finds Martinelli at the near post but his back heel goes off a defender for a corner which leads to flick on header that had nobody waiting for it on the back post.

A tough Joe Willock slide tackle outside of the Forest box in the 28th minute sprung Nelson loose to take on a defender and create room for a shot that is directly at the keeper.

Goal! A beautiful pass from Nelson finds Chambers on the right wing who hit it crossed it on the volley and found Martinelli who darted past his man and headed it past the keeper. One-nil to the Arsenal in the 31st minute.

Just moments later Kieran Tierney beat him man to the byline and finds Ozil unmarked in the box but his shot is blocked by Chema who was in the right place at the right time.

In the 41st minute Tierney flicked the ball past his man and puts in a gorgeous cross that finds Emile Smith-Rowe who heads it directly at the keeper. Smith-Rowe stays down after he took a knock on the header, and is loaded onto the stretcher.

Bukayo Saka comes on for Emile Smith-Rowe in the 45th minute.

Ozil got Arsenal back into gear in the second half as he won a free kick in the 51st minute after being stonewalled on the outside of the penalty area after a crafty run.

The free kick led to a quick pass to Saka who was unmarked on the edge of the wall but couldn’t get a clean shot off as the defender closed him down.

Saka and Ozil threatened again in the 54th minute with some quick one touch football on the edge of the box as Saka’s curved effort glanced off a defender and fell just wide of the post.

In the 56th minute Nelson draws a booking as he raises a boot and collides with a defender that he didn’t see. Nothing malicious, but had to be given.

Saka beats his man to the byline in the 67th minute and flicks a beautiful ball to the back post that finds Willock but he shunts the ball wide. Should have been the second.

Nelson dribbles past his man easily and puts a gorgeous cross in that skips just past a stretched Martinelli and goes out for a corner.

Dani Ceballos comes on in the 71st minute for Mesut Ozil.

Goal! Rob Holding marks his much anticipated comeback with a headed goal from a corner in the 71st minute. 2-0, Arsenal. Nelson with the assist.

The Emirates Stadium rises to their feet in the 77th minute as they welcome back Hector Bellerin who comes on for debutant Kieran Tierney.

The Emirates Stadium doesn’t get to sit for long as they are brought to their feet once again as Hector Bellerin gets behind the Forest defense and puts a gorgeous cross across goal that finds Willock to put the final nail into their opponents coffin. 3-0, Arsenal.

Goal! Chambers bursts down the left in the 84th minute after switching with Bellerin and puts in a great cross that finds Nelson who pokes the ball home to give himself his first official Arsenal goal. 4-0, Arsenal.

Even in the 87th minute Arsenal keep their foot on the pedal as Chambers fires a volley on goal that gets saved and pushed wide.

Goal! Martinelli puts the finishing touches to a fantastic night with a mazy dribble past multiple defenders and putting a shot into the top corner.

Arsenal face Manchester United at Old Trafford next Monday.

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Take a bow *insert name of any player tonight*, take a bow!


That strike by Martinelli, I will sleep good tonight. What a shot!

high gooner

i thought of something.. Bellerin to be included in the captains group?

It amazed me that I havent thought of him as captain material before, but I think he fits those shoes more than good in our group today!

lovely team performance today, extra goood to see Freddie on the bench today.. And what a perfectly good sliding tackle by Willock that was wrongly called for a foul.. what a beautiful tackle that was..


You should read on here more often, you aren’t alone in your thoughts…

high gooner

Well I do read here often, and even if I read about Bellerin as captain here, it still doesnt mean that I thought of him as captain material.. until now.. 🙂

he would actually be a goonerrific captain with his closeness to the club, no pun intended haha

Gooner Sam

Bellerin and Holding

Reality check

Lacazette should be given the armband end off..

Reality check

Tbf Holding also made his case as soon as he put on the armband.

Stop blocking my comments

Plus 2 for laca


Kieran Tierney is class. He’s like a new signing… oh wait.


