Thursday, February 29, 2024

Report: Arsenal 4-0 Standard Liege (inc. goals)

Arsenal XI: Martinez, Bellerín, Mustafi, Holding, Tierney, Torreira, Willock (74), Maitland-Niles (66), Ceballos, Nelson (79), Martinelli.

Subs: Leno, Chambers, Kolasinac, Guendouzi (74), Xhaka, Aubameyang (79), Pepe (66).

Arsenal rebounded from an uninspiring and stale match earlier in the week at Old Trafford by firing in three quick goals in the first 20 minutes of play against Standard Liege in the Europa League group stage.

In the 5th minute, Gabriel Martinelli picked up the ball in the final third, drove towards the goal and slipped in a charging Joe Willock who was cut out by a defender which led Willocks shot to dribble out of bounds for a goal kick.

Another chance just came just a few minutes later as Reiss Nelson drove centrally from his left wing position and let a shot loose that was directly at the Standard Liege keeper.

in the 9th minute Nelson collects a cleared header on the left wing and dribbles past his man with relative ease, and looks to get tripped up by the trailing defender as the ball went out for a goal kick but the referee waved it off.

Martinelli found a stray pass find his feet and made a quick turn and attacked the Standard Liege backline before sliding a ball to Ainsley Maintland-Niles who’s

Standard Liege draw a corner and almost capitalized on an overzelous Emi Martinez who was unable to punch it away. Liege got a shot away from the rebound but it skied over the ball.

Goal! In the 13th minute Kieran Tierney makes a quick move to create space on the left wing and whips a cross in that finds a darting Martinelli who heads in Arsenal’s first goal of the night.

Goal! Martinelli finds himself with the ball at his feet in the penalty box once again in the 15th minute after Reiss Nelson’s cross in the box, puts the ball on his right foot and finds the back of the net.

Joe Willock finds himself on the end of another Tierney cross just moments later that just gets flicked over the bar. Arsenal have dominated that left wing so far in the first 20 minutes.

Standard Liege found themselves with a free kick outside of the box in the 17th minute which lead to a dangerous cross being whipped in that was just inches away from a Standard Liege player putting the visitors on the board.

Goal! Tierney and Nelson kept up their dynamic partnership as they work together to get Nelson a shot that deflected off of a defender that falls perfectly to the feet of Willock who slotted it home clinically to put the Gunners up three goals to nil in just the 22nd minute.

Nelson took advantage of a Standard Liege mistake and drives the ball towards the byline and put in a cross that gets caught underneath the darting Martinelli’s feet which was ultimately corralled by the keeper.

Shkodran Mustafi’s careless pass found a Standard Liege player in Arsenal’s half in the 31st minute which ultimately leads to skied shot that finds the stands.

Standard Liege get a shot on goal in the 40th minute that gets deflected away for a corner by Emi Martinez. First chance from both teams after a period of 10 minutes where the match slowed down considerably while Arsenal were comfortable in possession and looked in complete control.

The sudden change of pace seemed to impact both teams as Joe Willock picked up the ball, striding through and past the Standard Liege midfield with ease before being brought down on the edge of the box by Paul-Jose Mpoku which led to the first yellow card of the match. Lucas Torreira’s resulting freekick goes wide around the wall and never had a chance.

Just moments later in the 44th minute Reiss Nelson got on the end of a through ball and looks to be brought down by the Standard Liege keeper but the referee disagrees.

A fluid and ruthless first half from The Arsenal.

The first shot of the second half comes in the 48th minute from Martinelli who received a Dani Ceballos pass, turned, and fired a curling shot just over the top-right corner.

A minute later a Ceballos through ball set Tierney free down the wing who put a beautiful cross into the box which finds Martinelli who slips and lets the ball bobble away from him.

In the 54th minute Tierney found Nelson darting towards the byline, who beat two defenders and puts a cross in that was inches away from finding Martinelli’s sliding foot for his hat trick.

Goal! Martinelli picked up the ball just feet from the byline in the 57th minute and floated a ball towards the six-yard box and finds a lunging Dani Ceballos who poked the ball home for Arsenal’s fourth.

A Standard Liege counter attack almost produces a goal as a missed kick from Maitland-Niles deflects right into the path of Mpoku who drove the ball directly at Martinez who deflects it out of play for a corner.

Nelson’s cross from corner of the penalty box bent over the Standard Liege defenders and found Martinelli’s head as he glanced the ball towards goal which was saved by Liege’s Milinkovic.

