Report: Arsenal 2 – 2 Crystal Palace (inc. goals)


Result: Arsenal 2 – 2 Crystal Palace
Competition: Premier League
Date: 27 October 2019
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Sokratis, Luiz, Tierney, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Ceballos, Lacazette, Pepe, Aubameyang

Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Holding, Kolasinac, Torreira, Martinelli, Saka

Arsenal let a 2 goal lead slip at home to Crystal Palace in a game which was not just marred by another unconvincing performance, but also by an incident where Xhaka was jeered off the pitch before cursing at the fans.

The first two corners produced goals for Sokratis and Luiz but the team allowed Crystal Palace back in to the game through poor defending and game management.

First Half

It’s a second start for Tierney and Lacazette within the space of a week as Emery surprised fans with an attacking line up aimed at going for the jugular – at least it looked so on paper.

Despite the firepower on show, the first few minutes saw Arsenal starting tentatively with multiple sterile slow passes across the backline and failing to find any fluency passing from the back. However, Sokratis helped Arsenal go from 0-100 by scoring from the Gunners’ first corner. Palace failed to clear the ball out of the box and the Greek international volleyed from close range to put the Gunners ahead. 1-0 Arsenal.

It didn’t take long for Arsenal to score again, this time from the next corner of the game by the other half of the defensive duo, David Luiz. Pepe whipped a corner which curled towards the far post to find an unmarked Luiz who stabbed it home to make it 2-0.

The chances did not stop as Lacazette pounced on a Tierney cross to strike on goal on the 11th minute. He chested the ball down and produced a stinging half volley with his weaker left foot only for Hennessey to save well down his bottom right.

Crystal Palace slowly eked their way back into the half and it was Zaha who was the game-changer. Zaha went one-on-one against Chambers who was tripped in the box when attempting to dribble past the right back. It was controversially first deemed as a dive for the ex-Arsenal target but after consultation with VAR, the referee overturned it for a penalty. Milivojevic made no mistake from the spot. 2-1.

It was end to end stuff through the end of the first half as Arsenal went close on a couple of occasions – a Ceballos chip just looping past the far post and Pepe going just wide from the edge of the box.

Second Half

The second half picked up where the first left off with an open game that saw a high line by both teams. Having watched Arsenal in recent years, it should then be no surprise to see Crystal Palace equalize on 50 minutes. Xhaka should have done a bit better to block the cross on the right wing but the entire defence seemed to have succumbed to ball watching, allowing Ayew to sneak in by the far post to tap in with a header. 2-2.

The coach upped the ante by taking off Xhaka for Saka. A highly surprising more considering how highly regarded the captain is by the coach. It resulted in a resounding chorus of jeers by fans and a defiant Xhaka who cupped his ears before mouthing some expletives towards the crowd as he trotted down the tunnel. While abuse towards players should not be condoned, it does look like a big turning point in Xhaka’s Arsenal career.

Having four attackers meant that Arsenal now put Crystal Palace on the backfoot with Lacazette, Chambers and Guendouzi going close within minutes of the substitution. Arsenal continued to dominate possession though the patterns of play seemed chaotic.

“Chaos” seems to be Sokratis’ middle name as it was through a frantic skirmish in the Palace penalty box where lashed the ball into the net after a poor clearance by the opposition defence. But it wasn’t to be as it was ruled out by VAR, possibly for a foul in the lead up to the goal.

The incident got their tails up with Luiz going close. Guendouzi slalomed into the box from the left wing and squared it for Lacazette who squared it for the Brazilian whose shot was well saved by Hennessey.

Emotions ran high deep into injury time with a scuffle between players with Guendouzi pulling off a cynical foul on Zaha who looked to break into a gaping Arsenal defence. That marked the end of a highly tense and hectic game which, again, saw Arsenal’s fragility laid bare.

Emery was right in saying that Arsenal matches have become more competitive. Unfortunately, games like these should not nearly be this “competitive” after taking a two goal lead at home. Arsenal should have been controlling the tempo of the game after the early lead but unfortunately, such performances are becoming more commonplace within the Emery era.

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Ordnance Dave

I’m done with Arsenal. Emery has to go now surely?

ricky rick

Haha. There I was thinking, up 2-0 in 15 minutes. This will be a boring routine win.
Me es idiota.

My Arse-nal

At 2-0 I has a feeling of us fucking it up somehow with how we have been in the league so far this season. When do we ever get a boring routine win?! Was keeping track through Blogs live blog and when we nearly made it 3-0 on 12 minutes I thought then, I bet we would have needed that 3rd goal! Such a sad state of affairs that at 2-0 at home against a not top 4 side I’ve got no confidence of us actually getting the win. So fed up with this now after being optimistic at the… Read more »

Kampala goober ?

