Monday, June 17, 2024

Report: Arteta and Allegri in the frame as potential Emery replacements

The Times report this evening (£) that Arsenal are considering Mikel Arteta and Massimiliano Allegri as possible replacements for Unai Emery.

The pressure on the head coach has increased since the dismal 2-2 draw with Southampton on Saturday, and despite public suggestions that the club are backing him, it now appears as if there is consideration given to making a change.

This is Arsenal’s worst start to a season since 1982-83, and with just 6 wins from the last 20 games across this campaign and last, the Spaniard is presiding over a dreadful run of form which makes European football an outside chance next season unless there’s a serious upturn.

The decision will rest with owners KSE, but up until now the football executive committee – consisting of Raul Sanllehi, Edu, Vinai Venkatesham and Huss Fahmy – have been seemingly unmoved by Arsenal’s horrendous recent results and performances.

However, with fan pressure mounting, and it becoming more and more obvious that the former Sevilla and Valencia boss is not the right man for this club, they are reportedly looking at candidates to replace him.

It’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt though, as other media reports say that they are willing to give him more time to drop more points and make our season even worse.

It’s great leadership from the people at the top who are the ones now responsible for every bad result that follows from here.

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Viva La Prof

I suppose it couldn’t be too much worse than what we are doing can it? Would prefer all out attack though


Why not Julian Nagelsmann. I guess Poch wont coach us?


Nagelsmann is 6 months into a new contract.. Youd think he would like to finish that project first.


The fact that two very contrasting managers are being considered simultaneously doesn’t fill me with confidence. Do we even know what we want?

Let’s not go down the united road of constantly bringing in managers with varying ideologies while spending cash to achieve their vision, only for the next manager to deem those players surplus to requirements.


Spot on. You could say the same for our political system!
This is the ed woodward scattergun approach and look where it’s got them. There needs to be a clear direction from Rual right down to Per in the academy. Progressive, stylish, organised football. 7bn people on this planet, it just can’t be that hard.


I don’t necessarily care if we choose to play the beautiful game or not. George Graham didn’t and had a great deal of success. We aren’t an archetypal stylish team.

But I do desperately want someone who, from day one, has a strong, clear strategy.
We don’t have a particularly tactically astute squad so these guys need meat and potatoes commandments.

Unfortunately I think the club, by buying into the narrative that arsenal fans are intrinsically nasty, have shot themselves in the foot as managers will see that and decide against joining what they will assume is a toxic environment.

Martinellis belly

No i dont think prospective managers are as thick as the board seem to think we are. They would know we have every right to be pissed off. In fact I believe the fans at other big clubs would be making even more “noise” under the same circumstances.


Graham’s side in 91’ were vastly under-rated for the football they played and only lost once all season.

That has become completely forgotten over the years.


We lost to Chelsea right?

The limpar years


That’s right mate. 2-1. I hated them even then!


What narrative?


The narrative that Arsenal never played decent football before Wenger,
George graham was amazing and won trophies in Europe.


Brexit will probably happen before Arsenal get a new manager…..


Trump’s impeachment will probably happen before we get a new manager….


we’ll get relegated before the clueless one is replaced

Kasselfornia Gooner

I feel like people in England assume that Nagelsmann would come running for every PL Club calling but I really think he’s in Leipzig to stay for a while…
They basically build their whole project around him

Crash Fistfight

Just a small point on Nagelsmann. If Emery’s constant changes in formation and team line-ups are making you annoyed, have a look at the team sheets for RB Leipzig’s games this season.

Ennui ball

My heart skipped a beat at this news, a fresh approach is comically overdue. However comparisons between Arteta and Lampard are way off the mark. One had a very solid season in the championship coaching 2 or 3 of his current Chelsea team at Derby, the other has been Pep’s yes man for the last 3 years and presided over one game: Lyon’s thrashing of them in the CL last year. It’s Vieira for me, hands down. At least he’s earned his stripes.


While I loved him as a player, Vieira has done nothing as a manager thus far to suggest he is ready for a top club. His current club aren’t far out of the relegation zone. If we want to succeed as a club we need to stop with the idea that Having a standout playing career necessarily means they will have a similar managerial career. We need to find the person we believe is the most qualified whether they played for Arsenal or not

Ennui ball

Agreed, Vieira over Arteta was my point. Only one has managed a team before.


