Emery: Xhaka won’t play tomorrow


Unai Emery has confirmed that Granit Xhaka will not be in the squad for tomorrow’s game with Wolves even though the Swiss has taken the first step to rehabilitating his relationship with the Arsenal fans by apologising, albeit a few days later than expected.

While the midfielder won’t play any part tomorrow – probably a sensible decision given how the last week has played out – the boss is hopeful that everybody draws a line under the situation.

That said, it remains to be seen whether Xhaka keeps the captain’s armband. That remains a known unknown.

“We were waiting for his statement on Monday ahead of the last press conference here on Tuesday,” Emery revealed at his pre-Wolves press conference.

“The next step is tomorrow’s match. The focus is tomorrow’s match. It’s not in my mind that he will play tomorrow. It’s not in my mind that he will play tomorrow.”

“I think that now, we need to be focused on the match at 100 per cent. Now we are going to train but at the moment, he’s not in my mind.”

Asked about the player’s wellbeing, he went on: “He is training normally with the team, he didn’t play at Liverpool and he is continuing and above all has remained focused on tomorrow.”

It’s hard to tell at this moment whether the fans will embrace Xhaka when he does return, but the boss is hopeful.

“OK I want to finish with that,” said Emery, “he said sorry, he gave the apologies to the supporters, to everybody. Now the focus is on tomorrow’s match.”

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A really big ugly mess from whatever angle you look at it.


True, but if this is what it takes to actually find out if Torreira can do a job at DM (like we already know he can) then I’ll take it.


Like how he did vs Liverpool C ? Team conceding 4 goals ‘n all?

David Hilliers Arm Cast

And that’s all on him? I don’t think so.


Between OG’s, unstoppable rockets and stupid peno’s, I think we can maybe apportion the blame up a little.


Here’s my breakdown
1 Mustafi error
2 Martinelli error
3 Maitland-Niles error (fail to clear)
4 Origi beats Holding, error?
5 cluster fuck, tbh, don’t know who to blame

1,2,3 were definetly avoidable

A Different George

Not sure why there is a question mark after 4–Holding was turned very easily. Maybe because it was still took a very good strike.
And (probably unpopular), I would put a question mark after the own goal. Mustafi was not out of position, it was a good cross, and I don’t see that he had much choice but to try to block it. Could he have stayed on his feet to block it, and therefore had more control? Not at all sure.

The Arsenal

That 3rd goal is the worst goal I have ever seen conceded. We failed to clear the ball for about two minutes and then lost about 5 challenges before niles tries to also boot it away and the Ox just says fuck u all. Watch the passage of play again.

The Arsenal

Torreira was still getting ahead of the ball unnecessarily. Which led to him scoring but still. It’s annoying seeing him that high up.


It’s fine if he’s got a Ceballos, Willock or Guendouzi with him in midfield who can all drop in. But I do worry if we play Ozil, we might not get that cover.


Torreira seemed to spend a lot of the game playing in attack

SB Still

For all the views that Emery changes his tactics and team constantly, Xhaka had been ever present but probably not a decision popular amongst the fans.

Hopefully Torreira is deployed in the DM/double pivot role and not as AM.

Its surprising that Emery sticks to a few decisions that so obviously doesn’t work.

The Arsenal

Everything but the biggest problem kept changing.


Lol we’ll see Torreira at No.10 and ceballos and guendouzi behind.

Twisted cuntloks

BLOGS, one thing I’d like to highlight here regarding what Xhaka has come out with and you have touched on. The abuse directed online to his family is obviously disgusting. However, the person(s) posting these comments on various platforms may not be Arsenal fans at all and it is ridiculous to automatically assume it is an Arsenal fan. They could easily be a Spu*s fan or someone from the other side of the world taking delight at our discontent in general with the player. A person writing these kind of comments is either mentally ill, very devious or has an… Read more »


I am happy that UE managed to make this decision which is right. I hope that he didn’t go for a referendum this time or cast lots or toss a coin or pluck the petals of an ox-eye daisy flower to arrive at this no-brainer.

The Arsenal

Could have all been avoided if he just came out immediately after the game and released that statement. Or better yet just got off the fucking pitch like we had time left to win the game. To be honest watching the incident so many times the ironic cheers might not even have been for him as much as it was Emery making an attacking sub. The booing didn’t start until he began trudging off. I wish he could prove me wrong and show unreal character to bounce back from this and then lead by example with some fantastic on field… Read more »


Yep, I think it’s been handled horribly from start to, um, now.