Loved his energy – but the amount of times he made a run, and either didn’t get the pass, or the pass was behind him so he had to wait for it, was frustrating. Not his fault, but sometimes we could be more ruthless on counterattacks.
He’s used to running – not waiting – and I hope the lads will sort out that timing. Other than that, what a performance all round!


Bloody loved that


Same here, I didn’t want it to end.


Felt like we finally worked TOGETHER as a team.
Not the best opponent but we controlled throughout.
Build on this and Freddy has done a splendid job with these kids!!


— Kieran Tierney. What a fucking left back! We don’t realize it, but our FBs coming back are going to be a turning point for us this season. KT played exactly the way Emery likes his FBs to play; hug the touchline and send in dangerous crosses. We have ‘made it’ with this guy! — Hopefully, Sunday’s second half performance and that fluid performance today will give Emery the courage to take the shackles off this team and allow them play high octane, fast-paced football. Especially against smaller teams. — We have such an INCREDIBLE pool of talented youngsters that… Read more »


Now I can see why Emery signed Chambers up to a new deal before he went on loan, the guy is on a different level. Solid 9/10 performance (10 if his half-volley had gone in at the end!)


Three assists for Chambers, top class performance.

The Spoon

Shame he’ll be dropped again next week ?

Crash Fistfight

He won’t – AMN is suspended.


AMN isn’t suspended anymore, but I’d certainly pick Chambers ahead of AMN anyway.


He was suspended for tonight, but I think he’s injured


AMN suspension served tonight surely?


Wasn’t AMN only out one game for two yellows?

Crash Fistfight

My mistake. I thought that the suspension only counted in the league because of the new rules (I thought only suspensions for straight red cards carried over to other competitions).


The same Emery that said how important he was to the team pre-season and then sent him to Fulham? Then played him in the first two games this year that we won, and then put him back on the bench? I want to see the guy on the field in some position. He has paid his dues and is giving mature performances. Plus, what egregious mistakes has he committed this year like the other two veteran cbs? Personally, don’t expect it, but would really like to see him out there until he plays himself off the pitch.


That was positive attacking football most reminiscent of Arsenal of old. It is not lost on us that Forest did us a good one last time out, so it ain’t just Forest. Me love a Tierney at left back. Fantastic, very impressive. His replacement? Bellerin boom an assist, thank you Bellerin. Holding in CB, Assured. Oh and he got a well taken header. Chambers is good. What shall he do to start this weekend? It is my hoping he does. MARTINELLI that strike to wrap it, wow!
Overall an orgasmic experience


Me, too, love a Tierney at left back! Me also likey Marintelly very much!

Reality check

All our youngsters are educated in ‘pass and move’ football, its the foindation of Wengerball.


Definately, that performance had Wenger’s style stamped all over it, and it looked like Freddie was orchestrating things with increased influence on the bench. Really hope this is a sign that he is growing as a young coach with these youngsters, so as they mature he takes over the team, and we have a fully homegrown side, players and manager, would be amazing!


Don’t care if it costs us the odd goal

Bellerín – Holding – Chambers – Tierney


I agree.

I don’t think there is any need to mess around, even away at Old Trafford. The sooner we get these four on the pitch together the better, even if we don’t get points next week, it would hardly the biggest upset anyway and it would be 90mins playing together for the four we want to start every PL game from now.

Tankard Gooner

Might not be the biggest upset, but you don’t want to drop points against a team that’ll be in direct competition with you, scrapping for a CL spot come end of season.


Beating United these days is no upset. It is within our grasp. I am sure we will end up at 3rd spot with all these promising signs coming up!! Bring on the FBs!!


Someone might hope no one’s coaching out Tierneys willingness to cross in different ways. What a great debut and so refreshing to see a left side with variation! Good job from the young side + Özil tonight!


