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Confirmed: Arsenal sack Unai Emery

Arsenal have confirmed that they have parted company with head coach Unai Emery.

The Spaniard has been relieved of his duties following Thursday evening’s 2-1 defeat to Europa League opponents Eintracht Frankfurt and after overseeing the Gunners worst start to a top-flight campaign since 1982/83.

In a statement released on Friday, Josh Kroenke said: “Our most sincere thanks go to Unai and his colleagues who were unrelenting in their efforts to get the club back to competing at the level we all expect and demand. We wish Unai and his team nothing but future success.”

Emery took over from Arsene Wenger in the summer of 2018 and was set the task of returning the club to the Champions League. A 22-game unbeaten run in the opening months of his tenure hinted at a promising future under the Spaniard, but things quickly turned sour. A spring-time collapse in the Premier League, sparked by questionable team selections, and the heavy defeat to Chelsea in the Europa League final provided a sobering finale to his first year in charge.

Backed by the board with big-money signings during the summer transfer window, Emery spoke bullishly in August about competing again for a top-four place. By mid-October Arsenal had climbed to third in the table, although increasingly stale performances led to the coach admitting that his players were feeling the pressure of expectation.

In the last two months, Arsenal have been awful, mustering just one win in nine games. A 1-0 defeat at Sheffield United on 21 October set the tone, before we sandwiched home draws with Palace and Wolves between a capitulation at Leicester. Failure to twice retain a two-goal lead in the Carabao Cup against Liverpool denied us a morale-boosting victory at Anfield – we went on to lose on penalties – and the poor domestic form carried over to the Europa League where we drew against Vitoria.

Last night’s demoralising 2-2 home draw with Southampton, appears to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. [Ooops!]

Off the pitch, Emery was forced to strip Granit Xhaka of the captain’s armband after the Switzerland international swore at his own supporters. The midfielder had only been in the role for a matter of weeks after a prolonged election process in the aftermath of Laurent Koscielny’s exit.

His treatment of Mesut Ozil has also garnered headlines. The German, who alongside Sead Kolasinac was the subject of an attempted robbery on the eve of the season, was repeatedly excluded from matchday squads much to the frustration of fans worn down by the side’s lack of creativity. In recent weeks, he had little choice but to restore the World Cup winner; his battle with our no. 10 seemingly lost.

Emery’s 18 months in charge did have a couple of highlights. Last season’s 4-2 win against Sp*rs was a day to remember and the hammering of Valencia in the semi-finals of the Europa League was also noteworthy. Those games aside, it was more sausage than caviar.

Emery was contracted until the summer with the club having the option to extend his contract by a further 12-months. He’ll walk away with a pay-off and he’ll likely take fellow Spaniards Juan Carlos Carcedo and Pablo Villanueva with him. We wish them the best of luck and we’re sorry that it hasn’t worked out.

The club have confirmed that Freddie Ljungberg will take over coaching responsibilities on an interim basis.

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Bergkamp is good.


In the video interview he did with Ian Wright he said he wasn’t interested in being a manager, sadly. But I’d have Bergkamp at the club even if he was making the tea.

Cliff Bastin

Blowhound woooooooosh

A Gorilla

That would be the best cup of tea ever

Heavy Gunner

I bet Dennis could make a fantastic club sandwich— alongside the tea…


He’s Dennis Bergkamp – he can do anything!

Wilsheres Middle Finger

I bet you he’d call it the Arsenal Football Club Sandwich too.

Gooner Sam

Cant help but breathe a huge sigh of relief


I was sad to see Wenger go i have no regrets other than ones for a person losing a job for Emery I am afraid.
The club needed to do this at least a month ago.

John C

Wenger should have been sacked after the 8-2 disaster at Old Trafford.

That wouldn’t have been tolerated at any serious club and he got 7 more years!! Emery getting 13 league games this season shows a new ruthless streak in comparison


And you should GTFO with Emery. How compartmentalising in 11 games doing for you and Emery?

