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Tierney and Lacazette start: Arsenal v Crystal Palace team news

It’s Premier League action again as we look to bounce back from Monday’s 1-0 defeat to Sheffield United.

The Gunners host Crystal Palace at the Emirates, and here are today’s official line-ups.

Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Sokratis, Luiz, Tierney, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Ceballos, Lacazette, Pepe, Aubameyang

Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Holding, Kolasinac, Torreira, Martinelli, Saka

Crystal Palace: Hennessey; Ward, Tomkins, Cahill, Van Aanholt; Townsend, Milivojevic, McArthur, Kouyate, Zaha; Ayew

Subs: Henderson, Dann, Meyer, Schlupp, Benteke, McCarthy, Kelly

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One issue as always begins with X


Even more than a win, I want a convincing performance throughout the whole game. COYG!

SB Still

Given our recent results, I’ll be happy enough with the 3 points. Ofcourse, with a performance would be great.

The Gooner

Xhaka is starting. Do not be too hopeful

Prince Gunneralaysia

The fact that Holding is still not starting is unthinkable and beyond reason

Be good

Holding was out with a torn acl. I’ve experienced that and the healing process still goes on long after you’re back with the team. They have to manage his minutes and the intensity of the games he plays in. Ditto Bellerin.

I don’t expect them to be fully in the fold till Christmas.


Another day, another lineup

A Gorilla

Eventually he’ll stumble across the best one…right?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

And promptly forget about it.


its our third game in seven days, calm down mate



David C

You have Kola on bench and starting ?


You made a mistake, should be Tierney instead of Kola

Bob's Mexican Cousin

More than one, Xhaka’s performances don’t merit a start on my opinion


This probably will not happen, but I’d really like this to be a 442:

Chambers Sok Luiz Tierney
Pepe Xhaka Guen Ceballos
Laca Auba


How can Kolasinec be in the starting lineup and the bench?


If Kolasinac gets tired it’s a good option to bring Kolasinac in.


Blogs in disbelief


Because it’s Kolasinac. He can make a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together.


Blogs so used to see Kola play??

Kamal Y Bennoune

I know Kolasinac is big but not big enough to be on the field and on the bench at once.


Kolasinac both starts the game as well as stay on the bench, only the tank can pull such stunt


Looks like a decent lineup. COYG


It is Tierney not Kola at left back

Man Manny

Kolasinac on the field and on the bench!
Emery sort it out please.


I feel like this is the beginning of the end of Emery. We lose today and its a slippery slope going forward.

Side note… 350k sat at home again, wish i had that kind of money to waste


Not being negative btw… he’s picked a fairly strong line-up for a change, hoping for a win, but should we still lose there’s clearly questions to be asked

Robert ombogo

Sokratis & Shaka should be starting in the bench


Kolasinac starting and on the bench ?


This is actually a pleasantly surprising starting line up

Tuomas Haverinen

That lineup is not the correct one.


Never knew Kolasinac is so strong and big that he could be in starting 11 and on the bench altogether.



Paul Roberts

Against all the odds I bought Tierney for my Fantasy team this week. Emery in? I jest about Emery in of course. 🙂

Crash Fistfight

Why would you pick an Arsenal defender? We’ve kept 2 clean sheets all season and conceded more than 2 goals 4 times.

Paul Roberts

Because we have a new defence and Tierney is the beginning…I expect many assists from him – also I didn’t say I was any good at Fantasy League…:-)


Does anyone think Emery reminds you a little of David Brent?

All jokes aside, a win and a performance would be fantastic ?

Micky Tayrian

Anyone know why no Ozil? Injured?

Mentally Drained Gooner

Line up sounds about right except for Torreira for xhaka and Ozil in subs

Bob Holdy

Blogs substituted Tierney for Kola


Please don’t play like Burnley or Newcastle.


Well at least Tierney is now in the starting lineup and he has Pepe Auba and Laca starting. Now if Emery would just get Holding in and Torreira instead of Xhaka he might get closer to us being back in top 4

Carzola mwanykey

Experimental coach!!!!!I guess


Exciting lineup…

Other than Bellerin at right back, this is our strongest starting 11

Hopefully today is the day it all clicks together.