It’s so true. Kolasinac is and Montreal was seemingly incapable of delivering those teasing crosses that lead the runner. Those are always the most dangerous but they need to be played early while the space is still in front of the keeper and Tierney seems to understand that.


As does Saka!


Great result. Pleased to see Hector and Kieran back. Really disappointed to see Mesut subbed off. Especially when he will be unlikely to play away at Old Trafford on Monday.


The reason he won’t travel to OT is nobody’s fault but Özil’s. And the reason he got subbed was because he was the worst midfielder on the pitch. Stop making him a victim.

Mesut O’Neill

I’m normally Ozil’s biggest critic but he was actually playing really well till taken off


Just saying personally I’d rather Ceballos got the minutes. He’s more likely to play up there so it makes sense to bed him in with 30 mins at home.

Clock-End Mike

Actually, after tonight, Dani Ceballos is the only squad member to feature in every single game so far this season. He’s bedded in.
But he’s not played for 90 minutes yet…


I wouldn’t say really well, but he was solid enough today. He is cutting a frustrated figure at times though – just seems a bit off the wavelength of the rest of the team. You can see that he yearns for a darting run through the defence, but it’s not always forthcoming. Will definitely work better with Aubameyang up top who’s not afraid to make those kind of moves.


I thought özil was excellent. You can see the way he controls midfield. He may not defend much, but with him our defence has to defend lesser atleast.

Kran Stoenke

He keeps the ball ticking in final 3rd,creates tremendous space for those around him. And made 2 wrong passes the 75 mins he was on. And created most chances as well. If this isn’t really well I don’t know what is. In the first 30 mins when the youngsters were full of energy where everyone just wanted to get the ball and settle into the game, ozil made sure everybody got their touches. And he was always free, an option to pass to, or making runs creating spaces for others to receive the ball, something that arsenal have been lacking… Read more »

David C

4 goals for Arsenal after he is subbed….

Jean Ralphio

We were winning! How can you say he was the worst player? I do think he is a quality player. Have to say that I don’t like the way he is being treated.

Reality check

Ozil was the perfect compliment to the Young energy around him, don’t think he did anything bad today. Also, less pressure has brought a new player out of Mustafi, if he’s going to stay then lets hope he keeps playing like this. Win win for us.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

No class in how he’s being treated. It’s not the Arsenal way.


agreed. it’s not right what emery is doing with ozil.


The way he’s being treated???

He’s was subbed with 15 mins to go, not paraded through the street naked with bells on, whilst being whipped by Jose Mourinho….

Arsenal fans base are the ultimate drama queens, Ozil did ok tonight, but he’s not put a steady run of form together for a long time, and when given opportunities he’s failed to take them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Emery is under instruction to freeze out Ozil,so we can get him out, and allocate his wages elsewhere.

Gooner Sam

So easy for people to forget the dross that Ozil has given us over at least the past two years. There is a reason he can’t be trusted to play in big games and it’s not persecution it’s because he’s poor. I wish that wasn’t true but it is.

Anyway, great performance, great result, loving the youth!

Kran Stoenke

Ozil before emery arriving had involvement in about 30 goals in 44 games. He also created most chances last season for arsenal even though he played less than half the fixtures. You need to stop listening to “pundits” who love to scapegoat ozil and watch games for yourself. The same “pundits” who claim spurs losing wasn’t embarrassing because its just a milk cup. Imagine calling it ‘just a ___ trophy”, a club that hasn’t won buzz all in the past 30 years. Ozil is being harshly mistreated. Similar to how rambo was being benched over and over again last season… Read more »


He looked a bit gassed when subbed. You know, there just might, maybe, be some truth to Emery’s statement that they’re working on his fitness. But he was orchestrating, combining very well with the forwards, created some very good chances, and receiving and moving the ball into attacks. What he is supposed to do. Oh, and we dominated the pitch and midfield the whole while he was on it, and continued to afterward. Of course, this was Forest, but I like Torreira and Willock. The midfield with them working together was tenacious, and not chaotic. And they can both step… Read more »


CAM – Ozil, Ceballos, Doozi, Willock
CM – Torreira, Xhaka, Doozi, Willock, Ceballos
DM – Xhaka, Willock, AMN, Chambers


“We came back down by way of the Arsenal, the special cinder field where the “pros” played, real tough guys, who practiced by the numbers, with narrow goals, for the Nelson Cup. They kicked so hard they split all their footballs . . .” Celine


18 ignorant of this classic 🙂


I’m not sure our starting XI could have put that game together.