John C

Compartmentalising 11 games has made no difference to my life I must say, it’s living rent free in your head though!


You don’t have to worry about living rent free in my head. There is enough capacity, which is more than what I can say for you, John Cuntoman.

A Different George

Three FA Cups, and Champions League football for all but the last of those seven years. (All those jokes about the fourth-place trophy don’t seem so funny anymore, do they?)


You’e right, but John is also spot on. Wenger should have gone three years earlier.

John C

There’s plenty A Prick, it’s empty!! I bet if you bump your head it rings like a bell!!

A Different George, I put no stock in wins in a greatly diminished FA Cup. Top teams don’t take it seriously until the semis and before that its up to the luck of the drawer, we beat the mighty non-league Sutton Utd and Lincoln City FFS.

It’s futile to argue that Wenger left the club in anything but a mess, we finished 5th and 6th is his final 2 seasons.

John C

As for top 4 finishes, Wenger, in cahoots with the board for a few seasons cynically found a sweet spot where they could minimally invest and get maximum champions league income and we are now living with the long term consequences.

You can’t just become competitive again overnight. If you, for whatever reason lower the quality of a squad by 5-10% over several seasons, it’s going to take at least that, if not longer to raise it again, this is where were at.


In that 7 years Arsenal finished in the top four or won an fa cup in all those years except one. It’s seems you can remember what happened in 2008 but forgot how Arsenal finished last season under Emery.

Bould's Eyeliner

8-2 is pretty terrible sounding on paper, but I think there was an injury crisis/risky selections that were understood as a gamble that ended very badly. I don’t think many top flight managers would have been sacked at any club for just one bad loss.

Not having the best record for the club ever, in the history of Arsenal FC, like Wenger does, might be the important, decisive factor here…

John C

We threw away a 4 goal lead at Newcastle a few months earlier and lost 3-2 away to Wigan despite being 2-0 up with 10 minutes to go a few months before that, both records by the way, so they weren’t isolated incidents. I’m pretty sure around the same time we lost to Spurs at home despite being 2-0 up at half time and drew a European match with some Belgian no-hopers again after being 3-0 up. Let in 5 against Sheffield Utd or Reading, can’t remember which but it was a championship side regardless in the league cup It… Read more »

Mach iii

He’s like a new signing


Poch is a nice guy


Not so sure that’s true, though I don’t know. He was a good coach for Soton and Sp*rs, but I dislike his attitude on gamesmanship. And the way it all came off the rails for him doesn’t lead me to want to go that route.

Arse City Blues

I guess we can close the ‘file’ on ’emery’ and the ‘board’ now, the final ‘nail’ is in the coffin.

*Checks fingernails arrogantly*


With upmost respect to Bergkamp, I dun think it will be easy for him as a low-flying dutchman. Trips to the other end of the world is a bug no-no to him

Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

He’s god. But he doesn’t like flying so I’m not sure how he can be a manager or assistant. Think about away games in Europe.


It would ave taken him a month to get to that Europa final. And I can’t even imagine what that drive or those train rides would have been like.

Bould's Eyeliner

He’s a god, but he better serve me crumpets. How fascinating.


about 5 games too late but some good news. onwards and upwards (hopefully)

Upamecano but downalego

I hope there’s a plan in place for his successor, one that isn’t limited in scope or options. And I don’t agree with this ‘who’s available’ way of thinking, we’re supposed to be a big club, and big clubs sign managers that are the right fit, regardless of if they’re already under contract elsewhere. After all whats £4/5million in compensation if it helps us gain CL football and encourages our brightest stars to prolong their contracts. I think/hope we should be taking a multi-tiered approach, similar to the post-Wenger auditions but more decisive and based on if the manager is… Read more »


Santori in disguise

Upamecano but downalego

I beg your pardon? I don’t berate our own fanbase, I don’t concoct biased opinions with hand-plucked ‘facts’, I don’t constantly self-reference, I don’t comment on every single article. I do engage in conversation, I do admit it when wrong, I do research, I only comment on average once or twice a week (more often than not far smaller posts that the one above), and I always try to be fair when dealing with people making moronic or needlessly nasty comments. I’m sorry that you feel after 35years of loyal support to Arsenal (I’ll not stress the lengths to which… Read more »

John C

Unfortunately @Upamecano but downalego too many on here aren’t really Arsenal fan’s but idolisers of Wenger and are unable to form a sensible opinion of the current state of the club and how it’s been run for the past 10+ years.