Really it comes down to how high of ceiling Arteta has vs. Vieira at this point. Vieira probably is a little safer in that he has experience but evidence suggests he’s an extremely average manager. Arteta could flame out but also comes with several years learning under the top manager of the past decade & several of those who have worked under Pep have been pretty solid.


Who from under pep?


Just off the top of my head Tito Valvano & Erik Ten Haag

Dave M

To be fair to Vieira he cops a lot of this type of talk “he’s done nothing as a manager”, but it’s a bit off the mark. He took NYC from 14th to 4th to 2nd in his 3 seasons there. And he improved Nice too (you can’t throw around relegation fodder this early – they are 3 pts off 6th and 7 off 2nd). Vieira is exactly the type of character we need in charge. A guy that bled for this club and a guy that will have ZERO hesitation calling out these over-paid prima donas that fill our… Read more »


He finished 1 spot higher with Nice than the prior manager had the year before and currently has them near the foot of the table. Mid table in the French league is almost the definition of average

Dave M

It’s a small city and a small club, sorry if they can’t beat PSG, but you’re flat out saying “he is an average manager” based on your expert knowledge of his managerial style and history?
He is as far off relegation as he is off European places [right now] maybe a tad early to be writing him and his team’s season off. I’m intruiged to know why Vieira, who most definitely has not failed as a manager in any way is a worse option than Arteta who hasn’t managed a team – EVER! Hmmm…?!


@dave He took over a man city sponsored club which given all their investment was supposed to challenge for the MLS title and while he improved them as expected, his stint wasn’t considered a massive success either given the lack of a title. He moved to the French league where he basically matched the performance of his predecessor & isn’t off to a good start this year. He has done nothing to suggest he has what it takes to succeed at the top right now – ie he hasn’t punched far above his weight. If he weren’t a former arsenal… Read more »


– not someone , not sure why autocorrected to Simone

A Different George

I was trying to remember when Simeone played for us. (And I don’t want him either, not that he would come.)

Dave M

Ten haag and reb bull guy look like two of the better managers in Europe. They’d be great. Poch, good manger too, but… Spursy – he sounds like he doesn’t really want to manage arsenal and if he’s even thinking that then no way. I’m not totally off the idea of arteta because he seems quite a strict imposing character too, but I still can’t see why he’s be ahead of Vieira apart from the kinda worrying concern that there is some subtle racism involved – why is there so little diversity in football managers!? The reason I like Vieira… Read more »


I’m sure any fan of any club wants their players to play “like they’re playing for the shirt!” and be all patriotic and club-values and tradition and so on – but it’s 2019. Those things are loved by fans of almost any club – but pretty unrealistic to demand of players in this day and age. I don’t think many fans of good clubs in Europe would think much differently. “oh, well, he’s just playing for OUR team, not a great team like Arsenal, so I don’t expect him to perform at all”.

A Different George

I think we are also as far from relegation as from Champions League places. Nothing to do with Vieira (or Arteta), but maybe says something about Emery.


Progress? Lol

Martinellis belly

Arteta has the same steely character by all accounts and his tactical education under Pep plus all the glowing feedback from the City players gives him the edge. ALso this would be a massive promotion for Viera, not so for Arteta as he’s the heir apparent at City.

Martinellis belly

Do your research and you will see hes been far from a yes man. Hes a spiky character and Pep often consults him before making decisions.
Viera has more manegerial experience but it hasn’t been great.


ljunberg should be given the reigns till the end of the season, provided that the clueless one is sacked. Having said that, they should at least get into a an agreement of some sorts with allegri to take over next season. that guy is a class manager and is used to winning, albeit in the now declining seria a


Hopefully the next manager makes more sense when he speaks!


Even if we sack him, a huge black mark against Sanllehi and Edu now.

The fact they haven’t acted yet suggests that this incredibly comfortable club has still remained so, even after Wenger left.

Raul will be the new power hungry monopoly at Arsenal, I fear.

Bobs cat

Isn’t it a bit early for this? We football fans are passionate, committed and eager for improvements but the guys running the club can’t take the same emotional response. Yes they should pull the trigger. Yes they probably should have pulled it a few weeks ago. But we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. We fans are hurt by every dropped point, and rightly so. But those at the top have to take a long-term strategic approach. At the start of the season we were impressed with the way the club handled the summer business. Let’s see… Read more »


What is “strategic” about letting the same I won’t manager preside over a dreadful run of results for over 6 months?