Definitely the best move for all parties, would absolutely love to see Torreira operating as an anchor to see if that can help our defence.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Second best. The best would be for Emery to not coach tomorrow.


I completely agree, get rid of this clown.


Problem is, Emery doesn’t seem interested in using Torreira like that. I’ve no idea why, but there it is. Kante pt. II.


Fans have influenced team selection. Modern football.


Weak coach to let it get this far.


That’s one hell of a simplification. Bravo!

Flavoured Rice

It was one of those apologies that wasn’t really an apology. A lot of finger wagging and excuses from Xhaka that didn’t really resolve anything. I have absolutely nothing against the guy and think he is far from our worst player, but I truly cannot see him winning the fans over.

At this rate, like any fractured and prolonged relationship, it may be best for all concerned if Xhaka just moves on and finds a club that appreciates his many qualities

Glenn Gomes

Honestly at first, I too was disgusted at his actions. However after understanding the things (fan abuse via social media) he had kept bottled inside, it’s hard not to empathise with the him. Him moving on? Seems like an inevitable outcome that’s best all things considered however I really feel sorry for all that he had to undergo.


i sympathize with xhaka. neither he nor his family deserves abuse.

but here’s what i dont get about social media – these players are there by choice. no one has forced them to be there. they are on these platforms to build their following and brand, which translates in $$$$. it’s a double edged sword, you cant hope to benefit from it without any downside – ask any influencer

Danger Mouse

Yep….Speaking personally as an absolute nobody I can say the best thing I’ve done in a long time is shutting down my Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Once you get it out of your life you realize that it’s all a load of b*ll*cks….


Ditching arseblog next??

Thierry Bergkamp

I knew that without having any of that crap


Spot on mate

The Arsenal

It’s as if other footballers don’t receive just as much abuse online. The younger players get absolutely destroyed on social media Sterling, Rashford etc. I felt for Xhaxa but he tried to conflate the social media abuse with what actually happened in the stadium. That moment was so indicative of the club right now. And how we are playing on the pitch. First sign of pressure and problems, crumble, have a tantrum and hideaway.


So we are just going to police what people like just because they happen to play for Arsenal FC. We start from telling them to get off social media, then tell them to tell their wives to get off social media too – because these doesn’t stop at their own social media feeds, and if the abuses still continues on the street – which it does in most cases, we just tell to sit at home or maybe in Aubameyang’s case, tell him to stop driving fancy cars. People should be able to do whatever it is that makes them… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp

As a celebrity there will always be online trolls. What has been said to him was totally wrong (especially wishing cancer on his child), but who cares…who are those cowards to him? Nobody.
Well if that’s what it took to get him out of the team, so be it. Now let’s hope we beat Wolves 4 nil with a hat-trick of assists from Ozil, and Torreira being man of the match


Yes. It would be alot better if he didn’t use the word “IF” and ended the statement right before it. I never had anything against him as well. Blamed the system exposing his flaws more then just him being a bad player. BUT after this I am against him being captain again. What his reaction said to me was “my feelings are more important then the club, fans and the team” If he ran off the pitch and started cussing the fans or vented his frustrations in an interview then fair play to him but he made it all about… Read more »


I don’t defend the way Xhaka behaved on the pitch, but you’ve got to say there really is a certain part of our fanbase/society that are truly nasty, toxic little wankstains.


Fuelled by AFTV and other outlets may I add…

The Arsenal

What did Aftv say that was unreasonable.


Unfortunately, it’s the way of this country now. The press started it by building stars up but then knocking them down once they’d put them there.

Now taken to new low levels though by anonymous comments on unsocial media. The fact that people have public twitter etc (I wouldn’t in their shoes) does not mean they should get abuse like that.

Until the anonymity is removed this will not improve.


A good majority on aftv said it was disgraceful. I don’t agree with some of the personalities on it but I don’t see how it’s the actual cause of toxicity. Fan tv’s are basically the modern version of talksport and any other call in show. Sometimes I prefer watching fancams over ‘”expert” pundits.

Thierry Bergkamp

I disagree. The Emirates has been full of dickheads for quite some time now


sadly that “certain part” is nowhere near as small as we would wish it to be


The AFTV bloke thrives on the failings of our club. Not sure how he manages to look in the mirror every day.


Probably doesn’t have a mirror. If I was as ugly as that, I certainly wouldn’t have one.