Reading some of the comments here Wenger left a World beating side full of top class talents not a club in terminal decline which had finished in the Europa spots the previous 2 years.

A Different George

Unfortunately, @John C, you decided to hijack his response, which neither mentioned nor implied anything about his beliefs about Wenger.

By the way, just to correct your calendar, the squad Wenger left had not finished in the Europa spots the previous two years–only the once. And Champions League the year (and the two decades) before that. Something only one other club in Europe has managed.

John C

My response was my response and doesn’t need there to be prior mention of Wenger, Upamecano but downalego is perfect entitled to respond for himself on his view, he doesn’t need you to hijack his own opinion.

Wenger’s last 2 league finishes were 5th and 6th, ego 2 seasons in the Europa, the fact that he got sacked before he could take charge of the second season is moot.

Upamecano but downalego

I beg your pardon? I don’t berate our own fanbase, I don’t concoct biased opinions with hand-plucked ‘facts’, I don’t constantly self-reference, I don’t comment on every single article. I do engage in conversation, I do admit it when wrong, I do research, I only comment on average once or twice a week (more often than not far smaller posts that the one above), and I always try to be fair when dealing with people making moronic or needlessly nasty comments. I’m sorry that you feel after 35years of loyal support to Arsenal (I’ll not stress the lengths to which… Read more »

Upamecano but downalego

Every time I have a comment moderated it ends up being duplicated. Apologies to all.


Don’t worry, it’s just an echo


Type it like a duck and that won’t happen.

Dave M

more than anything we need a manager that is a really strong character. Not another guy that is obsessed with the players feeling good. This group of players need the fear put into them and if they can’t handle that then they should be shown the door. These guys are paid ridiculous amounts of money to play football, not feel nice and comforted by their teammates and coach – and there is one sure fire way for any players to “feel nice” – WIN SOME FUKING GAMES!


Ahh Roy Keane you say hahaha

Dave M

Ah Patrick vieira I say


I know fans will say maybe he’s not done enough, but for me Vieira is exactly the personality and character Arsenal needs right now…a some of steel plus he’s one of us


The best coaches do both. Ferguson, Pep and (much as I hate him) Mourinho forge/d extremely close relationships with lots of their players, built on an understanding that if they let their standards slip, they’re gone. Ibra and many others still talk about Mourinho like he’s their dad!

John C

But look how difficult isn’t been to get rid of Ozil

Dave M

? Problem is we haven’t had that at arsenal for a long time. Wenger had the right characters during our peak years to suit his style. Then those characters and leaders began to disappear and we had a lot of guys that just got too comfortable without the internal motivation of guys like Bergkamp, Adams, Vieira. Thus our culture of comfort evolved and we employed another of that type in emery (with other deficiencies on top). The characters we have need external motivation, to know that of they fuk up things just aren’t the same there is a cost, a… Read more »

John C

Emery tried to do that with Ozil but you need job security to do it.

One of the things Wenger got right from day 1 was to insist that he be the highest paid member of staff so to maintain his authority over the squad.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out where the power lies when you have a manager of £50k a week compared to a player on £350K


Yeah, that’s not even close to possible these days. And he managed Alexis and Ozil. A good manager doesn’t need a caveman approach to heirarchy to get quality from his players.

De Bruyne, Sterling, and Salah all make more than their managers, as do many others.

That said, Ozil’s wage is definitely out of scale for value.

John C

Do you honestly think De Bruyne or Sterling get paid more than Guardiola? I doubt it but even if they do it’ll be by a small fraction, not by multiples.