I felt the same way. The youngsters were relentless tonight, closed the spaces very well in our half & attacked with intensity.


do we have a starting XI? :/
(by the way, i agree)

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

The kids are more than alright, the kids are f***ing class! Top performances to a man (special shoutout to Musti for the vision to find Hector for Willock’s goal). My highlight, among many, was Ceballos piece of skill to beat 2 men in the build up to Nelson’s goal. So many of the prospects looks really positive. Let’s keep this rolling on Monday and inflict more misery to Ole. COYG!!


Hector back made me literally cry


How did Colchester get on. Heh.

Heavy Gunner

Ah – The Mighty Colchester! Let’s hope we don’t draw them in the next round..


So many positives. Haven’t enjoyed an Arsenal game this much for a very long time.

Tierney is a crossing machine. Chambers is absolutely on fire and should be a first XI starter right now. Bobby Sacramento goal. Hector Bellerin assist. Martinelli oh my god. Youngsters absolutely killing it. Mustafi was great too.

Santi Cazorla with a thunderous strike against Barca. Spurs out of the competition. What a cracking night of football!


Even Danny Welbeck scored tonight!

Paul Roberts

Body part?? 🙂


It was a header!




Martenelli is the next Pele.
Write it down.


I’m sure you mean “He’s the first Martinelli”. Pele never played in the red shirt, and after his hattrick last night, surely he’s his own man already.

Abhi Gunner

Kudos to the kids!!
This team can beat United..
Just add Auba, Gndozi, Pepe and we can get a result at OT.

Please keep Xhaka, Luiz out from the starting 11. Let them play in Europa and league cups and earn their place..


I love Chambers.
Don’t you Fucking dare drop him.
Play him anywhere on the pitch!

Jean Ralphio

Would be interesting to see how he would do in the Xhaka role

Paul Roberts

Willock has that covered?


If he must play the same role and with the same Emery instructions, it will likely be an interesting disaster.

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Also I’m loving the look of Tierney as an addition, right down to his tucked-shirt-in-shorts lewk that makes him look like hes been transported from a black and white tv game to the modern era.


I half expected there to be a JVC logo on his shirt. He looked like he could have been there with Winterburn, Dixon and the lads!


Great game. The team looked balanced, even more so after the unfortunate injury to Smith-Rowe. Ozil played well today (proper team placed around him). Midfield protected the defense and aided the offense well. I loved it!


Calum WHO?


Tierney was total class. He and Bellerin are going to improve us hugely!


Excellent display from the whole team, especially the youngsters. Have to applaud Chambers – keeps it simple and easy in the back as well as in the front. Deserves a starting berth.
Felt a little sad for Mesut as he was coming off but now it is obvious Emery is playing him for formality’s sake.. and it didn’t help Mesut’s case when we scored 4 goals after his departure.

Still need a lot more from Emery to prove he’s worth it. I think Freddie should be extremely proud of the young men he’s brought up!


If taking off Ozil meant we score four more goals… that makes you sad?


There’s no causality there. Özil played better than Ceballos


Ozil or not nottingam was going to fell appart at some point. It was just a matter of time.


Hopefully this will be Emery’s last season.

Burn Baby Burn

Holding’s first touch as Arsenal captain goes in for a goal! Let him keep it!


“…boost a youthful Arsenal side to a comfortable 4-0 victory over Nottingham Forest…”

Should be 5-0, right?


