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Arsene Wenger named FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development

Arsene Wenger has been appointed as FIFA’s new Chief of Global Football Development, it has been announced today.

The former Arsenal boss has taken his time since departing Arsenal to get back into the job market proper, but rather than take his place in the dugout again as many expected, he’s moved into this administrative role with the game’s governing body.

In a statement released today, FIFA say Wenger ‘will be chiefly responsible for overseeing and driving the growth and development of the sport for both men and women around the world.

‘He will also be the leading authority on technical matters, both as a member of the Football and Technical Advisory Panels involved in The IFAB’s review and decision-making process on potential changes to the Laws of the Game, and as chairman of the FIFA Technical Study Group, which has conducted the technical analysis of FIFA tournaments since 1966.’

It’s certainly an interesting job for him, and one he sounded enthused about.

“I very much look forward to taking on this extremely important challenge,” said Wenger.

“Not only because I have always been interested in analysing football from a broader perspective but also because FIFA’s mission as world football’s governing body is truly global.

“I believe that the new FIFA we have seen emerging in recent years has the sport itself at the very heart of its objectives and is determined to develop the game in its many different components.

“I know I can contribute to this objective and will put all my energy into this.”

Good luck, Arsene. This is clearly the first step to him ousting that smarmy gleet-hound Infantino and making FIFA decent again.

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Donald's Trump

Make FIFA Great Again



MotherFuckin Great Arsène

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Let’s hope he teaches those wankers a thing or two about ethics


I’ll but one of those hats.


How long Arsene works with that mafia organisation with his ethics is something else. Maybe they will hide the truth from him.

The head of Ugandan FA, was reported for massive corruption charges. FIFA cut a deal with him, asked him to give them a cut of the money/fined him and warned the government not to investigate him or risk banning the country from participating in FIFA events.

Damo Dinkum

I’d settle for “Make FIFA mildly palatable again”


Good luck with your new job…. i was really wishing if he could have become our interim manager for now


No. He’s had his chance.

Vassili Zaitsev

He’s had his chance ? Arsenal FC have had their chance thanks to Wenger

Hakuna Matata

And what would he have done differently to his last 14 years where won 0 PLs?


I was honestly hoping he would get the Bayern job as that seemed like a perfect fit for him. If he manages again I would love to see him get one last shot at a big club even if on interim basis


I think taking this position with FIFA means that Arsene won’t be managing again. Unless something goes wrong, he’s not taking this position on any short-term basis, and I don’t really see him(or anyone) taking on a new managerial position after the age of 75…


Honestly wish him nothing but success. Top, top man.

Stuart Bradley

Completely agree. FIFA are lucky to get him. I hope Arsene’s integrity and outstanding ability brings real change in this tarnished organization.


Agreed. I also really hope FIFA doesn’t tarnish his reputation as an honest man with integrity that puts ‘blood sweat and tears’ into everything he does. I do wonder how much say he will actually has though.

Either way, I hope he can help FIFA become a more transparent and corruption-free organization. Wish you all the best boss, true gooner ❤️

SB Still

Integrity, sigh! Despite he saying ‘I did not see the incident’, the knowing smile in 2013 when asked about incoming transfer, he had integrity. I miss that. My only regret with Wenger is, he should have taken a role in the board and brought in Klopp to succeed him. This was before Klopp joined Liverpool but based on Dortmund going up against the richer Bayern similar to Arsenal vs ManU. Ofcourse Wenger was too passionate about coaching that he couldn’t let go, though he probably realised he wasn’t at his peak any more. Good luck to Wenger in his new… Read more »


klopp would never join a kroenke owned club with such an entitled moany fanbase


The man heads all football now technically. Yowza!



Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Yes, we will see rules to punish defensive teams and yellow cards for long balls.

David C

More handbrakes maybe? Haha.

I love Wenger and wish him nothing but good times in his new venture.

Cultured determination

Additional league points for goals scored.


not going to help us right now!


We’re a defensive team.

That can’t defend.
Heady times.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

The death of the throw-in is my wish

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Removal of referees from football matches.


See my earlier comment.

Magic City Gooner

Not many guys out there that can outdo him in that department…

Vive Le Prof


love this man


If he gets to wield the influence he appears to have been given then football should become fairer and more For the ‘good of the game.’ Then that will be great.