Nicolas Pepe came on for Ainsley Maitland-Niles in the 66th minute.

Nicolas Pepe picked up the ball and drove towards the box and got tripped up after dribbling past a few defenders but the referee didn’t bite.

Joe Willock came off for Matteo Guendouzi in the 74th minute.

Nelson beat his man to the byline once again and put in a good cross that ends up at the feet of Ceballos who’s shot is blocked. The ball fell to Torreira who couldn’t put it on target either.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang came on for Reiss Nelson in the 79th minute.

In the 83rd minute Martinelli dribbled the ball down the left and puts in a low cross that finds Pepe but his shot is blocked. The deflection finds Bellerin who fires his shot just over the bar.

Standard Liege had decent chance in stoppage time but the shot blast above the bar which didn’t trouble Martinez.

Arsenal’s next match is against Bournemouth in the Premier League this Sunday at the Emirates.

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Martinelli could truly be the new Saka.


Had three glorious chances to grab the hattrick, but just couldn’t find the final touch. Absolutely outstanding today though – 2 beautiful goals and an assist to top off a fantastic night. Take a bow son!


what happened to the real Saka?


Old news.

Andre Santos' car keys

Rested for this weekend is the narrative I believe.


Do you see what happens Emery? Do you see what happens when you play creative midfielders?! (said in the style of John Goodman in The Big Lebowski)

Dave M

Do you see what happens Emery? Do you see what happens when you play an ACTUAL DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER?! Torreira playing like he does for Uruguay – Brilliant game. Controlled everything they threw forward. Willock – Kid is everywhere, brilliant touch, pace, movement and positioning. Ceballos put in a real shift too. Again can anyone explain why we are still playing Xhaka at DM, let alone anywhere in the midfield in EPL games?! When we have options like Torreira-Willock-Guendouzi and then Ceballos (and even Ozil)? Also anyone else see after the first goal – Emery jumps back to congratulate Xhaka first?!… Read more »


Since when has Xhaka been played as a DM? Deep lying yes but never as a defensive midfielder.

Cultured determination

Yup xhaka plays as a deep lying AM and torreira plays as a shallow lying DM

Nasri’s missing chinbone

This brought a smile to my face. Well done sir

wright gangsta

What has Xhaka been played as then? I’d say that the only reason he is in the team all the time, is to have like a Busquets type of half-CB with physical presence in midfield. Funnily enough, Xhaka doesn’t really have any of the qualities this position needs, besides physical presence and a knack for the medium-value pass…

On another note, I thought that our midfield and defence looked significantly stronger on paper (and on the pitch also) than when we field our supposed starting XI…


Many reasons to enjoy being Irish but having to listen to Niall Quinn on Virgin TV criticising Torreira for not playing ‘killer balls’ aint one of them. Good God man, shut the fuck up.


Do you see what happens? Do you see what happens Emery? When you fuck Xhaka in the ass?


I watched Torreira carefully and he’s absolutely not good enough to play the sole pivot in a 4-3-3. Ceballos had to drop back to build the attack almost all the time. He nowhere near good enough to be our DLP.


I agree and get confused by some of the plaudits he gets. He isn’t good enough.

Chambers would be worth a try next to Gendouhzi.


Yes, i’d give Chambers a go on one of these EL games.


His role is to protect the back four and distribute the ball to other creative players, like for example Ceballos who may come deep for him to get the ball. Torreira is not supposed to be a playmaker. Torreira should be mainstay in that role, with our without Xhaka. The real player who should replace Xhaka is Willock, who is ten times as mobile as Xhaka and contributes both in attack and defense.


Bizarre observation. That’s entirely the point of playing Torreira in this position (I.e. his rightful one). Hes not supposed to build attacks, hes supposed to win the ball and distribute it quickly to the more offensively minded players. Two things which Xhaka is incapable of doing lots of the time.

DB’s first touch

Very few teams can pull off playing with a single pivot and two attack-minded mids (city do it). I think it is clear that we need to play with a double pivot because we don’t have the right DM or midfield cohesiveness to get away with a single deep midfielder.


YES! Torreira should be mainstay in that position.