I seem to be alone in my line of thinking, but given time I think Emery will get it right.

This was always a 3-4 season project, we have an exciting group of youngsters, and the signings of Tierney, Ceballos, Pepe, Martinelli could turn out to be inspired.

Absolutely loved that game, we now need to follow it up with a result at Old Trafford, Saka has to be knocking on the door again.


Dani £15M a year ceballos is here to train for the Euro and Real. He is NOT a signing.


I think we know why they decided it was safe to send Eddie out on loan now.

Great performances all round tonight

Petit's Handbag

Delighted with that, memories of beating Sheffield United 6-0 back in 08. Hopefully these players can shine not just in the future but all through this season. How good will it be to have Tierney and Bellerin on opposite flanks. Positive positive positive night


That team that night out of interest; Fabianski, Hoyte, Djourou, Song Billong (Lansbury 70), Gibbs, Randall, Ramsey, Merida (Coquelin 71), Wilshere, Bendtner (Simpson 71), Vela.
Subs Not Used: Mannone, Emmanuel-Thomas, Ogogo, Frimpong.


Fabianski, Lansbury, Wilshere still in the EPL and Djorou, Gibbs, Coquelin, Vela, Mannone still playing on a high level in good careers. Not a bad crop after 11 yrs. JET having the most fun though, plays in Thailand.


oh yes and that Vela hattrick. Brilliant!!


I think that was one of the best arsenal attacking performances in years. Martinelli… he was amazing!! Time to build a new statue.


Great night! The youngsters look good, it reminds me of when we used to waltz this cups early rounds in the 2000s with our youth team. Even Mustafi looked like a player. Also very good to see Chambers doing so well. 2 assists and a goal from the weekend. When fit we have a bit of depth finally.


A nice evening. A game to enjoy.
I just hope we’ll never see Luiz and Xhaka in the first 11. Bench-warming? Okay, no problem.
We are well equipped to play without them. Even more, Luiz and Xhaka should be playing the cups.
Congrats everyone.

Gavin Binding

Someone wrote the report up before the final whistle. T’was 5, Sir! ??

Cultured Determination

so this is what we can do with thierny, bellerin and holding in the team. chambers played very well today too. that’s our first choice back 4 right there.


Yes agreed. Tierney, Holding, Chambers and Bellerin give us plenty of pace on the wings, plenty of size in the centre, and with that young average age they should be a solid unit for years to come. They should all start at OT. Of course, we need to firm up the midfield in front of them too. I think we’ve now all seen enough to know that there is good quality elsewhere in the squad to be able to leave Xhaka, Luiz and Mustafi on the bench. I’m still torn on Sokratis because he is generally useful but has just… Read more »


Chambers Motm imo, even as a LB he did great. Nice to see the youngsters, pacy and talented. Martinelli did great. Willock was class. Great to see Holding back and HB. KT was impressive. Thought Özil had a good game, but don’t understand why Emery subbed him, that’s humilating.


He subbed Ozil because all the other attacking players have a future for Arsenal and they warrant and need more game time than Ozil does.


How was being subbed off humiliating? Others have to play as well.


Others plays more than Özil. He almost haven’t played this season and needs time to get back. Subbing him shows little faith in him from UE. If giving others time is important then some youngsters should been selected ahead of Ceballes IMO.


You know UE could just possibly saving the guy for Man Utd. and Ozil has been out for so long with flu and what not so he is easing him through


I hope you are right but I would be shocked if UE starts him on Monday. Not sure exactly what is going on between those two.


Emery didn’t fancy Chambers, wouldn’t play him after he did really well against Newcastle, has had to play him now and guess what, he’s really good. Emery hates Mesut and took him off when he knew the game was opening up and we would be scoring goals, trying to brainwash everyone that we were better without Mesut on the pitch.


I think you might be right about Emery and Özil actually. Which is sad and worrying.