Team good enough I have to worry about managers decisions. Fuck that. And yeah it was uncalled for the funs to turn on zhaka but being the captain I would expect better, much better. And you too blogs, we needed something to throw our shoes at and we couldn’t even get in at the front door of


Sadly I missed the frist two goals because of poor streams. So I saw the third. VAR was awful. I still don’t see a clear foul from Chambers. Some backroom auxillary ref now decides games?

Emery is awful. Sadly we’ve seen it all before. Nothing changes and nothing will change. Fans serenade Ozil in the build up to the third (non)goal.

I don’t mind subbing off Xhaka but you can’t blame him for the way the team plays. That’s on Emery and the sooner he goes the better.

Thierry Bergkamp

I saw about 15 mins of the first half and thought I’d get back to work when it was 2 – 0 and slip out for the start of the 2nd. I thought to myself it wouldn’t surprise me if they were 4 – 0 up or, if it’s now 2 – 2. This team has just sucked any optimism out of me. Wolves and Leicester to come, 1 point maximum from those games. You heard it here first.

Emery out!


If we lost that would possibly be justified, in recent years, under wenger even, this could’ve ended in a loss so… Alot of ppl/fans/pundits predicted we’d lose this game, even Wrighty. But yeh sure let’s carry on like we got hammered 0-9 at home. Tierney starting was great. Pepe was decent, playing 442 was troublesome for good possession.


BTW our 2nd goal shouldn’t have stood, Laca blatantly pushed his marker 3 times in order to get that flick on, kinda balanced out with the late disallowed goal, VAR is joke.

David C

Should have been a win, why the hell was the third goal called off?

Tankard Gooner

Me tu idiota hermanos.


Xhaka Out, Emery Out.
Rebuild and start again with a better coach.


Xhaka out!


No sordid justifications can be provided now. The blame for this shambolic display lies entirely on Emery. This has to be the last game with him at the helm.
Feel really sad for Papa today, he gave it his all!

Woolwich Shepherd

You’re done with Arsenal? Then please go away. True supporters stick with the club through thick and thin. The treatment of Xhaka was appalling. It’s not becoming of the class that I’ve always associated with Arsenal Football Club.


The ups and downs on this vote show that the divide in the club is all the way through to the fans, everyone is the problem, this shit has been going in circles for a decade, Emery out sure but don’t be too sure that things will change in regards to the club as a whole getting over and 20 year intense relationship with Le Professor… As per usual with break ups, it can often take as long as the relationship was for ppl to truly move on…


And I’m getting really annoyed by ppl going on about missing Wengerball, We played fuck all “wengerball” in his last 2 seasons, literally none in his last season, we hardly bossed possession (like now) and switched to a back 3 out of desperation to feel more secure when we lost the ball… Tonights game was in so many ways just like anything from that season. I say lets get Arteta.


I love the club. This is why I hate Xhaka after disrespecting my club. Guy can die for all I care.

Greg in Seattle.

You’d see him die. DaDude, you are a waste of skin and bone.

The fans have shamed themselves in the name of “love of club”. No Mustafi, no Xhaka, Ozil banished, who will they turn on next to make themselves feel better next? It’s f*cking barbaric.


Emery has had so much time and he hasn’t improved anything. Brendan Rodgers has only been on his job in a shorter time and you could see the transformation already. Frank Lampard at Chelsea has already improved them a bit. Still early but you could see exactly what these coaches are doing. Emery seems clueless and lost doesn’t know his real leaders when guys like xhaka and bellerin and Co can be captains of arsenal so weak from a leadership perspective ehen you Compare that to a Viera Campbell Adam’s bould keown etc even though bellerin is a good player… Read more »


Time to give Brendan Rodgers a call?

Thierry Bergkamp

That’s a step down for him. Right now, we’re more the king of the jungle or Neil Warnock’s level


True story. I watched the Liverpool game instead; for better footballing quality and having a bit of joy seeing Sp*rs lose instead. Sad but such is the state of dire football being served out by Unai.

SB Still

Under Emery, we are the new Spuds.


Spurs are the new spurs not arsenal.


I don’t give a fuck about them today. I am raging at some of our fans for jeering our our captain( even if he is shit) Atkinson (for being a cunt) and VAR for being completely fucking useless in it’s current format.


I totally agree with you. What the fans did to Xhaka is not good at all. Xhaka has his shortcomings, his continual featuring on the field is not his fault but Emery’s. The blame should be directed at Emery for using Xhaka inspite Of his failings. Oh…I felt really sad at the sight of what fans did to him. He is a human being for Christ’s sake!


…….just as well Spuds are the new Watford!

