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Arsene Wenger autobiography due for publication in Autumn 2020

According to The Bookseller, Arsene Wenger will publish an autobiography in the Autumn of 2020 after signing a deal with Weidenfeld and Nicolson.

Apparently titled ‘My Life in Red and White’, the book ‘sees Wenger discuss his career in depth, including the “Invincibles” season and the challenges of his later years at the Emirates’.

The head of the publishers, Alan Samson, says, “Arsene Wenger is the man who changed the entire face of football in this country. He is a revolutionary manager whose influence, not only at Arsenal for an amazing 22 years but also on the national game, has been profound. He altered the habits of players yet far more significantly he opened our eyes and broadened our minds.

“For more than two decades he brought to the Premier League as much vivid colour and excitement as anyone could, exemplified by the silk and steel of his immortal ‘Invincibles’.

“And talking of excitement, as a lifelong Arsenal fan I can scarcely express my own at the prospect of welcoming the great Arsene Wenger to the invincible Hachette squad and the Weidenfeld & Nicolson team.”

There are so many aspects of his time at Arsenal that would be fascinating to hear in his own words, and let’s hope that he provides real insight into his years at the club.

One to look forward to.

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Good ebening…

Forest gooner



“What do you mean?”
“Do you wish me a good ebening, or mean that it is a good ebening whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this ebening; or that it is an ebening to be good on?”

– Gandalf the grey.


Arsene Wenger, the only reason I started supporting and fell in love with Arsenal as a Japanese!

Flavoured Rice

Good to know, Takeshita – chan


Finally! Really looking forward to the eloquent way ins which he calls Mourinho a cunt

Kroenke the Klown

It’s Le con en francais

SB Still

Hahaha that would be…lovely. However I think Wenger is too much of a gent. I think he might get his revenge by not mentioning Mourinho at all. While Wenger’s tussle with Fergie on and off the pitch were intense, they were a proper duel. With Mourinho, it only reminds me of the saying ‘never wrestle with a pig…’. I actually expect Wenger’s book to be motivational, not controversial. He would be trying to share his knowledge than trying to make money by courting controversy. I don’t think we’ll get any insight into the Cole, Campbell exits but we’ll understand his… Read more »


I didn’t see the incident in question but clearly the Chelsea Manager did because his clito was, how do you say in English?, wagging about his chin like the left over Yorkshire pudding the dog buried in the garden before waking you up and slapping you awake with its soggy limp remains.


long-overdue … can’t wait to lay my hands on a copy!


Man, I’m going to devour this book quicker than when I read chamber of secre… war and peace.


Chamber of secretion is in my top 5 to be fair


Is that like the porn version or something


damn right. looking forward to that


Never bought any football-related biographies. This might just change that.


Have not bought a book for eons! This will certainly change that


We should probably actually clarify for younger people…

So a book is like a lot of screens bound together. Each “screen” contains information exclusively in word form – for example, a book will never just use a gif of Eddie Murphy shaking his head to sum up its content. The “screens” must be read in numerical order and the really amazing thing about books are, they don’t allow you to leave stupid, thoughtless and condescending comments – like I’m doing now – at the bottom of every page.




Who’s ‘Eddie Murphy’… and what position did he play?

A Different George

Actually, Anthony Martial could easily play the young Eddie Murphy in a biopic.


Should have a read of Bergkamp’s if you get the chance! Only one I’ve read but really enjoyed it.


I believe it’s called The Bible.


“In the beginning was the Berg. And the Berg was god”

high gooner

Helder Hughes, you are on fire today :)))

Kolo, Kolo Kolo, Kolo Kolo, Kolo Toure!

I’m buying this.


I never buy autobiographies. This will be an exception.


My thoughts exactly!


I bought michael owen’s to wipe my arse, but my crack deserved better.

Arshavin’s fake moustache

An exceptional exception, top top quality


I’ve been hoping for this for a very long time.

I’m not really much of a reader but I’ve not looked forward to reading a book So much in all my life.




What an amazing piece of news!
P.S – where can I pre-order? 🙂


My Life in Red and White – very clever as the four teams he managed – Nancy, Monaco, Grampus Eight, and The Arsenal – all play in red and white.


Ah yeah. That makes more sense. Thought it was about blood cells…

Dial Square Charity XI

And the obvious play on “black and white” which refers to printed text.


Unless it’s literal and the entire print is in red ink


Can’t wait to go back in memory lane, from the legend’s point of view.


