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Emery on the performance, Ozil’s substitution and Xhaka

Unai Emery says he will take a lot of positives from Arsenal’s Carabao Cup outing at Anfield despite the fact his side were knocked out 5-4 on penalties.

The Gunners went behind early before racing into a 3-1 lead but on a remarkable evening they were repeatedly pegged back by Jurgen Klopp’s men who snatched a 5-5 draw deep into stoppage time.

Facing the Sky Sports cameras, Emery reflected on a mad evening, Mesut Ozil’s performance and was pressed on the fallout from the Granit Xhaka situation.

Emery on the match…

It was a crazy match. In the first half, we were speaking in the dressing room, I am very proud of the work. The rhythm was a high rhythm in the first 45 minutes and the second, also. Really, we wanted to take confidence winning that match and pushing in the second half with the same idea as we finished the first half. At the end, we were winning 5-4 and with the last action, they scored to draw and to go to the penalties. The penalties was 50:50 for both teams. And we lost. I think with our work we could have had more from this match. But really there are a lot of things positive and I’m going to take those. 

On failing to keep a lead…

When you concede five goals, defensively, both teams, we are not happy like that. But when we are playing for the supporters, giving them that match, for them it was nice seeing that 90 minutes. The result is changing for them and for us. The rhythm played by everybody in that match was also very good. The first half is not the best for the balance technically and tactically for both [sides] and they won at the last moment. We can be proud of work if not the result. 

On Ozil’s performance…

Yes [I was pleased], we were waiting for his comeback and him helping us with his quality and his spirit. I think he played with good spirit and helping with his quality and we can have one player more for the next matches.

On substituting the German…

It was in the plan. With him also. We spoke about that situation to do that. 

On Granit Xhaka playing against Wolves on Saturday…

We are analysing that [the Liverpool] match and we are going to take positive things to work on and to improve for the next matches. Now, I cannot say to you how we are going to play on Saturday. We need to do things step by step in taking the decision. 

On whether he’s made a decision about Xhaka playing…

The decisions before were for this match. It’s finished and I’m speaking with you. After the analysis of this match, maybe tomorrow I can say to you more. 

On Xhaka apologising…

I spoke yesterday in the press conference about that. I think we need to have each moment, step-by-step, taking the decision. I think all I said is enough.

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Ordnance Dave

Unai “I prefer to win 5-4 than 1-0” Emery.
The key word was win.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Nicki Minaj Ganja Burn
“Everytime i get high….Emery i just think about you”

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice



Hey man I just want to apologise and say you was right…emery is a coward

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

It’s alright..everybody makes mistakes…like arsenal with Emery or like wenger with Xhaka and sanogo


Ahh man u kinda spoiled it ??


Apparently his plan to hung him dry backfired. The demise of Ozil was deeply exaggerated after all. He still got it.

Pete Strong

He was playing against a kindergarten. Will he do that in a PL game? No.


And yet we managed to lose, where does that leave the manager, his tactics and the entire team? You are not a fun of Ozil, I get it but tell me how Cebalos is better than Ozil in the creative role on the evidence of what we’ve seen of him. His flaws is well documented and all that, but give credit where it’s due.

Pete Strong

Ozil got two assists last season, that’s creative about that? And tonight, Liverpool’s backline was full of little babies giving the ball away. Get real. Against proper players he’ll get bullied off the ball as usual. He might create something every now and then, but his negatives far outweight the positives. Move on, nobody wanted him when he was £0, Germany got rid and now Arsenal want him out. His only destination is Turkey or MLS – that’s how much he’s rated in the world of football.

Wenger's Fat Wallet

…do you secretly work for Unai Emery?

Fred Garvin

Actually it’s the other way around – he left the German national team.
But I see you have an agenda, and I doubt there’s little one can say to have an effect on you.

Pete Strong

He left before he was pushed, then blamed his departure on racism.


If it was that easy to create against this baby backline, why did no one else do it when he came off.