If a club rate their players above their manager they hired the wrong guy!!


Klopp seems the perfect example. Loves his players up to the point that they don’t put out a 100% percent or don’t buy into the project. That seems like standard team building, but something we seem to have lacked consistently over the past three seasons at least.

Red Arrow

Thankfully it was 5 games and not 5 years!


The grin on Wenger’s face this morning…….

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I don’t think it gives him any satisfaction


Exactly, we may have fired Emery but make no mistake about it, this is far from an Ideal situation to be in. Our squad has been underperforming under the last 2 managers, fans are massively unhappy with the way the club is run and they have no issues expressing it(rightfully so), there is no candidate who is undoubtedly exciting as a prospect (no offence to Freddie and Arteta) and the ownership appear to have a weird hands on/hands off approach to running this club. Best bet is to focus on the Europa League and win it. Maybe us fans should… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp

Hopefully the fickle fans don’t end up turning on Freddie.

Merlin’s Panini

There is a standout candidate who just got flushed down the toilet bowl. Sadly his association with them looks like it will mean it doesn’t happen.

John C

Don’t talk sense it’s not appreciated around here!

Thierry Bergkamp

Maybe slightly


Wenger is class


Definitely – and unlike Richie’s comment


Then you know fuck all about a man like Wenger. He’d never take delight in a manager like Emery being sacked.


Although the Emirates pitch is green. It certainly isnt greener since we mutually departed.

John C

Why? Because it’s going to take years and probably hundreds of millions to repair the clusterfuck he left?!


Your idol left it a bigger clusterfuck, John Cuntoman.

John C

I don’t idolise anyone, he’s stopped the rot Wenger left and for that we should be grateful but obviously there’s many years left to fix the problems he left.

Good luck to the next guy


He ain’t Mourinho mate.

Don Cazorleone


Gavin Binding

I’m just grateful we can all move on now.


About time really. Emery didn’t win the fans over, played sour football and lost players in the dressing room. Ultimately the results and football on the pitch was dire. No sympathy for Emery and his team in losing the job. Hopefully the club now kicks on.

A Fleeting Glimpse

Totally agree. He can take his 4 million thank u’s from the club and fuck off. Release the arseblog moral police ?‍♂️


“Last night’s demoralising 2-2 home draw with Southampton, appears to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.”
Had this draft written for a while 🙂


And didn’t have to change much of anything.


Had to happen, the players lost their appetite weeks ago and have just been strolling through matches. I expect we will see a huge improvement on the effort front on Sunday and hopefully put Norwich to the sword.


And for Xhaka to be sold immediately!


Better dressing room management and this might never have been, but it looks like both are ready to move on to me.


“Last night’s demoralising 2-2 home draw with Southampton, appears to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back”

Had this one prepped and ready to go for a while did ya?


Like lancing a big bastard painful boil.

The last thing any fan wanted to happen became something that had to happen for the future of our club.

Sad all round really. But necessary.

Come on Arsenal. Come on Freddie.

Thanks for trying Unai, good luck wherever you end up.

the Philosopher Stoned

Last night was the 2-1 loss to Frankfurt…

It sounds like you wrote this after Southampton, expecting Emery to be sacked off the back of it as we all did.


That’s the mark of good journalism; have the story prepared before it breaks.


Scrolled down to see who first noticed this


After so long, should have been gone in the international break. Indecisiveness from the board. We lost precious points in the process…


I wish him all the best in the future. But it became obvious this job was bigger than him. Maybe Everton would want him.

I now view previous comments from Hartem Ben Arfa and Veratti on Emery with a new insight.


Veratti and Ben Arfa are two career long trouble makers though.

Maul Person

Doesn’t mean they’re wrong on this.


Now to really show some guts and ambition and appoint Pochettino…..

A Different George

Oh, do show some modesty about your ideas. You were the one that kept talking about how we were only a single point behind Man City when anyone with eyes could see we were playing abysmal football.