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Xhaka’s behavior was disgraceful, as was his performance. However I think Arsenal should be above booing their own players, how so ever well deserved the booing maybe. Remember poor Eboue being reduced to tears by the booing. As for Unai he seems more and more sackable after every game. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I will say it again, Jose Mourinho is still unemployed and available. There isn’t a manager close to his pedigree avilable right now, with 3 UCLs who knows how many league wins in the top leagues of Europe. Don’t get me wrong, I… Read more »


Definitely no – Unai needs replacing and sooner rather than later but Jesus not with Mourinho. He’s a divisive ultra defensive throwback mercenary that we’d probably have to pay off before the end of his contract anyway.

And unless I’m mistaken it’s 2 champions leagues not 3


Allegri is available, right?


Brendan Rogers.

Maul Person

He’s not available, though, is he?


Maureen? You’re drunk, offside and bang out of order.


I agree, get Mourinho.


I think Xhakas response was not professional but he is human and at some point the pressure he must feel every day from the negative media, the fans behavior which in itself is disgraceful, and the expectations of captaining a club like Arsenal will take its toll. Sometimes, players emotions get the better of them. I dont blame him for flipping his banana but it shows this team has some big issues that need to be resolved sooner rather then later and it has to start with the manager. #emeryout I am not usually one for turning on the team… Read more »

Tony Hall

I will stop supporting the team if Mourinho becomes manager.


I wuill whenever Xhaka is in the starting eleven. What a gigantic cunt.


Yes, we should not boo our players.


I’d want either Brendan Rodgers or Arteta as our new manager. Rodgers plays attacking brand of football, he almost won the league with Liv and has proven to be a competent manager. He or Arteta can use our squad in a much better way.

I look at Brendan Rodgers in a dispassionate and objective manner. I be that he has only become better.

The New Invisibles

please .. not Arteta (cited with the enemies) not Rogers and for sure not Mourinho. The new Coach is already sitting on our bench: Freddie Ljungberg!! Why not?


Emery needs to go. Xhaka needs to go. Cebellos is average. Guendouzi is Baller. Refs are very anti arsenal for some reason. At home and we get all the bad calls as if we’re the away team. Crystal palace played like they were at home thanks to terrible referring and VAR its all a joke. I can’t help but think Wenger would still do better with this team than what emery is doing. Although I don’t think bringing Wenger is the solution moving forward as that would seem like a backward step but I miss our beautiful possession based super… Read more »


What is also clear now. Is that OZIL is still the best passer in the final third that we have. Cabellos is not even close creative wise. I think even IWOBI at that 10 role is a better passer and has better vision than Cabellos. Cabellos is a brilliant player in his own right but he is not a great passer and doesn’t have the vision like Ozil, Guendouzi and even IWOBI before he left. IWOBI was good as a 10 everytike he played there. I was hoping we’d play him there more this season after Ramsey left. But he… Read more »


Ceballos. Meh.
What has he done? Did little today.

Auba was invisible. We need ozil.

Emery; were chasing the game and his answer is throw in a teenager. Absurd.

Xhaka. Not my favorite player. But he wasnt the problem today. Those “supporters” booing him are cunts. Full stop.


Xhaka got the hump when people cheered about him being subbed. Then acted like a baby. The majority only started booing him when he was walking off pretty slowly in a game where we needed the time. Then he threw his toys out of his pram, gesticulated at the crowd and told them to ‘fuck off’. That’s when people really lost their shit, and I don’t blame them. I think what really pushed people over the edge was Xhaka walking off slowly, instead of running off like Tierney did later in the game. And then he reacted like he did,… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more. 100 % my opinion. Top comment.

Kran Stoenke

Absolute melts who boo him need to realize its emery who insists on starting him. He is playing to the best of his (rather lack lustre) abilities for arsenal. But it’s emerys fault he keeps starting. And emery try to be a protagonist today by bringing on Saka for xhaka which just isolated the attack from defense unless guendouzi got on the ball. Sad to see the Mighty Arsenal crumbling over a 350kpw contract and a clueless manager.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

And also may I add, Emery playing in a system that further accentuates his flaws. Xhaka isn’t great, but can do a decent job if we had the right system, and the right players around him. Part of the reason he’s now a lightning rod is because he’s getting so many minutes in a team that appears to run around like headless chickens, with dodgy selections and almost always, he’s the senior most player in the midfield. Not saying he’s awesome, but his flaws weren’t this exposed with Ramsey / Ozil in the team with him.

Thierry Bergkamp

With a better squad than what Wenger had, they’ve actually got worse.
Everybody wanted Wenger out, me careful what you wish for.


Wenger clearly needed to leave. emery has been very disappointing but as blogs said when Wenger left it might take a few tries before finding the right guy. Wonder if josh was there to gauge the mood similar to when they sacked Wenger


We have a good squad but not a good manager. No direction at the club, no idea on who to pick and where to play them. Pretty bloody embarrassing really. Time to move on Mr Emery.


Starting to get desperate now, I’m afraid. Xhaka is supposed to be the Captain and that is totally unacceptable. Emery is supposed to be the Manager and his performance is becoming desperate.