Chambers isn’t great in one v one situations, and he’s very slow on the turn, he’ll need to be very careful not to pick up a silly booking, or Zaha will have a field day.


Juventus should come for Ozil if Arsenal decided to treat him the way they are doing.


Get ready for another back and side passing masterclass, where we struggle to create any chances.
While our No.10 isn’t even on the bench and our best DM is our backup No. 10.

Welcome to Emeryball.
I hope he gets his the sack soon.


And we’ve got two strikers on the bench while already 3 strikers on the pitch.


Nah we won’t be mindlessly passing sideways with that front four…..


I agree. Hope they fire him.


£15M a year Ceballos is the first loanee in football’s History to play more than under contract players. And if only he’s been good in the past weeks. Each time he came on, he brought nothing. Gracias, Signor UE.


Wait. You got Emery sacked before kick-off?! Nice work, Blogs!


With the sorta given that Xhaka must start, which I’m not happy about but, I suppose I have to deal with, that’s a good starting line up. Hoping we win


No Özil we losing again.

Paul Roberts

The longer Ozil doesn’t play the better he gets. We used to lose a lot with him remember.

Wright Wright wright

Is the match on any tv station (Ireland based)

Robert ombogo

It’s time Xhaka & Sokratis to be benched


No Ozil again. Dick Emery has run his course. Get out.

Jack but

Again, No ozil

Magic City Gooner

Today is the day Ceballos gets back on track. I have no evidence of this, it’s just a hunch. Positive vibes only today, COYG

Elrond Half-Elven

Palace are very organized. We’ll struggle to break them.
I’ll be surprised if we win this.


time after time after time again….Xhaka and Guendouzi at the same time NEVER WORKS…yet here we are again.


2-0 up after ten minutes then the Arsenal defence as always gives the opposition a way back into the game.
Lets wait for the routine collapse…


There is no place for Emery at Arsenal f.c. The man is a contradiction to the footballing philosophy of the club. Where is victory through harmony. We dont even play football anymore. This is a total disaster. I just wonder how we’ll manage to live with this until the summer.


Palace looks barely threatening. I hope we bury this in the 2nd half without being complacent. Notice how Laca was complaining to some teammate, then took his eyes away from the ball for a few seconds and didn’t press Palace’s defender that sprayed the ball to Zaha which led to a penalty. We can do without this and also hope we shore up our right side (Chambers & Sokratis)

Stefan Heinz

The usual collapse again ..


ha ha ha
Just how funny is that?
2-0 up and now 2-2
What a bunch of fucking spineless bottlers.
Useless cunts….
EMERY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There I see still time we will win


Or lose…


This is what i am talking about. I dont know if there is a reasonable arsenal fan that will agree for emery to stay. This is lunacy.

Tony Hall

So that’s the 2 goal lead thrown away, will be no surprise to anyone if we go on and lose now.


What a bunch of spineless, bottling cowards.
Fucking BABIES.
Get the fuck out of our club Emery!!!!!


Half an hour for Palace to get the deserved winner.
Really – does this club deserve its support?

Tony Hall

You can’t blame everything on him. They are professional footballers who should be able to organise themselves, defend properly and win this game comfortably. Even if they don’t agree with the managers game plan (or lack of) they should amongst themeselves be able to decide in game “it’s not working, let’s try a way we are comfortable with that we know works for us” Then you take it up with them manager afterwards !


He is the manager.
Paid to pick the team and the tactics – ha ha thats a fucking joke.
Emery is responsibile.
The man is a clown..

Tony Hall

So are the players right now if they can’t organise themselves enough to beat Crystal Palace at home

Tony Hall

I agree we need a new manager but the players need to grow some fucking balls and stop hiding behind the *emery wants us to play like this* excuse !


Emery has made Mesut an example of what happens to players he disagrees with, not many are going to ignore him, although I think Auba and Laca may start kicking off if they don’t get any service soon.


Sun brllerin on. Chamber says on a yellow


Xhaka the Spacker getting a warm send off from the home fans.
I bet my life he will be selected for the next game though….

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