The Arsenal



If that was the case then why do players like Ian Wright, David Seaman and Kevin Campbell all have interviews with them and debate on their shows? It is a fan opinion site, it is a forum of opinion you don’t have to agree with. The same way people on here say things that aren’t agreed with and get downvoted. YouTube is easily shareable. If the dumb things people Say on here could be shared easily and reposted on multiple sites to make it viral, would you say Arseblog is just as bad? Just this week when Robbie was interviewing… Read more »


Exactly. It’s basically a YouTube version of Arsenal forums/comment sections. It can be over the top and toxic but that’s the same thing you get even on here sometimes. There’s a good mix of toxic personalities and ones that talk with a lot of sense.

The Arsenal

Some people on here don’t like the sound or the look of people on there. Despite the fact they are saying the exact same things.


But he’s not fucking responsible for the club’s failings is he? Bury your head in the sand much Takeshita.


It’s not just our fans. It’s ever present in football. The whole country almost went on a witchhunt after Beckham’s red card in the world cup. Look at the shit Sterling goes through now. Players should speak up constantly about abuse regardless if it’s online or from their own fans. Shine the light back on these idiots.


Good decision. Too soon, especially at the scene of the crime. As for the ‘aplogy’, good radiance to nothingness. He was trolled on social media, that is the place to vent. Not at home when the club you lead desperately needs a win. Those who trolled and insulted him are despicable, but thing is they are behind a keyboard, anonymous. He is the face of AFC and has to be above board, its that straightfoward. Harshmaybe,but true. On a personal note i hope we can rest this and spank Watford for a change, with Mesut and Lucas. Go gunners.


No one deserve that sort of abuse. No, not even Emery. This can be the turnaround for him on the pitch if we would still back him. Let’s do it, boys.


Far too soon to have him back. Big question is whether it will ever be time – or if supporters have turned on him permanently.


If they have that would be the perfect way to cement our reputation.

Ace Boogie

As big of a mess this is, I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing a mf base of torreira and guendouzi with ozil in front of them. Hopefully that mf 3 is successful and eases xhaka out. No hate against xhaka just don’t think he’s good enough. Just want to be passed this mess and getting back to good footy again. COYG


I still think that we should go for a solid and natural defensive midfielder in the winter break. Our defense needs a solid shield with spine at the base of the midfield. If not possible in the winter break, then definitely by summer.


“The Guardian” has Özil in the starting eleven instead.


I get why this is a big deal to some people, but I really don’t care at all. He got mad and displayed some anger…so what?

The real tragedy is that this has completely overshadowed the VAR injustice from the same match. It’s been dusted over as I expected.

A complete robbery.

Flavoured Rice

Whether deserved or not the anger and feelings of frustration within the club have all been dumped on Xhaka now. You can try to remove the ire but mud sticks. One small mistake, even if he makes 10 positive ones and then the fans will be right on his back again. It’s best to avoid trying to salvage this wreckage and just be sensible and move on. Sometimes things just don’t work out and there needs to be an acceptance of that. Emery should count his lucky starts this scapegoat called Xhaka happened. Without these distractions we’d all be baying… Read more »


Maybe you’re right, but I still think that it’s possible for people to use their brains and choose reason over emotion…

I couldn’t agree more with @Tim’s comment below that “…finding a scapegoat inside a football team that doesn’t perform is one of the most cowardly and dishonest things possible within a team sports context.”


Absolutely – this whole thing is a storm in a tea cup…

Viva La Prof

I don’t care either, he just needs buckle down and turn it around, I do sympathise with the shit players go through, but honestly you can all call my wife whatever the fuck you want for 100k per week. The boys got some spirit, we all have our bad moments, I once kicked an empty box at my kids nursery when they wouldn’t take my son for conjunctivitis that he caught at their nursery. I had a meeting that day and my wife was away. I lost my shit at a kids nursery.


I feel we are all getting a little carried away with the Torreira can do a job as our DM narrative. If he plays as our lone DM in our current set up he is going to get as exposed as his predecessors (all be it he has better qualities than Xhaka does). So lets not get too excited about this as we will be tearing our hair out when the same gaping holes appear between our forwards/mids to our defence due to the same shit tactics we deploy. I have read it a lot recently but the general consensus… Read more »


There are many ways to skin a cat, and Liverpool and City manage just fine with one nominal holding midfielder (City’s issues at CB notwithstanding). More than the formation, we have a basic issue with approach; too many gaps between defence, midfield and attack, no coordination with the press, players in totally incorrect positions for the defensive transitions. Playing 2 DMs may be a good idea in general but it won’t solve those issues.


Good. On his lack of form alone he shouldn’t be picked.

Nathan Kandekore

The club is making a right hash of this. They need to communicate better. Lack of communication with the fans and press is creating problems. Xhaka should leave, its best for both parties; he’s not suited to the EPL

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Given Emery’s decisive nature, I now fully expect Xhaka to start tomorrow.