Sacking the coach is good but simply a first aid procedure. Arsenal FC from top to bottom is in the Intensive Care Unit. A thorough surgical operation is needed to purge the club of an ingrained culture of mediocrity…sadly it wont happen. I welcome this though, it means there is a faint hope.

Fireman Sam

Not sure about that. I think our club is actually in reasonable shape. We just need a manager with balls. Emery and Wenger have made Arsenal soft. Teams relish coming to the Emirates. Any team knows they can get a result against us. We have to strike fear into their hearts again. The legacy of Viera et al must rise again.

Dave M



With that board, I am still nervous.


Seems you’ve had this article ready to go for a while blogs..

‘Last night’s demoralising 2-2 home draw with Southampton, appears to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.’

Not sure why emery was given more time, because we’ve frankly been beyond shit for ages now.


Thanks for the Good Ebenings Unai, sad that there were more Bad Ebenings tho.


I remeber blogs singing “Emery Christmas” and fans chanting “We’ve got our Arsenal back” last year. I hope this time we show a bit of patience and let the new manager bounce wear off before we break out the champagne.


How much patience can you show? When we are in the bottom 3? Fuck that, as much as he seems like a nice guy, it was time a few weeks ago.


Don’t try and spoil the fun, if I see a chance to be happy and get over excited I’ll take it, that’s what footballs about. Even if it later turns out to be misplaced.


Our stats were bad from the start. Constantly overperforming. I’ve been Emery out since during the 22 game unbeaten run.


The news I have been waiting for all morning

Dave M

Correction: The news I have been waiting for all SEASON


Last nights two all draw with Southampton??? 🙂


Get Southgate after the Euros.


No thumbs up in sight haha!


probably the most unpopular comment ever 😀


We are The Arsenal. Let’s not.


Wat have you guys got against Southgate? A very promising manager who has over performed with Englsnd. Like a young Arsene.

Dean the mascot

Over preformed lol
The reason we done so well in the World Cup is because of the run we had…
Losing to Belgium in the groups was a blessing…
Whenever he has played anyone any good we have lost….it’s simple! His useless!

Denilson's back pass

I’m really happy that he has been sacked. Good God the last 2 months have been painful. Some say the sacking it’s long overdue, but we need to be careful. I look at Arsenal from 8 years ago when I started supporting them and I look at Arsenal now. Obviously the players are all different, the manager is different. That is to be expected. But once we lose our core values, we cease to be The Arsenal. Then we are just another team of football players playing in a red and white kit. The only difference would be that we… Read more »


So long and thanks for all the pescado




Cue the loudest ever rendition of We love you Freddie!


I saw the look on Emery’s face when Frankfurt scored the winning goal. The emotion told a story beyond words and I could only empathize. Am glad we are begining a new chapter with our own legend Freddie. Let’s now get behind the team to cheer up to success.

Martin Harris

I literally celebrated in the office like we had won the league!!! Our season starts now……..


What’s left of it.

Dennis Asiimwe



Haven’t been this excited about an Arsenal news story in weeks. Let’s hope my (and probably most other fans) excitement and anticipation of an improved future is proven right.


This feels like a new signing!


So who do you guys want to replace him ?
I like Jardim and Pochettino a lot.


Last night’s 2-2 Southampton?


Finally Unai’s just somebody that we used to know

Topside Smudger

If there are any positives to be found in the fact that we left it so long, it has at least meant that they don’t have the option of bringing in that cunt who’s now just up the road.


Cheers for the effort Unai. I still believe there’s a coach in there somewhere, he just didn’t get to grips with the Prem or the demands at Arsenal.

And good luck Freddie, we need you to be f*ckin’ excellent again


Freddy LANS.


Wake me up now.
Emery got Sacked.
Gotta create a tune for this.