Exactly.. And ask him, why did we lose to a team of babies? Ozil had a good game but unfortunately no one would give him credit for that. It’s the same fan who dislike him now that’d get jealous when he’s doing alright elsewhere.. (Ox getting booed by some fans when many said he was a waste & had to go is another example).

Pete Strong

Not saying Ozil didn’t have a good game, but the Liverpool defence was weak as piss. Will he step up in PL or be the same old lame duck, lazy SOAB?

Maul Person

Because they aren’t creative attacking midfielders! Why do you think Auba has been so starved of service recently. Those players aren’t the ones to provide those goals. Where did the opportunities in open play come from Against CP? I’m all about goals coming from all positions / players but not at the expense of the players whose role it is to actually score goals. And that’s what’s happening at Arsenal.

Maul Person

I’m sorry but in what world is Ceballos more creative than Özil…?! What did he do last night that was more creative?

Pete Strong

What’s creative about Ozil’s 2 assists last season in 30 games? He can’t get on the ball to create because he’s physically weak and pressed out of games.

Kran Stoenke

The amount of up votes on this only shows people hate him on a personal level. I refuse to believe people are really dumb enough to formulate ‘opinions’ such as this.


I honestly couldn’t care if Xhaka apologies. It will just come from a PR team anyway. Its not going to be heartfelt message from him — so who cares. Everyone needs to stop being so precious about it. We’ve called him a shit cunt lots of times. He’s told us to fuck off. Fair doos. As for the armband stuff — he threw it at the guy who should’ve been the rightful owner of it anyway — so on reflection I’m not too fussed there either. Xhaka needs to move on, and so do we. We do that by getting… Read more »


All good to hear, hope the Unai gets this done.


Honestly, does anyone believe Emery will move on from Xhaka? Even if he doesn’t start against Wolves, he’ll back in the first XI for Leicester away.

No matter how well Ozil and Torreira play, nothing will change as long as Emery sets the team sheet.


Well said


Yeah when he feels like giving a fuck, like against a Liverpool reserve team where he knows he could become a scapegoat.


Would you rather he performed badly? Some people!


He’s been shit the majority of times that Emery has given him a chance. And he hardly seems to give a shit most of the games too. If he was to show commitment and perform well more consistently when selected, I might actually start giving a fuck about him not being selected.


He’s been shit/average for years btw. Hardly someone you’d think people would wax lyrical about as our future savior, but most people seem to forget all the bad and only remember the good (and the consistently good is a long time ago).


Well, you have been shit every day of your life, so maybe you think you know what you are talking about.


I’m not going to give you any personal characterizations based on your comment, but that comment was fucking retarded.


I could give your comment some shits, but you are already so full of it.


Ozil excelled in every team prior to Emery. His style just doesn’t fit Emery’s system. So which horse do you want to put your money on staying for Arsenals best chances of success?


I bet he would. So he can point finger and bad mouth Ozil some more.


Mesut Özil produces 3.12 chances per game for Arsenal in the Premier League over his whole arsenal career. The premier league. If you imagine he was doing 6 per game in his first three seasons and none in his last three you are wrong. He also has been our top assist producer in 3 of the last 6 seasons. Get some facts mate

David C

He says so much but says so little.

David C

Blogs, why are my comments awaiting moderation? Cheers!


Because you’re new or you said something against guidelines once.

Tankard Gooner

Once I got flagged for agreeing with Santori.


The door is open Jose come on in we’re ready

Bob's Mexican Cousin

No, it’s not.

Fireman Sam

No we are bloody not

SB Still

That would be worse than all the crazy decisions Emery has made.

Keeping it Monreal

Wow some people have a short memory… Constantly disrespected Arsene. Played the most boring football. And now you want him as our manager?? Jog on.


No other man has put Arsenal down so much, often in an outright disrespectful manner and you want him to lead the club you support?

Liam Bergkamp

Anyone that would want moronho as manager knows absolutely nothing about what Arsenal stands for

Gooner Sam

I never want the Mourinho poison anywhere near my club


‘To all the Arsenal lovers: take care of the values of the club. My love and support forever.’
Don’t do that to Arsene nor the club. We need to look after our values and not let a man like Jose in.