Indeed It beggers belief how xhaka is still playing DM. I’m glad I’m not the only who spotted emery running over to celebrate with his special fancy. I’m happy enough to let Xhaka lead the team as long as it right there on the bench with Emery


There is something that Emery sees in Xhaka that others don’t.sometimes he makes mistakes,we all do. But each time he doesn’t play our team is always in trouble


See what happens when you play an absolutely terrible team in the EL that doest’t asks us any questions and doesn’t test us in any possible way?
As much as I enjoy these easy wins and love to see our youngsters out there, we are a Premier League team, and it is there that we must perform.

Dave M

Talk about quality all you want, but against EPL quality, what we are doing with Xhaka out there is Not working. So why not try something that is WORKING against “terrible” teams (and has worked every time its been used in the EPL).
Also your point alludes to the fact you’re basically claiming Watford (yeah the team beaten 8-0 Bu £ity) and villa (wasn’t until xhaka was gone we won that game) as quality… ?


Seeing us play like this tonight makes me even more angry about our display against the likes of Watford and United on Monday. Did you see the energy and hunger evident in that midfield? If we had played like that against United on Monday, they’d have gotten a spanking! Why can’t we overpower teams like this in the league? Three cup games and the performances have easily been amongst our best so far this season. What’s Emery so afraid of in the league? Anyways, I celebrate everyone out there today. Most especially Tierney, Martinelli and Willock. Throw Nketiah, Saka, Guendouzi… Read more »


Really arsenal fans don’t know how to be happy and this website has become a cess pit of depression
Fuck this. Eternal flamini over and out.

Three Steps Sideways

Over and out makes no sense btw. Three Steps Sideways out.


Totally agree mate….. And can you sense the narrative these days here which is being built by Andrew – Emery Out? I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that he is being paid by someone to come up with that propaganda.


Paid or not, Emery deserves it with his management – especially the meltdown coming to season close – and team selection.


Man Utd is not flying high but still above Standard Liege, dont you think?


Yes but Watford aren’t

Bob's Mexican Cousin



There was a time when we used to play like this with every epl team outside of top 4.


God but my Arsenal is so much more pleasing without it’s feet stuck in Granit!!!


Well played, sir!


Exactly! The midfield is imobile as fuck with Xhaka and another defensive midfielder with him because he can’t protect the back four.


It is pleasing to watch because there’s no opposition on the pitch! Come on…


no ozil no problem. in emery i trust!


Martinelli motm for me followed closely by Tierney. Weird subbing on Auba, especially when Ozil couldn’t even make the bench.


Useful to see how Pepe, Auba and Martinelli play


If and when they click, that’s gotta scare the shite out of any defence!

Paul Roberts

Be honest, Pepe looks like he can’t be bothered.


Whether you agree with it or not, it’s pretty apparent that Emery/Edu/Raul are making it clear to Ozil that his Arsenal career is over & he can either pull a Melchiot & just collect his wages or he needs to follow Mik out the door if he wants to play.

Team looked much better tonight with fluid midfield – really not having Xhaka is a huge part of that. Martinelli looks like a real player


@atom Ozil’s been pulling a Melchiot for the last 4 years…

Crash Fistfight

I think you mean a Bogarde. Melchiot left Chelsea to go to play games.


I think Auba was there to help Pepe and try and get Martinelli his hat trick. Made sense to me, throw on a team tallisman to put some life into the last 10mins.


I agree

Why risk an injury at that point in the game?

He’s the only one at this point zoned in the final third.


arsenal has very exciting young talent i dont understand why they no do more minutes in the premier league


Only 4 goals, #EmryOut.
On a more serious note, that Martinelli guy seems to be the real deal, also, Guendouzi came on and I was half expecting to see the captains armband on him.


Cant wait for the next europa league/league cup game!!


that’s what you get from creative midfielders. Another clean sheet for Mustafi. what’s happening? Perhaps he works best upon immense pressure. whatever it is long may it stay on. well done


Great long pass by mustafi’, cross field to left wing, for one of the early goals

I'm 14 Again

Not that Blogs could be arsed to mention that ?


I didn’t write the report. I did mention it in the live blog though – – and in today’s blog –


No complaints. Excellent perfomance all around.

Martinelli, what a player we have in him. I want to marry that 1st goal of his and make little baby goals with it.

Dave M

Man if only that right-foot curler found the top corner for his hattrick…oooof!! That would have been special


That curler, even though it did not go in, was beautifully taken. Such technique, such power – the boy has the sauce; I fully expect his form to suffer at some point but ladies and gentlemen, it will not change the fact that the boy, has the sauce.