Bobs cat

6 whole months! Wow. This is the exactly my point. If you chop and change your manager every 6 months you think that works too?

Every appointment from the manager to playing staff to the tea lady is a risk in recruitment. But everyone also deserves a chance without the sword of Damocles falling on them the minute it goes wrong.

Emery can’t turn this around and now is clearly the time to go. You can’t however blame edu er al for giving him the grace and opportunity to do so before sacking the guy.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The long term strategic approach is for how many years of losing to everybody? There is nothing strategic to having a coach so inept that the club plummets towards the relegation zone from game to game. Sp*rs, who we laughed at because they were so bad, just jumped above us in the league, until we got a lucky last minute equaliser. Man Utd have caught up to one point from us and have a +5 goal difference over us. We were laughing at their ineptitude too, weren’t we? We are only 8 points above the relegation zone and we have… Read more »

Bobs cat

I wasn’t talking about KSE to be fair. That’s a separate issue and good luck to you getting the Kronkies out.

My point is that the input of edu and Raul has been mostly impressive and we should give them the benefit of the doubt over the Unai situation until the next appointment is in place.

God is a Gooner

To be fair, the more I think about it. Allegri would bring with him a certain air of gravitas that would make people sit up and take notice. This is Arsenal for goodness sake, we should be at the top table. Unfortunately this is exactly what the spuds are trying to do with Maurine, selling their little soles just to stay relevant.
Things obviously went stale at Juve but Allegri can organise a team and we have some serious attacking talent to call on. 7 Scudettos in a row? I’d back him.


Love it – sp@ds only merit soles, not souls. Ars’soles for sure!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arse-souls is what we have in charge of the team.


I read an article some other place that implied that the actual reason he’s giving Emery more leeways is because he’s a fellow Spaniard and so he wants to accommodate Emery as long as he possibly can. I honestly doubt the authenticity of that article but this comment just reminded me of it. Hope it’s not true though, because that will amount to nepotism.


Not this again with Arteta ffs.


Makes more sense this time around.
Although I’ll rather go for a more seasoned experienced manager.


Really? So you think it would be worse now– had it been him as originally reported in May 2018 by David Ornstein? An Ornstein excerpt from ‘The Athletic’ (Oct 28 2019): “Emery was the unanimous choice to succeed Wenger after a thorough recruitment process that saw a long list of candidates whittled down to a final eight, all of whom were interviewed. The identities of the other seven have never previously been made public, but The Athletic can exclusively reveal they were, in alphabetical order: Massimiliano Allegri, Mikel Arteta, Thierry Henry, Julen Lopetegui, Ralf Rangnick, Jorge Sampaoli and Patrick Vieira.… Read more »


Arsenal DNA, he was an average player in an average team that played badly. Is that the DNA you are talking about?


Mikel Arteta was average??Are you fucking kidding me?He is probably one of the most underrated arsenal player ever.Have you forgotten that when Cesc and Nasri left,he single handedly managed the whole midfield while playing out of position.He was the probably last solid complete midfielder we had and we haven’t replaced him since.


What rose tinted glasses you are wearing, he was a functional midfielder, nothing special, and did you just mention nasri as a complete midfielder…. Get out


Absolutely right Rob, he may end up being a great manager and if he comes to us then I hope so. But, I’m sorry WeeBay, he was an average midfielder


In an average Arsenal team. I’d rather see Vierra than Arteta because he has real managerial experience. But i’d rather see Allegri than either. Eddie Howe tbh.


I recall him as the king of back passing. He was solid, reliable and tactically aware, but everydayish.


Mikel held us together and helped keep us in the top four when the team was falling apart. He was regularly smashed up by the opposition because they all knew that if you stopped Arteta you stopped Arsenal. He was knocked unconscious, had his teeth smashed out and his ankle was damaged so badly it ended his career. The only reason Mikel passed backwards was because there was absolutely no movement ahead of him, he’s one of the most underrated players ever to wear the Arsenal shirt and I would love him to come back as our coach.


I understand if an argument is being made against a managerial option based on that person’s managerial skills (or lack of) but I will never understand how being a good or average player is ever relevant to this discussion. Just look around – how many great managers were also great players in their time? The number is so small, we can count them on fingers literally.


Arteta has done nothing to demonstrate he’d be good enough to manage arsenal. If he had confidence and ambition he wouldn’t gone and managed a smaller club. He doesn’t seem highly intelligent and was an average player.

