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Emery: It’s not normal to throw away two goal leads

Arsenal’s last Premier League encounter saw them go 2-0 up against Crystal Palace inside the first ten minutes, but end up drawing the game 2-2.

On Wednesday against Liverpool the Gunners were 3-1 and 4-2 ahead at Anfield, but lost to Liverpool in a penalty shoot-out. And earlier in the season, Unai Emery’s side were 2-0 over Watford, and were lucky in the end to cling onto a point at Vicarage Road.

The Arsenal boss says that he’s working to improve the team defensively and admits it’s not normal to throw away commanding positions like that.

Speaking to the press ahead of Saturday’s clash with Wolves, he said, “Yes the circumstance happened and different moments in the 90 minutes changed the match.

“We are also working to improve defensively, when we are winning 2-0 it’s not normal to draw.

“We deserved to win, but OK we can also speak about the referee’s decisions last week, but that match has finished now, and we are going to focus on tomorrow, on improving.

“It’s a different team, they also have very good players, and also they are strong offensively.

“And I hope we can manage the 90 minutes imposing our gameplan. This is a new challenge for us and I am excited to play tomorrow and if you ask me where do I want to play my matches?

“At home, at home with our supporters because we feel strong with them.”

Arsenal have yet to lose at home in the league this season, winning three and drawing two.

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Bob's Mexican Cousin

For you, Mr. Emery its becoming so.


Would love to hear from a genuine unbiased bloke who has followed Spanish league to explain me how he managed to win 3 Europa League Cups. Surely that can’t be luck or coincidence and if it really isn’t then why is he looking so clueless at our beloved Arsenal? #TotallyPerplexed.


Perhaps he literally is just a Europa League manager. If you look at some of his League results in Spain and even in France they don’t look like they should for an elite manager. The PL is not like any other League in the world. Of course you have dominance by one or two clubs but it can be a dog fight for the remaining 15 clubs and then the bottom two or three seem to get cast adrift really early on in the season. We used to be part of the dominant group but we’re steadily falling into the… Read more »


In reality the Europa league takes 3 tough games to win. Sevilla beat Benfica on penalties after a 0-0, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 3-2 and a newly-appointed Klopp’s Liverpool 3-1. A 38 game league season is far more the measure of a manager. (Unless you’re spu*s)


Clearly Mr E interviews quite well.
Done so myself. Positions a bit beyond my experience;
but can convince I’m the one for the job.

Course, I can also claim I’ve not mucked them up–
as surely and publicly as Mr E seems to have done.


Wenger’s teachers pet – Ozil
Emery’s teachers pet – Xhaka

Kinda sums up where we are and what our aspirations for playing football are.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

A third tier coach bonds with third tier players, it shouldn’t be surprising.


I’m almost surprised he didn’t build his team round Elneny.

Peter Story Teller

The fans in generally liked Elneny!
Not a great spark but steady enough.

Tasmanian Jesus

El Neny is a fantastic character. Shame hes only a half decent footballer.


He’s only on loan, careful what you wish for

Xhaka started every game under Wenger and Ozil was toothless after his first season. #goldfishes

The Arsenal

Wenger was fired.

Danger Mouse

It’s normal enough at this stage.


The more I see him the more he reminds me of mourinho. Shit-dull, passive football that relies on individual attacking quality rather than a definable progressive system. And no matter what happens; be it injuries, experience or lack of quality, there’s always an excuse.


To be fair to Moronho, he does actually get results with his “special” brand of dull, heartless football. Emery doesn’t even do that.

That being said, there are other managers who can get us results, and I’d consider it a huge insult to both Wenger, and every single supporter who loves the club and football as a whole, if the board even entertained the idea of making that prick our coach.


Minus all the major trophies? I’m no Mourinho fan by the way but one has delivered


Let me tell you about a some other things that are not normal…

The Arsenal

This guy.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

So you only prefer to play at home and not away…you scared chicken!….i guess that’s the reason why you couldn’t win one single away game in a season at sevilla…you are a big fraud!…. Get out of my club you clown!

Frank Bascombe

Your club? Fuck off.


Goobel Gaabel Goobel gaabel!
Impose our game plan?.. We have a game plan?

Peter Story Teller

Let the players in on the secret then!

SB Still



Better yet, let the translator.


Ya think!

Man Manny

Is it normal for a coach to be working on improving the defence for a season and third, more or less, yet no discernible sign of improvement?
I am tempted to think that coach has no idea of what to do.

Peter Story Teller

Wasted 2 goal lead in the pantomime season:

Oh yes it is!!!!


Oh no it isn’t


No shit unai.. Been poor from the last 10 games and the last 10 games from LAST season. Tts wayyyy too long. You re really shortening my lifespan by killing us fans inside out. I cant take this abuse anymore. Pls bloody sort it out.

The Kolkata Gooner

It’s even more not normal to throw away TWO two goal leads in the same game!


Emery is a specialist in finding a way to Not win a football match. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll keep on saying it until he proves me wrong…


Well Emery is becoming expert at it.
There is not a lot of good things to say about Arsenal.
At least he is being honest.
Hopefully he will be gone in the summer…


Well not with you.. not with your lack of defensive knowledge and plan


“We are also working to improve defensively…”

I’m sorry, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Not normal… its a feature!


Dear Arsenal,

Really? This? These last few weeks? These last few months? These last few years?


Cheers to all of us, despite our beloved club of birth or choice!

COYG…I hope…some day.

(my sincerest apology to the “.” Conservation League @ Waterloo Underground (Terry and Julie, and those gazing…without a sunset, there is no paradise)

Paul Roberts



Kinks is always nice. Not much paradise these days, thats for sure.

Thierry Oro

Emery is always talking about “imposing our game plan”. But, I can’t see any game plan in our matches. Sorry, I can’t see it nowhere.


But you can’t play all your games at the Emirates, you have to play away. If the Head coach of Arsenal Football Club is afraid of playing Sheffield, Brighton etc away…. Then we have a big problem.


Applying the game plan….if only we can see his game plan it would be a start…

Once a gunner

Emery just pack your bag and leave Arsenal

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