God: May this line-up kick the bucket of City
Emery: I already forgot it


Mustafi with another solid display and clean sheet. If I speak, I’m in trouble.

(but if I’d speak, I’d speak about the fact how much it clearly helps our defense to have a solid midfield in front of them).

Also, give me more of this over the “senior” team. Actually, at the end of the game, we were super close what our starting XI should be imo.


Standard liege


Finally, we have a source of attack, the left back. Appears to be a great signing


Our midfield also was MUCH more mobile and threatening than usual.

Tony Hall

If I was the first team I would be very worried about my spot right now.
Look after these youngsters and they will be the future of Arsenal …
Way to go !


Ah well back to the slow lumbering shite the first team will serve up on sunday, can’t wait


The future’s bright. The future’s Arsenal.


Well what do you know? A defensive midfielder in defensive midfield, Ceballos in his most effective position, and Joe Willock as a connector to our front three, and we look like we have an actual plan! Can we please just stop messing around in the league? Let’s get these full backs up to full fitness, Holding integrated into the back four, Guendouzi competing with Ceballos for that deep lying playmaker role, Willock (though I’d really like Ozil, as ridiculous as I sound still beating that drum) supporting the attack, and PAL getting minutes together with the likes of Martinelli and… Read more »


Ganduzi can only play CAM in this setup….do not risk him in the central midfield duo. We have lost last season and 7 games this season, trying this experiment.


Entertaining game. Substitutions seemed an unnecessary risk but all’s well that ends well.

SB Still

Tierney definitely pushing for 1st team start. Should happen after the international break.

Holding as well, I hope Emery doesn’t keep picking his most experience players in defensive positions. Holding has to start as well after the international break.

It was good to see Torreira deeper. Isn’t Xhaka due to go on paternity leave. Hope that gives the opportunity for Torreira to play as one of the 2 pivots, along with Guendouzi and for either Willock or Ceballos to play AM (as it seems Ozil is frozen out).

Martinelli, absolutely wonderful.


Hope his missus has triplets!!!!


A lot of positive stuff tonight even allowing for poor opposition. Martinelli has an eye for goal if Auba is out/needs support; Tierney looks ready now; Hector will return soon.

How long before people here call for Holding & Mustafi central pairing? I’d still like to see Chambo given a chance there too.

Power pressing from keen and active midfielders and Ceballos looking a bit like Santi, playing from deep.

What team Sunday?


I know they’ve not been tested much but you can see Holding and Mustafi compliment each other very well. In fact holding plus either of Sokratis and Luiz I can also see getting on. He’s cool as a cucumber.


The Ozil situation is nuts. Whatever you think about him as a player, it’s nuts.

Trying to think of a single good reason to send Auba on at 4-0, only one I can come up with is he was told to get Pepe an assist.

But that’s just dumb.


Why would anybody give you a thumbs down for this? It’s such a disgrace to hand Ozil an armband and not even bring him. And, yeah, why are you putting our actual EPL savior on for 20 minutes when we’re up 4-0 at home? Auba should have been watching from his house with his feet up. But this is Unai Emery, many of his decisions are idiotic.

Paul Roberts

Errr we won?? FS! Some people…


I think it was Emery proving who’s boss, doing it because he can. He’s a total twat.


Guendouzi shouldn’t have come on either. Really baffled why those two were risked with this one over. The bench really needed another youngster, otherwise it should have been Chambers to the midfield (or move Mustafi up there, or something else formation-wise, just not Guendouzi) and Kola to replace Nelson (or, even, Tierney).


Why is that dumb?

Abua has a responsibilty to help the team, and it’s a role he clearly enjoys and relishes.

We need Pepe to sort himself out. We all wanted to see Martinelli get his 3rd. Why wouldn’t you throw Abua on for 10mins to inject something different and help the team?

Why oh why do Arsenal fans have to moan about everything?


Because an injury to Auba or Guendouzi means we are hopeless in the league


Did Arsenal need help at 4-0 up with 15 minutes left against a garbage team? Have you been paying attention to our EPL performances? Take Auba out of our first team with a 3 week injury because he was gooned by some frustrated Europa defender and we start dropping points every weekend. I mean, unless you think Xhaka is gonna make up for his goals. Just because they got a good result against a crap team doesn’t mean Unai Emery’s horrible decision making shouldn’t be under scrutiny. The man is a fool. “responsibility to help the team,” don’t make me… Read more »


Mate you’re full of shit…we won and played well. No calm down and fuck off.