How noisy have we become?
Anyone who messes with Arsenal fans faces the wrath of being Emer-ied


All the best to Uni. He came across as a decent bloke, but the Arsenal job was just too big for him. It’s a shame that this dismissal has come now instead of the middle of the summer: trying to bring in a new boss at this time of the year will be very challenging. I’d love us to go hard after Pochettino: for me he ticks every box. But I’ve got a nasty feeling that Nuno could be in the dugout at the Grove in the near future. Raul and Josh are under a huge amount of pressure now.… Read more »

John C

It was inevitable in the end given the results but we have to make sure we now don’t jump on to the same carousel of madness United have got themselves on. Do I expect results to improve in the short term? Not really, the squads still unbalanced and we have no left winger which makes playing Pepe very difficult. A new manager will benefit hopefully by the return to fitness of our first choice fullbacks, something that Emery has had almost a year without. I don’t like the narrative of last seasons “collapse”, we finished with 70 points which I… Read more »


Dropping points where we’re expected to win them isn’t a “narrative” just because we picked up some points we weren’t expected to pick up.

John C

70 points is about par for this squad over a 38 game season, it got 63 the season before, how you get those points doesn’t really matter.

Given the quality of the team if we beat Liverpool or City that result will even itself out by dropping points against lesser sides. That’s how it works otherwise teams like wolves, who generally have a good record against better sides would be challenging for the league, which they aren’t.


WARNING: The above “even itself out…that’s how it works” is a stark example of Gambler’s Fallacy, where what is really a five percent chance of success on EACH gamble is reimagined as the certainty of winning once if 20 gambles are made. That is NOT how it works. More directly to you, your 63 to 70 thing, well, the 63-pt team was accepted to be underperforming – someone lost their job over that, if you recall. 70 is about par if you look at it as a single block. But then you zoom in. At Palace. At Brighton. At making… Read more »

John C

if you zoom in and see the results of Wenger‘s last season, against Palace, against Watford, against West Brom, against Ostersund and you see it does look like par

Short memories


I acknowledged that season was an underperformance. Use your eyes and read my words.

John C

That’s the point, I don’t think it really was an underperformance for the squad, it was about expected with the quality we had/have. It seems you over estimate the quality of the players we have.

John C

“WARNING: The above “even itself out…that’s how it works” is a stark example of Gambler’s Fallacy, where what is really a five percent chance of success on EACH gamble is reimagined as the certainty of winning once if 20 gambles are made. That is NOT how it works.”

That’s not what I’m saying, what I’m saying is this is a 70ish point a season squad

A Different George

Not true–you did indeed say that because we “front-loaded” points (i.e., won/drew some matches early on that we didn’t deserve to, based on our performances) it was almost inevitable we would drop more points than we deserved based on our performances, later on. Which is exactly the Gambler’s Fallacy as applied to a contest that is not pure chance.

John C

We did front load points, 70ish were expected over a 38 game season, we got more in the beginning part than the second. The squad wasn’t good enough from the beginning to sustain the same level of form or performance so, for me at least, it was to be expected.

It’s not very difficult to understand.

Iron Ljung

“The front loading of points almost made the dropping of points inevitable”. Pardon?

Yankee Gooner

This is why my eyes glaze over when most people talk “analytics”

John C

Me too!!


Martinelli can easily play LW – in fact he made an assist from the left wing last weekend.

John C

He’s not a top 4 winger over a 38 game season, we’ve made this mistake in the past with youngsters


Pochetino: yes or no?


Yeah, we did it. We control this club! Have a great day everyone!


In 10 years we’ll look back and unai will be but a distant emery


Correction:…distant ebening.

Only One Dennis Bergkamp

I wish it hadn’t come to this, that he’d propelled us forward, not backwards into an endless quicksand of poor performances. Also, we’re not a trigger happy club, unlike many around us so I seriously hope that Emery was the Rioch before Wenger. For that we wait…

Adios Unai and all the best for whatever you do next.

And here’s to new beginnings.

John C

This is one of the problems I have with the hounding out of Emery, it’s appeared to me that from the day he became manager many fans have viewed it this way.

Neither Emery or the next manager have/will inherit the best domestic defensive unit of their generation!