Exactly. Arsene might of waned on field but he stuck true to the values of the club we all love. Mourinho would wipe his arse with those values, spit on them, and throw them back at our faces. He is not an individual that has any place at Arsenal.

The Mad Parson

He would also spend us out of self-sufficiency, throw his toys out the pram, and force a kazillion pound payoff, leaving us to spend the next several years rebuilding.

Why do people think he’s an option?

Liam Bergkamp

moronho is the equivalent of trump- they have the same (lack of) values, attitude, narcissism, consideration for others, zero integrity…


Are you Jose in disguised?


I’d rather bring back wenger. Seriously. He’d do great stuff with the players we have


Who th f*ck is Jose? Not sure if u mean tht bt if u do ‘fuck off’?

SB Still

The team showed we have good potential, defence and penalties have to be coached. We just need a good manager.


I genuinely think there isn’t a single person in the world that I hate more right know than emery.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

There’s always Terry and Mourinho.


Cmon now. That’s just either absolutely stupid or unnecessarily dramatic.


Thought we could you some humour in shitty moments like this….maybe it wasn’t that funny. However…’s so damn hard to say but if this is the kind of crap we have to endure to get another nail into the coffin of this clown at the helm, then we need more of this loser mentality and have to continue being a laughing stock. It’ll be horrible to watch and we’ll most likely be out of competition for the 4. place but looking at our coward board there’s no other way to save this club from this completely self-destructive path we’ve taken… Read more »


good for you, mate. and i don’t mean that in a cynical/sarcastic way.

Max Fischer

Mitch McConnell…it’s ok if you don’t know who he is, just trust me…you hate him more lol.

Bob's Mexican Cousin



You would have helped us out a bit if you lived in the states.

Which ones pink.

It’s wonderful to hear the away fans singing ozil’s name. I’ve gone over the Arsenal for 47 years and I sit in my little seat now (when Ozil is playing) and watch a truly gifted footballer who is like a great conductor. When the orchestra play he will conduct. He will never make a good team great but he will make a great team exceptional. Can’t wait for the day emery leaves my beloved Arsenal


Play Ozil on Saturday you idiot.


Good luck with that one mate. You might see Mustafi take the field though. Emery likes Mustafi…..


You’d probably need to tie Emery down to which Saturday.

my name is bob

If Ozil doesn’t play on Saturday after that performance and we play shitty, unattractive football, I’d like a proper explanation instead of the usual bullshit.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I don’t think you’ll get a proper explanation, regardless of the question 🙂


I think you are asking for more than what Emery is capable of.


Plan? Wtf

Unless you are saving him for league, emery should have gone off script and keep put him on. How hard is it to not understand how the game was going? Even at 4-2 or 4-4 you knew there were more goal opportunities to be had.

I would be curious to know statistically if our attack slowed down after Ozil went off besides willocks goal.

You also take off our best DM SMH and send in attack minded CM in ceballos

Kola I understand because of injury.


Naked Cygan

We were 2-0 up with Watford, 2-0 up with Palace, 4-2 up tonight. This is a Big problem. Emery needs to fking fix the system to shout out games. We can’t keep going on like this. This manager is just not good enough. Sack him, save us the headache ffs.


Guendouzi (crap jump) and Bellerin (crap marking) let Origi in for late equaliser. Crap defending. Bring back Budgie.

Danger Mouse

If you can’t find a place in the squad for Ozil, the problem is you, not him.

Liam Bergkamp

Didn’t emery also have a problem with some of the stars at PSG?


I know English isn’t his first language, but I find him really difficult to understand. Honestly, I’m not sure it’s so much because he’s less capable in English vs his thought is just muddled and confused :S.

I actually think he’s a fine human being, I really don’t mean this to be a personal attack, just something I’ve noticed.