Best of luck in your new job


A top, top, top, qwaliteee job for a qwaliteee guy. All the best, Arsene.


Make FIFA Great Again

Scott P

No doubt Wenger will be working to improve the sport itself, but also to restore its honor and dignity at the highest level. That’s something we should all get behind.


There’s only one Arsene Wenger.

Cultured determination

I heard there’s an young Arseny.


It would have made me sad if he had taken another club job.


Class act good luck Arsene .
That cesspool just got way cleaner .
Forever in your debt .


FIFA sucks
Wenger rules


No one else deserves it more. Good luck to Le prof.


It’s always a worry when genuinely good and well-meaning people get involved in the higher reaches of such corrupt organizations. I hope Arsene can get to work in relative peace without being too frustrated by the gaggle of money thieving cunts around him.




A related thought: FIFA needs him and his unimpeachable character more than he needs this job. No doubt Infantino hopes having Wenger as a figurehead will help whitewash FIFA’s past.


Who can’t find himself a job now? Mourinho I guess!


I hope that prick has fully gone past his sell-by date. Arsene retired at 68. Mourine at just 55 is left to rot in the gutter where he belongs.

Parlour’s Pay Packet

Be honest to your federation!

Burn Baby Burn

First point of business, Mike Dean Mike Riley Martin Atkinson, find yourselves new jobs


This made me laugh.


I wouldn’t trust them with a sponge and a mop. Let alone a proper 9-5

Jimbo Jones

Developing young players and making them into future greats is what Wenger is all about. From viera, to cesc, to toure, to Henry…the list goes on and on. Football development is what Wenger is all about. A perfect job for the professor and one of the greatest football managers of all time. Good luck Arsene


Hopefully he can sought out the idiots that are running var and Premier league referees


Sort out development of the game globally for men and women (NB: corruption still prevelent the world over for both) AND fix the handball law?!? Christ, the man doesn’t half like a challenge…

Ya gooner

When the broken hearted ex finds someone better, and the one who called it off is full of regret…

Winterburns right wand

He’s the Jeremy Corbyn of football.

DB10s Air Miles

Not many corbyn fans here then I guess….



Winterburns right wand

Inoffensive. Likes to back just causes. A thoroughly decent human being.


Ah OK. I couldn’t tell whether your original comment was a back hand jibe.


Arsene Wenger is not a terrorist sympathising Marxist, who wants to model our country on the likes of Venezuela, North Korea, China, Russia, Bolivia, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam….

Fireman Sam

You forgot “anti-semite”


And neither is Corbyn


I bet you don’t know anything about Karl Marx, or any of those countries you mentioned. You just take what the media tells you as gospal, and vote accordingly.
I blame you for everything bad that happens in this country.


I’m with Luther.


most politics is about getting the tenant to vote for the landlord, the worker for his boss and the prisoner for his guard.


And they are both true Gooners


The only thing one can say when he is beside Corbyn is “I’m with stupid”.


What do you think makes Corbyn stupid A P?


I’d like to think that he’ll be more than just the bumbling, kindly old duffer who’s only hired to distract attention from the fact that the once-respected organisation he represents has been taken over by horrible cunts.
It might be FIFA’s plan, I just don’t think he’ll settle for it.


The perfect job for the perfect candidate. Fifa’s technical wing will benefit greatly from this man’s honest eye.

SLC Gooner

Good luck to Arsene. I think he’s well-suited for the role. But feel bad for him having to wade into that swamp.


Geneva’s not that bad mate!

Cultured determination

First order of business- impose global ban on unai for displaying anti-club/ anti-football antics

Viju Jacob



Good luck with the new job, Arsene. They got themselves a knowledgeable and decent guy.

Kanu Believe It

But what am I meant to do with my homemade half Arsenal half Bayern shirt now?


I’m short-handed.
What am I to do Walter, what am I to do?


Gazidis would like it


It’s a big miss from the club, now the dust has settled, we should have offered him a seat in the boardroom, and a position as a global ambassador for Arsenal football club.

We lack football people in the boardroom, Arsene would have been an amazing capture, and certainly would have boosted our global appeal.

What’s Arsenal’s loss, will certainly be FIFA’s gain…

Good luck boss.