Emery wasn’t proven either, managed to come second in the league with PSG and his Europa League trophies were only because he was knocked out of the group stage each time.

We are arsenal, let’s have high standards.


We’re in a hole. We can think like you say and go for experience, but that same thought process gets you not just Allegri, it gets you an Emery or a Curbishly. Let’s go daring and bold. The season is FUBARed if we carry on as we are. Go for young and progressive. Arteta for me.


I agree, he’s clever, articulate, been learning from the best manager in the world, highly rated by the City players, Pep doesn’t want to lose him, and he wants to take charge of Arsenal. George Graham and Arsene were also slightly risky and unproven ( Ok arguable with the latter but the English didn’t know him), and they worked out just fine. Sometimes you need to take a risk if you want a reward

The Charma

I agree with you rob. Don’t understand why you are being down voted. Arteta needs to at least manage a team. Short of that , you will be recruiting in six months time .


Have they only checked the A’s in the available managers phone book ? Probably only use aaaaplumbers in the Emirates.


theyve already printed the MA tracksuits


This would have never have happened on Vick Akers’ watch


#Marie Antoinette In
she’s got her head screwed on

Dave M

Sorry mate, Louis-Auguste already married Antoinette, she’s taken…

Don’t worry, I already have my and helping myself out


Or they have 22 years worth of A’s and W’s unstitched from Arsene Wenger tracksuits; just need to turn the W’s upside down.


Arteta is unproven at this level. Allegri is defence minded, I don’t know how that will improve our attacking numbers. How do we feel about Poch though?


Agree on Arteta. Allegri would be fine as would Pochettino. Either of those two.


So was Lampard …..


Lampard wasn’t unproven, he managed Derby, did very well and also is a highly intelligent man, Arteta is neither


Frank Lampard doesn’t know the difference between “could have” and “could of” so I doubt he is highly intelligent. On the other hand I would argue that intelligence in and of itself is not enough in the recipe.


His grammar may be suspect, but he is widely reported as having an IQ of 150 …in the top 0.5%.


“His grammar may be suspect”?

His grammar IS the suspect, not least because language (and its precise usage) is a primary gauge in determining IQ.

You can never be certain with IQ measurement, but there’s nothing about Lampard that indicates a Mensa-level IQ. I’ve spent a lifetime around pointy minds and the Trumpian indicator of “widely reported” has a curious consistency of being indicative of little but antithesis.

Also, an IQ of 150, in the UK, is approximately consistent with the top 2 percentile and nowhere near 0.5.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’ll have you now that what he says is what everybody where he comes from says, and it is simply a variation of “could’ve” which means “could have”.

Attack my lovely living language again and I will personally send disgustingly rude thoughts directly to your brain in pure Cockney. Luckily you won’t understand any of them.


And what, pray tell, are you going on that says Arteta is not an intelligent man?


Sounds like projection, actually.


lol. How would you know if Arteta is highly intelligent or not? Because he didn’t guess your crap drawing at Pictionary when you and the missus entertained company?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arteta is multilingual, speaking fluent Spanish, Basque, Catalan and English. He speaks some French, Italian and Portuguese.

Not intelligent?


Lampard had a whole season in the Championship.


Saying Allegri is defense-minded, like it’s a bad thing is baffling to me. We have been so shit defensively for 10 years, that I’d happily take a manager who will put an emphasis on not shipping crap loads of goals.


i think the worry there is that so is emery apparently.

the difference being consistency. which although is in emerys language isnt in his tactics.


Emery isn’t defence minded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reality check


“10 years”? You gave us a good 3-4 year discount there.. we have been sh!t at defense since Paddy and Sol left..


How about Sol?

Viva La Prof

I want poch just for the lolz


Exactly my thought, allegri is overrated (glorified emery) and arteta is a novice.. poch is the man


I completely agree, he is a proven manager who plays exciting football. I’ve followed Arsenal for 30 years and I have never seen the spuds play like this and its all down to poch, I think he would transform this club. I know he has never won anything but that’s because he was manager of Tottenham and we know that there isn’t anyone who can win with them. I say go all out for pochettino or Rodgers. Seriously poch can still win a trophy for a London team. I’d love to rub it in their faces with that.


How can you, in the same sentence, justify having “won nothing Poch” over Allegri?


Whatever. Speculate all you like but its obvious Poch won’t come to Arsenal. It’s a bit like f*****g your sister. Just too close to home. I’d go for Allegri if we could get him


We got Sol Campbell, look how that turned out!