At one point, I looked forward to this book as a kind of closure.

Now, I think I’d just be glad to hear him retell his life as he sees best.

Forest gooner

Is this for real??? ????


For years now people have been talking about how they can’t wait for this book to unearth certain juicy details about various different goings on at arsenal, I think if that is what you are expecting then you’ll be disappointed. Arsene us far too classy for he the said she said crap we got from the likes of Ferguson. Can’t say I wouldn’t love a bit of that from le prof, but I expect this to be a far more philosophical affair. Can’t wait, brilliant news!

Martin Dufosse

Jim,why bring Ferguson into the picture.?. He was the Greatest Manager of all time. Wenger can’t good a candle to him.!!!


And thumb me down all you like for this but all those posting the likes of.. ‘i don’t read’, ‘I haven’t read a book in years’, ‘I don’t like reading but…’ we are all different sure, but I firmly put you in the same category I reserve for people that say things like ‘i don’t like vegetables’ ignorant children in adults bodies!




How can any true Arsene Wenger fan not love steamed broccoli?

Martinellis belly

The world has changed. Had the internet and podcasts been around 30 years ago just as few people would read books regularly.
They’re just too addictive and theyre designed to be. Our attention spans have shortened drastically.


I want this lie to stop. Young people read far more than their elders.


Bollocks grandad


Who even actually said that? All I saw was people saying they haven’t read a footballers bio or anyone’s bio. You’re in the catagory of people who say untrue things for cheap likes and it’s fucking annoying. You people ?


Of the first 6 post 3 were people saying they don’t read!… And that is when i posted


The 21st Century Bible for me.


I’d rather he was still managing Arsenal than writing a book. I still feel he can deliver top titles if he is backed by a proper owner who cares about the club.


I’m not sure I would want him back now. Yes he could get more out of this squad than Emery, but really on the face of it, the dropped points at Watford has been our only blip this season. I think if Wenger was still here, Mustafi would still be in the team. Ramsey and Iwobi would still be here. Ozil would be playing every game. So would Wenger have given the same Premier League opportunities to Guendouzi, Willock, and Saka? Maybe but who knows.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Would have most definitely given opportunities to Guendouzi, Willock and Saka.


Drawing at United against the weakest United team in recent years, drawing AT HOME against Spurs who then lost 7-2 AT HOME and then lost again to a newcome, losing 4-1 at Liverpool (and being happy with it)… if Watford is the only blip, what are the above mentioned? Success?


You started well, but..


Enough with the revisionism. We are where we are because the man lost sight of what made him and us great and failed to move with the times. We can still be hugely grateful for everything he did while acknowledging that his managerial course at Arsenal was run. Not everything in life is binary.

Martin Dufosse

Excellent comment. He had completely lost his way. Brilliant for the first eight years. Stubborn beyond belief.


Well to be fair it’s not like he lost sight of it. He made us great. And sold the great team for a great stadium so no manager after him has to deal with it. But football management sort of passed him by over his last 5 yrs

Martin Dufosse

Just unbelievable. Were you asleep for the last ten years of his reign.???


Im with you Martin. Shocking how nostalgic everyone gets cause Emerys shit…


This book is going to be interesting, but Arsene is too classy a guy to make it a blockbuster.

I just don’t see him throwing anyone he worked with under a bus.


Hopefully it will be better than Walcott’s autobiography.


For a start he has something valid to say and worth listening to. Wally Walcott remains a man-child whose PR so far outruns his abilities and achievements he would be embarrassed if he wasn’t so shameless.


Cant wait.
Be very interesting to hear what he says about his first impressions of the facilities and player attitudes when he joined and then transfer wise down the years, in particular that Cesc and Nasri summer!

DB10s Air Miles

Not really sure why you’ve got so many down votes for this?

Gudang Bedil

Can’t wait to read what he thinks about Tottnum.


They won two League Cups in all the time he was Arsenal manager, the last in 2007/8, so probably not worth spending much time on.


Not even a footnote


I think he has more important matters to discuss than sh*t


I doubt we’ll get the really juicy stuff that he used to hint at putting into a book but I’m sure it’ll be an excellent read regardless

Kroenke the Klown

The Romford Pele is the last football biography I have bought. This will serve as an even greater read I suspect. Even though that book was a cracking read


I remember as a kid in the mid 90’s buying George Graham’s book second hand for a couple of quid at a car boot sale, and to my amazement when i got home and opened the cover, it was actually signed by the great man himself.