But if the crowd think Ozil is the answer, they are thinking the wrong question.

Raul and Edu must take a long hard look at this.


How would you react if you were constantly singled out and got abuse after abuse after abuse, from your supposed home fans?
Let’s not excuse poor fan behavior because we’re angry about a defeat.
It was disgraceful.

Danger Mouse

Agree completely Red Sky. Xhaka is far from my favorite player but to single him out in that way I thought was really unfair. The whole team is a shambles and the manager hasn’t a clue how to fix it. Hardly all Xhaka’s fault.


The initial noise from the crowd was actually because Xaka was ambling off the pitch when he should’ve been jogging off so we could press on for a win, then he waved his hands and it all kicked off.

Eric Blair

I didn’t watch the game, but saw the clip and the amount of time he was taking getting of the pitch seemed to rile everyone up. He’s a sandwich short of a picnic, but maybe was also responding to abuse he’s getting off the pitch.

Hard to see him coming back from this, but for me Emery’s the one responsible for all of this and has to go, even bring back Wenger until the end of the season.


If only Wenger did instagram and social media .

Viva La Prof

Wrong to boo him definitely a low point


Agree with the sentiment totally. But when you called the manager a “clueless bleach teeth twat” on an earlier post, it makes taking the moral high ground sound a little like hypocrisy.

Viva La Prof

Sorry HelderHughes are you the sherif of the moral high ground? I didn’t like Emery before he was our manager and I don’t like him now. I’ve never booed a footballer in my life. And I didn’t once criticise Arsenal, the players or Wenger, not until February 2018. The problem I have with him and his stupid teeth is that everything he does with the team and his face stinks of narcissism. 16 months of disjointed insipid football later and the only actual improvement I can see are his teeth and hairline. I notice you are on every comment I… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

It’s inevitable for them to wait for the season to be unsalvageable and then react.


I desperately hope this doesn’t come across as sanctimonious but when I argued strongly that people refrain from the nasty, personal, name calling that was buzzing round this site, tonight proved exactly why we shouldn’t become those types of fans. We’ve made a really bad situation much, much worse by aiming abuse at our own players. I don’t defend Xhaka in any way, he should know better. But he didn’t deserve that. Emery maybe, but not Xhaka. He’s just a guy trying to play football to the best of his ability which unfortunately isn’t good enough for arsenal. Now we… Read more »


Sorry, I am against personal abuse towards emery, but walking off with 1 mile per hour and mocking the fans of your employer by xhaka is unacceptable. I don’t want to see this person again in Arsenal colours and I will not support any team including him.


Well sorry pal but WTF are you doing commenting here? Fuck off and don’t come back. I’ve just got home from the game and I’m gutted. Don’t need pricks that can’t even be bothered to ‘watch’. Sperz losing is totally fucking immaterial today.


In the USA, Arsenal were always shown live in the Wenger years. Now unless it’s the only game on (Monday night) we are an afterthought. Just shows how far we have fallen. If the Refs did the same as the rest of the world, check on the TV monitor themselves re VAR, we would have won, even with Atkinson’s incompetence. The more it’s highlighted the more the more stubborn there association becomes. That needs sorting out at once. Not to excuse Emery & his squad and the awful tactics.


Do they not just show us on Comedy Central now?


This is well and truly our level with Emery incharge.
I feel bad for Grandad


Well i am sure var is a huge controversy in this match but…

If xhaka plays one more match before ozil even after what he did today, then this team under current management is not worth supporting.

Golden of home support to sing ozil song ?



First off props to Sokratis in what was probably his best game for us. I want to say I think the treatment of Xhaka as he came off by the home fans was uncalled for. Amazing how fans conform to groupthink and the dominant narrative so quickly. He is a problem but he’s not THE problem. He shouldn’t start but it’s Emery who picks him every fucking week and who has him playing in this retarded system, alongside a superior player in Guen who virtually renders him redundant. I think Xhaka’s outburst was not only directed at the fans but… Read more »


A bad, although human reaction to a fanbase that has singled him out as the culprit. Those boos where just as embarrassing as his reaction (he wasn’t worse than the rest and even got an assist to his name). And again, bad management by Emery. First he puts Xhaka at the center of his project and names him captain. Then he hauls his off at the 60th min twice in a row. Just the same as his playing out from the back fixation, now abandoned.


He was booed because he walked, not run, off. Simple as that.


Exactly. And at 2-2 the boos for that behaviour are more than justified


Its not like there was 5mins to go, we 30+ mins to get an equaliser, has Ozil ever been booed for walking? Laca? disgraceful hive mind fan reaction, and a telling reaction from Granit. I’m not defending him, but I’m definitely not defending an immature fanbase with no respect for manners in the game, this sort of thing would never happen at Utd or Liverpool, show some respect with your pride huh.