Yep, let’s talk this weekend after another dismal PL display.

Agree we played well and won.


Bringing Auba on is not without positives, but let’s face it, he goes down to some rash challenge from these guys while playing out garbage time and you think those positives even come close to letting him get an actual rest? Thursday games make it difficult enough to play in the weekend without taking unnecessary risks or giving fully fit key members of our team useless minutes. Laca’s already out and it’s a long season (as usual).

No one wants to moan, but there it is.


I dont see any issue. Its not as if Ozil’s reputation will suffer. He has a 15 yr career behind him, with a world cup win, amazing performances, trophies in germany, spain, england…and is now newly married and still plays great when he is allowed to. He probably welcomes the break and rest…and anyway, i am sure he doesnt regret missing out to play in the superdefensive 3DM midfield with utmost timidity against Liverpool / Man U etc. As for Emery, he gets to carry on with his project of making his pet, Ganduzi a star, without Ozil/Willock/Ramsey messing things… Read more »


Ugh, it’s so nice to watch the midfield transition from defense to offense so quickly, even against lesser opposition. Honestly, when Torreira is deepest lying mid and the other two work hard to press, it just “looks right.” Anybody else notice – and I was really trying to pay attention – that even when Guendouzi came on and Torreira got moved more forward and Guendouzi played deepest…that we were suddenly just a little bit more open in the midfield, a little bit easier to get through? It just seems like Torreira is 100% the best option for the deepest lying… Read more »


Martinelli claiming his spot. Will Martinelli and Nketiah be the new Laca and Auba in 2/3 years time? I bloody well hope so! 4 great strikers with 2 of them able to play wing. Tierney, made that left side of the pitch a nightmare for the opposition. His crosses – exquisite. Bellerín looked slightly rusty and yet he was still solid. Holding I didn’t notice much… which is a good thing! He did his job quietly and efficiently. Mustafi is going back to basics and I like what I see, good attitude from him. Many said we are overhyping the… Read more »


Never thought I’d say this, but Thursday night football is where it’s at. So much better than the weekend crap.


If you say so, I’ll be happy to see the back of it. Whenever that might be.


Not if you were in Australia!

I love the Europa league, it means not only do I get to see the Europa games live but the Thursday games mean more Monday evening games too which is more chances to see Arsenal live – 5am kick-offs.

I’m gonna be a little sad when we get back into the top 4. 😉


Well, fair enough!

And I don’t for the record want to see the back of Thursday games until we win it this year and then stay away for a bit. I love watching them, that’s for sure. I mean, it’s Arsenal isn’t it.


I Can imagine that this team could be a breadwinner in UEFA, while seniors struggling at home :)))))


Ruuuunnn pepe ruunn, trackback and run, is that too hard?

Tony Hall

I hope Emery takes note of how much better this 11 is than the shit show last Sunday (apart from Auba).

tanned arse

(To the tune of the Adams family)

His name is martinelli
He gives it quite a wellie
He’s better than pel-e
And he plays for arsenal

Oh gabi martinelli
He’s tricky let me tell thee
He’ll put you in your belly
Then score for arsenal

Super martinelli
Turns defenders into jelly
We’ll never ever selly (cough)
Coz he plays for arsenal

……oh perhaps not!


Santori’s been really quiet of late – perhaps even he has finally realised Xhaka just doesn’t fit in this team.


He’s writing his next novel for this place.


Perhaps he is just letting the knowledge that Mustafi isn’t that fucked up sink in?


Tierney already looks like one of the best signings we have made in a long time, he looks the real deal and very promising.

Martinelli is going to have to join Saka in the first team, somehow.

I wonder if now is the time to play around with Lacca as number 10 Infront of Gendouhzi and Torriera with Saka, Abua and Pepe and Martinelli able to come on and replace any of those three.


Mustafi third clean sheet ,I dont care what others say about him but he is good defender.,and I always believe in him.


The transformation isn’t going to happen overnight, and never was. Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Iwobi are 3 players who’s natural game is to drop into pockets. Welbeck+ Aubameyang are strikers, who have been asked to play wide. Saka, Pepe, Nelson, Martinelli, are out and out speedsters, ball carriers and dribblers, who’s natural games are on the front foot, we never had that type of direct threat last season. All the best sides cause damage down the sides. Tierney + Bellerin + Kolasinac will give us a different dimension, along with the type of wide forwards we now have on our books. The… Read more »


I firmly agree. I’m beginning to think that a lot of our fanbase got carried away and started enjoying the “Wenger out” days so much they don’t want to go back to supporting the team at all. Much more fun just getting angry and spraying piss over everything we do. We are turning into a very very exciting attacking team, and we are currently just in a phase of learning how to balance that with a defence. This is a squad that can challenge for the title next season, and we, and Emery, need this season to put everything into… Read more »


did you not see the liverpool and manU matches? we played like pussies.