Only One Dennis Bergkamp

Maybe, but what about that forward line?

John C

We have no width, 2 strikers who want to play in the same position and a no. 10 who’s been terrible for over 2 years. It’s unbalanced and a new manager will have to get a left winger to compliment Pepe on the right, that won’t be fixed until the earliest January, so don’t expect that to improve any time soon.

A Different George

You know, Aubameyang has played with another number 9 before, and both did pretty well. Polish fellow.


John C, the situation is far from perfect but this squad is capable of doing better then this. We have some great youngsters also, we all know it. And we have wingers, so 4-2-3-1 can be reestablished again as it’s the only formation that suits us. We’ll see what happens. For me a success at this time will be to reach better results than Emery. After that, we’ll see. Now it’s time to get behind the team.

John C

We don’t have great youngsters, they certainly aren’t top 4 material at the moment. Take your rose tinted glasses off, they weren’t even the best in the country at age group level!!

And tell me, who in our squad is a top 4 level left winger? I can’t see one.

Should we be getting better results, sure and I have no problem sacking the manager but we have to be realistic with what we’ve got.


Without doubts, Saka. If they let him play once a week for a month or two he will be what he should be. Also, Martinelli (as we can see) can play on both wings. If given a chance those two are absolute quality.


In addition. Better to develop Saka, Martinelli and Nelson on the wings, then to deploy other players on those positions (such as Ozil on the wing and stuff like that). That is, as the team is now. For the future, I don’t know. But I will throw the youngsters in the flames immediately.

John C

They are not top 4 quality!!!

We are 8th because these exact players have been playing week in week out.

Maybe in the future they will be good enough but not today, not this week, this month or even this season.


Martinelli, saka and nelson playing week in week out? You better check that claim.

John C

Saka has made 4 starts and 2 as sub in the league with 1 assist, he’s played a further 5 in the cups
Martinelli has made 5 sub appearances in the league as is accredited with 0 goals and assists, 6 in cups
Nelson, 2 starts, 2 sub, 0 goals or assists, a few more in the cups, injuries permitting

That looks like pretty regular playing time for players their ages to me


How great, we just found out why we are having a bad season. It is because Saka started 4 games, Martinelli 5 as a sub and Nelson a whole lot of 2 games.

Shaun Hawkes

As Etta James would say…”At Laaaaaaaaaast!” So, not seeing a lot of Allegri talk going on…Why not? His track record is stunning, he can attract literally the biggest players in the world, he has the highest win rate in Juventus’ history, is currently unemployed and wants the job. I would have him in the seat by the end of the day personally. Arteta? Hhmmm…Can we take a risk on a completely unproven and, frankly, unknown quantity right now? Poch, thanks but, well, no silverware with some of the best talent in the Prem in his squad. Not the right choice… Read more »

Elijah Groves

Interesting about those so intent that Arteta could be the man based on him serving time under Pep. To be fair to Pep, he’s been an awesome manager, but he’s always been in charge of a team with the best players, or in the case of City, he’s spent a fortune to make sure he has the players he wants to suit his philosophy. So people are wanting the organ grinder’s monkey, setting him up with a squad with lots of weak spots, and expecting that the Pep magic will rub off. I’m dubious. Let him cut his teeth at… Read more »


Theres fans and theres consumers, being a consumer is a piece if shit, Arsenal have a good squad, if Poch is agreeable then absolutely, the Argentinean is a foot ball guy, no more fucking pain…


After the Southampton game I gave my season ticket to my Dad and said I wasn’t going again until Emery did. I’ve only had too miss the one match (along with 30,000 other supporters apparently)!

“We love you Freddie, cause you’ve got no hair…..”


I feel sorry for the man but he had to go. He just had to go.


‘We love you Freddie’


there is a good squad at Arsenal, that central defence guy whos coming in January? or the summer is top o the pops, need a manager to get the best out of Ozil, our forward line is as good as any in Europe, fi Poch wants to come, hes an Argentinean tactician, he might realise the potential of the squad

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