Isn’t this fence a little lower than we like to pretendl? Didn’t Harry Kane come to Tottenham from Arsenal?

Poch is among the better candidates. That he is available helps too.

Viva La Prof

If you sacked me I would absolutely fuck your sister for revenge


The other year, spuds were beating juv. In London. Allegri made two subs , scored two goals in then minutes past the spuds to go 2-1 up with both subs involved in the goals. Master class in tactics very pundit and expert said. Poch. Before poch could react. Poch Was schooled. Allegri for me only doubt language, hope he uses an interpreter if necessary or for the best result


Defence-minded sounds just the job to me when we concede 21 shots at home to a club in the relegation zone and spend the whole game getting sliced open through the midfield and keystone cops defence.


The midfield is a problem and people may not wNt to hear it as these players are three of most popular players . I like the, all too. But Matteo, ozil, Torreira. Not effective last couple of games. Torreira , I would start him every week but we might as well sub him as soon as he gets a yellow card, as then he stands off and tracks play but does not tackle ( his best skill) or header . His passing is sideways at best. Though he does have goals in him. As soon as Torreira gets a yellow… Read more »

Dave cee

Totally agree, our midfield is nowhere near good enough. A dominant and skilful midfielder should be absolute too priority for the transfer team.

John Hall

Poch wont come to Arsenal – anymore than Wenger would have ever gone to the spuds.

Peter Story Teller

George Graham!!!


Drop the poch thing. He would never come to Arsenal. He can get bayern or united. He also wouldn’t go to Tottenham rivals after a year so stop dreaming.


Obviously I worry about the here and now, the awful football & the awful results, but it’s also longer term stuff like Lacca, Auba and others’ contract situatuons that are a big worry. Would you tie yourself to this lot for another 4-5 years if you were in their boots? I wouldn’t rush to do it, bet there’s a host of clauses in Martinelli’s contract what with the agent team attached to him. Guendouzi another that we should be renewing in an ideal world.
This really needs addressing now, and there’s only one good starting point..

A Gorilla

The longer this all goes on the more overjoyed we will all be when it actually happens.


Or it would matter who comes anymore. Blahhh…




It’s not about the quality of the players anymore, the confidence is in a record low. Let’s bring some one with the right credentials ….even if he doesn’t do much this year he can do a better ground work for next year. To be honest I am not a fan of Thursday football …let’s organize ourselves for a good season next year. My money is on arteta


I would take Allegri if he’s head isn’t turned by Bayern. We need some sort of discipline instilled. Arteta maybe. Ponchenttino I wouldn’t rule out either. I think board is right. On paper easy to say change the gaffer but a lot of moving parts and as much as we are bad right now, it could get even worse with the wrong move. Emery needs to turn it around within the next couple of matches. We will by then know if he continues to drop, it’s not working anymore and we will be closer to january window to make some… Read more »

A Gorilla

When your comment is longer than the article it’s an immediate turn off


Not hard to explain why when you are a gorilla. Humans do better.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Humans do better yes. I read it too though.


Wow..that’s long


Big comment, tiny mind


Why’s man doing this?

Greg in Seattle

Don’t always agree with you Santori, but I think this analysis is spot on.

Not convinced on Arteta as it’s a speculative move. Either Poch or Allegri would be a big statement, address the lack of identity, command respect from the squad and help recruitment. But both will want assurances re funds and doubt either will come without it.


bring back rambling Dave… was he called Dave? I think so, he’ll always be Dave to me anyway…


Pete, notpete, Pete.

Peter Story Teller

Nowhere near one of Santori’s longest but probably the one of his that has made the most sense


Yeah, I don’t buy Arteta being the savior, Pep disciple and all.

For one, I’m not sure Pep could do a whole lot at Arsenal. He’s a checkbook manager who needs all his pieces to be just right.

At Arsenal, almost none of them are.

Viva La Prof

I think Carlo Ancelotti is probably the outstanding candidate after gunnersaurus of course.


1982 damn barely knew what a colour tv was there was no premireleague Samantha Fox was a young talented upcoming artist only rivallwd by the equally talented Sabrina. And still Emery is around.


Linda Lusadi 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

r – Linda Lusardi. Are you one of the Carzola!!! Crew? 🙂


Is this another story leaked by the board to reduce the noise?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What we need is 61,000 silent people at the next home game all holding up a large white card that says “NOISE”. If they think fans complaining is a noise what would they think of a silent stadium (except for the away fans, I guess).