Paul Roberts

I enjoyed what was an unimportant match in the scheme of things. We have a very good squad of players in my opinion. All we need now is a new manager to pick and coach the team.


In this match where defending was not an option it was always going to be Ozil that would produce more goalscoring opportunities. Very open game end to end – perfect for the visionary magician. Nope take him off and Torreira too. Clueless clown.


Unai Emery leaves me more confused than before after every of his post match media chat.
Did he manage a different game from the one we just saw? I don’t get how he manages to come up with strange and ridiculous views every fucking time.
Says a lot about nothing and says nothing about the main things. Absolute genius of a clown!


Unai Emery keeps using the word “We” anytime critical decision making responsibilities are expected from him.
Why can’t he just man up and be responsible for his decisions?! Of all the inanities of this world, the worst of all is cowardice. I just can’t stand cowards!

By the way, Ozil and Torreira had a good show today. Oooooppss! Watch out for what the coward will do on Saturday.


I can’t stick with this kind of answers any more. What a digression compared to Wenger’s mind a some time even philosophical thoughts.


… mind and sometimes…


It is funny how it is always Özil’s fault if he is not in. “We were waiting for his comeback”?! I wish he would have the same demand for the Real player.

arsenal fan

Wish he would stop with all the drivel.


Emery reminds me of Perd Hapley from Parks and Rec.


I can’t stand all this “taking positives” bullshit that I’m hearing from Emery and some of the fans. We’ve just lost a game that we never, ever should have lost. We were 3-1 and 4-2 up and dominating a weaker side and yet still managed to throw it all away. We couldn’t hold on to a 5-4 lead in injury time. I am fucking sick of watching matches like this involving my team. I grew up watching a ruthless George Graham team that knew how to defend. We could and did go to Anfield and snatch 1-0 results. Now we… Read more »


Chill out mate, you’ll have a hernia. It was only the Milk Money Cup, wait till we get our ass bitten off by Wolves late on. Then howl at the moon and pray that Jose isn’t let in the door.


Fuck off! It’s attitudes like yours that make me sick. Today was the chance to progress in a major cup competition and more importantly make a statement. but yet again we bottled it. A win today would have built confidence for the Wolves game, now it’s more doubt.

I just fucking hate what’s happened to my club in recent years. We “entertain” but don’t win. We’re like an even worse version of Spurs.

Thierry Walcott

Nah, Fats… I have it on good authority that Spurs are the worst version of Spurs.


Jesus H Fats … “a major cup competition” … get real mate, and don’t tell me to fuck off …


Fat’s has a good point. We gave that game away because, at the end, we didn’t put in enough effort to win it. Someone once said that playing defense isn’t about talent, but about effort. If that doesn’t come from within, which we always hope it does, then it has to be about motivation. Unai, any comment?


I saw a lot of effort to win it, some of those young players were out on their feet. We lost that game because of the wrong substitutions, what actually did Guendouzi and Ceballos do?


Go away, Emery!

Once a gunner

All I want is Emery to leave my club now when d the damage can be repaired so we will not be like manur. #Emry out


Emery’s gonna Emery. Yawn.


Emery is so quick with telling us who he’s speaking with; now the team(for captain, at h/t), now Xhaka, now Ozil, Edu and 100 random fans, now Raul. Heck, apparently even Josh and him are just yakking it up. He’s now everybody’s best friend, yes? Bloody fraud.






on resigning…


It was in the plan. With him also. We spoke about that situation to do that. We need to do things step by step in taking the decision.But really there are a lot of things positive and I’m going to take those. We can be proud of work if not the result


I cant help feeling that we are all getting it wrong. None of us know what is going on and we can only speculate really. Still, i can see that the team has become (much better)good/confident at passing out from the back(all those games where they messed up was training). We actually have a big squad and without the horrendeous decisions of refs, we would be competing, but the players sometimes get demoralised when the refs are “playing their little game” and the officials on VAR(corrupt as corrupt can be). AND, we need to protect our players who will be… Read more »




Clear as mud as usual

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