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Report: Roma in last-ditch bid to sign Mkhitaryan

According to Sky Italy, AS Roma are trying to sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan before the transfer window closes for Italian clubs tomorrow.

It’s no secret that Arsenal have been trying to offload the Armenia international this summer, however, following the exit of Alex Iwobi it looked as though he’d be sticking around at least another six months.

The 30-year-old midfielder joined the Gunners from Manchester United in January 2018 but, like Alexis Sanchez who went in the opposite direction, he’s struggled for form in his new surroundings.

It looks as though Roma could take Mkhitaryan on loan for the season with a view to purchasing him at the end of the season.

He’s believed to be on around £220,000 a week, so getting his wages off the books would be no mean feat; that said, in his absence, we’ll be relying on our young prospects to step up.

There’s not much time for a deal to be done. Mkhitaryan featured for the Gunners off the bench in this afternoon’s 2-2 draw with Sp*rs. He wasn’t very good.

AS Roma had also been linked with a move for defender Shkodran Mustafi, also allowed to leave, but that has gone very quiet. Yesterday, we confirmed the departures of Nacho Monreal to Real Sociedad and the loaning of Mohamed Elneny to Besiktas.

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Please let it be true. For the love of god let it be true!


So they’ve loaned Zappacosta. They’ve loaned Smalling. They want Mkhitaryan.

What are they building over there?


I’d say they need Mustafi to complete the dynasty.


Can we add Xhaka to that list?


To quote the great Tom Waits, from “What’s He Building?”: He has subscriptions to those magazines He never waves when he goes by He’s hiding something from the rest of us He’s all to himself; I think I know why… He took down the tire swing from the pepper tree He has no children of his own, you see He has no dog And he has no friends and his lawn is dying And what about all those packages he sends? What’s he building in there? With that hook light on the stairs What’s he building in there? Sounds like… Read more »

Public Elneny

Their president James Pallotta, the absolute moron, forced out director of ffotball Monchi for this!

We moan about Gazidis and rightfully so, but at least he wasn’t that thick.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

It won’t be built in a day

Welsh Gooner

Whatever it is it won’t be built in a day.


Sell him! Sell him now! Even if it’s a loan, I’d rather play an inanimate carbon rod than Mkhi at this point


how many Roentgen in there?


3,6. Not great, not terrible.

Crash Fistfight

Does Mkhi’s player rating only go up to a maximum of 5?

Non-Flying dutchman

“HEY!! they were about to show a close-up of the rod!”

Spanish Gooner

Oh no how will we cope without him


We Feast!!!! No but seriously, underwhelming is an understatement of his general performance since he came. With the influx of youth and signings across the midfield, it’s for the best.

Bob Will

The guy seems to have completely lost his confidence. His first touch was poor today, made the wrong decisions and squandering some great opportunities. Hope he leaves and wish him the best


If it was one or two games then it would be acceptable but he has been very poor all the games this season just like the tail end of last season. He is just not going to workout for Arsenal and probably can revive his career somewhere else.
I see Why Emery like put him because runs and works hard but that doesn’t help much when he is ruining countless great attacking opportunities. A static off form Ozil is still more preferable to Mikhi in the wings.


Please, lord…

Andre Santos' car keys

Roma have recruited Chris Smalling on loan. So the Mustafi deal, having gone quiet, will probably stay quiet. I’m no transfer guru like Raul but does nobody in Germany want the two of them? There are late rumblings that Bayern’s Jerome Boateng will leave for Juventus *eyes emoji*


If it gives U23/youth players more opportunities to develop, yes please.

Anders Limpar

We bloody missed Nacho today! I don’t think we will miss Miki as much.

SB Still

Yes, yes, yes.


Xhaka, Guendouzi, Ceballos
Torriera, Willock, Ozil
Believe we’ll be OK.


…and Nelson


Take Xhaka with you!

SLC Gooner

Can we start a Go Fund Me to help Roma with this?

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Emery i remember your first interview after your unveiling…you sweet talked us into believing we are going to have an identity….you said we are going to press hard and try to be the protagonist…what do we see now after over 60 matches of football under you?…..CONSERVATIVE,CAUTIOUS,PRAGMATIC and FEARFUL approach towards game.. This is not my arsenal and this will never be my arsenal…… guys compare him to klopp saying we should give him time but forget that klopp built an identity with his team even when he had that so called bunch of average players…they always went gun blazing..they were… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

I really enjoy when people come on here and call people out. “Mustafi, I will fight you”. Dude…. I don’t think Unai is on here

Someone give this boy a judge…he’s stuck on repeat.



I think you just listed the team’s identity: conservative, cautious, pragmatic and fearful.