Please please pleeeeease…


I’d come around to the idea of Arteta taking the reins back before Emery got the job, but thinking it would be a gamble and we’d need to give him at least 12 months to get his feet properly under the table. I’d still like him back at the club at some point, but we can’t give him that time now. We need someone to stop the rot immediately otherwise it’ll be a long climb back (if it’s not already). Allegri would get my vote then, of the two. If he could teach this team to defend properly, the attack… Read more »

Gervinho is Driving

This is the same executive group, plus Edu, that spent upwards of £100 last summer, so, despite claims that they support the manager, they will act to protect their investment. Emery being left to twist in the wind the lately is a sign not of indecision or complacency, but that they’re getting a quality replacement lined up. It does seem characteristic of the current executives that they wouldn’t want a caretaker or untested promotion. That would be an acknowledgement of failure and improvisation, and they want to be seen as confident and competent. Hence the ham-fisted briefing and statements of… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You may have a point, but you may just have a very active imagination. I hope you’re right. They still have to do it soon though. We’re almost at the “Maybe next season” stage of our attempt to stay in the top half of the league.

Make Arsenal Great Again

The fact that we’re going through the worst start to a season in well over a generation and arsenal has not acted, should concern us all. They can’t blame the appointment of Emery on Gazidis. They were part of the decision to appoint Emery. If anything, failing to act means they own the responsibility of emery’s lack of results. Sanllehi wields all the power at Arsenal now. We replaced a devil we know – Wenger – with a devil we don’t know – Sanllehi. I’m afraid that these new folks will ruin this club. No matter what blame you apportion… Read more »


This? Where we stand at present?
Is the signpost on the road to ruination. This– is what it looks like.

The only thing to be done is go in another direction.


Well ‘Sanllehi’ hasn’t got any Arsenal DNA, if that’s what we want. His appointment of a failure like Emery is a down vote. I wouldn’t trust him at all being in charge. Reports of his blocking of O’Leary from joining the board are pathetic. He’s supposed to be in charge of football matters on the field, not the boardroom.


I’m actually excited that it looks like he’ll be getting the sack. Haven’t seen anything on he pitch this exciting.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, but so far its merely the ghost of a chance that he might get sacked.

Very similar to the ghost of a chance that we might win a PL game again this season.


If we want arteta we need to move quickly, everton are hungry for him to come in.

and i think if allegri wanted in we would have had him already.


Arteta will always be keen to manage a club like arsenal, there’s no evidence to show me is ready. If he does well at Everton we can poch him, you don’t just get to manage arsenal we are a massive club. Don’t forget that


‘…we are a massive club. Don’t forget that…’
Almost every manager of note in the football world already has.
Pull your head out. You– and others like you wearing blinders are the problem.


Jw1 if anyone cared what you thought you’d be a problem, your logic… so arsenal one of the richest clubs in the world, great city, stadium, even the team is easily a top 4 team atm, should settle for Arteta, who’s unproven at any level… because no other manager is interested in arsenal. Admit it, you just fancy him and his hair. You have an agenda, all things side, Arteta has not proven he’s good enough, he wasn’t a great player, and he’s a massive risk. Arsenal is a great club, stop bringing it down

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsenal is NOT one of the richest clubs in the world. It is one of the most valuable. A lot of that value is tied up in real estate. Whether we are seen as being a “massive” club is effectively up to the players that we wish would join us. If they think we are massive they will come here if asked. Currently the nearest thing we have to the sort of players that play for “massive” clubs are a couple of strikers who aren’t willing to extend their contracts until they see some major changes at the club. We… Read more »


Oh his magnificent hair. I mean look at it…. just LOOK AT IT !


You could run a tropical cyclone of 150 miles an hour gusts or an express train past that hair and it wouldn’t shift. Apparently, during his Arsenal days, Arteta slipped in the showers and hit his head against the wall. He was fine, but the showers had to be rebuilt.


Unfortunately I don’t foresee the Kronke’s getting rid of emery anytime soon. They had a similar situation with their American football team and keep an underperforming coach for far longer than most would’ve. Just look up NFL coach Jeff Fisher. He never had a winning record in 5 years as a coach of the Kronke’s Rams franchise and had an overall record of 31-45-1 in that time.