I jolly well enjoyed that game.

Three Steps Sideways

Martinelli is a fabulous young player. Oddly it’s not his goal scoring ability that impresses me most, but his close control, which is phenonmenal. It’s so rare to see someone with the ability to make it appear that the ball is literally stuck to his feet like he can.

What a delight to watch and I hope we get to enjoy many seasons of it.


Lionel Martinelli

Obama Young

I understand that these post-game reports have to be written very quickly, but it’s kind of amusing how they seem to change tenses back and forth from present tense to past and then back again.

I was not complaining, I am just noting it and I found it amusing, and now I couldn’t stop doing it too.


Well that was too exciting for me. Looking forward to Emery squeezing a few square legs into round holes on the weekend to take the edge off.

Monkey knees

Dearest Unai; see what happens when you play people in their favoured/natural positions, and let them actually PLAY!?


This could easily be our 1st team in 2022 without signing anybody else. Leno Bellerín Saliba Holding Tierney Guendouzi Torreira Pepè Willock Martinelli Nketiah Subs: Martinez, Chambers, AMN, Smith-Rowe, Nelson, Saka, Balogun Imagine what we could add to this squad over 5/6 transfer windows!? If all of that youth comes good then we only need; – A World Class (in form and prime) No.10 [2020] – Back-Up RB, CB, LB [2020/2021] – Tall strong DM [2022] … to title challenge. I haven’t even added a veteran Laca (31) and Auba (33) to that 18-man squad. That’s around £250m of investment… Read more »

Andre Santos' car keys

One of these young attackers is gonna get itchy feet. You just know it. I get what you’re saying though. Backline I feel is especially set for several years to come.


Yeah, hence the 3 seasons of signings until 2022. This definitely won’t be our first 11 in 2022 but my point is that we already have. A young team that could be there at that time with good additions.


This team is already on a different level than Europa league, it would be interesting to see how that exact team would do in Champions league in full stadium (probably better than our ´first eleven´ do in PL right now). Tierney with Nelson already looked like they have a nice chemistry on that left side and how good is it to have finally someone in Tierney who can put reasonable crosses in.

Paul Roberts

Great stuff tonight but so many people on here want to find fault in the manager and players regardless. They all think they could manage the team better and it’s what makes these people happy clearly.


Guendouzi has actually the same height as Xhaka and I notice him often getting stuck in and defending near our goal so I don´t even get much that argument about Xhaka selection. Just give it a try without Xhaka in PL Emery please.

Monkey knees

Guendouzi is 2 inches shorter and a stone lighter than Xhaka, which makes his play all the more impressive.


I’m sorry, but a match report is supposed to be a summary of the events with some insights and commentary. If I wanted to read a play by play I’d go to the live blog.


Oh I’m so glad that we have beaten yet another team on a Thursday night whilst keeping a clean sheet as we make our way forward to the Europa final. Mind you, here in the world of reality I believe questions should start being asked in the house. Seven goals without reply. I know I may not be the sharpest tool in the box and only coach a local under 16’s side, but could anyone, and I do mean anyone, explain how we keep clean sheets against (lets face it it) some of the best teams in Europe (lets face… Read more »


Because nobody gives a fck about the Europa league and the teams in it are definitely not the best in Europe and also play their reserves until the semis/final. That’s why.


Well to be in the Europa League you have to qualify.
These teams have done that over an above others so thats why I say some of the best NOT THE best but some of the best.
I am sick of results from the so called first team being outshine by the reserves, are you not?


Sorry mate, but you’ve got to sort your verb tenses out.

Clueless Head Coach

Great win but still don’t think Unai is the best man to manage these amazing kids into prosperity. I’d fancy an Arteta (or even promote Freddie) #EmeryOut


again…no ganduzi….and a clean sheet and control of midfield. The stats dont lie. The love of Emery for Ganduzi has led to the last season and this season being sacrificed just to make Ganduzi happy and allow him to play wherever he wants, however he wants. And so we have no midfield left.

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