Would be interesting to get a deeper insight from him about what transpired at the club from 2006-2013 when we had to rely on kids, he got alot of stick for refusing to spend and also allowing stars to leave. Would like to hear from him if the club could have managed that time better. Everybody assume it was always about him, but surely, there has to be more to it.


I just noticed that some miserable twat has downvoted all these wonderful comments. 😡


Yep I didn’t know Harry Kane reads arseblog. Must still be gutted that Arsenal released him as a kid and is downvoting any nice comments about Arsene Wenger.


I didn’t know Harry Kane could read…

Kroenke the Klown

He’ll get on to it once he figures out how to close his mouth


I’m sure it is going to be a very interesting read..I do hope however that his new job at FIFA doesn’t get in the way of his real thoughts on the current Arsenal ownership, but I fear it will, I will be honest and admit he is far too classy to dish the dirt while holding a role at FIFA.

Regardless of that I look forward to reading about the biggest changes in Arsenal’s history from the man who was right there when they happened.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

I’m skipping straight to the part on Park Chu Young


Chapter 1, paragraph 1 my friend. There’s more to this than meets the eye.


I’m skipping straight to the part where he talks about signing Junichi Inamoto on loan to sell shirts in Asia.


Foreword by David Dein or Pat Rice?


Let’s hope he narrates the audible edition


I hope we won’t get to the autumn, then he says something like, “I am close, but not yet ready to start writing an autobiography yet. When I am, you will be the first to know! After that, it is about commitment and desire to write something that would interest readers more than what they already have. At the moment, we don’t have that”


Chapter 1. Back Stabbing B*stard Players
Chapter 2. ‘We almost signed….’
Chapter 3. Emmanuel Eboue

Paul Roberts

Chapter 4. I didn’t see it.
Chapter 5. A little bit hand break.

John Mavroudis

I SOOOOO want to do the cover for this book.


Finally! The sacred texts!!


If he tries to be the gentleman and diplomat then the book will be rubbish. He has to tell it warts and all, if that means trashing Maureen and Ferguson then so be it. And he has to acknowledge the dreadful mistakes he made in the second half of his tenure: the awful signings, the bad tactics, the ridiculous socialist contracts for mediocre players and finally his stubborn refusal to walk away when he was clearly over the hill. I’ll give you a prediction: this book will be full of self-pity and rancour. When it all went wrong he’ll blame… Read more »


What a dismal world you live in …

Martin Dufosse

He’s only telling the truth.!!!!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Fats is not totally wrong about the ego part. He was asked about Guendouzi recently. Before admitting Douzie is a very good young player, he replied other teams too have very good young players and some young players who he started developing in the club are also showing their qualities.


Cummon, name one autobiography that deliberately highlights the negatives. Ferguson conveniently left out the final chapter where he ended david moyes’ career by selfishly handing him an ancient squad, no talented youth players and a decrepit stadium.

canon fodder

…he was not sacked! There was a mutual agreement between the Club and Wenger that the latter’s contract would be terminated halfway through it’s full tenure. That is why he was able too stay in the job until the end of the season and, in turn, have a dignified send off. If Wenger was sacked, he would not have seen the season though till the end


Incredibly, he is a bigger man than you!


bore off! every comment you make just adds to the worlds quota of shite spouted on the internet.

Paul Roberts

Imagine if you wrote a book Fats – how boring and repetitive would that be?

DB10s Air Miles

Still not over it then, fats?

Martin Dufosse

Absolutely nailed on. Stayed on for far to long.


Meanwhile, Fat’s biography:

One upon a time, there lived a fat cunt.

And he lived miserably ever after.

The End


Is there an audiobook version…..Maybe I didn’t see it.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I’m getting at least 3 copies. One for every Leauge title this man won for arsenal.


What I would pay for an audiobook version Narrated by Le Prof himself!


Where do I place my preorder?


Hey still waiting for the article about Aubameyang winning the player of the month… That should be celebrated right?


“Maybe someday I will write a book”

If we were so lucky as to get 1/10th of the stories on things he used that for this book would be priceless.


Is it bad that I’m already thinking about whether there’s gonna be a book signing so I can finally get my 03/04 Invincibles home shirt signed, framed and hung up

Adams Jnr


Just take my money now.


I reckon due to the fact he is such a classy fellow, he wont reveal too much incriminating or juicy detail. Its just not his style.

Tony Hall

I look forward to reading it. I hope it is a *warts and all* autobiography and sheds light on a few interesting topics over the years.

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