Lowet east

You cannot look at kse NFL’s franchise as you cannot get relegated no matter how bad you are


While normally I’d agree with you with completely different set up between sports in England vs America there are two reason I can’t. 1. It’s the same people who are ultimately calling the shots for both teams in KSE and I’m doubt relegation concerns them. Although it probably should, which is scary to think, considering our form over the last 20 games 2. Fisher was the coach of the Rams franchise during their move to LA where KSE is building a multi billion dollar stadium with their own money. And if you understand LA sports culture they don’t give a… Read more »


Not going to waste the keystrokes telling you why.
Simply wrong.

David Hillier's luggage

Yes, we wouldn’t look at American and European sport as structurally being the same, I’m not sure KSE think they’re that far apart.

KSE have seen a club in Europe’s biggest and wealthiest city making money year-on-year under Wenger without really winning anything. Other side of the pond the New York Yankees and New York Knicks (from America’s equivalent city) win sweet FA yet are both continually in the top 5 most profitable teams in world sport. They see Arsenal as an equivalent cash cow, and now we’re seeing the results.

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Do you think Kroenke knows we could be relegated from the Premier League?

It takes performances like ours this season to get relegated. Maybe somebody should tell young Josh that you don’t automatically stay up if you spend a lot of money in the summer. Perhaps he can get the idea through to his dad.

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Massimiliano Allegri is the best option right now but they have to back him up with at least 250 Million. This cheap owners must understand that if they increase their spending they are going to earn even more money

No time to gamble with Mikel Arteta although if it was at the beginning of the season I would have a different opinion


Yesterday’s man.


Did you see the players we signed this season? Jeez! Try opening your eyes before you type.


Yes, let’s just do what we’ve mocked and moaned (rightly) that the oil clubs have done.

Get so tired of this idiotic argument. Plenty of other clubs for glory-hunters to pick.

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Arteta and Allegri, now I don’t know what style of football Arteta will play but my guess is he would like to be similar to that of Pep.
Allegri does not play that football. Stuff like this worries me as it shows we don’t really know what we’re after.


Arteta would be worthy risk. He has a similar background as Ten Haag, and lot of people would be extatic if we get Ten Haag. I understand it’s a massive risk albeit not as huge as keeping Emery. The problem if we miss out on Arteta and he establish himself in a lower tier club, why then would he choose us? He will have a huge suitor of club, including City. It will be the same problem as Ten Haag now, who we will be competing with Muenchen. A successful Arteta will attract Barcelona, a club who has a philoshopy… Read more »


How does he have a similar background to Ten Haag?
Ten Haag took an Ajax team past Real Madrid and Juventus to a CL Semi Final.

Arteta sits beside Baldiola.


Because Ten Haag was a coach at Bayern under Pep before Ajax took him.

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There’s more to mastering a skill than sitting in the classroom.


Haha! He has a similar background as Ten Haag
What are you talking about?


Listen to the recent Arsecast where they discuss this very subject. Plus check out what Ten Haag achieved before Ajax reign began. Old Lego hair is our best option with this squad.


I think he thinks of the time ten Hag spent as Bayeren Munich II manager, while Pep was there. However ten Hag had already managed a Dutch second tier team. Before he got Ajax he was in Utrecht.

Ten Hag has a lot of experience, contrary to Arteta whom might be interesting however a gamble which we should be cautious about.


Though I don’t agree will all of it– a thumbs up.
Still– if we’re not in a position to gamble right now– it won’t happen for a very long time.

Roll the dice now– on Arteta.


I will take Arteta.


If Pep left Man Citeh tomorrow would they appoint Arteta as his replacement? I don’t think they would, so why would we look at appointing him? I’d take one of Allegri or Poch – whoever doesn’t get the Munich job.


I am not pro-any candidate so far. But one reason City won’t look to Arteta to replace Guardiola tomorrow, is that City can choose.

We were closer to that when looking for Wenger’s successor. But we are looking for scraps now.

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Would any of them take a freefalling clusterf*** of a team like ours at the moment? They’d happily sit on their hands until the summer to see what genuine top teams need a new coach. Arteta may even think us too dangerous a gamble considering the total mess we’re in. If he fails dismally because we’re in too deep for him to dig us out then that could kill his new career before it got started. For any of those guys you have to expect them to look at the people they’d be working under and wonder why they would… Read more »


I’ll believe it when i see it..


Well done blogs.
Something’s gotta give.