Kran Stoenke

Booing your own player, let alone the captain is never fucking justified. It isn’t going to improve things. It only made him go slower if anything. Abhorrent display by the fans, and that is taking away a lot of attention away from emery, the real problem.


Xhaka didn’t press the cross. His lack of effort cost us the second goal. Effort is what is supposedly keeping Ozil out of the team. Xhaka’s effort this season has been poor, yet he was made captain. Kolasinac always gives 110%, effort is key to this team. Kolasinac would of been a better captain, see caring about teammates before the season for reference.

Xhaka is shit, he’s always been shit, he will always be shit. I would be surprised if he ever plays again for Arsenal. He shouldn’t after his reaction while walking off (not trotting arseblog).


Sure, it is Xhaka’s lack of effort that cost us… never mind he was chasing back and covering for someone else. Never mind the fact the Luiz watched that soft cross come in and was oblivious about the player behind him. Never mind our actual defenders were nowhere to be seen.

Fireman Sam

David Luiz for their goal…I know he can’t defend but that was almost wilfully shit

Magic City Gooner

If sitting Ozil was a group decision, sitting Xhaka should be one as well. Edu and Raul are seeing the same things we are; they can’t let this situation go on.

It shouldn’t have to come to that, but this is what the management has on its hands right now. The empty seats in the stands and the venom online will continue until the fanbase is placated.


one hundred percent agreed


I don’t care about Xhaka the player. He is an asshole. Get rid please. Thanks.


All the while Chambers with hands in pockets just watching Xhaka try and block it on his own as if we weren’t under pressure, whole team switched off, or wait, did we ever switch on?


#Emery Out….. Good ebening!


Shocking refereeing.
But at any rate… It’s time to move on from Emery.
To save the season we need a spark… if id doesn’t work then it won’t be worse than now.

Jean Ralphio

Honestly, if Emery is sacked. We should be grateful for VAR doing us a favour. Don Raul and the top brass should have seen this coming weeks ago. Emery has to go. Also, I do not blame Xhaka for doing what he did. I would have done the same. The abuse that players get is inexcusable and all clubs need to do better to protect their players. All that talk of mental health these days. How will our young players feel now when they make a mistake? I’ve never been so ashamed. I hope Xhaka is left out of the… Read more »


Desperate for a winner and he doesn’t bring on Torreira ?!


Or Martinelli. ??‍♂️

Crash Fistfight

Haha, I see what you did there.


Worst thing is because of that dodgy VAR decision, Emery probably won’t be sacked. I think it is definitely time though. That hostile atmosphere, another poor result. It’s not looking good at all

Kampala goober ?

And can please someone from the VAR team please explain why the fuck the goal was not given. If this is ment to be a circus, someone should have given us the memo


one hundred percent agreed. if at all i saw a foul on chambers there, so you might as well let the goal stand. or award us a penalty.

The Kolkata Gooner

That was not dodgy. That was ridiculous. If not a goal, it should have been a penalty to Chambers for being obstructed unfairly in the penalty box. Besides, I thought VAR will overturn a goal only if there was a clear error in judgement from the referee. There was no clear error in judgement here.

Didn’t take too long for VAR to show that after everything, it is biased.

Fireman Sam

I watched the replay many times but still can’t see why the fuck they disallowed the goal.


Scandal, simply as that. scandal.


Talk about disrepute, but I’m way to cynical to think that some guy talking in the referee’s ear is supposed to make the game fairer and better? Someone had to be looking for a foul on that particular play. As setup, the idea that taking action over a ref’s non-call is farcical and not going to work. Just use var for handballs and offsides and leave the rest to the refs.


Luiz’s goal shouldn’t have stood, so it kinda balanced out.


Also am I the only one who thinks Lacazette looks way off the pace, disinterested and maybe even a little….tubby?

Crash Fistfight

Don’t say stuff like that around here. He’s one of the players that can do no wrong, in the same way that some can do no right.

He’s probably just lacking sharpness after his injury, but that doesn’t mean he should start/stay on ahead of other players whilst he’s getting it back.


He doesn’t look totally up for it to be honest, maybe just needs a couple more games. I was expecting him to come off for Martinelli, surprised that change wasn’t made.

Don Cazorleone

He’s probably just as fucked off with Emery and his “system” as the rest of us


My brother just showed me an instagram post by Troops, whereby he calls for the sacking of Emery and Laca ‘liked’ it.

scott rice

1) I disagree – Laca works hard.
2) Disinterested does not mean uninterested. Please consult a dictionary.

Kran Stoenke

3)you knew what he meant so quit the condescending talk. Reflects poorly on you


We played poorly but we should’ve won. Referees should apologize for being idiots. Emery and Xhaka are both a waste of time and keyboard effort.


“Play poorly but should have won” is what got us EL football this year.


Let’s not the Xhaka & VAR incidents overshadow the fact we wouldn’t have to put up with it in the first place if we weren’t completely crap.