Arsene himself said he didn’t want to be that involved in the club as it would be a detriment/distraction to the new guy(s). He loves us so much, he had to let us go.


I think Le Prof is too smart to get involved. He’s been a first hand witness to the goings-on for 2 decades. He’s probably delighted to have left it behind. I’m sure he’s a Gooner and loves the club, but to actually work there, with the people he’s been covering for all those years, having to deal with even more years of having to play ambassador to people who’ve let him take the flak for them during his last years at our club… I think he’d rather just walk away and take a nice office job at FIFA. I don’t… Read more »


one day we will realise, he was bloody and bruised from standing between the club and the wolves at the door and in the boardroom. He was the last man standing.


Wenger as FIFA president one day would be amazing and would mark the biggest turnaround in the history of sport. Make it happen Arsene.


It would take a saint to make that lot look good again I guess they got the next best thing I wish Arsene nothing but happiness in the roll


Personally, I think it sounds like an horrific brief, but good luck to him and I hope he gets the opportunity to make a tangible difference. It’s FIFA, so I doubt it.


Do something about the game in India and China. Fucking one third of worlds population as good as untouched by football..


Maybe in terms of world class players but both are filled with millions of world class fans.


As per an estimate there are around 20Mn football followers in India.. that’s not even 2%. So although that number is still huge more than many major footballing nation’s.. it’s still extremely small when you see the total population of the country..


There are more than 20 million fans here…. There are more than 20 million field hockey fans alone (we’re decent at it). I don’t deny grassroots development and the league system needs huge work and investment in both countries but appetite and interest is at an all time high.

Hell, there are probably more than 20 million United fans alone. In the 90s and the most supported sports teams in India were the national cricket team and United. And trust me they know that, they’ve been milking this commercial market for decades.


That quote. I miss his expression.


I, like any other Arsenal supporter wish Arsene Wenger the best. No-one can doubt his integrity. However it is very difficult for an individual to change a stable system like FIFA. FIFA has shown its resilience to transparency and good governance. Arsene has shown his absolute loyalty to the club and, continues to do so by refraining to comment on the present situation even though it must pain him immensely. I do not recall him, even once, being publicly critical of those higher up, and look how they repaid him. I think he will behave the same way in FIFA.… Read more »


Best of luck Arsene.

Can’t wait for that autobiography!


I did not think he would be tempted to go back into club football any time soon. He gave close to two decades with Arsenal, grew the club with his early success and continued appearances in CL, provided the platform to attract bank money to build our own Stadium, create a self sustaining model. BUT some fans disgracefully treated him awfully. It must have sap a lot of the better passion for the club game. I felt one possibility back into direct management would have been the national team. France is blessed with fantastic talent, young talent which would benefit… Read more »

Fireman Sam

We can do better than Emery. The lack of discipline and coaching is clear compared to Rodger’s Leicester or Klopp’s pool.

But this thread is about LeProf, who we salute. Legend.


Too long man


Good luck Arsene!

Liam Bergkamp

Wow. FIFA appointing someone with ethics and integrity! Never thought I’d live to see the day.
Hopefully, it won’t be long before he’s made the president of FIFA.


Don’t think he would have taken the position unless he had a real vision of how to develop football. I am looking forward to seeing what he has in mind. The whole thing sounds like a perfect fit, FIFA get a massive upgrade, football gets some integrity back in its governing body, we get a gooner in a top position and Arsene gets what sounds like a fascinating job with what I imagine will be a significant kerching. He’s a crafty old fox isn’t he?


A perfect role for him. Wonderful.



Bai Blagoi

Is this a full-time job? Or can be done while coaching somewhere? Like when you are a board-member in some organization.

Pete Plum

Good luck to him but I hope he manages a team again


Congrats to Le Prof- a position worthy of his intellect and vision. Hopefully the corrupt folks in FIFA won’t prevent him from doing as he sees fit.

Kartik Iyer

I hope as a part of his role he really focusses on India. We have the largest population in the world, surely the probability of unearthing good players is higher. Plus it would directly affect the maximum number of people.


Good luck, AW.
Its a good thing le Prof is back in football.


So now Arsene runs football. His brain is worthy of it.

Fireman Sam

Le Prof is too classy for FIFA.

Really hope he doesn’t get tarnished by their dodgy activities in the future.

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