Or an Arsene Wenger 😉

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Mhkitaryan you can as well take Xhaka with you and later convince Roma to come hire Emery…we need freedom from his disease he calls tactics


Should sell him. We have Smith-Rowe to come back in and Ozil in playmaker role (plus Cebellos) Plenty. Mhkitaryan should sell for a decent return considering he was a free for us and has some years left in the tank. Personally today, he was put out on the left side and I would have preferred we had kept Iwobi instead who was good for Everton. Not sure what the thinking is. Sure Nelson needs an opening but there will be enough even with nelson factored in to have Iwobi play a role from the left (particularly if we are going… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

If only the PL transfer window ended at the same time as the other European leagues. We might have kept Iwobi if we knew we could shift Mkhitaryan.


Mki wasn’t free: he costed us Sanchez.

In Loving m'Emery

I’ve already booked his flight and packed Mkhi’s knickers. Come on Sanllehi, make this happen

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Psg won 4-0 against Barcelona at parc Des princes and then go to Barcelona get an away goal and still managed to get dumped out… How on earth will you call him a good coach??….even Sean dyche would secure qualification for psg after such circumstances not to talk about Wenger…only Emery managed to do that….what’s so special about winning the Europa three times?..jurgen klopp reached the final in his first season and never returned there.. ..Chelsea won it in their first and second season… Man u won it in their first season…even Diego simeone won the Europa league twice or… Read more »


get the fuck outta here.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

I will speak the truth and if it hurts you then i don’t give a fluffy flying damn

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

The last match against Tottenham at the emirates Emery made a blunder by keeping lacazette and Ramsey on the bench….and we went into the break 1-2 down.. He brings Ramsey and lacazette in and we managed to win 4-2….this time he does another blunder by not having a creative player in the midfield allowing the three attackers to suffer we go again into the break 1-2 down just like last season…the clueless coach tries to bring in Ceballos to save the game and then takes out laca for an underporming mkhitaryan at the time we needed goals… Clueless just clueless!!!!

I think Laca had an injury?


Fucking hell mate, give it a rest

You know, Lacazette signalled to be substituted today, right?

Sound like you are that dude “jai” from the other threads spouting same shit about emery.

Get fkd.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Trust me i don’t know who Jai is… But I’m glad someone else has seen the gives me hope


A fluffy flying damn? You’re a yank aren’t you?

What a maddening manifesto you present. I’ll at least say you’re consistent but wow it’s a bit over the top dontcha think?

Random Witness

What’s so special about winning the Europa League 3 times? Erm… How many people other than Emery have done it three times on the trot? His transfer coffers weren’t exactly bursting when he was at Sevilla. And he did manage to get better of Klopp’s Liverpool in the final.


I will weep tears of joy


Sell him while they’re still watching his Bundesliga highlights on YouTube


Please let this happen! Will fly him there myself, hopefully Roma weren’t watching him today…


could they not of come in earlier? maybe willock or nelson could have had a chance today!

My Cousin Vinai

Sell him and give the playtime to Nelson, Martinelli and Saka. Stick with the vision.


The title sounds like an oxymoron.


Buy one get one free?

Pretty please?

David Hilliers Arm Cast

They obviously didn’t see him “play” today

Okechukwu Jude

Mkhi is spent. If this is true, I respect d transfer team


Like Nike says when advertising their shitty ass jerseys, “Just do it”.

Arsenal Fan

Please take him. If only Laca could have stayed on..

Jay Alenby

That would be too good to be true. Pay someone to take Mustafi too.


They’ve built good teams in the past with EPL rejects. Dzeko and Kolarov have been excellent for them. Mkhi, Smalling and Zappacosta could do the same.

Cultured determination

Roma will no doubt have one of the best defences in the world with smalling mustafi pairing, and one of the highest chance creation in Europe with Micky in midfield. Please make it happen. Thank you.


Fingers crossed…


Oh god, please, please!

He’s an absolute nothing of a player at the moment, even worse than nothing, just horrible.


It strikes me as slightly odd that some of the players who seem to be in the manager’s good books are being transferred.

President Eckener

I would have greatly preferred to see Nelson come on yesterday instead of Mkhitaryan, so this would be great. Save some money, yes, but more important is preventing Emery from picking him so much!


Thx God… Please give Xhaka as bonus, can we?


What was the point in substituting Laca for Mikhi if the club are actively trying to offload him?


To be


He’s gone, he’s gone
You’re better off, I’m glad that he’s gone
He’s gone, he’s gone
You’re better off, I’m glad that he’s gone
He’s gone


Just seen sky sports news and he is in Rome holding up a Roma scarf. Thank god we have got rid of him.


What an extraordinary window this has been for Raul,!


With the Italian Law91 coming into effect in January 1st, we can expect this tax break which facilitated so many Italian clubs taking high wage earners on loan to increase. Perhaps that is the time we can expect Mustafi to follow suit to Roma or another club

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