And by ‘let’s not,’ I mean TOTALLY LET’S!


Probably get thumbed down but…. I feel sorry for Xhaka, no one needs the kind of response the crowd gave him. He tries but clearly isn’t good enough, not that many of our players seem to be quite frankly. Emery needs to go pronto. I don’t feel at all sorry for him.

Woolwich Shepherd

I have to agree. Arsenal is better than that. The fans are frustrated and Xhaka is a convenient villain. But I was saddened to see that vitriol. I’ve never witnessed anything like that in my 28 years as a Gunner.


Then you weren’t around to see Ian Ure or Jon Sammels or Sammy Nelson or Paul Davis get grief.
Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it never happened. People don’t change.


How did they take the abuse? I guess I am old school, but we’re always talking about playing for the shirt, and Xhaka took his off before he yet down the run way. May not mean anything but I took it as a very poor response from Xhaka to a bad crowd situation.


pretty sure the boos were because he was taking his time to get off the pitch after we lost our lead


They were boing since his number came up.


If Xhaka had not reacted that way, I would completely agree. I think we’re some of the worst home support in the league. But, that was a very weak and cowardly from Xhaka.

Thierry Bergkamp

Probably been the worst home support in the league for a few years now


do you pay to go to the stadium? if so, you are entitled to show your disapproval!

i think it’s the tolerant home support that allowed the latter years of wenger. and same for the s**t show of emery right now


Agree completely. But if the management had not noticed before they surely do now. Also Xhaka doing what he did shows he aint worthy of being a team leader. Today showed how much fucked we are with Unai at the helm, the boos were not just for Xhaka it was for Emery too in a way. He needs to go before the next match.


Granit is a good footballer, but he isn’t capable of doing the job Emery expects him to do. He isn’t a defensive midfielder and needs time and space to work effectively. He won’t get that in the Premier League. It’s not his fault that he is put in the situation that he’s in, he’s clearly conscientious and tries hard to do what is asked of him, which is probably why he has been made Captain. Unai Emery is busy ruining our players by asking them to do things they can’t do, Mustafi, Granit, playing youngsters all over the place and… Read more »


he is immense with Switzerland so it truly is a mystery as to why he’s so lacklustre with us… or is it?! ?


No he makes the same brainless fuck ups with Switzerland too.


You’re answer is in your question…


Ok come to think of it, maybe I done a Sheldon and missed the sarcasm ?

Joy Boral

Agreed, Swifty. I’m glad so many people felt this too.


The least that Xhaka should have done was show some respect for the manager(if he has any for him) and teammates. What that means? You see you are subbed, sprint to go out cause you are chasing the game. Give the man that comes to your place a couple of seconds more to help the team.
There is no excuse for him. He tries, my ass, give his wages for a week and I will spit blood running and set up my lifetime with those money.


100% agreed.


OK, he isn’t good enough. we can agree on that. so he should accept that and fuck off.


xhaka is a convenient villain? are you kidding me??

one of the worst home support? arsenal charges one of the highest rates. i think they are entitled to good performances and requesting it week in week out!

Mentally Drained Gooner

If only we could sub emery and give same reaction on field

If only I could be in north London and not in india ?


Delicious irony of them playing Neverending Story during half time. Pretty much summing up
Arsenal FC

Best of John Lukic

Things that can go and fuck themselves: 1. VAR. 2. Unai Emery. 3. Football.

Paul Roberts

I’m enjoying under 7’s football with my grandchild so much, don’t give up on football. 🙂

A bottle of Martinelli

You should watch the Arsenal Ladies play…. You’d fall in love with football again. The first two can f*ck right off..

Paul Roberts

I do that too beat Man City today. 😉


Cheerio Unai

& Fck off Granit


Fuck off Xhaka indeed.


Cheerio Unai

And Fck Off Granit

Carlos fella

Another shocking showing. So disenchanted with arsenal with emery as manager. We play awful awful football. I also felt for xhaka. Not his fault. He obviously cares and tries to do well for us. Really think it’s time to get rid of the manager. Can’t believe I’m wishing we had gone for Brendan…


Feel the criticism is unfair. Our first season in the PL, small club with limited resources, (5th in the table!) and we’re able to go toe-to-toe with a decent side in the form of Palace. Oh no, wait…


No hiding in football I’m afraid.


Okay I’m actually fed up at how these fans in the stadium treat Xhaka. He absolutely did not deserve that treatment when he got subbed.
We all know he’s surplus to requirements right now, but it’s Emery who picks him week in week out – he has no choice but to play the best he can when he’s picked.
At times like these I’m honestly ashamed to support the same team as some of those “fans” in the stadium tonight…


You know what, I’ve been wondering. Stadium fans reacted as they reacted (aint saying bad or not). But how about how many times Xhaka was at fault for a goal or loss? How many times Xhaka was able to feel how fans feel when he fucks things up? You know, for the money modern footballers earn and for the responsibility they carry they should lower their heads sometimes. When you see your team shits things up you could be pretty fucked up, but I dont see how they fuck up themselves, cause they earn a world of money that we… Read more »


no comment!