Top reasons for subbing someone: Injury, tired, brainwashing? i think not.

Der Kaiser

Headline ‘ Arsenal keep a clean sheet!’

I was not sure we would see that before end of season

Best pool of young talent we habe had since —- or ever?

Just sign secure them all on long- term contracts gradually letting the older guys go.

Supporters be patient as we are moving in right direction


We just won 0-3 against Frankfurt …


no doozi..means a clean sheet…otherwise the longhaired coachloving bambi just gambols around, getting in everyones space and face and when under fire, just melts away, and lets the opponents have their way in the middle of the ground.


We beat Eintracht away from home: “oh but that’s just an El game”
We trash Forest at home in the carabao: “oh that was amazing positive attacking football bla bla.”
I enjoyed the game, had fun and think everybody played very well. But the difference in thechnique and fitness between the two teams – which also highlighted the quality of our youngsters – was simply too big.


It was probably only 5-0 because Jenkinson didn’t play!

Heavy Gunner

For the first time in absolutely ages, I was not looking forward to the final whistle! What a game for the young guns- absolutely riveting football!!


Tierney, Saka and Chambers are living walking reminders how painfully short we have been on consistent crossers in our team for the longest time.


Emery last Dec/Jan “I need wingers”
It’s the reason he moved to a back 3 last season, the only place we were getting any width from was Niles+Kolasinac.

A fit Bellerin + Tierney, Saka coming into the fold, and once Pepe settles, will gives this team a different a different dimension.


Alright guys, no fucks to give tonight, only praises.
Awesome performance from the lads. My eyes were teary seeing Tierney, beautiful Bellerin holding Holding in the Chambers of Martinelli.

Fuck shit, I’m no poet.
Good ebening Emery, don’t fucking contemplate your 3 musketeers anytime soon.


Martinelli certainly left Forest shaken not stirred.




I had to look at that Martinelli shot like 15 times to see if it took a deflection.


Arsenal broadcasters referred to the deflection as “clinical”


This could not have been much better, best performance of the season. Tierney looks good, the type of left back we need desperately, looks ahead of Bellerin fitness-wise. Martinelli, Nelson, Willock and Saka all impressed, future looks bright indeed. I enjoyed that little smile on Ljungberg´s face towards the end greatly. I mean Emery should have already dropped some players based on performances like Xhaka and Sokratis but he has now surely no reason to hold back with his team selections in the league. Pick the team on merit, if he doesn´t than criticism shouldn´t be held back. Chambers with… Read more »

Andre Santos' car keys

Great performance from all the lads today. Chambers was great on both flanks. My goodness. Two assists. Mustafi solid. Willock industrious. Almost claimed a peach of a goal. Kierney produces at both ends. Two of the captains’ contingency involved in goals upon their returns. What a difference it makes when you can play 75% of your first choice defense instead of maybe 25%. Shocking I know. United in six days. Optimistic here.


Amazing perfomance, this is what we like to see, if only we could it often! This crop of players are amazingly good. Glad to see Chambers having such a game, Holding back with a goal, Hector and Tierney showing us how good they can be for us this season. Also, really liked Martinelli! Just hope ESR is fine!

Tony Hall

Fucking no brainer – 1st team back four should be Hector, Rob, Calum and Keiran –

Tony Hall

Can’t remember the last time I really enjoyed watching Arsenal play a game and feeling confident – great result !


A lot of really nice things to take away from today’s match- it had the feel good factor by the end… and those kids in our squad are pretty alright.


In the 95th minute, the match report already gets posted on Arseblog and reads like a bad Google translate but who cares as within the hour over a 100 comments gets posted with posters rightfully celebrating this young team.


Given how poor the defense has been….Chambers and Mustafi to start? (Until Holding is completely fit) I’d try it.


Can you please stop switching tenses. It gets way too hard to read and is distracting. Thank you.


Sorry, but this needs to be said.
This is probably the most illiterate match report it has been my misfortune to read.

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