Been long overdue. Time to forget about Xhaka and better keep it like that. Not worth our attention and will not be missed.


So in the end, you (Xhaka critics), win. He’s out of the team even though he’s fit. That’s what you all wanted so don’t start with the “I feel sorry for Xhaka” stuff. Me personally, I just want Arsenal to perform, Xhaka or not Xhaka. But I still believe that finding a scapegoat inside a football team that doesn’t perform is one of the most cowardly and dishonest things possible within a team sports context.

The Arsenal

Xhaxa is just the face of Emery’s company so he took all the heat.


Xhaka was the scapegoat, yes. But his performances further amplified this. Ultimately it’s the coach’s responsibility. So ideally Emery should be fucking off and apologizing to Xhaka for his role in the mess. But we know he’s a coward even back from his PSG days.


I’ve finally seen the substitution footage and I’ve got to say that the first thing that springs to mind is that the fans that cheered the substitution of an Arsenal captain in their OWN ground are a bunch of ignorant cunts. It’s embarrassing behaviour. Xhaka’s reaction from that point on however is totally unacceptable and not what you’d expect from a captain. My take is that Xhaka didn’t pick himself as captain and instead fell afoul of a ridiculous piece of mismanagement in which Emery allegedly put the responsibility on his own players to make the decision between them. Our… Read more »

A Gorilla

Looking forward to seeing our best 11 players play tomorrow. It’s really the coaches last chance so hope the players can do this club proud on the pitch, where it really matters


I love that Xhaka is so principled and stubborn that he wont do a complete mea culpa. We have wanted some steel, some passion, some emotion, some leadership for a long time. None of it needs to be flawless. I love that our captain goes mental. Tells idiots to fuck off. Gives yellows. Apart from Kolisinac, Xhaka is one of the next guys you’d want behind your back if you were in a fight. He shows up, he doesnt hide from the ball, and he doesnt take shit from the other team. How nice would the narrative be if we… Read more »


meant to say Wilshere always injured, but your knew that


Xhaka not even close to being anywhere near Arteta’s league.

The Arsenal

I would take Flaminia over Xhaxa. He achieved more and actual has more performances I can remember than I can Xhaxa.


You forgot to add the part where Xhaka is also the only midfielder who was constantly average. And his performances have gotten worse overtime, not better. It’s all fine, of course, if you want Arsenal to be an average team.

Phada Guy

When Emery was supposed to leave him on the bench he refused, now he’s been forced to do that by the fans.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So now booing your own players, and by extension abusing them online, is the way to improve your team? Have you asked the other Arsenal players what they think of your brilliant strategy?


He means ‘never again’ surely…..


I actually think he won’t play Torreira in the deep position, he probably go with douzi and Dani. Yeah he took Lucas off early but the other guys only played 30 mins


He didn’t actually apologise anyway to be honest.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Does Emery stick with Xhaka as DM because Torreira, who everybody seems to think would do it better, has a tendency to surge too far forward too often when playing DM? Could it be something as simple as Emery believing Torreira is just too small to be a decent DM? Just asking, because there must be some reason he’s stuck with Xhaka so consistently. It’s not like we have any real proof that Torreira would be our saviour at DM. Would anyone do a decent job of it with Emery in charge? For the record, I happen to believe that… Read more »


I dont think we will see Xhaka play for us again. My bet is that he will leave us in the January window, and he will be more than happy to do so also. There is nothing left for him at our club, and that is terrible sad.


Have a feeling that we’ll play well tomorrow!


Can he just not play.

craszy gunner

I will like to apologise to Xhaka for all the abuse to his family by those non fans… but let us not avoid the elephant in the room that he’s not good enough for the first team…for me it is an opportunity to move on and try other options genuinely in midfield


That was not an apology.

Thierry Oro

I hope we will win this game 5-0 without the scapegoat Xhaka. ???


I’m done with Emery. If he wants to « finish with that », then diminish the relevance of what happened and how it actually really relates to his captain (his captain ffs!), and just play the guy as you normally would.


Apologies for maybe going over old ground here but such a lot has been said about toxic fans but most of us in the stadium were just upset he walked off so slowly. We had surrendered a 2 goal lead and there was already frustration in the stadium. Then the goading, the shirt and the Half hearted apology, which in my opinion was just awful. Whilst I think we can all agree online trolls are a blight, there was zero connection between idiotic online abuse and the petulant actions on the pitch last Sunday For the manager and the club… Read more »