Rinse and repeat. The big picture is there for everybody to look at. Every week Unai stays in charge is a step further toward EL football next year again.

Easy tiger

If we are lucky.


Fuck off Emery!


What a fucking shit show. No communication. No plan. They look like headless chickens.

Xhaka disgraceful.

Hopefully Raul and KSE watched the game and understand that something needs to be done.


*Xhaka situation digraceful.

Adny Toams

No, probably too busy counting ticket sales!


Entertaining game. Sat behind Emery, who signalled continously, nobody taking notice.

The penalty was soft, Xhaka was culpable on their second, but where was Sokratis?


Please explain the Xhaka culpability. Yes, it wasn’t great defending. But he was covering for someone else and the cross that got in was as soft as a snowflake. Take off your “hate Granit” glasses and actually take a look at how our actual defence was positioned… look at Luiz. Catastrophic.

Olivije Žirod

The problem with Xhaka is that he always covers for others and if he messes up it is always his fault. Maybe if he just wouldn’t be there like Guendouzi or Ceballos aren’t for example nobody would notice that he made a mistake.


Looking for the hat trick

T. House

Emery has to go. What justification is there to keep him? The tactics are non existent, he picks poor lineups, the team is demonstrably worse offensively and defensively. He’s way out of his depth. Fire him right now.


Who would be better? The criticism is exactly the same as Wenger was subject to: Slow build-up, non-existing defensive play etc.

I actually watched the West-Ham / Sheffield U-match Saturday. West-Ham played very similarly to the way Arsenal played against the same opposition a few days earlier, sideways passing, huffing and puffing. Had Sheffield had a decent forward, they would have won by several goals.

This is the way the Premier League is. It is difficult. It is hard. Nobody, not even Arsenal, are entitled to place in the top.

Jimbo Jones

This effing idiot has to go. We have one of the best passers in the world and this twat has frozen him out of the squad. We all know ozils work rate isn’t the best but he makes up for it with his great passing and creativity which we are severely lacking in right now. We’re struggling to create chances in every game. Fuck this guy wholly and totally. We’re moving backwards.


Can we please bring back Wenger and Ozil. This shit show has gone on long enough. When did Arsenal decide they were going to start trying to win games through corners? Take that crap to Burnley, Stoke, or Southampton. Arsenal need Wengerball, not Emeryball.

Crash Fistfight

We need neither. Why does everything have to be Wenger vs Emery? Neither of them in their current guises is good enough.


Please rewatch Wenger’s last season and come back. Half empty stadiums, regular away day spankings and our worst performance in a cup final (though we were very poor in the Europa League final as well. Somehow Ozil started both games!)


And Özil was our only player on the pitch.


The point is it’s bizarre to suggest he’d save us when he hasn’t made the difference in our biggest games over the last two seasons! You can’t clamour for Ozil and then, when he is on the pitch and struggles to make an impression, say it’s because of the other players. Our problems are much deeper than that.


Sense, at last. Thank you.


The crowd showed what they think about the Ozil/Emery situation. Xhaka didn’t need or deserve to be booed but what a nonsensical decision to take a midfield player off for another winger. Emery is just out of his depth.


Pretty sure the crowd cheered Saka when he came on. Not everything is about Ozil!

The Arsenal

Xhaxa will be the hill Emery dies on I said before the Watford game. Never imagined it would get this bad though. No one deserves to be bullied in that manner, I feel like Xhaxa gives his all he’s just shit and let his frustrations out. Any other manager would have taken him out of the firing line months ago instead ours made him Captain. While he is poor their are massive problems all over the pitch. Does not help that several new managers with weaker teams seem to be doing so much better. Also at this point the way… Read more »


This is it, it’s not that he’s not trying, he’s just not good enough for a team with our ambitions. A better manager would have realised that by now and done the merciful thing.


We are a mess. Emery Emery Emery.


Good Ebening. When I arrived eerrm Arsenal. The players need very competitive, it’s a process we’re work on with big performance. Mesutuuu, eerrm Is lack big performance & discuss with board errm is mesutu Ozil cannot play with help us with performance. Lol.. We are completely finished. #EmeryOut

Paul Roberts

I would just like a coach that I can understand and relate with. How did the Arsenal board ever think that someone who couldn’t speak English could relate with the fanbase who were used to the Professor? No fault of Emery’s.

Sharaz Shahid

I’m going to go against the grain a little bit here. I think Arsenal should be proud of that performance. They should be proud, because they’ve become the world’s first footballing philosophical paradox. The sheer shite fuckery of the team is astounding, amazing and beyond belief when you see it. And yet, I would contest that at the same time it is absolutely not surprising whatsoever, and indeed is to be expected whenever they take to the pitch. Unai Emery deserves a seat alongside Plato and Socrates, for being an absolute twat whose team chases it’s own tail all game… Read more »

Joy Boral

Just some things I need to get out of my head because they’re making me feel very uncomfortable about the club. Don’t be such a toxic fanbase. I get that it’s frustrating to see these results year after year but don’t create such a negative atmosphere for the players. Please. I’ve been criticising Xhaka’s performances too, but is it really his fault he’s being selected week after week? Or that he’s captain? 
Just ask yourself, wouldn’t you have reacted that way if you were being treated like that by the entire fanbase your all for? You can’t accuse him for… Read more »


Continued frustration breeds toxicity. So the bigger question is why the universe has paired a frustrating coach with a frustrated fanbase. It’s kinda funny if you think of it, like a practical joke that we all aren’t in on it.

Joy Boral

Haha, totally.
Laughing at that comment, but inwardly crying.

Tony Hall

That above from Joy Boral is the best comment on here today

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

I may be wrong but didn’t Xhaka mouth off to Emery when the coach tried to high five him??


He did, yes.


No excuse for the result, but I thought the VAR rule was that the error had to be “clear and obvious”, not “vague and obscure”?

Crash Fistfight

You’re forgetting the sub-clause that says if it’s against Arsenal you just take the decision that fucks us over.


Pointless hypothetical but if you had the choice of Emery being gone tomorrow with Wenger brought in as a caretaker for the rest of the season would you take it?

Personally I would jump at the chance…

Baz Lalor

No. Just no.


Freddie maybe, Arteta maybe. We need to move along to someone that wants to play positive football, instill a certain style, get along and teach the younger players, and communicate with the fanbase. No going back at this point.

Will N1

No excuse for the result, but I thought the VAR rule was that the error had to be “clear and obvious”, not “vague and obscure”?

Dog Poo

Form of this website after a match report just like arsenal itself


Breakdown of what happened: – Xhaka subbed for Saka @ 2-2 (61′) – Crowd applauds for attacking sub – Xhaka responds by Ironically jeering the fan response – Xhaka throws armband at replacement captain – Fans react – Xhaka visibly says “Fuck off” – Fans boo Xhaka – Xhaka holds hand to ear, once again ironically jeering fans – Xhaka comes off pissed, slaps Sako & Emery’s hands – Xhaka removes shirt & walks straight down the tunnel Fuck Xhaka, that isn’t a captain’s attitude and has always been a square peg in a round hole. Emery loses the dressing… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

That’s certainly one way to mis-represent what happened!


That’s exactly how it happened.


please enlightned us then, because thats exactly what I saw.


2:0 up against Palace at home and we were still unsure how it was going to turn out. We are so vulnerable now it´s incredible. You always know we have some sloppy mistake, or faul or something in us at any point. You wonder what the hell is going on at the training ground. It´s mostly about individual brilliance rather than combinational play and passing moves leading to chances. It tells something that all our goals were scored by center backs even the one that was disallowed. I know that sometimes it is like that in a match and defenders… Read more »

el nino

might be worth upgrading the server blogs?
Missing out on a lot page views my friend,,,,


I’m definitely not a huge xhaka fan but he puts in effort and tries. His reaction today at being subbed off and booed wasn’t good especially for a captain. Emery has put xhaka in a no win situation. It’s true like the others in here have said that it’s not his fault emery made him captain and keeps putting him the starting 11. Is he suppose to tell emery today isn’t a good day to put me in the starting 11? Or question emery why he keeps starting him? That brings me to Ozil. I am a fan of his… Read more »

Laca New Signing

Boooooooooo #EmeryOut


We are 6 points behind (considering the opponents ) when comparing with last season. Fact!
We have a better squad than last season even when considering that the competion had improved. Something is not working. Is it too difficult to work it out?


Is there a point to say much more than #EmeryOut now? It is obvious that fraud #EmeryOut is being exposed as very poor manager. How he ended up at Arsenal is anyone’s guess. What a waste of our time. Sack him and sue him for fraud. #EmeryOut

Der Kaiser

So toxic. Poor performances blame Manager afterwards. Ultimately it is his responsibilty. But true SUPPORTers must support ( clue is in the name) the players even if they are not performing. They do not pick themselves, the Manager does. Remember Eboue. How will our young players feel if they think ” shit if I don’t perform the ” suppotets” will turn on me”. They will be fearful, not take risks and then not perform. Nevertheless two wrongs do not make a right. Xhaka as a professional paid a salary 99.9999 per cent of supporters could only dream of should not… Read more »


I support Arsenal, thus I resent Xhaka now.


2-0 up and what were afraid again ? will probably get free sky smiles when the plane starts flying overhead again 🙂